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  1. Nevermind, I just checked and I've already got. I thought I didn't have it when I wrote the post
  2. does anyone have this source? Source 1c: Video - PROSHOT (MTVLA.com) Time: 7:02 mins Format: .mp4 (720p) / 123 MB Comments: 'Given Up' and 'In My Remains'.
  3. Is the video of IMR full? Can anyone upload it?
  4. Ok. I hope someone have it. I'd love seen that
  5. Did you have the summit footage from any shows/sources
  6. Does anyone have one ofthis two sources? Source 1b: Video - PROSHOT (Feed) Taper: TrollHD Time: 127:23 mins Format: .ts (1080i) / 35.58 GB Comments: Includes "Inside Living Things" and pre-show footage. Source 1c: Video - PROSHOT (Feed) Taper: TrollHD Time: 96:59 mins Format: .ts (1080i) / 26.84 GB Comments: Same as source 1b but without "Inside Living Things". I'm looking for pre-show footage , so 1c would be perfect
  7. Thank you so much Todd. I've been waiting for this ever since I've found out about the bootleg
  8. Thank you so much, I'll wait every dayy you need. I can't wait to listen to it
  9. I can't hear Chester in the song
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