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  1. I assume it's the best version that we have (better than anything we've before)
  2. Can anyone edit anfmd upload the show without the band commentary? Is this possible to do?
  3. Thanks, I thought that it's a version without the band commentary
  4. Is this the same as on youtube?
  5. I really hope the show will be available afterwards without the guys reacting
  6. Thanks, I'm just wondering since I saw a copy of that version of THP on Amazon. I'm surely buy it.
  7. Is the DVD any better in terms of quality than the other sources we have for this show?
  8. Source 2: Video - AUD (Nikon COOLPIX P600) Location: Sector B, Row M Taper: Mancher Time: 101:23 mins (full show) Format: .mov / 14.3 GB Comments: Full recording posted on YouTube, but later removed Can anyone upload this source? It used to be on youtube, so it must be in circulation
  9. Hockenheim´╗┐ 2015 Source 2: Video - AUD (HD: Panasonic HC-V700) (Right Angle) Location: Left Side, approx. 15m from the stage Taper: sckofelng Time: ? mins (full show) Format: ? / ? GB Comments: None Can anyone upload this source? The same taper has shared the audio, hopefully he could share the video as well
  10. Source 2: Video - AUD (Digicam HD: Sony DSC-HX30V) Taper: Kay Location: Right angle Time: 50:03 mins Format: ? / ~10 GB Comments: Recorded in 1080p. Missing 'Rebellion'. Can anyone upload this source? Both time and size is known, that's s mean that it should be circulated
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