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  1. WOW!!!!!! What an unexpected surprise! The fact that it’s an IEM too!!!
  2. Sounds like Mike to me, but not 100% sure either. We need confirmation!
  3. Yes. he definitely did. Even on his off days, which let's face it every singer (hell, every person) has, he still sounded good. whoever they pick (if they decide to go that route) has big shoes to fill. I think there are good singers that can. The problem is replicating his range.
  4. This! I agree 100% and that’s the same reason why I listen to all live as well. I also agree with Legend. But I know if mike is going to try and find a new singer he’ll do it with grace. Like he said “I don’t ever want to feel like we’re replacing Chester”. Regardless of what happens he’ll do what’s best for both the band and the fans
  5. The tour went by so fast... I enjoyed following it the past year. Sucks that the future is unknown now...
  6. Me too. It was a "grower" kinda like ATS
  7. Missed you guys sooooo much! I'm practically addicted to this site, so it was very hard not being able to check the forums.
  8. I wasn't around for the ATS backlash, but I remember the backlash for 'Heavy' being vicious. Chester even said right before they played the song at the Buenos Aires show, that it was "The most controversial song we've written"
  9. Me in a nutshell... I also want to add I dream of uncirculated live recordings as well as pictureboard
  10. AMAZING!!! Will there be future updates? This is great to have everything in one place.
  11. Mike even said he won't play BTH. I think it very well could be a one time 'special' song, maybe there will be a studio release on an LPU CD like QWERTY had? I could honestly see it getting the QWERTY treatment
  12. HOLY SHIT. This song is SICK!!! I'm so happy that it was greenlit for release.
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