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  1. Wow that is amazing. Any chance you can upload the files for us here?
  2. LP fans will be glad to hear some news regarding one of its members performing live today. Earlier today, Joe Hahn got back on stage for the second time in 2019. He performed at YOURSUMMER2019 at Paradise City in Incheon, South Korea in a stacked lineup of other artists that included Marshmello, Zedd and others. You can watch clips of his show today here and here. And finally, a few more clips here. What's interesting about this set is that it appears Joe performed a LOT more Linkin Park songs than usual... and we really put a big emphasis on A LOT. He usually has the staples like Numb/Encore in the set, but this time he performed a set of mostly all Linkin Park tracks. Some of them, like New Divide are his own remixes of the songs and sound really good. Here are the Linkin Park songs featured in his set, a whopping twelve: The Catalyst (Remix) Papercut Lying From You A Light That Never Comes What I've Done (Mike Shinoda Remix) Points Of Authority Points Of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer (just the One Step Closer part of the remix) Waiting For The End New Divide (Joe Remix) Numb Bleed It Out Faint And of course, Joe has other music in his set too besides Linkin Park. While we don't know ALL of those, some of these other songs included: Knockout - Quintino, Derorro, & MAKJ I-E-A-I-A-I-O - System Of A Down Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes It's good to see Joe out on stage again. He recently performed on July 18, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea at his [Carry On] Pop-Up Photo Exhibition Party with Wegun, Spray, and Intostella, but this was his first big festival show of the year. Of course, we'd enjoy seeing him play more.
  3. Recap: - Mike said he grew up watching anime. When LP first starting becoming popular, it was when people started editing their own videos together. It took a lot more work to do it back then whereas it's really common now. Dragon Ball Z and stuff were edited to In The End, he talked about liking it a lot and seeing so many of the videos. He loved Akira, Metropolis, etc and mentions anime references in the In The End video done by Joe. - World's On Fire video is still in production and being worked on. The first drawings were done by Mike on an iPad and on sketch paper while on tour for Post Traumatic. He met an artist called Sam Henry he is working with. It's a motion-style animation versus hand-drawn but it still looks hand drawn. Mike drew a lot of the creations himself for that... he'd draw and then send the creations over to them. - Linkin Park never really expected to have this cross-culture situation going on with anime and the music. But once they realized it was there, they enjoyed it and it even encouraged them to make videos in that style themselves, like Breaking The Habit. They also put a lot of references around the same time in teh video for Somewhere I Belong. - Mike showed some of the rough/simple sketches for the World's On Fire video. His kids influenced the two main characters, he drew them. Mike asks for names for the characters on social media and for fans to reach out with ideas. As far as the story goes, the girl has a superhero power and doesn't know how to control it. It's kind of funny, not super serious, but that's the basis for the video. Mike said he grew up drawing NES (Nintendo) games so you can see the influences in these characters from that. - There are some "enemies" in the video, like the girl thinks she sees monsters everywhere. Mike shared the storyboard images from the video but says the video is still being made but isn't ready yet. The release date is being prepared for the end of the summer. Full video thanks to LP Coalition!
  4. They don't have solo acts. Phoenix joined Mike on stage, Brad and Rob were at multiple Post Traumatic Tour shows. Linkin Park is very likely throwing musical ideas around behind the scenes right now, with no ETA or guess on a time frame for new music.
  5. Joe Hahn has announced his first DJ performance since October 2018 when he was in Shanghai, China. He will be heading to Incheon, South Korea in August! Joe says, "I will be performing at MUSIC FESTIVAL YOURSUMMER 2019 on August 15th at Paradise City Incheon, Korea. See you there! Tickets on sale now: http://bit.ly/2LBbKZd Other artists include Zedd, Cash CAsh, Chvrches, Prep, Hrvy, Superorganism, Lolo Zouai, Alan Walker, Rita Ora, and Raiden. The show will take place at Culture Park @ Paradise City in Incheon.
