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  1. Linkin Park recently went through and updated all of their online streaming platforms with dates for almost all of their live performances. Despite a few errors with dates being flubbed and songs being attributed incorrectly to the wrong show, we seem to have a date for the version of 'Lying From You' that appears on the digital "Meteora (Bonus Edition)". The reason we've never been able to match the show it's from is because it simply is from one of the few shows of the LP Underground 2003 Tour that we don't have a recording for. The band has updated the track to say that it is from February 23, 2003 in Milan, Italy. It looks like LP recorded all of, if not most of, that entire tour since individual songs have been released from five different shows. This is the first performance of the Meteora touring cycle, and was Linkin Park's first show in nearly a year. At this show, they debuted the following tracks from Meteora: 'Session', 'Foreword', 'Don't Stay', 'Somewhere I Belong', 'Lying From You', 'Faint', 'From The Inside', 'Hit The Floor', and 'Easier To Run'. While 'Breaking The Habit' was rehearsed, it was not performed until fall 2003. With all of the updates done to streaming, this was the only track we were unsure of the date for. For a list of all live releases by the band, check out Linkinpedia.
  2. Frank Maddocks, who has been collaborating on art with Linkin Park since Hybrid Theory, is featured in a lengthy, detailed new podcast . The Undercovers Podcast can be found on both iTunes and Spotify and is a recommended listen for any of fan of LP. VP of Creative Services at Warner Bros. Frank says he grew up very interested in art and drew a lot, before going to college for art design. Freelancing after college, he spent time at Warner Bros helping with art before he was offered a job. After describing how he got a job in art, he goes right into his work with Linkin Park. Frank says that he first became involved with Deftones with White Pony, saying that members of Linkin Park noticed that and wanted to work with him before Hybrid Theory came out. From Frank's experience, he said that the label understood that Linkin Park was a very smart band, and the album was very good, coming out at the right time as well. The art department at WBR decided to put a five man team together to make a big presentation to the band based on the words "Hybrid Theory" because at the time, that was actually the name of the band. Mike and Joe brought a lot of references and artwork to the meetings, vibing with Frank from the beginning as it fostered a great working relationship. Frank goes on to talk about mashing up the hard and soft sounds, so they wanted to do that with the artwork too. And that's your preview - Frank talks for 30 minutes or so about Linkin Park, talking all about each album he has worked on, and much more. Funny stories are told about the band's career, like when in Pittsburgh opening for another band touring on the Hybrid Theory album, Mike and other members of the band had to borrow some of Frank's clothes for a pre-show photoshoot. And these photos made it onto the album! Or how Warner Bros didn't want the band to go shoot at the Salton Sea because of how big of a band they were. Definitely check this out!
  3. We are working on those right now. Coming back soon to the site. They had to be completely redone when we upgraded.
  4. What general site improvements would you like to see on LPLive? Some things we are working on: - Logos of the era in the background on each show page (check MS 2019 for an example) - Right hand side menu coming back to the homepage (next 5 shows, last 5 shows, on this date, etc) - Show page galleries returning What else would you like? More themes? More visuals anywhere? Any features we could add?
  5. Upon further analyzing Joe's recent Instagram post with Mike and Rob, fans have noticed that he is wearing a hat with a Linkin Park logo that is new.... or sort of! The logo appears to be the Minutes To Midnight "wings surrounding the LP" logo, with an update... what appears to be five stars, or dots, over the LP. This might represent the five current members of the band, surrounded by the wings (Chester). It is unknown what exactly the hat is for. Linkin Park has been known to make, or have, exclusive merch just for the band in the past. For example, there is a Linkin Park x Blackbear (the collaborator on "Sorry For Now" and "About You") hat that was seen online in 2016~. There is also a Linkin Park Dodgers hat made for the band too. Maybe Joe picked the hat up in Asia as a bootleg hat, maybe Linkin Park just updated their own design and printed some for the band, or maybe they will issue this in the future. We'd definitely love to be able to purchase this hat.
