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  2. Yep. Mike probably did it a few times that year but I haven't checked.
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  4. you're correct.. (29) One Step Closer - Linkin Park (Rock Am Ring 2004) - YouTube this one, right?
  5. NJPLP's most likely referring to the RAR 04 show. Jonathan came out on most dates of the Projekt Revolution tour to sing that part.
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  7. is it really Mike? I thought that one was Jonathan Davis. the one from LPU 4, correct?
  8. Song is really cool, super strong LP vibes on that chorus
  9. I know, right? It 100% sounds like Mike and the fact that it's labeled 2014 demo but called GATS Transformers OST Snippet in the properties? And the lyrics don't match GATS at all? I can't make heads or tails on it.
  10. Yep, it works! It's so weird; I can't place where the vocals came from.
  11. Ok, Last try lol. I think I figured it out. My fault haha. https://drive.google.com/file/d/196vdvT3EplQUdeGVOOWttVWFSe_MPpy1/view?usp=sharing
  12. Nothing. It says "Owner prevented downloads and playback".
  13. Lyrically the second matches what Martinez said. Ummmmm, I can't remember tbh. I had some free time the other day and was surfing sites seeing what I could find. It was one of them. I know I was searching YouTube and a Russian MP3 site. I got sketched by that and left lol. I found a few things but these were the most notable cause they have lyrics.
  14. The second clip probably cae from Mike's Instagram stories or Snapchat (I don't remember which one). They were very active on social media during the recording of One More Light. Mike posted a teaser of the song right before it came out. Where did you get the first clip? Sounds like a remix, a bunch of random words thrown together, but I have no idea where the vocals might have come from.
  15. Alex really deserved this - was so cool seeing his song being produced! https://twitter.com/razorrednoise/status/1349814986722390022?s=20https://twitter.com/razorrednoise/status/1349814986722390022?s=20
  16. My guess would be Rock Am Ring 2004. Though I know he sung it in other performances.
  17. Which One Step Closer performance was it in which during the "Shut Up" bridge in which Mike sings "blood is pouring"? Which performance was it? I remember hearing it one time on YouTube, but now I can't remember where the performance was.
  18. LP themselves didn't start archiving a lot of stuff until Meteora, and every single thing ever until ATS (including video of all of the shows).
  19. Do you know where the lyrics are from or what is exactly being sung? Doesn't sound like GATS to me but I can't exactly make it all out.
  20. yeah, sure. I uploaded it to my google drive. I personally don't recognize it but it most likely is just something I'm unaware of that has an official release. Also, I never uploaded to Drive before so let me know if you can see it or not https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qeJaLb9ybUF2zzQ7iJ-HI0qV9gd0PYAS/view?usp=sharing
  21. You can give a link to download the first snippet? I think I definitely heard it under the names like "new linkin park 2014 demo"
  22. This seems to be sourced from a TV VHS recording. Did the producers or the band lose a master copy or something?
  23. The first one is not a live version. Also, the music is different. The second one is 100% it thank you!
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