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  1. Epic find Felipe!!! You really do live up to your profile title (Sherlock Holmes)
  2. Amazing that we found the set all these years later! Thank you Felipe!
  3. Yeah it is, seems like you worked very hard on it... I wouldn’t have the patience to find everything! Lol
  4. Dude. This is awesome! I love how you put the quotes about each song. The one for WFTE is what Mike said at the Vienna show last year.
  5. This is epic! There are so many great shows on here. Including ones I’ve never heard before.
  6. Does anyone have the rip I uploaded? I accidentally deleted it, and since the video is unavailable I can't rerip it
  7. I made an audio rip... I DID edit and split it. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1pJyVwAHV5pYZl5wXE7OgYDGhB_EL_cA2?usp=sharing Also, this is an AMAZING show, band was on absolute fire the last 6 shows of the tour... Damn.
  8. Oh man, has it really been a year? Such an amazing album, every song has helped me in one way or another, and I definitely am in a better place because of the album and tour. This album probably has as much influence on my life as Hybrid Theory, if not more. Because of this album, I was able to heal from Chester’s passing, and it also got me through my health issues that plagued me from November of last year to April of this year. I also during the tour got to meet some LPLive members, (including Mark) and finally got to tell Mike Shinoda thank you for everything. Overall, if it weren’t for this album, I’d still be in the very dark place I was in before it dropped.
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