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Listed below are contributors to the LPLive throughout its history (since 2006).


A big thank you goes out to tapers of live shows. Everyone that has recorded and released or traded a show out in some form, we are eternally grateful to you. To all the tapers that go of their way to release a show, sometimes years later - thank you very much.



Major Contributors


These people range from hard working, behind-the-scenes contributors to previous live guide owners to people very important to the site.


Adam Ruehmer & Lorenzo Errico (WBR staff/former head of LP Underground, & head of LPU)

Amanda McClain

Anna Shinoda (for the submitted Xero & Hybrid Theory dates)

Anthony Staten

Felipe Mendes (for finding all these rare shows)

Jay Sinkie (of SOBCentral.com; January 2007)

Ken “Pooch” Van Druten & Dylan Ely (LP FOH engineer, & LP backline tech/recording engineer)

Nicole (PushMeAway.com; November 2000)

Overkill (for the amazing LPL merch designs and artwork, check out: http://overkill766.deviantart.com)

Sean Paden (Brad Delson’s guitar tech 2003-2014)

Skipees (LPL member)

Soul (LPL member)

Taylor Frey (ChesterSings.com; March 2005)



General Contributors


The people listed below are general contributors of information to the site, whether it be tour information, show information or setlists.


Aiman, Ana, AlexonlyAlex, Biel, BlackChester, BPERCY, Braininator, Chesterchaz, CookieMonster, danielpsoad-09, Derek C (LPU Mod), Dr.Biggy, easier2run077, Energy (Simon), Fifek, Geki, GigaScythe, graveguard, HybridThe0ry97, Jacrid, Jack, Jason Pittam, Joe_lp, Jonandbt, Jordan Byers, Kobzone, kurtis912, LESTAT, lpliveusername, LPPanther, LPxDC, ManBearPig, Maxthunderer, Maza_G, McArt, melon1992, michalangelo, Mr X, Narc85, Nameless, Neil (in Brisbane), Neil McCooeye, Papelbon, parth196, pbizkit33, Pez, philporter, Preston, ProjektCharlotte, rav0k, Ree, Revolution1985, Sal, sckofelng, shadowfax1007, Sheldor, Sucre06, TheD7, thefullmonty, The_Glue, Toolkit04, Trumtram, Wilderness and zwieR.Z.


... and the countless others. It is impossible to name everyone here. We've gotten setlists and info from so many fansites and people over the years.... thank you all for your help!





adaminator1, Astat, BrandonR24, Ginger, gtrnowak4tkd, Justin, Mr. X, Papelbon, philporter, SoxRock, StaticXero, tiki2134, wiiesel, WookieBastard





These websites have collaborated with us over the years, helped us with information and have been valuable assets to the Linkin Park community:


LPAssociation (http://lpassociation.com)

LPTimes (http://lptimes.com)

Mike Shinoda Clan (http://mikeshinodaclan.com)

LP Fan Corner (http://lpfancorner.com)

Road To Revolution Brasil (http://www.roadtorevolutionbr.com)

Wretches And Kings (http://www.wretchesandkings.net)

LPProjekt.com (now defunct)

Phoenix-Farrell.org (now defunct)

JoeHahn.org (now defunct)

The-Untitled.uk (now defunct)

LinkinPark-HQ.com (now defunct)

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