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  1. This is epic!!! Anything from the old days that surfaces is much appreciated
  2. Over 7,000 days and almost 20 years later... holy fuck. Unbelievable. Thank you so much Felipe!!!
  3. Matt Harris. Backing guitarist and vocalist on Mike’s Post Traumatic tour
  4. Wow!!! Yeah, I (much like everyone else) would love to hear your story!
  5. Carousel and Step Up originate from the Xero era? That’s a very interesting tidbit of information...
  6. It is bullshit. Guy’s in over his head. He upped the price after Chester passed, you’re right, I think he wants $50K. Which makes the tapes impossible to obtain, unless one of us here at LPLive wins the lottery... really sad. I’d love to see it.
  7. I like the Xero era a lot too. I wish we’d get some live footage from that era, that would be epic. Would be so interesting to see what the sets look like. I don’t think Mark Wakefield is as terrible as everyone makes him out to be either. He’s no Chester obviously, but then again 99% of singers aren’t Chester. I consider Mark a average singer. He’s not terrible IMO.
  8. I like the idea of this thread! Download 04 would be a good one. In my mind the holy grail from that era would be a full PR04 show. Also something from PR03 as we only have 3 incomplete sources from that tour. Maybe Reading 03? There’s a lot of legendary tours from the Meteora cycle, so it would be harder to choose for that then Hybrid Theory. You also have the Japan 2006 shows, Live 8, MFR 05. So much.
  9. He was part of the band’s history too... awful singer or not. I don’t think 3 songs is a lot. I’m personally looking forward to hearing Esaul with his vocals. I’m wondering if Mike’s verses are the same as the LPU11 demo or different.
  10. I got the whole $200 box set. So pumped! I wonder which Projekt Revolution 2002 show is on the DVD
  11. 🤯🤯🤯 Seriously, this is the best promo cycle for an LP release I’ve seen. Leave it to LP to singlehandedly save 2020 for me. LOL
  12. I still can’t watch it either. Mike’s shows I can relisten to. HB I can’t
  13. Hell, there are better shows from the same tour! Los Angeles and San Francisco especially