  6. It has been a while since we've done a comprehensive update on what members of Linkin Park have said in regards to a possible future of the band, so we wanted to provide some information on what the band has been saying recently. Yesterday, Mike, Joe, and Rob met up and Joe posted a photo to Instagram saying, "#plotting with @m_shinoda and @robbourdon @linkinpark", but quickly removed the "#plotting" part of the message. However, that edit was only done on Instagram and the cross-post to his Facebook page remained with it intact. Earlier this month, Phoenix talked about the band in a podcast with Riff Magazine. He said that his mindset is to respect the process they are going through right now and wants to ensure that what comes next is an organic choice. He added that he doesn't want to be retired from music at this point in his life, but he also doesn't want to rush to a decision when it comes to Linkin Park's future. He added, “I don’t really know what we’re going to do, and how we’re going to do it. I know I still love music. I know I still love the five guys. The five of us still get together; we still hang out and we still love being around each other.” Last month, Joe Hahn directly addressed Linkin Park in an interview with Yonhap News, saying, "Maybe in about 10 years? (Laughs) It might be sooner. I don't want to set a deadline. We just want to focus on the present and talk about music. We aren't discussing detailed plans. I just want to go back to those days when I made music in the garage." In an interview with Sirius XM's "Volume West" in December, Phoenix elaborated on the current state of the band quite a bit, saying they all want to make music together again, and went on to thank the fanbase: "The five of us, we still love getting a chance to hang out. We hang out quite a bit. I think we will do music again. We all want to. We all still enjoy being together and being around each other. But we have a huge process to figure out what we wanna do and what that's gonna look like. And I don't have a timetable for how long that'll take. I've never been down that road or gone through that process completely, so it's really hard to put a time or a day. In fairness, one of the things that I think has been ridiculously cool about Linkin Park fans and our fanbase is how supportive they've been of us in that process. Social media, notoriously, can be a really negative place, and it is, like, 99.9 percent positive, what I see, from our fans just saying, 'We're here. We want to hear what you guys are doing. We want to be involved, but we get it. We want you guys also to be healthy and happy, and do what's right for you as well.' And we hear that message — we receive that, we get that from that community and from that fanbase — and it's really, really something that is special, and I can't say 'thank you' enough for that." On the Post Traumatic World Tour in interviews, Mike reiterated the same message - they don't have answers for the future at this time, but they continue to see each other and hang out. Lastly, in January 2018, Mike mentioned the potential for a future of the band by responding to a fan on Twitter saying, "I have every intention on continuing with LP, and the guys feel the same. We have a lot of rebuilding to do, and questions to answer, so it’ll take time." Only time will tell and we wish the band all the luck in the world in their journey to figure out their future. It's always a good sign when they post photos together, and with them already discussing publicly in 2019 that they'd like to continue making music together and talk about music, the future appears to be bright for them. While we'd all love to see Linkin Park return, we deeply respect this process and the amount of time it takes to collectively progress.
  7. While the Post Traumatic Tour and era has come to an end, this doesn't mean Mike is wrapping up performing live any time soon! Announcing the first date of fall 2019, Mike will return to Japan for the Wired Music Festival in Nagoya, Japan on September 8, 2019. The show is held at the Aichi Sky Expo and Mike will join already-announced artist Wiz Khalifa that day. With Linkin Park, Mike has performed in Nagoya twice - the first time on May 16, 2001 and the second on November 26, 2007 on the Minutes To Midnight World Tour. His most recent trip to Japan came on the first leg of the worldwide Post Traumatic Tour in 2018 as he performed at Summer Sonic Osaka and Tokyo, the first two announced shows of the Post Traumatic era. It is unknown if these will be random shows or if they will be in support of any potential new music.
  8. Sopron has What I've Done listed on the show page. Can someone post the final version we all came up with of the tracks being from which date, etc?
