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  2. i dunno man. Every video is becomign a remembarance video now.... It's too thick on it. They alsor elease too much videos and merch packages. They should just release the CD and a tshirt and thats it. Maybe a video or two but stick with that.
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  4. I actually laughed out loud during the first verse. This is the cheesiest one yet! I don't hate it. Though I wish I could only listen to the bridge and NOT the rest of the song from this point forward
  5. Simply because the song wasn't released as a single in digital format. They just released it as another track from the album, it contains album cover. And this release wasn't on iTunes, because they could just release the song in the album pre-order, but some stores/services (for example Spotify, google play store) they don't have that option, I mean they can post a pre-order of the album, but they can't make any new song available there (in the album pre-order), so they have to make a separate release just for that song, to make it available in those stores/services. The same case are for the rest of the songs in that section.
  6. Not seen the lyric video, what do you mean chester texting rene ?
  7. Why is Good Goodbye in others? I thought it was the official single from OML?
  8. I wish he released it cause i am singing it on my head non stop lol
  9. Sometimes was the perfect song for this awful moment that we all are living in The lyric video hit me really hard Chester texting Rene gave me hope, definitely the best lyric video I've seen in a long time Thank you GD for honoring Chester in this beautiful way. I love GD
  10. I'm curious to hear 90s Hip-Hop vs 80s new wave
  11. After releasing "Hybrid Theory-style" demo, now he's back with another theme, ATS-style demo. There's no word from Mike that he will release it as how HT-style demo was given out for free via LPU email. For now, you can check it out below.
  12. I like it much better than DTB, but it’s not as good as ALTNC in my opinion.
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  14. Please, could someone share it regardless? Not sure how much quality difference there is between an m4a and the audio ripped from the youtube video, but whatever
  15. https://i.ibb.co/xqnV6rk/Untitled-3.jpg What is your opinion about this. Should I move all of those to the "Singles" section or keep them in "Others"? If it's about the "Singles" section, I'm adding only releases which are confirmed to be the official singles from the album. For example all singles from THP have own covers + they are in the discography on the band's official website. So that's clear enough. But if it's about the ones from the "Others" section, I always though they should be in the different section. All of them had the album cover. Besides NRL, all of them were released during the pre-order as another track from the album. There was no a clear statement if any of those are the official single or not. Another example - DBS released the track "Fire" on September 1st. It was during the pre-order of the album. The track had album version of the cover. Later, when the band decided that it will be the next single, they released the track again on December, this time with it's own cover.
  16. I think he uploaded m4a version but i might be wrong
  17. Did you get a wav version of this? Could someone share it?
  18. I didn't receive a download link😑
  19. I think the production on Lights's vocals don't really add much in this song like it does in say, Love Me by Felix Cartal. I personally dig it but can see why people only checking it out because Mike appears on it wouldn't really enjoy unless they liked the genre or Steve Aoki already. Think the vocals could've transitioned from Mike to Lights better (maybe she comes in on his last line or something for the verse). Both them together was pretty awesome for me though
  20. it isn't really good track because it's not an actual song at the first place. Mike already stated that he'll making a demo based on HT style but not really a track that he'll polish like "Open Door". He just randomly jam within an hour to complete this. On the another note, I really love this track because it simply reminds me of LPU track back in the days. Not like the other Corona Jam session, he did lots of track which more like his solo stuff.
  21. Wow, this is definitely the worst Linkin Park related track I've ever heard. Damn, what a bad song. The instrumental is really generic, Mike sounds awful and as much as I like Lights, her vocals sound so out of place. It's like she was randomly thrown in the track without any thought being put it into. Very awkward song.
  22. Just listened. Yup, its almost the same except for the bridge. Damm, B12 would have been a better choice the new one sounds amazing
  23. Wow this is really not good. Shame cause Mike and Lights is kind of a dream collab, but this is very easily the worst of the Aoki tracks
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