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  1. I actually laughed out loud during the first verse. This is the cheesiest one yet! I don't hate it. Though I wish I could only listen to the bridge and NOT the rest of the song from this point forward
  2. I will never forget these texts "HOLY FUCK A NEW SONG??" "Wait nevermind I think this is what Darker Than Blood is"
  3. Just so everyone's aware... this isn't an April Fool's joke! I thought the same when I saw the news LOL
  4. Been awhile since I tackled one of these... here's a LP return set. 1. The Requiem 2. Wretches and Kings 3. When They Come For Me 4. Numb (Instrumental) 5. Nobody Can Save Me 6. Sorry For Now (Ext. Bridge w/ Drum Solo and/or Verse) OR Invisible (Ext. Bridge w/ Drum Solo and/or Verse) 7. Until It Breaks (Through Chester's Verse, Transition Into...) 8. Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro w/ Until It Breaks, Sing-a-long Outro) 9. Castle Of Glass (Experience Version) 10. Waiting For Tomorrow OR A Light That Never Comes 11. Roads Untraveled 12. The Catalyst 13. Watching As I Fall OR Make It Up As I Go 14. Rebellion 15. Papercut (Full Song; MS Tour Version w/ Vocoder) 16. In The End (Crowd Version) ------------------------------- 17. Cure For The Itch (2021? Remix Version) 18. One Step Closer / Lying From You / Crawling / QWERTY (Instrumental Medley) 19. Lead Single 20. Running From My Shadow 21. Bleed It Out (Ext. Bridge w/ A Place For My Head, Ext. Ending w/ The Messenger) For some of the heavier or challenging-to-sing songs like Faint or WFTE, I'd imagine Mike would sing it in any way he feels most comfortable and rely on the crowd to help him out like in ITE on the Post Traumatic Tour. Knowing LP I'm sure there'll be some creative ways of doing the heavier stuff through medleys or jams (I kinda just slammed a bunch of them together, for the encore, I'm sure if they just jammed the riffs and choruses it'd be a big hit, through in a little QWERTY riff for flair, and it'll be a done deal).
  5. All it takes to bring the nu-metal heads out from the shadows is one Steve Aoki song...
  6. The boys in Linkin Park certainly know how to tide us over during these trying times in quarantine. Today, we have even more new music coming out! Steve Aoki will share a new song called 'Last One To Know' today at 2:00pm PST featuring both Mike Shinoda and Lights! The song will feature on Aoki's new album, Neon Future IV. The song will be released on April 3. This will be Mike's third collaboration with Aoki, the first being 2013's 'A Light That Never Comes' from RECHARGED, and 2015's 'Darker Than Blood,' which featured on Aoki's album, Neon Future II. Aoki has been pretty deeply connected to the band since 2013, even creating a mashup ('Darker Than The Light That Never Bleeds') and remixing 'One More Light' in honor of Chester. Who's excited for the new song? We'll update this post with the song once it is releasedd.
  7. Crazy how time flies... I remember back when it felt like time would never move again, but here we are. Happy birthday Chester! Hope you're rocking out with the rest of us today.
  8. Mike's been busy creating some new demos in his home studio, sharing progress along the way on Instagram live streams, and today he's shared even more! Mike has uploaded the stems to 'Open Door,' as well as the instrumental, in addition to the 'CoronaVirus Jam' demo he worked on yesterday and this morning. Additionally, you can watch the today's livestream where the song was created on our channel, as well. The 'Open Door' stems (and the rest of these tracks) can be downloaded from this link - are you going to try and give mixing or remixing the song a go? Share your progress with us!
  9. I mean given how long he's been in the game and how short these clips are (and seemingly pretty much a couple of loops on repeat) I wouldn't doubt he could have done these mixes in like 10 minutes
  10. much love my brother. it’s all in the past, I know I’ve wronged ya too. Here’s to a new age!
  11. I’ve kinda stayed out of this one because I wasn’t really sure what to think about it and, if I’m entirely honest, I didn’t really care much about this project. But at this point it’s pretty clear and evident what the case is and I cannot believe how much of a shitshow this is. Not only does the music production kinda suck, every aspect of this project has turned to rot. I believe this project started with the intention of honoring Chester in the right way, but ultimately it’s become something that leaves a stain on his legacy. There’s so much to look at, from stealing photos to blocking fans on Twitter. Get over yourselves. The LP feature thing is absolutely ridiculous. Are they taking us for morons? If you’re trying to get people on a project meant the memorialize the work you’ve made with a brother, why go to artists who a) meant nothing more to Chester than “I like some of their songs” and b) who are looking for a chance to redeem themselves for the acid they spewed in the past. I don’t think I’ll ever listen to this album. I simply don’t care and don’t want to give them my attention or care for any amount of time anymore.
  12. Yeah, some shows (especially in Asia) are harder to cover than others, especially factoring in time zones and such. We're still figuring it out but here's what we believe the set is so far: 1. Introduction 2. Petrified xx. In Stereo xx. Castle of Glass xx. World's On Fire xx. Iridescent xx. WFTE/WYG xx. In The End xx. Numb xx. About You xx. Over Again xx. Papercut xx. It's Goin' Down/Step Up xx. Good Goodbye/Bleed It Out xx. Running From My Shadow
  13. After a long, incredible year and a half journey, the Post Traumatic Tour comes to an end. Mike performs his final show of the tour in at the Wired Music Festival in Nagoya, Japan. Mike's last show in Manila featured what was perhaps the best setlist we've ever seen. Mike made it a challenge to include every album in his set. And he went above and beyond - not only including the main albums, but the remix albums, too. 'Keys To The Kingdom' made its live debut when Mike rapped the second verse of it over the extended bridge of 'Sorry For Now,' after he rapped verse one of 'Second To None' for the first time in twelve years. Verse 2 of 'Enth E Nd' was performed during 'In The End,' making it the first time since 2006 that the song had been performed. 'Numb/Encore' was featured as an intro to 'Numb,' striking the mark for Collision Course - Mike really went all out! 'Lift Off' featured 'High Voltage' and Mike's verse from the 'Skin To Bone' remix from Recharged, making it the first time since 2015 that the verse appeared. Things didn't let up in the encore, as Mike debuted a mashup of 'It's Goin' Down' and 'Step Up.' Now THAT'S a crazy show. Check out this pretty complete recording of the Manila show! As this show will be a festival set, we can expect it to be played pretty safe. Singles from Post Traumatic and classic live staples are sure to show up, and it'll be a little shorter set than usual. Mike plays a 75 minute set after King Gnu and is followed by headliner Wiz Khalifa. Is anyone going to the show? As this is the final Post Traumatic Tour show (for now), we don't know what comes next! But we'll catch ya back here when we do. The animated music video for 'World's On Fire' was just released, so be sure to check it out! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the latest news on Mike and Linkin Park.
  14. From the comments: "Sorry the clips are not in order. I ran out of storage during the concert. switching back and fort to 2 storage. lol i cannot recall the order tbh. didn't bother to check the setlist too" so I'll just assume Mike actually went by the setlist order. As for WJL at Jakarta, I'll add it to the show page.
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