  9. In a February 2019 interview to Rock Sound, Taka from One Ok Rock revealed he had started working with Mike and Steve Aoki on new music following their 2018 performance at Summer Sonic. Today, May 22nd, Steve Aoki posted several pictures of himself and Mike working together at Aoki's Playhouse, his residency in Las Vegas. Aoki is currently working on his album "Neon Future IV" and captioned his photo with Mike, "Neon Future Cave Sessions ft Mike Shinoda." This comes months after Mike has publicly said several times that he's been working on a lot of collaborations with other artists behind the scenes, including grandson and K.Flay... but he indicated he is producing a good bit of that music. We all are familiar with Steve Aoki, of course, from the collaborations "A Light That Never Comes" and "Darker Than Blood", along with his beautiful remix in tribute of Chester. Steve has been performing his remix live since mid-2017, and joined Linkin Park at their Hollywood Bowl performance that October. Stay tuned as we should see collaborations with Mike released all throughout 2019 since these other artists are preparing to finish their albums and release them.
  10. Talinda Bennington, who has stepped into a major role in the online discussion about mental health and has taken an active role in providing technological assistance and aid to those who need help, is featured on a new podcast episode of "Life After Suicide", a podcast by Dr. Jennifer Ashton. "Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC News' Chief Medical Correspondent, draws from her own tragic experience to explore the aftermath of suicide and sudden loss, and, like her new book "Life After Suicide," the podcast is a roadmap to survival, offering inspiring insight on how to regain balance and get back to life. She speaks with people living with loss who have moved through guilt, anger and hopelessness to a new normal as well as with survivors and specialists in medicine, faith and more on how to heal from any type of traumatic experience." The description for this episode reads, "Talinda Bennington is the wife of the late rock singer Chester Bennington. Chester was the lead singer of the massively successful rock band Linkin Park, before he took his own life on July 20, 2017. Talinda speaks to Dr. Jen Ashton about the shock of his death, and how she channeled her pain into something to help others. She is the co-founder of 320 Changes Direction, an initiative to change the culture surrounding mental health. In his life, Chester touched the lives of millions of fans-- with his death Talinda hopes to do the same. " In this episode, Talinda goes very in-depth about her journey with Chester, especially in 2016 and 2017. She details how he was doing better than ever, in her eyes, in 2017 and was improving from his battle with addiction. She tells the story of how she stayed by his side and worked hard with him to overcome what he was fighting against. Then, the conversation shifts to how her life changed on July 20th, how the Linkin Park fan community rallied to support her and other fans, and how Linkin Park themselves (with their families) showed up to her house to provide her with support and even slept on air mattresses in her bedroom with her and her friends in the following days. This is a highly recommended listen as fans will get a much deeper understanding of what was going on with Chester, but most importantly as Talinda says, how he never meant to hurt anyone. We applaud Talinda for bravely going in front of a big audience and telling her story, but also for helping so many thousands of fans across the world recover from Chester's untimely passing.
  11. Joe Hahn has just wrapped up his recent "Carry On" photo exhibition in China. Throughout the course of a few weeks at the end of April through mid-May, he held showings in Chengdu, Beijing, and Shanghai at local Mercedes me Stores. The photos, taken by Joe, are from Linkin Park's "One More Light" world tour in 2017, their last tour with Chester. The pamphlet given to fans who made it out to see the photos says, "Carry On has a few meanings. As a traveler, it is the luggage that contains essential items, such as a camera. In another sense, it is a term used when moving past a difficult moment in life. This exhibition is a collection of photos that Joe Hahn has taken since March 2017 throughout the remainder of Linkin Park's tour that year. The photos reminisce on key moments captured through Joe Hahn's lens of life during those days." Fans were able to take photos with Joe and get items signed by him at the opening of the exhibit in each city. They were also given event-exclusive items as a thank you for coming out. Finally, Joe says that "the Mainland China part of the tour has come to an end." On Instagram, there is chatter of perhaps some German showings that are being planned. Stay tuned!
  12. How.... in the hell.... could this happen? WTF.
  13. Sounds like Chester on the last two lines of the song. The song wasn't recorded recently, it's from several years ago.
