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  1. Well that's fucking awesome! One of the best videos to surface in recent years... the band is really rocking here. Really good stuff. Would have loved more amateur stuff like this on HT20 via social media by the band, like Step Up that they posted.
  2. It's not an April Fools joke as it was released on April 2nd.
  3. Big news! Mike Shinoda has announced that he is releasing a merch spin-off of his 'Dropped Frames' album series titled 'Cropped Frames'! A collection of prints based on art he's drawn on stream, Mike has also announced that 'Cropped Frames' will be sold as NFTs as well. Since Mike has been quite vocal about wanting to "change things up" lately, the 'Cropped Frames' art will be broken into pieces and sold randomly, blind-bag style! In order to complete the entire piece of art, you have to buy multiple pieces and just simply hope that you don't get doubles! How about that for in
  4. Well the previews are quite.... meh.
  5. Rock am Ring has launched a new voting page to vote for your favorite bands... who you'd like to see play the festival in 2022. Mike Shinoda is included, so be sure to vote for him! Unfortunately, Linkin Park is not included but you can still write them in at the bottom. Check out the voting and be sure to vote for Mike + write in Linkin Park here.
  6. Mike will be releasing a new 3 track single for 'Happy Endings' on April 2, 2021. 'Happy Endings' 3 Track Single 01. 'Happy Endings' (feat. Iann Dior & UPSAHL) [slowed + reverb] 3:57 02. 'Happy Endings' (feat. Iann Dior & UPSAHL) [Nightcore Edit] 3:12 03. 'Happy Endings' (feat. Iann Dior & UPSAHL) 3:32 Cover art can be viewed here. Check it out on Apple Music here. Thanks to martinez for the heads up and info on the release!
  7. In his recent run of press interviews for 'Happy Endings', Mike did an interview with ALT 99.7 in Columbia, South Carolina. "Amy sits down with Mike Shinoda to talk Linkin Park, why he's helping his fans produce their own music, and how tech is changing the landscape of music." Mike gave an update on the possibility of a new solo album which he has been teasing the past month, saying, "In a bigger picture, I don't know if I'm headed towards doing an album. I've done enough albums that it almost doesn't feel the right kind of ambitious right now. I love
  8. Mace said the band decided that and thought it was a good idea.
  9. That is correct. The Amends project (titled "New Sun Tomorrow" at that time) was originally started because in early 2017 Chester had meetings with (at least) Sean (Sean says other members too) about re-recording music. This is a statement of fact and this has been confirmed to me by sources other than Sean that I trust 100%. That part should not be in any sort of dispute at all, and I'll throw the full support of LPLive behind that one statement by Sean. Can't confirm or deny the VOCALS part of it but Chester was absolutely fully involved in the re-recording of the album (whether instrum
  10. Except it wasn't an entire album inspired by Chester's death, part of it was Fort Minor that was going to be released in 2017.
  11. The rolling synths and sounds in verse 2 are really similar to the work Atticus and Trent do. It'd be a great collaboration. Look how good Mike's collaboration with Chino was on The Raid - he could create something epic with the NIN team.
  12. Was saying that based on comments of people saying they are "losing their ass" on their NFT investments so far. Are they trolling? Or are people really losing a lot of money on NFT items they've bought already? This musical collaboration confirms (for the millionth time) that Mike needs to collaborate with Atticus Ross and Trent Reznor. Their Ghosts releases are fantastic, and Mike is creating music in such a similar style/genre to that. This release, his Raid Redemption music, his Mall music, "fine", etc... he's gotta do it. The possibilities are endless. An EP with vocals and ful
  13. But a digital item will lose its value over time much more than a physical item. That's the problem.
  14. "It's a hot motherfucker today!" There's just about nothing we love more here at LPLive than finding unreleased Linkin Park recordings made in years past, and we have luckily stumbled upon a brand new recording of Linkin Park on Ozzfest 2001 again thanks to our good friend and resident collector Felipe. This is actually the first recording in quite some time to surface in the LP community. The sixth show of the Ozzfest tour landed in Maryland Heights, MO just outside of St. Louis at Riverport Amphitheatre. LP was just getting into the groove of Ozzfest, settling down with their final
  15. Linkin Park's sophomore album Meteora turned 18 years old this week! After demoing ideas on tour for Hybrid Theory in 2001 and early 2002 as well as demoing songs at Mike's home studio, the band recorded Meteora with Don Gilmore at NRG Studios from April to November 2002. The album produced five singles - Somewhere I Belong, Faint, Numb, From the Inside, Breaking the Habit, and Lying From You. From 2003 to 2004, Linkin Park performed a wide variety of shows for the album, from an intimate LP Underground Tour to two of their own Projekt Revolution Tours, to opening for Metallica on
  16. Ben Young, Brad's guitar tech for The Hunting Party and One More Light eras, was recently interviewed by Ultimate Guitar. The full read is pretty good - check out these highlights: What tour has been the most fun to be a part of so far? "I don't really think of things in superlatives. They all have their up days and down days, and it is a job after all, but the three years I spent with Linkin Park felt special. That band was so big and so loved around the world that I couldn't help but feel like I was a piece of something that was bigger than the sum of its parts, especially i
  17. Undoubtedly the hold up on any sort of DBS demos release is the label. By showing them in a stream on Patreon and talking about them, they can circumvent that. They are releasing a lot of stuff on Patreon that's definitely a "no no" for a public release. Maybe they'll find a way to post a full demo or something in this process. They were vocal about wanting a DBS style box set back when they did the Time Capsule.
  18. Yeah. Jeff Blue's team has been editing the video with Astat, the final edits are being done by this weekend, and the first series clips should be posted starting in a week or less.
  19. Playing devil's advocate - why not? A general assumption (whether right or wrong) among fans is that the sales of Post Traumatic would lead the label to want a single like 'Happy Endings' to do big numbers.
  20. Mike also sat down to do an interview with MYX Malaysia on March 17th. And of course, we have the recap: - Mike mentioned he was excited to eat the food in Manila when he was visiting his most recent time in 2019 since he was familiar with it in LA. He went walking around and tried different restaurants which he loved. - He explains how #ShinodaProduceMe works. All of the artists so far have wanted to release the songs - they don't have to but he does like that they are releasing them. Fans can still send in submissions to Mike since he's still working on new tracks. He'd love
  21. Mike did a quick interview with MIX Malaysia on March 17th, here's the recap! - He explains how 'Happy Endings' came about with UPSAHL. They wrote the song, loved it, and the more other people heard, it they loved it too so it encouraged Mike to release it. He got Iann on the track before wrapping it up to release it. - He isn't planning an album, "but basically, the bigger the song gets, the more likely I am to release an album. If you want me to make an album, then show me you want me to make an album." - 'Happy Endings' was the first major label release affiliated with NF
  22. Hopefully HT 20 sold enough to justify a Meteora 20. It's gotta be their best era for live shows too. And the amount of demos we have never heard, etc.
  23. The demos have a lot edgier/rock sound versus the extremely polished studio versions. Let Down and Walking in Circles are even better in the demo forms. Fire and My Suffering indeed are darker.
  24. Mike has released the official music video for 'Happy Endings'! The video was directed by PIX3LFACE and was filmed on February 24 in Los Angeles.
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