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  1. It seems like if India were to ever happen, it would have happened by now. Right? Or what do you think? LP did Asia in 2011, 2013, had Japan in 2017 coming up, Mike did Asia in 2018, now going back.
  2. Just because Mike is touring doesn't necessarily mean nothing is going on with LP. Since he has been quiet for months and LP has said they are "discussing music", they are very likely demo'ing ideas right now. Because LP is ALWAYS three or more steps ahead of what they reveal publicly. Whatever they say, they are very cautious about it and conservative. It isn't unreasonable to assume LP is working on music, but don't want to say that yet. Much easier to do things in private until the time comes to make a massive announcement. Since 2015, we've seen just how well he can balance both acts. He was on a Linkin Park tour when he dropped Welcome, and played Conan the day after Mexico. In Europe, he fit solo headline shows around the LP shows (which I hope he does in the future, because that was epic). If he pops out to Asia for a week or week and a half, it would not affect LP whatsoever. Like when Chester went to Asia for Dead By Sunrise shows during the ATS sessions; he was stoked to be there and was all like "I can't wait to get back to work on music" etc. As unfortunate as 7/20 was, I think one of the biggest losses from that was going to be Chester and Mike balancing their solo acts with LP pretty much flawlessly. Dead By Sunrise was gearing up for a comeback in fall 2017, and Mike had Fort Minor material prepared and already OK'd by Linkin Park for release that fall (some of which, or maybe all of which, went on to be featured on Post Traumatic). Chester was actively tweeting about all of the stuff he was writing in 2015-2017. Geki made a good comment saying that both of those acts fell to the wayside because Chester and Mike were putting the ideas/music into Linkin Park albums. He's exactly right. And then I think in 2015-2017, they felt that they COULD do their side projects just fine, on their own terms, around LP. STP was obviously too much since they needed constant albums and constant touring instead of sporadic stuff, but DBS and FM/Mike doing solo stuff around LP was most certainly going to happen so their minds must have opened up creatively towards the side projects. Now in terms of what you are saying about the PT era being "over", I think it was indeed over like you said. Mike's speech in Luxembourg really showed the era was over, and the crew even thought so as well. Something changed in the last month or two. It could be demand, as all of the fans wanted the tour to "do another lap around the world". It could be just that Mike wants to "escape from the studio" (which isn't an unfair assumption as he just posted he's IN the studio, he just hasn't mentioned LP stuff yet because rock press would explode) for a little bit. Really not sure. It still says Post Traumatic Tour, which tells us there is not a new Mike project coming out. If there was an album coming at the end of this year from him, he wouldn't brand this the Post Traumatic Tour. All signs are still pointing towards LP.
  3. Well said. With how involved Mercedes is in everything, it would be shocking if there were no China shows... they travel there quite frequently now for Mercedes stuff. Japan had just two festival shows for Post Traumatic, they could definitely take some headlining shows if Mike can fit it in. Same for the UK, though, I mean the Reading/Leeds shows were MASSIVE crowds and Roundhouse sold out instantly. Very shocked he didn't add more UK dates, even after Luxembourg. It's getting to the point where no Australia or New Zealand AGAIN would be really wild. He needs to get there.
  4. Following his teaser with a map focusing in on Southeast Asia, Mike has confirmed three new tour dates in the region! These join his already-announced show in Nagoya, Japan at Wired Music Festival in September. In a big twist, after confirming that the Post Traumatic Tour and era were over, he has announced that the tour will continue. 2019.08.31 - Taipei, Taiwan - New Taipei Metropolitan Park 2019.09.04 - Jakarta, Indonesia - Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran 2019.09.06 - Manila, Philippines - New Frontier Theater 2019.09.08 - Nagoya, Japan - Aichi Sky Expo - Wired Music Festival Mike last visited Manila and Taipei in 2013 when Linkin Park played the Mall of Asia Arena and Taipai Arena, respectively, on the Living Things Tour. And the last show in Jakarta was on the A Thousand Suns Tour way back in 2011. Besides performing in these cities other times with Linkin Park, Mike also performed in Taipei in 2006 when Fort Minor opened for 50 Cent. With possible gaps between shows, it wouldn't surprise us if he added another show or two to this list. These shows come after he kicked off the Post Traumatic Tour worldwide with an Asia tour featuring Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, China, Japan, and Singapore in 2018. Post Traumatic Tour veterans Don Broco will be joining Mike for the first three shows.
