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  1. Hey man. How are you? i hope so! can you please, re-up the link from the 1994 grey daze mp3?

    cheers from Brazil!

    Thank you!

  2. One of the things LPLive has gotten me into is collecting live recordings. I've always appreciated this site for releasing cool stuff. In light of recent circumstances I, xxHybridXeroxx am proud to present the other (previously uncirculated) source of Stone Temple Pilots' Saitama 2013 show! I bought this on a Japanese auction site a little over a year ago, and have kept it to myself and a few friends until now! I know TripKore released the other source, but I figured now would be a good time with 75% of the world locked down and Chester's birthday. The quality is (like all Japanese bootlegs) absolutely amazing, and I believe this source is a little longer than the Metal Hammer source. Enjoy you guys, and stay safe out there! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bKiyJZqMUdWqP5tHyWisCYWF3CkSHHpG?usp=sharing
  3. LOVE IT!!! Catchy, and the rap verses are absolute fire; I needed this, especially when all i've seen everywhere is Coronavirus. LMAO the album name when you download the song is "the coronavirus session 3.17.20"
  4. Same here. It’s really messed up. The last thing they need to do is create more division in the fan base. I do like how Mike and the Rest of LP has stayed silent through the mudslinging. They know what the real truth is.
  5. Holy shit!!! Thank you Felipe and Carl!!! WOW
  6. Sounds absolutely epic bro!!! Thank you!!! Those are some awesome shows!
  7. well I DEFINITELY had fun doing that lol
  8. LOL you said ultimate. so I did everything LP I could think of lol. took me 20 minutes to type
  9. I'm going to go overkill and not only list my favorite songs but my favorite albums and touring cycles as well as my favorite tours within those cycles as well as my top 10 shows. Favorite Songs: 01. What I've Done 02. Breaking The Habit 03. Nobody Can Save Me 04. Papercut 05. The Catalyst 06. Roads Untraveled 07. Wastelands 08. Given Up 09. From The Inside 10. Waiting For The End / Burning In The Skies / Talking To Myself (TIE) Favorite Albums: 01. A Thousand Suns 02. Minutes To Midnight 03. One More Light 04. Meteora 05. Hybrid Theory 06. Living Things (Used to be my least favorite, but Mike's tour gave me more respect for the songs, such as Roads Untraveled, Until It Breaks, and Castle Of Glass) 07. The Hunting Party (Even though it's my least favorite, it's still not a BAD album, I just like the other ones more) As you can probably tell, I'm a fan of LP's experimental side. Meteora is better than Hybrid Theory IMO. Favorite Touring Cycles: 01. Meteora era (2003-2006) 02. Hybrid Theory era (2000-2002) 03. Minutes To Midnight era (2007-2009) 04. A Thousand Suns era (2010-2011) 05. One More Light era (2017) 06. Living Things era (2012-2013) 07. The Hunting Party era (2014-2015) Favorite tours: 01. Projekt Revolution 2004 02. Summer Sanitarium 2003 03. Ozzfest 2001 04. Projekt Revolution 2007 05. US To Europe Tour 06. One More Light European Tour 07. Minutes To Midnight European Tour 2007 08. Minutes To Midnight European Tour 2008 09. A Thousand Suns European Tour 2010 10. Projekt Revolution 2002 Favorite Shows: 01. 2004/08/10 Bristow, VA, Projekt Revolution 2004 02. 2001/06/02 Nurnberg, GER, Rock Im Park 2001 Night Show 03. 2017/07/04 London, ENG, One More Night In London 04. 2007/06/01 Adenau, GER, Rock Am Ring 2007 05. 2013/08/10 Chiba, JP, Summer Sonic 2013 06. 2003/08/09 Los Angeles, CA, Summer Sanitarium 2003 07. 2003/08/10 San Francisco, CA, Summer Sanitarium 2003 08. 2008/06/27 Berlin, GER, Projekt Revolution Europe 2008 09. 2012/08/17 Camden, NJ, Honda Civic Tour 2012 10. 2014/08/12 Charlotte, NC, Carnivores Tour (my first show so I'm biased lol)
  10. Thanks so much for the upload! Excellent Performance. Makes me wonder what else LP has in their vault.
  11. Epic find Felipe!!! You really do live up to your profile title (Sherlock Holmes)
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