  14. Doubt we hear anything from LP. Must be quite disappointing, if you are the band, to have a track with CB on it leak like this when there is only a limited amount of recordings with him on them remaining. Don't post links to the song here, or elsewhere... they are taking down links everywhere. Feel free to discuss it, if you want.
  15. From our friends at LinkinPark:BR : Joe has given a lengthy interview with Yonhap News. He discusses Linkin Park, Korea, and a lot of other topics. The full interview can be read here. - Going back to the topic of Linkin Park, I'm sure it's really hard, but you can tell me how you felt finding out about Chester? "He was our best friend. I miss him. The members are taking care of themselves and their families and are going through the problems in their own way. And… Now the band has started talking about making new music together." - Will Linkin Park come back? "Maybe in about 10 years? (Laughs) It might be sooner. I don't want to set a deadline. We just want to focus on the present and talk about music. We aren't discussing detailed plans. I just want to go back to those days when I made music in the garage." - If you do end up making new music, who would fill in for Chester's vocals? Are you considering taking an external recruit or one of the other members? "All possibilities are open." - I was told that you're preparing a photo exhibition for Linkin Park. "That's right. On our last tour, I took the camera and took pictures of the members. When I was performing, I took a pictures of all the guys. Sort of like a time capsule. It will open in Beijing, China and Shanghai, three cities from the 27th April to the 3rd of May. I would like to exhibit in Korea, but I haven't found a proper place yet."
  16. Actually I do have that somewhere, let me look around.
  17. He's gone man. Hasn't been here since July 2017.
  18. We likely need to post a folder with a download for all of the live MTM bonus tracks, from all of these different sessions. I think we may even have something wrong on a show page about one of these releases. It's hard to keep track of it all. martinez any help you can give would be appreciated, haha
  19. They edit a lot of the demos. Remove vocals, change structure, etc. Just how it is.
  20. Linkin Park's first single from Minutes to Midnight just turned 12 years old on April 2, 2019. The song went on to become one of their biggest singles in their career. Ironically, it was the last song written for Minutes to Midnight after the rest of the album was finished when they needed a strong first single to push MTM. What I've Done marked the beginning of LP changing their sound and evolving, from the rap/rock style of Hybrid Theory and Meteora to the diverse musical genres they explored in the following albums. Joe directed the music video, which was shot at El Mirage in the Mojave Desert. Mike: "We filmed the video for What I've Done e in El Mirage because the desert scene related the lyrics and because it fit in with the themes of the video (the stock footage)." Brad: "There are definitely elements to the record that you can identify as Linkin Park, probably the best of which would be our first single, ‘What I’ve Done.’ It’s really in a sense a bridge from where we were to kind of where this record wound up. But each one of the songs that made the album was recorded in a totally different environment, has a totally unique sound, and beyond just the style of the songs we really focused through and through on the content of this record—the lyrics, the melodies. We didn’t work on the style of many of the songs in terms of the arrangements or polishing the context until we knew that the basic ideas in each case were really, really strong." Where were you when you first heard the song in 2007? What were your first thoughts of the track? Is What I've Done the song that got you into Linkin Park?
  21. Lift Off was a song created in 2017, in Berlin with Machine Gun Kelly during the Linkin Park tour, and was intended to be a Fort Minor song released later in 2017. Mike had Linkin Park's blessings to do this and I suspect I.O.U., etc were a part of this as well (some of the "fun" songs on Post Traumatic). Then he re-wrote the Lift Off lyrics and included it on Post Traumatic. When performing it live, he raps the demo lyrics from 2017. Does anyone have a good guess at the lyrics? "no, it’s not what I want but it had to be lames ________ like I'm draining their battery I put you in retirement, imagine you're mad at me the space shuttle Challengers get turned into tragedies rock and _____ rhyming yes, heavily tested mess with 'Em (less?), yes I hope you invested I don’t drop mics, only let it smoke where I set it and I don’t play, even when they press it, get it?"
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