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Fort Minor debuts new single, "Welcome"

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I have to agree with Astat. While the song is not bad overall and it's catchy, I don't like the fact that he's trying to sound/rap like someone else instead of himself. He has a very distinctive way of rapping that we all like and all of the sudden he tries to sound gangsta. I don't mind if he releases more stuff as long as that doesn't delay a new LP album.

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The video is more impressive than the song.


I'm not saying I don't like the song, it's already growing on me but I do agree with Astat too.


I think if Mike gets a good response from this song he'll push forward with an album he's already pretty much done.

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Honestly as far as Ryu's situation goes, it's Mike's song. If Mike felt the song was better off as just him with no features, then that's that. It happens.


This is not unprecedented in music, and even in movies sometimes an actor records a scene for a movie and it winds up being deleted for any number of reasons.

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Was really pumped for this, but when I listened to it, I was disappointed. I was probably expecting too much. Really didn't like his rapping style. Also I don't think he would do so much promotion for just a single. There will probably me an album or EP. Still excited for that.

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