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  • HybridTheory20 Replacement

    Linkin Park has issued an official note on Twitter about the errors in the European pressings of Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition):
    We’ve heard from some European fans who have unfortunately received HT:20 Super Deluxe Box Sets that included mislabeled DVDs & had issues with the laminate & MS lithograph. Please email ht20@wmgcustomerservice.com for further updates on providing replacements for these elements.
    Your code for the digital download link that is included in the Super Deluxe Box Set has now also been updated with corrected versions of “Hurry” and “Chair” from the LPU Rarities disc.
    You may use this support email for any European box set orders, no matter where the initial purchase was from.
    Note this doesn't mention a corrected version of the LPU Rarities CD. They have been corrected in digital versions, but those tracks will remain unreleased in physical format. This is likely due to the problem being present in the US pressings too; so they don't have any CDs with the full versions to send as replacement. Only the The Fillmore 2001/Rock Am Ring 2001 and Projekt Revolution 2002 DVDs, the Projekt Revolution 2002 laminate and the Mike Shinoda lithograph will be replaced.
    Damaged items such as warped vinyls or broken boxes aren't covered in this either. If you had these problems, we advise you to contact the store you purchased the box set from for a replacement.

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    "Deftest" (Xero Song)

    Over the past few weeks in the Hybrid Theory 20 press, we’ve heard the band mention a “3 track sampler” for Xero before the 4 track. It’s the first we’ve ever heard of it. Mike on October 15 talked about the start of Xero on Twitch, revealing a new track previously unknown to fans called "Deftest."
    About "Dialate": ""Dialate" was one of my first demos that I did with my friend Mark. At that point, it was certainly just me and Mark. There was no band, it was just me and Mark making stuff. And we made "Dialate" and "Deftest" and at some point after that, "Stick N Move." I think there were a couple other tracks that we doodled around with and didn't release or that we hated or whatever. Stuff that we didn't finish. I think most or all of that stuff is out, it's all in the Hybrid Theory 20 or in the LPU or whatever. But "Dialate" was that early."

    He pulled up "Could Have Been" on YouTube and said: "So this is off of Hybrid Theory 20, this is when Chester first joined the band, essentially. So that's just live guitar mic'd up, MPC for all the rhythm tracks, and then bass through like a bass pod, an emulator. Like, one of the little laptop ones I think. We were just using like an SM58 mic. This is not live drums, this is MPC drums. Yeah this is an early Chester demo, we were playing around with the back-and-forth. So I think this one with the crazy bass stuff at the end, right? Yeah, so this is when we first tried out this guy Kyle as a bass player. Dave had left. So this is Kyle at the end. Like, he loved Primus and slap bass stuff, so he was gnarly. He loved all of that super fast slap bass stuff. So I thought like, "Let's give him a bass solo spot." And yeah, that solo was Kyle. That was interesting. I actually thought we weren't going to be able to put this track on Hybrid Theory 20 box set because we haven't talked to Kyle in that long. I was like, "Yeah I don't know how you're going to track that guy down... like, good luck. And I don't know if he'll approve it - he might be like, "Give me all the publishing, I want 100% of the publishing or else you can't have the song.""" And apparently I have to imagine he was cool, because it all worked out. I actually didn't talk to him. But yeah, that was that era, it was very much in transition and Chester was pretty new in the band."
    On the stream on October 20th, Mike said, "LPLive is now trying to get locked on to Deftest as the new Pictureboard. Pictureboard is a pay off. Other demos, not so much. If you were to hear that, you would not be... I strongly suggest you don't start putting your attention on Deftest. That is not a thing to do. Pictureboard, you hear it, "Wow that's cool, I'm so glad we were so focused on that song." No I never said Pictureboard was a bad song. It has Chester on it. Deftest, Mark and I did like a four track cassette version of it and it sounds like shit. You guys don't want that, trust me. It's D-E-F-T-E-S-T by the way, not D-E-A-F, because Mark was a big fan of the Deftones. And we were just testing out ideas. So you can tell just right away, from the name itself, that it is not a grail. This is not an incredible fucking thing. Trust me on this."

    But back to the Xero sampler... do we have a potential for a sampler existing with "Dialate", "Deftest" and "Stick N Move"? What do you think? Or is the band referring to the three song sampler as the band audition tape?

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    Open Door Remix Contest Winner

    From Beatstars:
    We can't thank you enough for your patience as we shuffled through all of the amazing entries for the Mike Shinoda Challenge. It was a tough decision, but we somehow managed to narrow it down to one lucky winner.
    The winner for the Mike Shinoda 'Open Door' Challenge is Experimental Hip-Hop and & EDM Producer The Apollo! Congrats, Apollo!
    Not you? Not to worry. We have another Challenge that's up and ready to be tackled. Dive into our newest remix Challenge featuring B.o.B. and thousands of dollars worth of prizes. Best of luck, and thanks again for your participation in the 'Open Door' Challenge!
    What do you think of the winner?
    Listen to his remix here.

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    iHeartRadio's Hybrid Theory Listening Party w/ Linkin Park

    iHeartRadio will be hosting an album listening party for Hybrid Theory with Linkin Park tonight at 7pm ET. Listen here.

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    10.8 All Sample Track

    If you're subscribed to Mike Shinoda on Twitch, check your e-mails for a download of today's track created entirely with random samples.
    While making the track, Mike pulled up an old vinyl titled "Sex Explained For Children" to sample. Turns out this disc is the source of the talking in the Hybrid Theory era beat known as 'Goop.' The origin of those samples were one of the great mysteries in the Linkin Park world. Thanks to this track, we were finally able to solve it.

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