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  1. In celebration of 'Minutes to Midnight' turning 14, Frank Maddocks posted on Instagram, "May 14, 2007 - Linkin Park Minutes to Midnight Icon design. The band asked me develop a logo that was iconic, memorable and easy to render. A simplistic almost punk approach. Broken down to basic elements. A bit of the exploration and development shown here." He included a lengthy series of logos that he went through in presumably late 2006 or early 2007 before he reached the final, signature "circle LP logo" that we all know. In related news, Linkin Park has uploaded the 40 minute
  2. Fine currently has more streams than Happy Endings and is a more popular song, so I hope he will play it. The USA is open for shows, we have 100% capacity concerts for 15,000+ people starting in July. Mike could announce a show anytime for July onwards that he wants, but he will likely play it even more conservative than most artists and wait until the end of the year or so to play, probably.
  3. It sounds like, from the description, that Warner would actually not allow Slash to feature Chester on his album. It has to do with LP releasing an album the same year as Slash wanting to feature Chester on a song. In all actuality, that is really stupid for the label to say that because we all know it's not going to take away from the LP sales *at all*. So honestly, the LP label is why Chester wasn't on the album in the end. Slash then re-recorded it with Lemmy and released it. Slash and Chester never finished it properly at that time (2010~) but Chris and Slash went back in in 2019~ to
  4. Reminds me of Heavy performed live which sounded way less poppy than the studio version.
  5. When William DuVall joined Alice in Chains officially as lead singer in 2006, the band set out to play a limited number of shows across the world. One of these shows was the KROQ Inland Invasion in September 2006 just outside of LA in Devore, CA. The lineup was STACKED - Guns N' Roses, Alice in Chains, Muse, Avenged Sevenfold, Papa Roach, 30 Seconds to Mars, Rise Against, Buckcherry, Atreyu, and more. None other than Chester Bennington showed up to see the show, which featured some of his favorite bands of all time. He told MTV, "I just came out to see Muse and as soon as I got her
  6. Download Festival has announced that Linkin Park will be a part of their #DownloadReloaded broadcast on June 5-6, 2021 exclusively via Sky Arts. In 2014, Sky Arts aired 'One Step Closer', 'In the End', 'Wastelands', and 'Until It's Gone' from the LP set along with an interview with Chester & Phoenix, but unfortunately a high quality recording does not exist from that broadcast. It is unlikely that the full Hybrid Theory set will be aired since that would be a huge promotional tool in the announcement of this, but we've seen wilder things happen. The footage in the trailer is from the Linki
  7. Yeah hopefully he debuts that one live in 2021 at a full show!
  8. Mike has just announced that he will be debuting 'Happy Endings' on Friday, May 14th. He's going to be recording it for an event coming up but he doesn't know when it will air. Mike confirmed that it will be just a one song performance. He added, "I'm not on tour so I have to set everything up from scratch." This will be his first real performance of any kind since September 8, 2019 in Japan... a total of 613 days. Wild! Here's to more performances in 2021! We haven't seen any confirmation yet on if iann dior and UPSAHL will be joining the event as well or not, but we w
  9. What if it's all just from the Thoughts That Take Away My Pride demo? Which probably isn't even called that, it probably has a real name lol
  10. Well he said he's been making a lot of stuff with grandson and the Fever dude, right?
  11. Well that's reassuring that at least he's working on some projects. "A few years" is a very long time period for a project. Does he have a new band he's making an album with or something? Hopefully he's just subliminally hinting at LP.
  12. Congratulations to Linkin Park! 'One More Light' has passed 1 billion streams on Spotify, becoming LP's fourth album to reach the feat after 'Hybrid Theory', 'Meteora', and 'Minutes to Midnight'. Spotify, which was launched in 2008, really gained in popularity with the shift to streaming that occurred in the last 5-7 years. Four albums reaching 1 billion is quite impressive.
  13. Is the rumor that 'Hole' is not being released on this one?