  5. That photo is how LP was doing the setlists sometimes. What tour was it, the 2015 one...?, where they did the photos at the bottom like this.
  6. We have a setlist picture, but not that setlist picture, so thanks for that. We don't have a ticket for it but we can ask around from people who went.
  7. If anyone wants to rip it, a link is allowed here by us so go ahead no problem.
  8. Speaking of mentioning the actual cities instead of the small cities, I thought it was interesting Mike says "Bristow" on the 2004 recording instead of "DC". They always usually say the big city it's by, like in Camden they always say Philly, etc.
  9. It's in the project files for the mix. The only ones that aren't circulated are those live tracks which is why we've uploaded them.
  10. Thanks! This is a good start as we try to hunt down the original files. Burn It Down's audio is muted, must have been YouTube that did that.
  11. We put those two tracks up on the LPLive Archive YouTube channel, JZE.
  12. To celebrate the one year anniversary of Post Traumatic, Mike Shinoda has released a rough sketch version of his music video of Crossing A Line which includes the demo version of the song! "Before we shot the actual video for Crossing A Line, I went out to Sunset Blvd late one night and shot a rough version by myself. It uses an unfinished version of the song. I thought I would share it to celebrate 1 year of #PostTraumatic." What do you think?
  13. It has already been one year since Mike Shinoda released his Post Traumatic album, dealing with the loss of Chester and the journey through it. Throughout the past year, Mike has completed a world tour through Asia, Europe, and North America in support of the album and has also issued a deluxe edition of the album with several bonus tracks. To celebrate the release of Post Traumatic, Mike performed an intimate set at the iconic Amoeba Records in Los Angeles. What have been some of your favorite memories from the past year during the Post Traumatic era?
  14. Time really flies... it has now been five full years since Linkin Park's iconic show at Download Festival 2014. The band performed Hybrid Theory for the first and only time ever in full, in order. Despite playing all of the songs at at least one show in Europe 2001, they had never performed it start-to-finish. The Download show was massive, and the Hybrid Theory portion of the show was released as a bonus for preordering The Hunting Party from Linkin Park's website. The band said that they were considering a small club tour for the album, but decided to do it just once at Download instead. Looking back, what do you think about the show?
  15. Berlin 2008 looked like an epic one too. That entire European Tour. I have no idea why they didn't release that tour. They recorded the shows of course. Epic setlists... I hope we get them someday. Remember they came back around and released Australia/NZ 2007 later? They need to do that with Europe summer 2008. I don't think that's a label decision to just say "fuck selling one tour", probably the band's management decided that for some reason.
  16. Yeah the label or even the band's management themselves are the reason for the DSPs going down. We tried everything. Petition, campaign, all of it. Mike was on board with us.
  17. It looks like this source is going to go "extinct" from circulation, meaning we won't be able to find it anywhere. It isn't on LPLive, it isn't on lp-bits, etc. We can gladly put this on the LPLive Archive YouTube channel so it doesn't get lost. The last thing we need is to lose proshot sources. If anyone thinks that might happen with any source, please send us a message and we'll gladly get stuff uploaded to YouTube + host the download here. https://lplive.net/shows/2012/20120912 Source 1a: Video - PROSHOT (MTVLA: MTV World Stage) Time: 47 mins Comments: Uncensored. 'A Place For My Head', 'New Divide', 'Somewhere I Belong', 'Points Of Authority', 'Lies Greed Misery', 'LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent', 'Lost In The Echo', 'What I've Done', 'Burn It Down', 'In The End', 'Bleed It Out' and 'One Step Closer'. Broadcasted October 5th. This broadcast is uncensored and has the Ballad Medley, which we need. Does anyone here have it?
  18. Yeah good point. Could be some band/WBR fuckery. Really sucks.
  19. No it's public. There's some really weird stuff with YouTube going on lately. When we upload a video of a DSP (like we put the whole DSP up), it won't show it. It doesn't give us an error or anything, it just doesn't work. Some YouTube fuckery with music.
  20. Would be really cool if somehow a consistent podcast existed in the LP community. We'd love to feature on one. Definitely not opposed to that in any way. This YouTube video not working is really weird. It says it has views. But when we log out of our account it's unavailable, but there isn't any restriction on it. Not sure what's going on.
  21. I don't have it personally but I know it exists as I've seen it. It was basically like a few minutes of what an LPTV episode of the Summit would look like. And then it cut to the Carson show being put together.
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