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Stone Temple Pilots | Total Performances: 69 | Touring Summary

In May 2013, Chester joined Stone Temple Pilots as their lead singer. All Stone Temple Pilots shows starting in 2013 are found here. He quit the band in 2015, so this is a list of every STP performance with him as lead singer from 2013-2015. Chester was also a guest in 2001 on the Family Values Tour with STP - those shows are found on the Chester Bennington page, since he was a guest and not the lead singer of the band.

Fall U.S. Tour [20 Shows / 60 Days]

Winter U.S. Tour [7 Shows / 11 Days

International Tour [12 Shows / 23 Days]

Spring U.S. Tour [15 Shows / 25 Days]

Fall U.S. Tour [10 Shows / 15 Days]

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