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  2. What page? You didn't give me a link to it.
  3. Not a scan or a demo, but check this page now: For anyone interested, we're still working on the last three interviews from this series and everything is coming along great. Took as a while longer than we expected to finish, but will be posted soon.
  4. SQRATCH2, which comes from the LOOSESAMPLES2 folder and might also be sampled in "Forgotten", also comes from Beside's song "Change the Beat (Female Version). The sample was also in "Mista Hahn's Tasty Gas Station Breaks From The Orient". It is also near the end of the song.
  5. We need to get Jeff Blue to share photos or scans of the demos he has, such as the first Xero demo cassette he got from Brad, the last known Xero demo CD dating from November 17th 1998 that includes the previously released (and previously leaked) demos of Rhinestone (1998 Xero Demo), Esaul (Xero Demo), Pictureboard (Xero Demo), and Fiends (Xero Demo), as well as the unreleased demos of Stick N Move (1998 Xero Demo), Carousel (Xero Demo), Slip (Xero Demo), Pointillism (1998 Mike Shinoda Demo), and Step Up (Xero Demo), the early May 1999 Hybrid Theory demo CD that includes the previously released demos of Over To Me (Blue) [1999 Demo], Could Have Been (1999 Demo), Rhinestone (1999 Hybrid Theory Demo), Esaul (1999 Hybrid Theory Demo), and Pictureboard (1999 Demo), as well as the unreleased demos of Part Of Me (1999 Demo), Turn To Grey (1999 Demo), and Ashes (1999 Demo), the demo that includes the unreleased demos of Flower ("She Couldn't Demo), Part Of Me (1999 Demo), and Untitled (It Doesn't Even Matter) ["In The End" Demo] from the end of May 1999, ect.
  6. Last week
  7. NKI is a format of presets for Kontakt i guess
  8. That remix was so good. Her music is easily enjoyable, looking forward to more
  9. Is there some sort of .nki converter or something, I'm looking to convert the .nki files from the Mike MPC folders to wav.
  10. PUN_NOISE is the sample from By Myself/Sad distorted intro/hook sample
  11. Portis1 (used on Goop) sounds like Hell on Earth by Mobb Deep...
  12. You forgot to add it to the samples that were sampled by Linkin Park on the Hybrid Party Of A Thousand Things page on Linkinpedia.
  13. The way I found out that Linkin Park's "Forgotten" sampled from Beside's "Change The Beat (Female Version)" is here. I might be mistaken with the "Mista Hahn's Tasty Gas Station Breaks From The Orient". I can't seem to find the sample, but I swear I thought I heard it on there before.
  14. how do you found these samples? lol. i found the RME string sample by pure luck 😂😂
  15. The "FRESH" sample comes from the Beside song "Change the Beat (Female Version), the exact same sample that was sampled into Linkin Park's "Forgotten". The sample was also in "Mista Hahn's Tasty Gas Station Breaks From The Orient". The sample is near the end of the song.
  16. I've tried editing my previous post with the list of samples used in Beatbeats and Sad but the stupid site wouldn't let me edit it anymore. I'm just gonna leave it here: BEATBITS1: SAD: Found the origin of another sample: - CSL_METH is from Vapor Trail by The Crystal Method. I think the samples starting with "RAE" might be from Raekwon.
  17. Yeah dude actually Mike needs the rest of the guys there's a huge gap in terms of quality of his solo stuff and LP stuff.
  18. Every day I come to this site hoping to see signs of Linkin Park doing anything. It's cool that Mike is doing all kinds of stuff but I'd like to see what these five could do together. Even a live show or something would be nice. I miss Linkin Park.
  19. i will end the mix of all the demos soon as possible
  20. really looking forward to that! finally something exciting again ❤️ thank you
  21. It's ok, i just noticed this because i was finally able to open the projects on MPC desktop.... i wanted to see if the sounds from this version of LPTV existed on the project... when i opened Sequence6 i noticed that it had a sound that was muted... that Snare.. at this moment i asked myself if the other demos had these muted sounds.... that's the good part of being too curious, lol... and i plan to released this version with the muted sounds turned on i guess it is, i wonder if there's a project for the other beats.. like Grr or the unreleased beats from LPTV, thanks for the update
  22. I believe the final compilation was done by me. I did mention in this thread some samples might be loaded into the projects but not used in the songs. Maybe back then I thought that was how Mike originally intended the songs to be. This is some pretty clear evidence I was wrong. That was before we discovered some of these demos were used on LPTV, LPUTV, etc. and were missing parts. I think it could be interesting to hear the demos with all the tracks turned on. Great find! Updated. I actually remember noticing the same thing. I believe "Al_Intro" stands for "Album Intro." Could be the case of Mike creating a demo and then renaming it to use as an intro to Hybrid Theory that was later dropped. These sound so cool! This is interesting. Tasty Gas Station Breaks From The Orient contains the beat from this song as well and the beat from Papercut was supposedly inspired by it. Chino even accused Linkin Park of stealing their song at one point.
  23. I noticed that two pads were turned off in the "Oh No" project, turning them on, I heard an alternative riff at the beginning (Manson sample) and the lead part. OhNo Upd: Stick 2 is definitely something different than Stick And Move... These "Windy" breaks seem foreign here... Stick2
  24. Earlier
  25. Another discovery.... remember "TUFF" from the MIKE MPC folder that doesn't had an .SEQ file? for my surprise it contains the exact same samples from "AL_INTRO" https://imgur.com/a/8tbUlep it would be a great update to the LINKINPEDIA page tho... http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=Hybrid_Party_Of_A_Thousand_Things
  26. Yeah i was kidding, obviously your picks would be cool
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