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  4. Hey i would love half of those bands Slipknot Mudvayne Papa Roach Disturbed, Marilyn Manson Black Sabbat
  5. I've uploaded it on MEGA: https://mega.nz/#F!YV4CjSyI!AhtxwSswO7OZRGl3DfwyCQ
  6. no seeds in the rutracker torrent, it was this show I wanted
  7. You can find it on LP-Bits: (1,75Gb Version) http://lp-bits.com/details.php?id=18 And, the most common source of this concert still available on rutracker (4,14Gb): https://rutracker.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3199888
  8. someone has? Source 1c: Video - PROSHOT (WDR Germany > DVB-S) Time: 71 mins Format: DVD M Comments: Very common DVD. Multiple recordings exist. It's hard to say what's the best of those. It was only broadcasted in full twice. This version differs on the editing and used camera angles from the MTV version. The intro and the outro was shortened and the encore break between 'A Place For My Head' and 'Crawling' was removed. WDR also removed also a (dirty) laugh by Mike on 'In The End'. It was clearly almost completely removed. Listen to that here. The band approved this recording before it was shown (hence the delay in it being shown on TV) and it is rumored that Mike helped mix the audio for it.
  9. Last week
  10. As someone who really likes "No Sun Today" and the raw emotion of Chesters vocals on that record I'm a bit torn. The chorus got improved quite a lot but certain instrumental additions don't work that well or rather are implemented "sloppily" (for the lack of a better word). The original album felt much more organic to me and I'm mildly afraid of them overdoing it with the remade versions (in the same way as with "Dead by Sunrise"). But these are rather minor complaints as I am still looking forward to the whole thing. I feel like "No Sun Today" could've been a pretty big album back in the day with a bit more luck on their side. It includes so many memorable and great performances and songs, it's ridiculous. I'm just happy that this project exists and I feel like it is a really fitting tribute.
  11. The quality of the vocals is pure and utter shit.
  12. JZLP

    LPU 19 Launches

    You came pretty late to the game Im a fan since 2001 I joined LPU since year 1 its not about money its about true love and passion for this band. You'll never understand.
  13. I think what he meant was that back in the old days it was ‘’cool’’ to be a member of the LPU. I didn’t join the LPU until 3.0 but I can imagine it just have been cool to have been a member in LPU1 or LPU2. LPU3 was still cool, so wasn’t LPU4. I didn’t go to any LP shows in the Meteora era because I had just become a hardcore fan in 2003 and I was also pretty young and just didn’t really pay attention to the live stuff until like 2005 and by that point the band was basically on hiatus from touring, at least in my area and mostly everywhere else at that point. Could have gone to Live 8 but I didn’t yet have a driver’s license since I was only 14 at the time of the show and nobody would bring me. Would have been a 5 hour drive. Anyways I’m sure meeting the band back in the early days of the LPU was pretty awesome. They had epic shit too like the LPU Newscasters and stuff. Invited LPU fans to the Faint video shoot and tons of other stuff. Did a whole free tour for LPU members in early 2003. They even kept doing some of this stuff in 2007-2008. But besides that, the merch package that came with the membership was cool back then. Merch wasn’t as ‘’everywhere’’ as it has been since like 2007. So having a LPU shirt was awesome back then and so wasn’t having all the little stuff that came with the membership. The internet wasn’t like it is now and people didn’t just buy shit off eBay and stuff because it was hard to find, members kept their stuff. You had to join and wait for your package to come. The website was also amazing back as far as I can remember when I joined in 3.0. It was legit the best place for hardcore LP fans until LPLive became the best place in 2008 (birth of the good forum). Once LPU switched over all it’s shit, the message board became garbage and the site did too. The site used to be epic with the layout. It was easy and the skins and everything were just epic. It was all taken care of very, very nicely. The LPU was also awesome with how I was able to meet Fort Minor at their show in Boston on 2/3/06 (my first ever concert). Was pretty cool that I was afforded the opportunity. I also got to meet LP 4 times in 2007, the first being at Bamboozle, which was my first LP show ever. And I don’t care what people say about the Meet and Greets being better in later years, they weren’t for me personally. Because I got to meet the full band 4 times in 2007 (also at every PR07 show I went to, the 3) and they were all super nice and let me take pics, talk with them, etc. I wouldn’t trade those memories for the world. So I thank LPU for that back then. I also loved the other stuff like I mentioned in my original post about how you got cool stuff like the newsletters at the end of each year and other little things that just made it cool. The music was also amazing from 2-6 because we got stuff that was super rare at the time to get from the band and also great live tracks that sounded amazing. 6 was the perfect number for a track listing and I liked how it was a mix most of the time. But even the live CD’s were awesome to me (3, 5, 7). LPU8 like I said I hated at first but grew to absolutely love it as a release. It’s honestly one of those things where you had to be a member back then to understand how special it was, partly because it took place in a time that was essentially pre-social media and life was just different.
  14. I think completely the other way around. Giving us demos was the best thing that could happen. See pools even about what years or albums there would be, even more messages than in the posts of the main albums was incredible. Good times.
  15. Dude what? You paid money to be part of a fan club. It wasn't some exclusive thing, it wasn't limited in any way. In no way was it ever a privilege or an honor. Not saying this new merch bundle is outstanding but come on lol
  16. I 100% agree with you. As we know the perfectionist attitude of the band, I guess that, since the unfair rage of the LPU8, they felt ashamed of showing us demos. Stuff that we, as fans, we crave for it, but they obviously think "we don't want you to look our skeletons in the closet, we don't feel proud of them". That's why they even edit demos just before it's release and most of them weren't worth to be listened to (That doesn't mean that I hate every demo, I love some tracks like Aubrey One, but you get the point). For me, the LPU2-6 format was the best. Quality over quantity. Although what I missed the most was the exclusive live tracks (not DSPs like LPU7 or some CD singles of that era)
  17. try this http://www.convertanymusic.com/drm-media-converter/
  18. if only someone recorded it on the phone. we can try and create something like a "full concert" which transitions from take 1 to take 2.
  19. Thank you man. It definitely was way better in the old days.
  20. JZLP

