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  • Mike and Bobby (The Hundreds) Textcast

    On Mike's birthday, he met up with his friend Bobby from The Hundreds and after dinner, did a "textcast" around Mike's new Community phone number.

    One of the questions asked was, "Will there be a The Hundreds x Linkin Park collaboration?" to which Bobby responded,  "There already was & there will be again in the future." The last collaboration between the two was in 2015 for the "XVLP" series, in which The Hundreds designed an exclusive Hybrid Theory jacket.

    While we don't know what could be up their sleeves, we are excited to hear that Linkin Park will again be working with The Hundreds in the future for a merch collaboration.

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    Mike Shinoda Sets Up Fan Texting / Shares New Clip

    On his birthday, Mike Shinoda tweeted, "let’s try this. you can now text me at 310.935.0302."

    Upon texting the number, fans saw that Mike has set up a new Community.com contact list of fans. He added, "HI THERE! thanks for texting me. this is an autotext to let you know I got your message, everything else will be from me directly. just click the link and you'll be added to my phone" followed by a link to add yourself to his community list.

    Upon adding themselves, fan got a follow up text saying "thanks- i added you. i'm planning to experiment with texting people some fun stuff. what should i send?"

    And if you were one of the first 1,000 to text him, you got one final series of texts that included "Thank you for being one of the first people to text me! Yes it is me. I'll be occasionally replying to people, and maybe doing some experiments via text. Feel free to tell a friend." Fans then got a selfie from Mike on his birthday followed by one final text - "By the way, you're one of the first 1000 people. So cool"

    If you call the number, you will be greeted with this voicemail message from Mike.

    EDIT: Mike sent fans a video clip of a new song! He added, "that's a track i'm working on today" / "No name for it yet but we'll see what happens"

    Do we think Mike is gearing up to announce something, or is this just a new way to connect with fans and send them information?

    Let us know if you hear from Mike!

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    Unreleased Mike Shinoda 2018 Interview

    Steve Rosen just shared on his YouTube channel a previously unreleased audio interview with Mike Shinoda from 2018. Check it out!

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    Grey Daze - "Amends" out April 10

    Grey Daze has announced the release date and tracklisting for their album "Amends", coming out on April 10th. They are offering a picture vinyl of Chester for $30 as one of the album options - limited to 2,000.
    1. SICKNESS 2:55
    2. SOMETIMES 3:24
    3. WHAT'S IN THE EYE 3:26
    4. THE SYNDROME 3:50
    5. IN TIME 3:58
    6. JUST LIKE HEROIN 3:24
    7. B12 3:35
    8. SOUL SONG 4:07
    9. MOREI SKY 3:54
    10. SHE SHINES 3:36
    11. SHOUTING OUT 3:19
    "Sickness" is out today:

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    Grey Daze: Rolling Stone Interview

    Today Rolling Stone published a very insightful article on the new Grey Daze album as well as Chester's final years. The band says the project was started in early 2017 when they picked 4 songs to recut and sent guitarist Cristin Davis into the studio to work on them. They were planning on sending the producer out on Linkin Park's North American Tour so Chester could track his vocals. Talinda's only request when Sean decided to continue the project after Chester passed away was that he kept his voice intact.
    Talinda says that giving the project her blessing was easy because she trusts Dowdell implicitly, and she knew what Grey Daze meant to Chester. “He wanted to do Grey Daze again because the music was awesome, he loved it back then, and he was excited to be able to create,” she says. “Doing it now that he had all this experience under his belt — he had accomplished so much and come so far since then — he was excited about it. I can hear him now. He’s like, ‘Fuck yeah!'”
    The album, now confirmed to be titled Amends, is coming out on April 10th. Confirmed songs are 'What's In The Eye', 'Sickness' (with Page Hamilton of Helmet), 'She Shines' (with Head of Korn), 'Soul Song' (with Chester's son Jaime), 'Morei Sky', 'Just Like Heroin (A Little Down)' and 'B12.' Some proceeds from sales of Amends will benefit Talinda's 320 Changes Direction and other portions of the proceeds have been allocated for Chester's kids.
    If the Grey Daze album gets a good response — and both Dowdell and Talinda, independently of each other, say that they hope Linkin Park fans will be open-minded enough to give the music a chance — Dowdell says there’s enough material for one or two additional Grey Daze releases. “Depending on how this is received — and so far, the music we have put out has been received quite well — I think fans will get a second record out of it,” he says.
    Read the full article here: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/chester-bennington-grey-daze-amends-album-945384/
    'Sickness,' the second single from the album, should be coming on February 5th according to a press release. Album artwork can be seen here.

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