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  1. This still should not be on 2LP. 9 minutes a side, that's basically a workout, having to get up and flip it then swap it out that quickly.
  2. The proper full link is on page 2. Here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uwnl7kd1as8ggjq/The_Complete_Rosewood_Fall.zip?dl=0 That link will not go down, ever. I should probably just remove the link in the 2014 post.
  3. Did we really just discover even more Hybrid Theory demos? Do those titles potentially correspond to things we've heard?
  4. That's a shame, but this was such a goofy reissue anyway. Completely incongruent vinyl color, still inexplicably splitting a 36 minute album over four 12'' sides at 33rpm...none of that was gonna stop me from buying it, but come on, lol.
  5. Wait what? What's this about someone uploading Rhinestone from the audition tape? Is it different from the Zomba/HT20 version we have?
  6. It's not missing, it's at the very right edge. The colors just make it hard to see, and it butts right up against the white border.
  7. The note about Kyle is kind of funny but also kind of like, I don't know, maybe a little cynical? Like, what would Kyle's goal be in not clearing CHB? He'd know he has zero leverage to demand a bigger cut for that song, so it's take whatever Warner offers or nothing, you know? He must know that this fanbase absolutely will not have any chill about Deftest and this 3-track sampler, though, lol. Any attempt to downplay it is utterly futile.
  8. Some of this stuff you guys are suggesting has zero commercial value. I understand that a 20th anniversary box set is going to be aimed more towards diehards than the general public, but this stuff still has to, you know, sell. Making a $200 box set with stuff that's way too niche, or something insanely sprawling with every single potential variation of every HT track, isn't worth the cost. Especially when you drill down into some of these demos and think about how different they really are. The 6-track demo, for instance, has nothing substantially different from the demos we did e
  9. Thinking that "holy grail" material is about quality is missing the point. It's about digging out pieces of LP history that we hear about, things we can latch onto the broaden our understanding of the band. IMO, it doesn't matter that Pictureboard isn't the greatest song of all time or even really all that great - it's all about the mystery, the intrigue of this lost track that was mysteriously played once, that they did with Mark. Sometimes it feels like people intentionally misconstrue what the goal is here. No one's out here saying "Mark is better than Chester," "Mark's vocals h
  10. It was thrown up on Soundcloud for a while by some finance guy who tried out with the band in 1998, then got deleted when people finally noticed it. A lot of people on here have it, and if you dig around a bit you can find it.
  11. I'm kind of torn on it. While I don't think Mark sounds bad on the original, he does and always will have that amateur sound to him that knocks him down a few pegs (though that dude goes crazy on Esaul, that was amazing). Chester's vocal take is also completely different, and while I would have liked to hear a straighter re-enactment of Mark's original vocal, the things Chester does on that song are great. Mike, though, sounds like shit, lmao. Maybe not shit, but it's very clearly a worse vocal take to me. He's absolutely more energetic on the Xero version. I wonder if
  12. I don't think Phoenix is in play for that since he's not on any of this material. Brad's the most likely option if it's post-HTEP, but it could potentially be Kyle Christner, if I'm understanding the timeline right.
  13. I don't know about that - Meteora's had more reissues on vinyl (granted, only one in 2013 in the US), while ATS has never been reissued. I didn't know it had been released outside of the Super Deluxe box at all before checking just now. I think Meteora is just easier for them to put out for this, since it's been reissued more recently.
  14. Literally all they were saying is that it would follow the pattern of the HT20 box set, dude.