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  1. Thanks for the edit, bullet. It bothered me for a long time too but I wasn't going to do anything about it lol. I scrolled through this thread and it was fun to reminisce about putting this together. I also checked and made sure the download link still works, and it does. It's not a direct download link any more, either, just a folder in Dropbox, which is good.
  2. Oh lol awesome, thanks! To be honest, I was mostly concerned about people not knowing who I am since I changed my display name after they all got reset. Looks like everything is good now.
  3. Not quite sure if this is the right thread, but are sigs gone for good, or will they come back sometime? Were they recovered or all they all lost?
  4. This is a fantastic resource. Thank you!!
  5. Yeah, it's making me not want to bother with this one. I hope the 10'' tracks aren't locked to this release forever.
  6. To be honest, it's a little annoying that this is coming out just a couple of months after the standard edition vinyl. I'd rather the standard edition have not come out at all if this was in the works.
  7. Show was absolutely incredible. I was about six feet back from the rail on the left side for most of the show, made eye contact with Mike a couple times, had a great view of the stage. Couple of really tall guys up front, though, had to maneuver around them. People also kept attempting to push up to the front and usually ended up right behind me, had a lot of people cycle in and out of those spots throughout the show. There was also one special case where a guy pushed up next to me, attached at the hip to a random couple that he was continuously bothering, and then started harassing some women around where I was. He also ran right into me at one point, but pussed out when I shoved him back and told him to back the fuck up. Eventually it got to be too much and a few of the people around me helped me get him thrown out. Shithead deserved it. I had zero expectations going into the show - I avoided the setlists as much as I could, expected a lot of Post Traumatic, expected some LP songs (Roads Untraveled, In the End), and of course the poll songs. It really exceeded my expectations, though - the energy, the communal feeling of the pit. Everyone was singing nearly every word, and the only dropouts were for some of the deeper Post Traumatic cuts. Seeing In Stereo was great, the Liftoff verse was out of nowhere and awesome, Dan's two drum solos absolutely shredded, Sharp Edges was gorgeous...god, it was all just amazing. I was blown away, even though my legs were killing me at the end, lol. Don Broco was also a great opener, though the sound quality left a lot to be desired - the vocals were completely unintelligible for a lot of it. Maybe I was too close to the left speaker stack. It gave me a great view of the guitarist, though. All in all, absolutely worth it. I'm disappointed I wasn't able to do a meetup, but after the show I was a little nervous about running into the guy that got thrown out and I was absolutely wiped out, so I had to just head home. If Mike tours again, and comes anywhere near me, I'll absolutely do it again.
  8. Sounds good to me. I'll be in either a NIN shirt or the old gas mask shirt from around like 2008. I'll probably hang around outside for a little while.
  9. I know this is the thread for the Charlotte show, but are you thinking of doing a meetup for the Tampa show? I'll be in downtown around 1pm if so. Would be cool to see a few guys from here in person!
  10. I'll be there in Tampa. Would love to be part of a meet-up if there's enough interest.
  11. My eyes are locked in HARD on that Tampa date and I am 100% down for a meetup. The Ritz is a fantastic venue. Had front row in 2013 for Matt & Kim there.
  12. It's wild to think it's been a year already. I was at work, and I think I first saw a report on Reddit. Immediately, I stopped what I was doing and tried to come here, then to LPA. Both were already completely wrecked by the time I saw the news, but because LPL seemed to still be up initially, I thought it was just a fake report. But then I went to Rolling Stone and saw that it was true, and I just...could barely function for the rest of the day. I'd been drifting away from LP for a long time. Hadn't thought about going to shows, was only sort of interested in The Hunting Party, and when One More Light dropped, I found it strange and unengaging. Forgettable, even. But it's funny what tragedy can do to reframe how you look at art: suddenly, One More Light was devastating to listen to. The title track, of course, but also Sharp Edges, and especially Nobody Can Save Me. The true weight of those songs didn't hit me until I had an event to really use them to try and process. I remembered thinking that it was just far, far too early for a band I grew up with to suddenly lose a member, to suddenly be gone. I especially never thought it would be Linkin Park - I thought the six of them would just go on forever, releasing an album every couple of years, content with their dedicated fanbase and free to explore any musical avenue they wanted. Whether I liked the albums or not, I thought they would always be there. I was certain - absolutely, stone cold certain - that Linkin Park was finished. This was it. Now, while we haven't seen the path they'll end up taking - while the five of them process this in their own ways - I know that Linkin Park will continue, somehow, even if only for a little while. These guys won't go away, and it's something I'm glad for. I've been in and out of this community over the years - this is the only LP forum I visit - and I've been very impressed with how the collective LP community has responded to tragedy, through support and love. The tribute concert was amazing, all the fan tributes I've seen have been so strong, so heartfelt. It makes me glad to be here, glad to be even a tiny part of this wonderful group. Hope everyone is doing alright today. My inbox is open for whoever needs to talk.
  13. This is the dumbest take and your typo really says it all because if you opened your eyes for two seconds you'd see that the crowd was clearly into it. They're not gonna mosh at a KROQ festival dude. Set sounded good to me, instrumentally felt a little sparse because it's all just Mike, but I'm sure he'll be tweaking things along the way.
  14. The Apple Music preview states 40 songs exactly, but there are only 39 (this was driving me crazy until I counted them manually). Is there a hidden song from Post Traumatic that hasn't been released on there? That's the only explanation, right?
  15. Disappointed that there was a print I missed out on, but the art book will still be nice to have. Where's the vinyl, though, Mike? I missed out on Welcome and no one ever sells it, so I want this on vinyl the moment it drops, if it ever does. Both songs sound great. The rhythm for Crossing a Line was a little hard to grasp the first time I heard it, but I really like it, probably my third favorite of the five so far. I hope we get hand-shot videos for every song, too, because they're fantastic so far. I'm so glad that Mike is doing this. This is all going to be great.
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