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  3. Yeah I know that’s what I was just saying lol I think some people took it as any unreleased music with Chester on it but pretty sure that’s not what he meant
  4. Yesterday
  5. He was explicitly talking about Friendly Fire when he said that. Somebody asked him to play it during the stream, and he laughed it off by saying something like "Yeah right, let's just debut a brand new Linkin Park song with Chester's vocals on a Twitch stream," and then wound up saying "You guys are going to have to wait literally years to hear that stuff".
  6. I think he meant new stuff, as in the One More Light b-side he was talking about. That would be like almost a brand new LP song, not a demo. Then again, he might have said that to throw people off and make HT20 more of a surprise. They’re celebrating the album anniversary I doubt there will be any Mark stuff....think everyone is pretty sure it’s Chesters audition stuff plus some other demos that didn’t make the album.
  7. Maybe he was refering to the OML demo and not in general. But i wouldnt be mad if the demos had Mark on vocals, its not chester but its at least something. It would at least be an upgrade to the Xero demos we had for years.
  8. Mike said that we will have to wait "literally years" for unreleased Chester stuff... could the demos potentially be Mark Wakefield on vocals?
  9. I think we get a password tomorrow
  10. What are we getting tomorrow
  11. Oh yeah that´s right! I must have read it wrong on Linkinpedia ahaha, sorry XD
  12. These two were the only known songs, but it could have had more songs. We never got confirmation on how many songs were in the audition tape.
  13. FWIW I think we found everything that can be found today.
  14. Chester´s audition tape only had Esaul and Rhinestone
  15. ICQ is a no go, i just checked. 246-357-457 does not exist. Ok so I think one of the next steps (or one of the very last) would be to repair corrupted music files using defraggler (because what other purpose for it there? hah)
  16. I think all four of those songs are
  17. I’ve tried emailing the oldcomp@linkinpark.com but it bounces.
  18. Things I found so far: E-Mails, but they seem rather uninteresting to me New Light Theme There seem to be more themes that will probably appear in the next few days: neon cool sepia inverted This is the only new image related to the new theme that I can find:
  19. We've got an update! Emails!
  20. The devs are definitely checking Reddit, fansites, social media, it's very easy to do and to be able to fix stuff. It's a good start, let's see where things go from here.
  21. Probably just a typo they fixed.
  22. Before: Essul > https://imgur.com/hghSKes Now: Esaul > https://imgur.com/QC3U6HK
  23. Are the demo tracks coming tomorrow
  24. Black Thought truly is a beast. I have so much love for The Roots.
  25. we should all make a list of words, phrases and names starting from the Xero/HT era and once we have that list of all different words we should cross them out one by one till we get somewhere?
  26. I don’t have time to spend on the scavenger hunt, sadly, but I can’t wait for the demos. If they’re dropping RME studio version with CB on vocals I’m freaking out
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