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  • Talinda Releases Grey Daze Statement

    Talinda Bennington has posted a lengthy message about Grey Daze for fans of Chester's music, via her social media platforms.

    The new Grey Daze project is rumored to be released sometime in early 2020 with work being completed this year by the band.

    Read Talinda's statement below:

    "One of Chester's greatest gifts was music. The only thing he took more pride in was being a father to his children. Given how much he cared, he wanted fans to hear everything he did, and his musical journey started with Grey Daze.

    In February 2017, Chester and his bandmates began re-recording their music for a planned re-release of the band's early music and by June, he announced that Grey Daze was reuniting and would be playing a 20th anniversary reunion show that fall. He was so enthusiastic about doing this, he was eager to play rock music and there were messages in those songs he knew would be meaningful to fans. It also meant a lot to him to be working with his Grey Daze bandmates, Sean Dowdell (with whom he had a very special friendship, and was a business partner in Club Tattoo) along with Mace Beyers, and Cristin Davis. He'd known them more than half of his life.

    When Chester passed away, Grey Daze's reunion seemed like an afterthought to everyone involved, they were suffering, I was suffering, and there were way too many emotions to work through before we could even think about what would happen to that project. Once the clouds lifted a bit, once we could focus on what Chester would want us to do, we looked for a way to continue what Chester was working on, the things he was proud of and wanted to share with his fans. The Grey Daze project is one the ways we can continue to tell Chester's story and connect with his fans.

    Through our foundation, 320, I endeavor every day making sure Chester's legacy shines a light for positive change. For us, releasing a new Grey Daze album will shine a light on where my husband started and hopefully give his fans a better understanding of his art and a more full picture of his journey through this incredible music.

    -Talinda Bennington
    December 10, 2019"

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    LPU 19 Launches

    Linkin Park has launched the 19th year of the Linkin Park Underground, featuring a new merch selection as well as the updated archive of LPUTV videos on the website.
    LPU 19 T-SHIRT BUNDLE ($39.95 short sleeve / $44.95 long sleeve)
    – LPU 19 T-Shirt (Men’s or Women’s)
    – LPU 19 Travel Case
    – LPU 19 Vintage Motel Keychain
    – LPU 19 Sticker
    – LPU 19 Guitar Pick

    Visit lpunderground.com to renew!

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    "Fine" Music Video on December 3th

    For the last couple week Mike Shinoda has been teasing a music video in the works. He has now confirmed the video will be for his latest solo single 'Fine.' It will be released next Tuesday, on December 3rd, at 7AM PST. Check a preview here.

    The song is part of the soundtrack for the Russian sci-fi film The Blackout which premiered in theaters across Russia on November 21 and in Germany, Austria and the Baltic States on November 28.

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    Grand Paradise (Mike Shinoda Mix) Out Now!

    Today Foxing, an indie rock act from Missouri, has unveiled a new single: a reinterpretation of their 'Grand Paradise' track by none other than Mike Shinoda!
    Grand Paradise’ is my favorite track off of Nearer My God, and I’m grateful the band let me remix it.  The original has so many spectacular tracks and melodies, and I loved reinterpreting them. - Mike
    The single is available at all the major digital stores and streaming services. Listen to the track and watch the visuals provided by Shade Balderose below.
    Check our Linkinpedia page on the song for more information.

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    "Numb" from KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2007

    Recently when going through our LPLive archives, we discovered a song we had not uploaded previously. To close out 2007, Linkin Park headlined KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas in Los Angeles with a pretty eventful show. The following day, 'What I've Done' and possibly a few other songs were broadcasted on KROQ.

    Fast forward to July 20, 2017 when KROQ was doing their tribute to Chester. During that tribute hour by Ted Stryker, they broadcasted 'Numb' from the show, professionally mixed. We were lucky to have caught it, and now you can listen and download it below. It's an excellent performance of 'Numb'!
    Download here.


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