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  1. My philosophy with things like doubles is that if it doesn't have much value to you (monetary or sentimental), then flip the original you had and keep what came in the box set. That way you keep the complete set but don't have to deal with, for instance, two Reanimation records, or two Hybrid Theory records (HT is dependent on the pressing though, given that some of them are pretty valuable). I've already thrown my copy of Reanimation on Discogs. Nothing else in the box is a double for me, though, so it's easier to unload what I've got than it may be for some other people on here.
  2. Linkinpedia's most likely waiting for the official release to acknowledge the leak at all so as not to piss off Warner. Notice that there hasn't been a separate thread about the leak, either. HT20 is a huge deal and it's very important to tread carefully so that the site's position isn't jeopardized. I'm sure once the box has been out for a bit we'll see more acknowledgment of the leak.
  3. I think they've said about that that they didn't get to the point of Chester adding vocals, but I'm not certain about that. There very well might not be anything to unearth.
  4. I'm kind of astounded that Warner's never pulled the trigger on a Greatest Hits collection. 2005 might have been too early given there were only two albums plus Reanimation, but 2011 might have been a good time for it (decade after Hybrid Theory plus another year since ATS was in 2010). I think that really speaks to the level of respect the label has for LP and the good relationship they share now. An LP Greatest Hits is basically a license to print money and it's pretty impressive that they haven't done it.
  5. Noticed this a couple days ago: the link to A Thousand Suns+ on the front page is incorrect, as it has (Live from Madrid) at the end of the link when the actual page is just A Thousand Suns+. I thought this page didn't exist for a long time because of this. It seems to be linked correctly elsewhere.
  6. MTM could be another one where the vault opens and a mountain of shit we don't have the slightest clue about falls out. Cartoonish amount of stuff could be on an MTM box set. I also wonder if future hypothetical box sets would bundle in the live albums, like how HT20 includes Reanimation. You could throw in Live in Texas, maybe re-sequence the CD to include the LPU 3 tracks, and do the same for MTM and Road to Revolution. I wonder if the Meteora box would stretch as far as including Collision Course stuff - that might be too far removed from the era proper, though.
  7. Finally got through this run-down, it was a great watch/listen. You gotta do an unboxing video for sure. Maybe even like, a live reaction type thing where it's literally the first time you open it. That could be pretty cool.
  8. Meteora vocal demos are my personal holy grail. Despite all the instrumentals we've gotten from that era, it still feels like an absolute black hole. I know that a lot of that is probably down to the deadlines they were running up against, and how long it took to finish just the songs that made the album, but there's gotta be something, right? If the HT20 box does well, and the band wants to do another one for Meteora, I think we could see some wild stuff for that one. I think a big anniversary could be likely, given that the album went platinum in two weeks and it was a gigantic era. Maybe those mythical Meteora remixes...?
  9. The split vinyl stuff is absolutely a Warner tactic. I'm not going to bother with the vinyl box just for OSC Rock Mix on vinyl, lol. The Super Deluxe box is the one for me.
  10. No way to know until we see another one drop. I don't really think anything else will come out before release, though.
  11. Coal is track 12 on LPU Rarities. If I remember right, the Pods were a Mike college project and not actually LP tracks, so I'm not surprised they're not there. No Part of Me is pretty disappointing considering the post-HTEP demo is different from the album version and absolutely fucking rips.
  12. I think there could be, at most, a few seconds of the static before the hidden track starts. 29 minutes on one side without speeding up the tracks themselves would sound awful, I think. That, or they cut the hidden track entirely, which feels like the worst option, lol. Actually, has it been confirmed that HTEP is one-sided? I know I saw that somewhere, that the other side is etched, but it's not on the anniversary website. If it's 2 sides then there's no problem.
  13. Huge waste of wax. I've never ever understood why they did that, either with the original release or the reissue. Either way, any reissues would go with the original format, so 2LP was never in the cards for this one.
  14. Hybrid Theory's only 39 minutes, there's no reason to spread it across two records unless you speed up the RPM to 45.
  15. They're on the B-Sides Rarities disc, about halfway down the tracklist. That album is basically a collection of all the side tracks from the HT singles.
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