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  2. Excellent, thank you both for good information 🙂
  3. The "SuperXero" on HT20 is the same as the "By Myself" HT website version, not the SuperZero/SuperXero one from the demo CDs
  4. HTEP was most likely meant to showcase new material written with Chester rather than re-hashing anything they had done before that. When they got signed to do a whole album, they pulled from their entire backlog of songs for potential album material. HTEP was before the Carousel/Part of Me demos (the version of And One on the demos CD is the same recording as the HTEP). Song arrangements changed, stuff was re-recorded. No different than something like the Xero Stick N Move getting deconstructed and made into LP Stick N Move and then getting deconstructed again and made into Runaway. The only reason the HTEP sounds better is they threw more money at it than the demos, half of it was done in a professional studio with a proper producer (Mudrock). The majority of the other pre-HT demos were done in their little rehearsal studio. I don't even think the HTEP sounds THAT much better than the demos, listen to how pretty much the entire backing track to High Voltage is programmed and Step Up clearly doesn't have real drums on it. The bump in quality is really only evident on Carousel, And One, and Part of Me, and those are the tracks they did with Mudrock.
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  6. Whos the other guy Recording could he have the whole compelete set. Would be cool right lol
  7. i wish they had alo of us - europe and ozzfest shows i would love to see camden 2001
  8. And the last question: Are all three shows non-censored?
  9. I feel there's issues but it's definitely a higher-end package. Few bands are willing to put this much effort into something like this. If it wasn't for Warner screwing up shipping and production it would be perfect, in my opinion.
  10. Until recently the only footage we had of Xero performing were the measly few seconds from that 'Bredrin Daddys' video. And now we're finally getting something new! Great job guys.
  11. It's just happened the same to me. I suggest you to download it from google drive
  12. Last week
  13. I would've loved to have Cure for the Itch back with its initial outro (like on the Unmastered CD) seguing into High Voltage as one track or back-to-back. Then of course the entire Xero tape in the same quality as for RME. A CD with the entire Docklands live audio, assuming the video is lost in its proper quality. KROQ Almost Acoustic 2001, because of the acoustic performance bit. Hybrid Theory instrumentals + acapellas Reanimation instrumentals + acapellas Also maybe it'd be nice to have something exclusive to the LPU, that is still tied to HT20 celebration. So far, I feel like the LPU peeps, who still pay for it to support them were totally neglected in the whole scheme of events.
  14. I recreated a dimeadozen account, but it doesn't let me click on any of the torrents links. Is there something im missing ?
  15. Yes, Fillmore is Full, all interludes, intro and outro. But PR 02 no is complete 😕 Have ALL songs,but is edit 😕
  16. Including Fillmore all interludes (Crawling, Papercut, One Step Closer), Intro and Outro?
  17. I've already brought up this topic on shoutbox, but I decide to write about it here since this topic really bothers me. 😂 I cannot really get the relation (if I can call it like this) between Hybrid Theory EP and Hybrid Theory (album). The thing I cannot understand is why they chose to put songs such as Carousel and And One on HTEP while they already had tracks like Esaul or Rhinestone, which they eventually released on their debut album (therefore, probably thought that they're better than songs like And One or Part of Me). What is more, on CDs such as the 9-track demo or 8-track demo, there are songs such as Part of Me or And One (obviously, from HTEP) but they sound much more demo-ish than the versions released on HTEP, even though most of these demo CDs were released in 1999 or 2000, which is after (I guess?) the release of HTEP. Did they decide to re-record some HTEP songs and consider to put them on HT (but then again, why do they sound more demo-ish?)? And why did they decide not to release Esaul or Rhinestone on HTEP (maybe they even had other tracks like POA ready since it appears on demo CDs) if they had probably liked them better than the tracks from HTEP?
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