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  1. Yeah this is right. Astat can add technical parts about it for sure. Crawling and PMA required a second guitar which happened literally at the start of this tour in 2001.
  2. They promoted it saying live stream, but we all knew it was pre recorded. All good.
  3. We'll ask the band. What a great show and an awesome idea. The commentary was really good and worth doing. A lot more interesting than just uploading an old show, even though we do need the show eventually. Can't believe they forgot And One, ha. First song they wrote with Chester.
  4. It's from a totally unreleased show none of us have ever seen. That looks like the clip indeed but we likely don't even have the city/date right (we guessed Portland). This is really, really great for the band to do.
  5. It's time to start celebrating Hybrid Theory! Linkin Park has announced a new live stream to debut a fully unreleased live show from 2001 tomorrow! Adding to that, the band will be reacting live to the show! "Join LINKIN PARK in celebrating the 20th anniversary of HYBRID THEORY as they react to never before seen LIVE concert footage from 2001. #HybridTheory20 Set a reminder on @youtube to watch on March 24th @ 11am PST"
  6. Doubt that Mike makes new music every single day. Sure, it's close but a demo like this every day? And Open Door going to radio? And will become a single? Seems like a cool, creative way for a new release with all of this music.
  7. You guessed it! Mike was back with yet another full hour live stream via Instagram on March 22nd for a new beat. Check out the stream below if you missed it. It sure seems like something is cooking, right? What do you think he is going to do with all of this music?
  8. Mike went live on Instagram for the fourth time in a week to showcase him making another new beat, this time something that has an A Thousand Suns-style vibe! The full stream was an hour and you can check it out below.
  9. This? One of their best. Just epic.
  10. Well in later LPU years Mike was starting to attribute demos to album years when they were from the album sessions. We all said immediately when Attached came out it would be 2002, not 2003. Almost absolutely nothing was done in 2003 studio wise. Chester wrapped up vocals in January I believe which was like, late as hell anyway. Every Meteora era song would be 2001 or 2002.
  11. We've never caught this - ever - until someone caught it on YouTube and left a comment. Attached from the LPU 15 CD, labeled as being from 2003, goes back to at least early 2001 and likely 2000. The song was used as the show outro music after One Step Closer on the Street Soldiers Tour in early 2001, at least. You can hear the song at the end of the videos from Pittsburgh (audience) and Las Vegas (webcast). Mike pretty much alludes to this on the track by track for the demo, saying, "I think the fewest songs we ever wrote for an album, Hybrid Theory not included, would be like 40 or 50, and the most would be easily 150 or more. Some of that stuff is just unlistenable, like you'd listen to it and just be totally bored, it's just loops of stuff, and other stuff we do revisit from one album, if it falls by the wayside, we might bring it into the next album and start playing with it and see if we can salvage it." It looks like the song started as a Hybrid Theory era demo and then was brought back in for Meteora, where it was also left unused until the LPU demo release.
  12. Nailed it. Great post, Astat summed it up perfectly. Everything he said is factual. We have a great relationship with LPCatalog and Brennen, we can confirm as well that he doesn't have those files.
  13. Today we remember Chester Bennington on what would have been his 44th birthday. We miss you Chester and wish you were still here with us! Thank you for your incredible contribution to the world of music.
  14. Today Mike went live on Instagram to check on fans and ask them how things were going. When someone said he should make a beat, Mike obliged and opened a folder titled "Fort Minor sounds". Over the next 50+ minutes he made a brand new beat and gave fans a glimpse into his beat making process. Check the video out below if you missed it or you'd like to rewatch:
  15. 1. Quite a bit of PT material is better than OML or THP LP. 2. Makes no sense at all for LP's brand/image/appearance to release an LPU CD right now, as has been explained 100 times in this forum in the past year.
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