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LPLive was first launched on September 16, 2006. We turn 10 years old this week and to celebrate our 10th anniversary, we are kicking off a week long celebration. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the news first!


September 12: "A Line in the Sand" (Live at Rock on the Range 2015)


"In partnership with the LP Underground, we present an exclusive download of "A Line in the Sand", live from Columbus, Ohio's Rock on the Range in May 2015. This was the second-ever performance of the song. This is the first release of a professionally-recorded song via a Linkin Park fansite."


Download here.



September 13: Interview with the Founders


"Today is about the founders of the site, about how it all started, and why it's still going. As the second special for the LPLive X celebration we present you a special interview with the site's founders. This interview, the first with all four original staff members, will take you on a trip through the infrastructure of the site, the ideas and the moments that brought us here today, the perspectives and the feelings that are the result of 10 years of maintaining the site."


Read here.



September 14: 2001.06.09 Elkhorn, WI (3 Songs, Video)


"This is a special download - the only known fan-filmed footage shot between the barricade and the front of the stage. Filmed by leaning on the front of the stage, this video captures the only time 'Points Of Authority' ever opened a show. This video was obtained over 15 years after it occurred and is from the second show of Ozzfest 2001, a notoriously hard tour for Linkin Park due to the heavy metal/rock fans."


Download here.



September 15: Signed Living Things CDR Giveaway


"We are doing a giveaway for three signed Living Things CDRs! Back in 2012 to promote Living Things, Linkin Park did a "Share2Earn" competition where the top 100 fans who shared their preorder link for the album won a signed CDR of Living Things. This promotion was helpful in the band securing another #1 debut for the album. Luckily, thanks to our friend Adam, three of these signed CDRs remain! The giveaway is open to fans worldwide and is running on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram."


Enter here.



September 16: LPLive Milestones


"Following our staff interview, we really wanted to tell a story of LPLive over time and mention some of our highlights. LPLive: Milestones is a look back 10 years later at our websites origin and story over time. Written by our staff, we covered the most important moments in the site's history and discuss at length some of the highlights for us."


Read here.



September 17: Off Day



September 18: 2003.03.06 London, England - Top of the Pops (Audio)


"This show is one of the most unique Linkin Park performances that they have played. During the LP Underground Tour in 2003, the fan club advertised a "UK week" promotion for Meteora. One of these performance's was the band's second Top of the Pops performance following their 2001 debut on the show. The show took place in two segments - a rehearsal with just the band and then a performance in front of LPU fans. The rehearsal setlist features Linkin Park running through the five Meteora songs (From The Inside twice) and soundchecking their gear between them. The show featured these five songs, an aborted A Place For My Head, a fun A.06 performance, and an aborted Somewhere I Belong."


Download here.



September 19: Linkinpedia


"Linkinpedia is our attempt at creating the Internet's most comprehensive guide of Linkin Park information. It's been in the works for a long time now - we've been writing articles on it since Fort Minor's "Welcome" was released in June 2015! The wiki contains over 500 pages of content and information ranging from the background information of songs to their live histories."


Read here.


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