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  • Second Mike Track w/ AmirSaysNothing Coming Soon

    Mike's second song with AmirSaysNothing, the artist he toured with for part of the North American Post Traumatic Tour and who he produced a song "Clockwatch" for, will be coming out soon. As he did with "Clockwatch", Mike produced this track as well.
    This song had a music video shot on January 5, 2020 already with director Dylan Park. On July 28, 2020, Amir said that he received the final mix of his album "Engless Brightside."
    On August 3rd, he teased the album with a screenshot of the video, saying, "all the Linkin Park fans gonna love this, produced by Mike Shinoda and it ain’t Clockwatch ;)"

    More details soon on a release date.

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    "One Step Closer: From Xero to #1: Becoming Linkin Park" Book

    It seems like Jeff Blue, the band's original A&R guy in the Hybrid Theory era, is getting in on the Hybrid Theory 20 celebration with a new book titled "One Step Closer: From Xero to #1: Becoming Linkin Park".

    From Amazon:
    "The dramatic story of the unlikely partnership that led to “Hybrid Theory,” the biggest-selling debut album of the 21st Century.
    From the unique perspective of the executive who discovered them, One Step Closer reveals how Brad Delson’s college internship was a catalyst for a group of young musical visionaries, led by Mike Shinoda, which gave rise to a band that survived countless rejections, exceeded everyone’s expectations but their own, and became the voice of a generation.
    This against-all-odds story chronicles the early days of Linkin Park, from their first demo and Whisky a Go Go performance as Xero, through their tireless efforts to perfect their iconic sound and the discovery of Chester Bennington. Jeff Blue was there when no one else believed—first as their publisher, then as their A&R guy. This is his memoir of that incredible journey.
    Riveting and inspiring, One Step Closer is a testament to perseverance, as well as a detailed behind-the-scenes account of the building of a dream and what it takes to make it. "
    The book will be released on December 8, 2020.

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    Mike Q&A Summary 7/29/2020

    Here are the highlights from July 29th when Mike answered some questions on the stream.
    Mike talked about some of his favorite film scores, mentioning Hans Zimmer, John Williams, and more.
    - "If you could collaborate with any band from the 1990s who would it be?" -> "90s? Smashing Pumpkins comes to mind. Oh, Rage, they did come out in the 90s didn't they? Massive Attack, I did a Massive Attack remix at one point."
    He explained that because of the way routing and expenses are set up, he can't visit everywhere on tour, giving Ukraine as an example on the Post Traumatic Tour.
    He doesn't know if "The Waltz" will be on Dropped Frames 3.
    - "Was the "High Voltage" remix (MS remix) done while writing Hybrid Theory or at a later time? Thought it was interesting the remix featured strings from "Cure for the Itch."" -> "So I had this rack mounted keyboard unit and I forget what it was, it was a Roland keyboard unit with these certain string sounds and I used those on a few songs at the time. I forget which ones I used it on. I used it on those two, I think I used them on "By Myself." I used them a couple of times, so that's why that sound popped up, because I liked that sound and I used it on a few things."
    - ""The Last Line (Ammosick)" was worked on during Minutes To Midnight and A Thousand Suns, then was released on The Mall soundtrack. What made you keep coming back to this one? It's a good quieter song by the way." -> "I felt like, I liked it and thought that it belong... it should have gone out during the Minutes to Midnight era. And then it just didn't seem to fit the thematic stuff on A Thousand Suns. So that's why. And then we were like putting The Mall thing together and we were like, "Oh we have that song, that song is so good, that will fit here." It just felt like it would fit."
    - "How did your high school or college classmates react to you becoming famous? Did they contact you after Linkin Park huge?" -> "Now of course, most of them did not reach out. I wasn't in touch with most people from high school. When I went to college, I was in touch a couple dozen people, maybe at most 30-ish. But there were certainly some people from back then that were like... there were some who were like, "Oh man, congratulations, that is so cool." And it was like, "Oh, that's really nice." But you've got to have boundaries. In terms of being in that situation, I've always had limited space for new friends. I love to meet new people and I love to get to know people, for sure, but I'm not the person to meet somebody at a bar and is then like, hanging out with them. I've joked about this with other friends before, like when I meet new people, I'm very social and I love hanging out with people. An introvert gets exhausted from being around people - I am entertained by hanging out with people, but there's a point where I get tired. I'm in the middle, more leaning extrovert. When I meet people and someone presents me with an idea of like, "Here's an idea of something you can do, or work with me on" then I do not warm up to those ideas quickly. It takes me a while."
    - "What inspired Linkin Park to give each album a different theme/sound?" -> "I have a theory that artists lean towards being either being the kind of artists that feel good about making the same type of thing each time and really establishing that sonic brand and doing it over and over. And that's how necessarily a bad thing, like, look at Japanese sushi chefs. They perfect its craftsmanship, they perfect this very specific and repetitive task. So a band like Metallica when they go outside of that, people like, "What are you doing?" Even when it's not them, it's like the engineering and recording of the thing. They make a similar thing when they make a record. And of course there's tons of variety in that thing. They're for example, not putting keyboard on the next album probably. They're not doing sampled beats. They don't give a shit that trap hi-hats are cool or whatever, that's not happening. And then there's like, us, on the other side of the spectrum. I sometimes wonder if some artists just can't think outside of... their brain like naturally makes a certain thing and they can't even create outside of that thing. I don't know."

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    Mike Shinoda: Linkin Park Are "Planning Some Fun Stuff" For Hybrid Theory's 20th Anniversary

    It sounds like we are getting close!

    From Kerrang!:
    Mike Shinoda has told an audience of Kerrang! readers that he and his Linkin Park bandmates have been putting the work in to create something special for the twentieth anniversary of Hybrid Theory in October.
    Speaking as part of a Kerrang! Face-To-Face video, Mike revealed that they’ve been working closely with key people from throughout Linkin Park’s history to celebrate the 20 years since they arrived back in October 2000.
    “We’ve done our best to go to a lot of people who are family, in a sense, and say, ‘What do you think we should do? What would be a good celebration of Hybrid Theory?’ and try our best to do a bunch of those ideas,” he says.
    “I would urge the fanbase to just let it happen,” he continues. “The Linkin Park fanbase is always one of the most creative and active fanbases out there. So always, the problem for me is that if I’m not allowed to divulge information because I want it to be a surprise, then the creative fanbase starts jumping out and imagining things. They come up with their own great ideas – and then once in a while those great ideas are better than our ideas!”

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    "Dropped Frames, Vol. 2" Release & Tracklisting

    Happy Album Release Day!

    Mike Shinoda's second album from the "Dropped Frames" series is out now worldwide! "Dropped Frames, Vol. 2" comes one month after the first edition and will be followed up by at least one more rendition of music. As of today, Mike has at least 70 instrumental songs that he has composed on Twitch and Instagram Live since March... that is a LOT!

    01. Transitions 2:59
    02. Crystalina 3:30
    03. Julio's Revenge 1:49
    04. Isolation Bird (feat. Money Mark) 3:03
    05. Side Scrolling 3:24
    06. Dungeon Crawler 1:33
    07. Dog Whistles 2:14
    08. Astral (feat. Elise Trouw) 2:24
    09. Sunset Drive  2:39
    10. Channeling, Pt. 2 (feat. Dan Mayo)  2:30
    11. King Paprika  2:22
    12. Party Meow 1:44
    What do you think of volume 2? Do you like it more than volume 1?
    For more information on the album, check out the Linkinpedia page!

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