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  1. Well yeah, I have an opinion (or rather assumption) on this as well. But it doesn't matter and I don't want to unnecessarily point fingers. I just hope you didn't misunderstand my point as me taking position on it because this wasn't intended :). I like unpredictability generally, just think in this case it was kind of shame especially when you take the nature of the album into consideration. It was a perfect fit.
  2. Personally, I felt that it was a missed opportunity. Tom Morello is one of the fathers of new metal-riffing in a way and seeing how the whole album turned out with all the guests being "representative" for their sound Tom's part felt lacking. Like with Daren on "Rebellion" I hoped for something similar with Tom. "Drawbar" is a nice little instrumental, sure. But seeing how motivated Tom was when he went in the studio it's a shame IMO that this was everything they came up with. Not putting any blame on anyone for it, though.
  3. I second that! It's truly amazing!
  4. Yeah, but I think Warner has their own idea about that ;).
  5. Nice find! From all we have now it sounds like it could be a cool song. Let's see in two years :D.
  6. Haha, I was wondering if there would be an interview a couple days ago :D. Some more stories of the his time with the band would've been nice, I'm always down for that. Thanks for sharing :)!
  7. It's a fun song. Not the biggest fan of the mix and the fact that they changed the guitar melody in the chorus as this is something that appeals to me on the OG version. I probably prefer the OG version because Chester feels more connected and raw on it. Still, a good effort.
  8. Wow! This was pretty cool, even though I disagree with the "engineered" part. The core band itself formed pretty organically and when a new member was needed (Mark getting kicked out, Phoenix leaving temporarily) they went this route of recording a video before audition and stuff. Since its inception the band was much more methodical when it came to creation. I guess the whole Jeff Blue interview won't get released? I had a strange feeling about this from the start. But maybe you could share interesting stuff in a written out form that wasn't released on his Youtube?
  9. Yeah, I think it reminded me instantly of "Crawl Back In".
  10. To me it sounds like DBS. Even though it's something "new" I don't feel it at all. Still it will be nice to get this one :). And yeah, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise with all the label stuff...
  11. 20+ years and stuff still gets found. Great work and thanks for sharing!
  12. This is beyond silly, honestly. The only hope I have from this strange musical direction is that Mike is working with a lot of vocalists and maybe one is among them who can fill the gap in LP's line-up. I think it's cool that he tries to give artists a platform and well produced music.
  13. Thanks Mark, for clearing that up, really appreciate it! The whole NFT thing: Even if we are puzzled by it and think it's stupid, Mike was always ambitious with new technology since day 1. LP were pretty much revolutionary in the way they used the internet back in 1999/2000. So that doesn't surprise me.
  14. Hmm? I always was under the impression that there were plans (maybe not finalized, but still) of them getting together und re-record stuff. I mean, sure, OML would have taken up most of Chesters capacities for 1-2 years. Sorry, if I got something wrong here.
  15. Well, Grey Daze was supposed to get back together for this project so I guess that one is a bit unfair. Still, having all these items for purchase remains overkill, though.
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