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  1. Ana has been aware of this all year, she's working on it. Someone asked this to Mike, lol?
  2. Wish he had released "One Hundredth Stream" instead of this meme jam.
  3. On Twitch today, Mike said that he is doing a writing session over Zoom with Eg White. Eg, who we all know from Linkin Park's last album, co-wrote the title track 'One More Light' with Mike. Mike originally performed lead vocals on the track until the band decided to switch the vocals out for Chester's version just before the album was completed. To read more about the background behind 'One More Light' (song), visit the song's Linkinpedia page. In March 2019, Eg joined Mike on stage in London to perform 'One More Light' for just the second time since Chester's passing, the first being the Hollywood Bowl Celebration of Life performance. The fan-filmed video from London has over 1.7 million views on YouTube and the performance that day received considerable attention on social media. Source: BroodingAnanas via Twitter
  4. The three Minutes to Midnight songs released in 2012-2013+ with the wrong versions are apparently the versions that are still streaming on Apple Music, as confirmed by a few Twitter users this past week. These were originally released on HDTracks, then the "Mastered for iTunes" version of Minutes To Midnight in 2013, and in 2017 on the picture vinyl release of the album. The three songs affected are 'Shadow of the Day' (different strings and bass), 'No Roads Left' (added drum track and louder strings), and 'Across the Line' (no bass on the first verse). We have the three Alternate Versions on our LPLive Archive YouTube channel to listen to.
  5. 1. Lies Greed Misery 2. ALTNC Rick Rubin Reboot
  6. Wow this is great! This is one of the best covers Chester's ever done (already) and this version just sounds awesome. Saw a terrible comment on YouTube: "Hope linkin park learns how to honor Chester like you guys"
  7. This is easily one of Mike's best instrumental pieces. Really a big fan of the sound of it... would be quite a cool sound/genre for LP to try. Imagine vocals come in at 0:35.... it'd already be better than Lies Greed Misery lol
  8. And they said Fort Minor was a group. They really jumped through things and only measured success with TRL and the VMAs... quite odd.
  9. Interesting. Will watch that. Rick Rubin is who suggested it to the band when they were attending the Grammy's. He sent them that exact tracklisting and that is what they went with.
  10. Seems like this is the most logical step forward and something they'll get a lot of support with from their core fanbase as they already know Jon and Matt. Both are fantastic. Hell, bring them both in. Why not?
  11. The Chester era ended July 20, 2017. What do you want them to do, sit and not make a decision for 4 more years when they could hypothetically (if they are ready) release 2 great albums in that time and do several world tours....?
  12. Wasn't big on Happy Endings or the NFT stuff... hope to get an EP or album from Mike this year. Or something from LP that says "we are making music, see you soon"
  13. Based on the previews, it sounds like some overdubs. "Other fellas" on Remember the Name. Check Petrified especially. Same vocal takes for the verses, just mute the explicit words, and overdub a word every now and then on some of them.
  14. This could have been a lot worse, honestly. Not a huge fan of the song but at least they got together and performed it live. Doing it over Zoom or whatever could have happened virtually would have been much worse. This is what it is - it isn't terrible. Reminds me of ALTNC on Jimmy Kimmel with Aoki, Mike, and Chester.
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