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  1. This is fuckin dope. Love how dramatic and almost cinematic it is. Thise brassy synths make this shit EXPLODE. And that synth in between the chorus and verses, goddamn. grandson is kinda my hair inspiration lately so i guess i gotta support the man. This shit goes hard.
  2. RogueSoul

    July 20th

    As much of a nice sentiment as this is, I think a lot of people's lives were changed on this day as a result of what happened. At least for me, today stands for a sort of... look how far we've come. We've carried on living, at times for better or worse, after this dark day happened. It's sad to reflect on what could have been but at the same time, these are the hands we're dealt. If we're going to do anything today, it should be a celebration of Chester's life and legacy instead of another day of mourning. Because we're all still here being watched over by him wherever he is, and I think Chester would like us to smile today and appreciate what we do have and the gifts he gave us. Hope everyone is doing okay today. And if you're not, that's okay too. Take every day one step at a time, especially in these times. Feel free to reach out if you need anything
  3. Something tells me that he might not have any recollection of the Soundcheck Sessions release even coming out lol
  4. This. I doubt any of these will get used as anything more than a beat to rap over (like the Funky Rebel Break thing from FM 2015) or maybe as an intro to another song. ALTNC w/ Booty Down intro to open the encore
  5. Like Justin said I'm sure there's a line he draws somewhere. After all, there's no way he could've rehearsed all those LP songs for the PT Tour without at least referencing Chester at times. The lyrical content/aesthetic of Grey Daze is pretty dark and depressing so for Mike I'm not surprised that some of this stuff probably doesn't sit right with him. At least with the Hybrid Theory songs it's like... those are as much his works as they were Chester's, even more so considering some of them are songs he worked before Chester joined the band. He had a say in how those came out versus with GD/Amends, it's something that includes Chester that came out unrelated to Mike's world. And we still don't really know to what extent the HT songs are being worked on really. Mike may not even be in charge of mixing/mastering - he could just be listening to the latest masters or mix and sending notes back to an engineer doing them. We'll have to wait and see, really I'm sure Mike is aware of the drama with GD as well and wanted to draw attention away from the subject while still giving some sort of answer.
  6. This is... alright. Not a huge fan of all the voices on the track but I'm sure for Mike it's a cool experience to be able to share and actually work on this song with some fans in a special way. The second verse goes fuckin hard but other than that I don't see myself really coming back to this one. Can totally see that verse coming up on like a POA intro/SFN bridge verse.
  7. Sorry For Now, zweir.z, AND Jake Gyllenhaal? this one really can't go wrong
  8. ReLinkin-g, coming soon
  9. “Those suckers on the Deep Web aren’t paying me enough... the only other option are those fan site fucks. I KNOW they’re are loaded and gullible!”
  10. this is some fantastic stuff right here.
  11. From personal experience, I think there's an extra delay from delivering the tracks to stores and them going up due to the coronavirus. Of course I'm nowhere near as important or have the resources Mike has so I'm sure his process is different, but I sent an EP to stores on April 20 and it took over a week to go up everywhere, as opposed to a few days. With the added task of preparing these songs, I'm sure there will be delays on that too (getting the copyright, etc. as you said) so it will take a few weeks. But if he's working on it now then that means it will be sooner rather than later!
  12. When they speak they don't really have an accent per se... every state has like an "accent" (everyone knows the goddamn New Jersey accent) but it's really just a small group people within each state who actually speak like that. They sorta just speak like normal white guys lol For what it's worth, when he raps Mike really goes for like... a big Compton tough-guy
  13. This is what JZE hears when he's complaining about chipmunks
  14. Crazy that it's been three years already. For me, what really makes an album special is the memories that come with it. I think I can say with certainty that I may have the most memories attached to One More Light than most of my other favorite records. For better and for worse, this record was filled with tragedy, but by the same measure it was also filled with relief. Music has always been my therapy, and this record unlike many others didn't try to hide its pain behind strange metaphors or walls of sound. Every song is a recollection of some painful memory, in which by performing you can feel the band accept that these emotions are a part of them, and instead of reveling in the pain of having experienced them, we should celebrate the fact, because in the end, it makes us who we are. OML has been my 2nd favorite LP record since it came out, and I don't really see that changing any time soon (I guess it all depends on what comes next). But I can say without a doubt that the songs on One More Light really showed me the power of music and the genius of Linkin Park. Be it a forward pop song about life bringing you down at every turn or a heartfelt ballad for lost friends and family, LP wrote these words from the heart, just like they did any record. It may not be for everyone, but I think this record was certainly for me. Lord knows where I would've ended up after 2017 had I not had some of these songs to confide in. Thank you One More Light, and thank you Linkin Park for not being afraid to be vulnerable. Time to blast Sorry For Now in their honor!
  15. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the world’s kinda on lockdown rn. Pretty sure if anyone’s got anything right now, it’s time to do stuff. i mean, surely YOU had something better to do than type that first useless, unproductive comment. Though i’m pretty sure someone would’ve done it anyway. because we’re a community of people who love to analyze every single detail. sorry if that displeases you 🤓
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