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  1. I just checked the themes and recognize the stupidity of this statement which I therefore like to retract :D.
  2. It will take a few spins until I can judge this thing. A lot of promise and nice touches. I still think he should put some of the beats more into the background to let the layering of sounds do its job but that is Mike's style in the end. One thing that irked me a bit was the FF7 "homage" in "Julio's Revenge". That melody threw me off completely :D. Just a small nitpick at this point, there is a lot of stuff to get familiar with and to discover. Looking forward :).
  3. They were always hated for their work. When HT came out they were called "manufactured" and "fake" because they came practically out of nowhere and rose up incredibly fast. LP were never a band for the "cool" kids after "Crawling" got released. Even other bands were shitting on them in 2001. When "Meteora" came out it was just "more of the same formula" which is ironic as this album counts as one of their best if you ask people out there today. Things got really out of hand when M2M dropped because it was even more "not heavy" and after ATS the majority of casual old-school listeners were lost. Every album had some form of backlash as is natural with a band of LP's magnitude. In a way it's something they just have to accept because of their frequent changes in styles. When THP came out, it was far too late to get lost listeners to care again while OML was the confirmation for many that LP were finally admitting to their "sell out status" with an album full of generic mid tempo boredom.
  4. I was lying awake yesterday and thought about the last few months before Chesters passing. Two things were striking: Firstly, his outspokenness about his depression and thought processes that go along with it. In a short period of time he gave incredibly insightful interviews about all of that. Secondly, his frustration with fan reactions about OML on Twitter and such. These two factors were so unusual to me and in hindsight I would classify them as warning signs of his mental well being during that time.
  5. Yeah, that's a good comparion. I'm listening to OG GD for almost 15-20 years now. Sure, the production back then was messy and not at all polished but that's the charm of it considering the time it was produced in and the means to do it. Many songs feel more authentic to me. Even their more mellow and quiter moments feel so much stronger to me because of their rawness. But yeah, it's just one of those things I guess.
  6. There is some really cool stuff on this album but also other parts where everything feels so overproduced (and sloppily, too!). I always loved the original Grey Daze music and I will most likely go back to these older versions because they feel much more authentic. Plus almost all songs are IMHO better in their original incarnation. I like what they did to some of the more slower songs but for my taste they put too much big time feel on too many songs. Side note: The scream in JLH didn't sound like Chester to me at all. Really irritating.
  7. I remember this, too. There was an instance with german magazine "Visions" for example where they reported about this behaviour because their interview with (I think) Mike was cut short by one of LPs manager/press person without the question asked to him being so bad. They wrote about Mike looking helpless to this manager after a question and just a "diva"-like attitude. That pissed me off so much back then because LP always got hate, no matter what. But that is the topic for a long post by itself ... What happened in general was LP being a bunch of young and naive people and learning the ropes about press work. When Meteora came around they were a lot more cautios because there would have been instances of them being wrongly portrait or statements they gave getting put into a different context before. You have to remind yourself that they became one of the biggest bands of their time in LESS than year after the HT release, which, naturally, attracts people who resent you. I think it was around that time when Mike started to give "email responses to print interviews" (see "Get Me Gone") and in general they maybe were a bit more reserved for a while. This might go back to what you experienced.
  8. This might be random and loosely connected to the topic, but I have found another inconsistency when it comes to LP talking about their past. I watched some interviews the last couple of days and one thing that came up was how Chester never really screamed before HT and that this element came into place during the making of HT (roughly summarized). However there is the demo of "Part of me" which would like to disagree on that. Just a minor thing, I know, but wanted to add it somewhere nonetheless ;).
  9. As someone who really likes "No Sun Today" and the raw emotion of Chesters vocals on that record I'm a bit torn. The chorus got improved quite a lot but certain instrumental additions don't work that well or rather are implemented "sloppily" (for the lack of a better word). The original album felt much more organic to me and I'm mildly afraid of them overdoing it with the remade versions (in the same way as with "Dead by Sunrise"). But these are rather minor complaints as I am still looking forward to the whole thing. I feel like "No Sun Today" could've been a pretty big album back in the day with a bit more luck on their side. It includes so many memorable and great performances and songs, it's ridiculous. I'm just happy that this project exists and I feel like it is a really fitting tribute.
  10. Oh ok, good! Just got confused because I haven't read anything about that in this thread. Thanks for clearing that up!
  11. Haven't seen anything about that on here and I don't know exactly where I read this but I thought that one (the oldest?) of Chesters sons would be featured on vocals, too. Just checked it and you can read about that here: https://www.nme.com/news/music/chester-bennington-grey-daze-son-2447002
  12. I seriously second that. I have some light plans aswell, but shooting yourself over the moon won't help much. Let's all appreciate the fact that we can listen to his voice or see him perform literally anytime we want, no one will ever take that away. Try to see the positive in that. It'll be the day in 20 minutes over here, so... take care!
  13. This sounds like a really solid plan! I'm more on the side of the getting-intoxicated-party and will also attend a LP party at a local club later on but yeah, I like your take on it
  14. It's not only that but such a day will always get you because it's inevitable. No matter what way you choose to deal with it, this one gets you. I really like Geki's approach here. Smash all the great stuff in a playlist and see where it goes. At the very least it's a way to honor everything we all love about the guy and maybe it helps someone else on their journey.
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