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  1. this remix has really weeded out the boomers of this forum
  2. I feel like the only shot we have at hearing any of this stuff is like... an HT50 release. I wouldn't hold my breath on this one, though this is truly some amazing information. Then again... the tapes exist. Maybe all we need to do is some sleuthing 👀
  3. this is random but this picture genuinely looks like it could've been taken in my backyard. the curve of the hill and the fence match perfectly LOL
  4. Wow this is gonna be awesome. Shinoda, Purity Ring, DJ Shadow, Robert Smith, Phantogram, Squarepusher... lots of great names involved.
  5. these are both some pretty mid covers. Instrumental on OSC is pretty cool but grandson coulda done a lot better with the vocals. The ITE cover sounds like a YouTube cover, not a huge fan about how he delivered those verses either. Both artists definitely coulda been better on covers of different songs but it's pretty obvious why these two songs were chosen. If you guys thought these covers were bad, check out this disaster we found while trying to figure out what these covers were: https://open.spotify.com/album/7nPTvmqTpOLOikmsrWxSmE?si=K8xqPyKRQCOF9Nl2qHpUIQ I actually laughed out loud at By Myself lmao
  6. Huge post. It's been years since I've really sat down and listened to most of these demos, and of course hearing these new demos really put everything into perspective. Looking through the picture book was a really interesting experience; I am around the same age now as they were when they were forming Xero and recording these demos, and I have much the same aspirations as them. It was a very unique feeling looking and listening into the past. 2020 is my 20th anniversary too so at least for me, the intrinsic quality of the songs isn't as important as the history they hold. Stick N' Move does go kinda off tho
  7. I was about to say lol. Funny how you think they were going to do a live Q&A when: a) Mike did them for months before STOPPING them bc people asked so many insensitive/stupid questions b) Even during the pandemic we managed to get FOUR of em together, the task of getting them together for a Q&A in one place at one time I’m sure takes a lot scheduling. They didn’t HAVE to do this, especially since the DVD pretty much comes out the same day. though i have to say “soy cuck move” is a new favorite line
  8. Well if they did anything else for us to discuss we wouldn't be here lol. You don't have to reply to every post bro, if there's a discussion you don't wanna be a part of, just move on
  9. this might be the best comment of the forums of 2020
  10. Ohhhh I see now my bad. Missed the key "instrumentals" part
  11. Unfortunately I cannot support people who beat their wives, however I'm glad to see Joe getting some music work done. I wonder if his new found celebrity in Korea the last few years will open him up to more stuff like this in the future. Can't go wrong with some more Mr. Hahn remixes!
  12. I don't think anyone was calling the FANS of the album douchebags... not to say there wasn't heat in the shoutbox for awhile but a lot of it WAS (and I think, rightfully so) directed towards Sean/the rest of Grey Daze. That being said, hopefully that's all gone the second time around. Wouldn't want to have to go hard moderating the shoutbox because of petty opinion arguments again. Still haven't listened to Amends - don't know if I will - but I certainly hope this record goes a lot smoother... and they don't come at us with like 10 different versions again lol. Nowadays it's really important how an artist presents themselves and conducts themselves online and these guys really fucked that up. No matter what someone's opinion of your record or song is, outright calling them a piece of shit on a public forum/social media simply is not a good look. At the end of the day, I just hope they stop sending me Grey Daze ambassador emails lol. I never asked to be one, but here I am, with my LPLive email filled to the brim with teaser announcements, teasers, announcements of said teaser announcements, etc. Just do better, guys.
  13. Wait... so are we listing the pitch-shifted vocals as a mistake on OML because they weren't on a promo instrumental for SFN? Or am I missing a key part of the argument? Surely VOCALS being muted on an instrumental (effected or not) checks out? It isn't so hard to believe that they considered whatever track those were on in the project as vocals and just muted em. Going by what other bands have done for other songs doesn't really make sense, since not all songs are built the same way. Maybe I'm just rehashing what you guys are saying but I think I'm lost lol
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