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  1. xxHybridXeroxx

    ATS vs OML Backlash

    Me too. It was a "grower" kinda like ATS
  2. xxHybridXeroxx

    Record Store Day 2019: Transformers Vinyls w/ Linkin Park

    Might have to snag this...
  3. xxHybridXeroxx

    We Are Back!

    Missed you guys sooooo much! I'm practically addicted to this site, so it was very hard not being able to check the forums.
  4. xxHybridXeroxx

    Can't reply in the Newswire

    Yes, I have the same issue
  5. xxHybridXeroxx

    ATS vs OML Backlash

    I wasn't around for the ATS backlash, but I remember the backlash for 'Heavy' being vicious. Chester even said right before they played the song at the Buenos Aires show, that it was "The most controversial song we've written"
  6. xxHybridXeroxx

    The 5 levels of Soldiers

    Me in a nutshell... I also want to add I dream of uncirculated live recordings as well as pictureboard
  7. xxHybridXeroxx

    Introducing the LPLive Archive

    AMAZING!!! Will there be future updates? This is great to have everything in one place.
  8. xxHybridXeroxx

    "Looking for an Answer" (Brand New Song)

    Mike even said he won't play BTH. I think it very well could be a one time 'special' song, maybe there will be a studio release on an LPU CD like QWERTY had? I could honestly see it getting the QWERTY treatment
  9. xxHybridXeroxx

    Review: "Cross Off" - Mark Morton featuring Chester

    HOLY SHIT. This song is SICK!!! I'm so happy that it was greenlit for release.
  10. xxHybridXeroxx

    "Make It Up As I Go" Fan Footage Video

    Pretty cool that LPLive got to release the fan footage video in coordination with Mike.
  11. xxHybridXeroxx

    Review: Mike Shinoda's New PT Vinyl Tracks

    Agreed. Mike doing this has helped me so much, and dare I say, has kept me alive on some extremely rough days this past year. I appreciate him a lot for it.
  12. xxHybridXeroxx

    Review: Mike Shinoda's New PT Vinyl Tracks

    I agree, The touring cycle was awesome! Although it needed more dates in 2013
  13. xxHybridXeroxx

    Review: Mike Shinoda's New PT Vinyl Tracks

    Neither was I, Least Favorite? Yes, Is it still an album I like? Absolutely
  14. xxHybridXeroxx

    Review: Mike Shinoda's New PT Vinyl Tracks

    I agree 100% that's why THP is probably my least favorite album, The only song that seemed really personal was Final Masquerade.
  15. xxHybridXeroxx

    Review: Mike Shinoda's New PT Vinyl Tracks

    Damn, Prove You Wrong!!! SO GOOD!!!