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Note: We are NOT Linkin Park and we are not affiliated with either the band or their management. We have no contacts to book a performance or to schedule the band to appear. LPLive is a fansite (created by fans of the band) covering Linkin Park news, their live shows and their side projects. Please do not contact us if you are looking to get in touch with Linkin Park or their management.



General Inquiries


Question about something? Want to submit a tip? Want to contribute a download or recording? See something wrong on the site? Email us!





Legal / Business / Press


Requests to remove something from the site may be sent to the email below. Messages relating to all legal and business matters should go there as well.





Ticket Stub & Photo Submissions


Email ticket stub scans, photos, M&G passes, festival passes, wristbands, pictures of show posters, etc to the email address to below. Feel free to send us ticket scans of upcoming shows as well; for safety reasons we will not publish them online until AFTER the performance.




Note: To further assist fans in finding out what we are looking for in terms of ticket stubs for concerts, we have created a request list. In this list you can find the shows we do NOT have a ticket for and shows we are looking to upgrade (due to a bad quality ticket, etc). You can find the request list here: Request list for ticket stubs


Scan instructions:

If you are submitting a ticket or other item to us, please scan at 300dpi or higher (600dpi is preferred).

Scans may be uncropped/unedited, please make sure your scanner doesn't auto crop!



Photo Disclaimer


We have begun to use live pictures on our show pages to more accurately show the setting, performance, crowd, and band from each concert by Linkin Park and their side projects. All rights to these pictures are reserved by the original photographers and we take no credit for taking the pictures. We simply are trying to collect a few pictures from each show to display on the website; no signup or membership is required to see these pictures and we do not claim them as our own.


There are cases in which people submit photos to us from shows and crop the watermarks/tags out, and we are unable to figure out where they come from. We try not to use these, but with hundreds of shows in the database, it is possible a few are on the website, so please contact us if you see one. We shy away from using ANY official photos unless they are posted by Linkin Park, a Linkin Park band member, a Linkin Park crew member, a local Warner Music page, a promoter, or a venue.


Some photos from shows are used from the photo app Instagram, which are not official photos. Taken by concert attendees, these have usually been hashtagged with #linkinpark and are always public (not private) pictures. We will remove these as well, if requested.


Once again, LPLive does NOT claim ANY ownership in the rights of these photos that have been posted on Instagram or other social media outlets. No harm is intended from these pictures. If you do not wish to see your photo(s) here on LPLive, please contact us at the email listed below and we will remove them immediately.



If you would like us to blur out your name on the ticket, we can do that - just include a note in the email for us!

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