  6. Recently, when tweeting and posting about the month of July on Twitter, LPFanCorner and LPLive both noticed that a lot of people didn't want to celebrate their birthdays this month. Some felt bad for celebrating during the month, some thought you couldn't enjoy July anymore. We want to let you know that celebrating life is a great thing, and you are important. As we approach July 20th two full years after the passing of the legendary Chester Bennington, we invite you to join us on July 18th for a different take on a listening party. Because LPFanCorner always puts others before themselves, they wanted to make a "birthday playlist" of Linkin Park + birthday/party songs and do a classic listening party with everyone. LPLive thought the idea was great and immediately wanted to join in. Because if you can put a smile on someone's face, why not? Anna Shinoda recently elaborated about birthdays in July, saying, "So I want everyone with birthdays on or around July 20th to remember it is important to celebrate your life and to allow yourself to feel joy. It is healthy and needed. Living life and feeling joy is a way to #MakeChesterProud." If you have an hour or so, here are the details: #ChesterAndYou Listening Party Hosted by LPFanCorner and LPLive July 18, 2019 1pm PST via Twitter + Spotify (links coming soon) We look forward to seeing you then!
  7. They were confirmed to headline Download 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. March 24, 2018. edit: This was confirmed by Andy Copping, the Download promoter, in an interview where he discussed Chester and LP. I've always wondered if we should add a 2018 page with that date, but it'd be the only one on there.
  8. It seems like if India were to ever happen, it would have happened by now. Right? Or what do you think? LP did Asia in 2011, 2013, had Japan in 2017 coming up, Mike did Asia in 2018, now going back.
  9. Just because Mike is touring doesn't necessarily mean nothing is going on with LP. Since he has been quiet for months and LP has said they are "discussing music", they are very likely demo'ing ideas right now. Because LP is ALWAYS three or more steps ahead of what they reveal publicly. Whatever they say, they are very cautious about it and conservative. It isn't unreasonable to assume LP is working on music, but don't want to say that yet. Much easier to do things in private until the time comes to make a massive announcement. Since 2015, we've seen just how well he can balance both acts. He was on a Linkin Park tour when he dropped Welcome, and played Conan the day after Mexico. In Europe, he fit solo headline shows around the LP shows (which I hope he does in the future, because that was epic). If he pops out to Asia for a week or week and a half, it would not affect LP whatsoever. Like when Chester went to Asia for Dead By Sunrise shows during the ATS sessions; he was stoked to be there and was all like "I can't wait to get back to work on music" etc. As unfortunate as 7/20 was, I think one of the biggest losses from that was going to be Chester and Mike balancing their solo acts with LP pretty much flawlessly. Dead By Sunrise was gearing up for a comeback in fall 2017, and Mike had Fort Minor material prepared and already OK'd by Linkin Park for release that fall (some of which, or maybe all of which, went on to be featured on Post Traumatic). Chester was actively tweeting about all of the stuff he was writing in 2015-2017. Geki made a good comment saying that both of those acts fell to the wayside because Chester and Mike were putting the ideas/music into Linkin Park albums. He's exactly right. And then I think in 2015-2017, they felt that they COULD do their side projects just fine, on their own terms, around LP. STP was obviously too much since they needed constant albums and constant touring instead of sporadic stuff, but DBS and FM/Mike doing solo stuff around LP was most certainly going to happen so their minds must have opened up creatively towards the side projects. Now in terms of what you are saying about the PT era being "over", I think it was indeed over like you said. Mike's speech in Luxembourg really showed the era was over, and the crew even thought so as well. Something changed in the last month or two. It could be demand, as all of the fans wanted the tour to "do another lap around the world". It could be just that Mike wants to "escape from the studio" (which isn't an unfair assumption as he just posted he's IN the studio, he just hasn't mentioned LP stuff yet because rock press would explode) for a little bit. Really not sure. It still says Post Traumatic Tour, which tells us there is not a new Mike project coming out. If there was an album coming at the end of this year from him, he wouldn't brand this the Post Traumatic Tour. All signs are still pointing towards LP.
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