    LPU 19 Launches

    Awesome post Garret you basically said e everything that was awesome about being a member of the LPU Back then it was a privilege an honor With my sarcastic post i was trying to say that the packages will never be special anymore It's just merch without heart.
  21. Dude thank you for breaking it down. Didn’t think about all of this. I’ve always loved the CD DVD cuz 1. I love the documentary and 2. The little live set sounds epic. Chester’s vocals sounded so good. I remember Mike said MTV ‘’fucked up the lighting’’ so they had to re-do the set. It’s interesting that we still don’t have the full set or have heard anything from it aside from the Hip Hop medley. They played Don’t Stay and other songs. Never even realized the line from Numb/Encore was on both takes done different. Great post. Anyways I think the set on the regular DVD is Take 1 for sure. They gave MTV take 2 because the whole reason they even re-did the set was cuz MTV fucked up the lighting according to Mike. The MTV special was the one shown on TV and shit. So of course they wanted it perfect.
  22. @HahninatorFingers crossed we can figure this out! Keep me posted bro
  23. Honestly, the band fucked up by giving us a demo CD each year since LPU9. The reason I say that is because fans expect it so much every year. It was even more hyped than albums at some points within the fanbase. And people expected fully completed b-sides as all the tracks, even I’m guilty of it. They should have just told us all to suck it and kept on releasing the 6 track CD’s each year with a mix of tracks like studio songs, live and remix, whatever. Live wasn’t that bad. Would have been great to have after the DSP’s stopped too. LPU8 got hate because it was so different for the band to release something like it. Mike even said fans told him it was ‘’slap in the face’’ from the band. Even I didn’t like it back then. Hahninator either. Basically everyone hated it. But a year or so after it dropped and I actually grew to love LPU8, it was actually genius, and we still got what would have been a partial LPU8 on SFTU (My December from 2008, Hunger Strike, Crawling with Chris) and probably the LOATR remix would have been on a regular LPU8 too. And probably they would have just thrown a live We Made It on there or something else live from 2008 and called it a day. We all know that the band didn’t want to give us 10-12 demos each year because they didn’t like doing that but the fans were such dicks to them that they kind of had to. It’s why we never got the cream of the crop but did get some middle of the line stuff, I still don’t think the band wants to share demos to this day, look at WAYW. They could have maybe done LPU9 as like 6 demos of their biggest hits at the time (ITE, Numb, WID, ND, and 2 more) and then after LPU9 just did the normal LPU’s. I mean 2-3 years after Chester’s death and fans are still asking for the demo CD’s. Proves my point that they fucked themselves with it. As far as the merch went since LPU9, mostly nobody ever cared, it was all about the demo CD only, another reason. Before that fans DID talk about the merch part of the LPU pack, a lot. IMO, the golden years of the LPU were 1-7 as far as packages go and basically music too. The packages for 1-7 were great. And I loved how you were mailed a newsletter at the end of each year that had a ton of cool stuff and had a poster on the other side. That was epic. I loved having to order the package right when the online site went up and there was a bit of mystery until the package came in the mail. I know that’s just a sign of the times back then because social media and smart phones weren’t really a thing yet but still. Although Best Buy did start carrying those LPU boxes starting with LPU6. Still was cool. My friend actually worked at Best Buy at the time LPU6’s one dropped (the first one ever actually) and he somehow got one from the back room. We had the CD before even fansites had it by a few days. We listened to it at our work on the CD player we had there and cranked it up. Was awesome. LPU7 has a newsletter too but you had to order it and it was a small booklet , different from the poster ones. Still was epic though, I love that LPU7 booklet, still have it. LPU8 had that digital one in 2009 so it was lame. And the packages after LPU8 were always kind of blah. It’s not just cuz it was the end of the MTM era, I know that’s what everyone will think as to why I say that. But the packages did get boring to me and the designs were kind of crap. The quality of the shirts also went down a lot. I remember the LPU12 shirt was basically destroyed after a few washes, where as I still wear the ones from 1-8 to this day actually.
  24. This is really wild. I will try to reach out to some audio video folks and see if they can help with this.
  25. Why would they release a demo CD right now? That makes absolutely zero sense for this band to do.
  26. JZLP

    LPU 19 Launches

    LPU 20 Bundle *Exclusive toilet paper *T shirt *Trash bags with exclusive recycled design from LPU 7 *NO CD *NO CD *NO CD *Keychain with a picture of Jessica Bardas *Random welcome letter from previous years
  27. Frankly I have always failed to see the point with the half/half treatment the solo/side projects get. What I mean by that is that for example the PT tour got LPU early/VIP access and so on and so forth but yet we don't get any demos (if there are any). I mean even if its like a second "branch" of LPU, I wouldn't mind. Like if you had an LPU account but would have Access to the Mike "part" of the Fanclub. Like for example why not make the exclusive tracks from Fort Minor Militia available to LPU members aswell.
  28. I'm on windows 10 too, I've had a look into breaking the drm with no luck what so ever. In regards to this- that what tunebite platinum does! It will play the file and then re-encode the file without the drm but the problem is that the server for the license isn't working it was most likely taken down. I'm sure there is a way around it but I'm not having any luck but I'll re-up the files and edit the post when its up Mega
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