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  1. You could apply that same question to every single unreleased track/demo/remix in LP's catalog. The band wants to be in control of what's out there and they don't want every single thing out, they want this amount of demos, etc.
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/928046533?t=0h16m10s "I was on a Zoom with UPSAHL, and Sam, and Pete again. We're writing some more stuff and we'll see how that goes."
  3. You have to get the band on board with an idea like that. Why would LP want to release them now if they skipped them intentionally for HT20?
  4. 1 million streams for Happy Endings on Spotify already. Solo album incoming, most likely.
  5. Hey everyone, we are looking for some help from people who have collected live audio & video over the years. In 2006, Fort Minor performed 4 songs for MTV Overdrive. For years, the videos worked, downloads were shared on LPTimes, etc as you can see by their news posts. In fact, the videos worked until even around the 'One More Light' era. For whatever reason, we never got around to trying to upload the videos until later. We started a thread in November 2019 about this, trying to get it solved in 2020, but we've had no luck. The issue at hand is that the video files are looking for the DRM on the MTV server, which is no longer there. Maybe there is a way to crack the DRM on the videos to get them to play, so we can upload them to YouTube for everyone. Or maybe you are someone that downloaded the files in 2006 and they still play on your computer. If that is you, or you have any ideas how to get the videos to play... let us know! To date, we have had no luck on these four files. So we're turning to you guys! Here is the audio rip of the videos that we have, which we just uploaded to YouTube: .WMV video download (DRM locked) Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. This is the only one I loved. Otherwise, let Mike remix the stuff.
  7. Plot twist - what if the serious, purpose-driven work is with LP right now? No matter when they release an album - 2021, 2022, 2023, etc... it's going to be something they've all 5 heavily invested in and put an incredible amount of work into because it's the first album without Chester. If they do decide to release their music they've been making, it's likely going to be something really great... like it could be ATS-level great. Albums like LT, THP, and OML haven't had a full-band investment like MTM and ATS had. We might really see something tremendous come from LP on the next album. Maybe his solo stuff is what's more laid back, care free, etc. LP has been writing for a while so maybe this is the result of what happens when LP is hunkered down on something and Mike is also at the same time doing a million things - Twitch streaming daily, ShinodaProduceMe, all these collabs with other artists, solo songs, Dropped Frames, etc.
  8. Following January's remix of 'One Step Closer' by 100 Gecs, Mike has confirmed in his interview with The Needle Drop that more remixes of Hybrid Theory songs are on the way. Talking to The Needle Drop, Mike explained that he was having conversations with Warner, who brought the idea up to him to have artists do Reanimation-style remixes to continue the celebration of Hybrid Theory 20 this year. Mike liked the idea but wanted artists who were super creative and not artists who would just make some generic pop remixes of the album's songs. Along with 100 Gecs, Mike mentioned that he'd been having conversations about umru, Kero Kero Bonito, and Blood Orange. He added that some of the remixes worked out while others didn't, so we will have to see what Linkin Park ends up releasing. In addition, Mike seems to have been working on a 'Papercut' remix himself, judging by the folders on his Twitch stream. Thanks to the keen-eyed PeppePark for that one. Hopefully we get that remix too! Stay tuned for more information, as it's we are slowly approaching two months since the 'One Step Closer' remix... hopefully more are coming shortly.
  9. Is it really titled Dave Sbeat or is it a typo by LP and it's Dave's Beat?
  10. Remember everything Mike usually says about music is pretty calculated. When he said "which of these 3 ideas do you like better?", he was already making Open Door and mashing them up, lol. He knew he was going to release a demo (& song). So if he's saying this now, he's probably already got the album under way and the label knows. Or when he was doing the Post Traumatic EP, he said if fans liked the music he'd make more, or something to that extent. Well then he says months later he had like 6+ songs he wanted to release on January 1, 2018 for everyone... so, he isn't fooling us, ha. He probably already has the album somewhat structured and is getting it ready. But the lack of enthusiasm about it is noted... he's definitely been down on himself (in this case, meaning he's down on RELEASING music) lately.
  11. That's more cringy than anything we have ever done on LPLive lmao. My goodness.
  12. Is a new Mike Shinoda album now in the works? Following his comments on Twitch on February 18 about a new album, Mike once again on the 22nd mentioned a new album in response to fan questions. He said, "You're asking, "If we promote the hell out of #HappyEndings and get it working, then do we get an album?" The answer is probably... I think that's the equation. The equation is - if the song works, then I make more songs. Ok? I've got some stuff and I'm still writing more stuff. Here's the deal then. You guys spread the word and promote the shit out of #HappyEndings, get it to people, get it happening and get it to people who don't listen to me... if people start streaming the song, then we can go." Essentially... if 'Happy Endings' does well, Mike is interested in releasing an album. This was a follow up to last week when he explained, "I'm not working on a new album, no, but I have music. Does that make sense? I make stuff all the time, I've made some things. And if the song were to do well, I could very easily see organizing some of the things I've been making and putting it out as an album. It sounds like you guys want more rapping. What do you guys want? What kind of album should I make if I did that? More rapping? A lot of people said more rapping. I don't like "making something like a thing", but, I could make a bunch of new songs with the Fort Minor drum pieces and things like that. I don't really WANT to do that but it's a possibility. But I've got stuff, I could do it." Mike also mentioned in his interview with The Needle Drop that someone who works with his music publishing influenced him to finish and release 'Happy Endings'. It sounds like Mike is in the right mindset to start putting together his new songs to potentially form an album. What do you think?
  13. Mike just talked about specific artists they asked to do remixes in the interview a few days ago - he said some of it worked and some didn't but there are more remixes on the way.
  14. They didn't spend much time rehearsing for the 2014 world tour as evidenced by the amount of new songs they played. LP probably realized they didn't play many new songs on the LT and THP world tours, so they started rehearsing for the OML tour in February 2017, quite a few months before the tour actually even started. Then we see what happened, they debuted almost the entire album right away. Pretty great. OML tour sets were very good.
  15. LP had a big missed opportunity to play some of those Hybrid Theory deep cuts on the Carnivores Tour. The "DJ-style" set wasn't very good for a rock album, it would have fit Living Things better. But no complaints about the LT tour besides it being way too short (needed another USA tour and a European arena tour)... the LT setlists were very good. They should have done a Hybrid Theory club tour to start 2014 (10 USA shows, 10 Euro shows, a few in South America/Asia/Australia) and then done Carnivores Tour with some of the deeper cuts but also loaded up on THP songs. Keys, ALITS, All For Nothing, Rebellion, play all of that. GATS.
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