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  1. Reminds me of "Coal" a bit.
  2. That was a great read. I enjoyed the style and had to go through the whole thing in one day. I never really had an opinion about Jeff and his time with the band. But I guess we all should thank him and his efforts because he was probably THE key factor of LP becoming the band we all came to love. His perspective felt sincere and self-reflecting, coming to terms with mistakes he made under immens pressure. But I totally get why especially Mike didn't take this situation so well. Still, without Jeff this band probably would have never happened in any familiar shape or form. Personally the book was everything I hoped for and it amazed me how much information we still missed through 20+ years of the band existing. Reliving those days from an inside perspective made me smile a lot.
  3. Wow, this is great. Really enjoyed the book which included so much information the band couldn't provide in twenty years. Thanks for doing this Q&A Here are my questions: 1. Did the shorter live version of "And One" get recorded in the studio? Is there a finished recording of this version? 2. "Step Up" and "Carousel" were written before Chester joined the band (according to the book). How many HTEP-songs we written after he joined the band. 3. We received a lot of information about the in-studio drama. Could anyone of you give us context about the infamous "lab coat" and "cowboy head" episode concerning Joe Hahn? 4. Was the reason for Marks departure stage fright (as claimed by Mike/the band) or his performance (as claimed in the book)? Or rather, did his performance suffer because of stage fright (as pointed out during the demo recording after signing the publishing deal). 5. Which LP album do you (both) enjoy the most?
  4. Holy shit! Nice to see you again ! And yeah. I vividly remember both 2000 shows as being our holy grail back then (+ Modesto 2000 for me personally). It's so funny that Mike brought this on himself again by mentioning something we didn't know about. But I after HT20 I'm so content with everything, I don't feel the need to holy grail this one.
  5. Holy fuck. PR 02 is incredible. Wasn't there talks about a live dvd that got scrapped? Because this looks like a fleshed out production. It's so interesting because it seems like "Live in Texas" was a concept that got tried before. It's basically LIT in 02 at a arena show. The sound is awesome, clear but with some rawness to it. The setlist is great with so many highlights (OSC had me laughing out loud!) and finally having this incredible "My Own Summer" video is a holy grail by itself. I never would've thought that Mike was so prominent on it and did in fact do a large chunk of lead vocals. Crazy! Oh, and "My December" <3! And so much more! The editing is a bit messy at times, but many songs feel like they could be a live music video which makes the whole thing even more enjoyable. The transitioning in between songs is weird, though. Probably has to do with some cutting back and forth between shows. Nevertheless, what a great show and a true gem to have. Next up: Frat Party 2
  6. Joe specifically talks about the 4-track they had to use for recording but mentions it for the songs after the 3-song demo. There might be something to this which is funny considering how we thought with HT20 this early chapter of the band might find rest :D. Of course this might be the case of Joe mixing stuff up like Mike did in the past. But we should at least keep this on our radar. Maybe Joe mixed up "By Myself" with "Esaul" as that one was worked on with Mark besides "Rhinestone".
  7. But he mentions this 3-song demo twice (in both his videos I think). At first I thought he got the Xero tape wrong because it's 4 songs and 1 1/2 made it on the album. But then he mentions it again that they started on the next batch of songs after the original show case 3-song tape which became the 4-song Xero tape (presumably). Never knew of that and I doubt there is a lot left from it after all this time (see the "Rhinestone" audition tape rip). I haven't listened to it yet, but "Dialate" might be one of those songs. Btw: The videos contain more little bits of information which is not in the written version.
  8. So now we have a new holy grail with the three-song demo before the Xero tape? Boy oh boy...
  9. Oh wow! I actually thought about this a couple days ago. How cool would it be to have all the HT era shows, especially with HT20 on the horizon. Looking forward to it
  10. Seeing what they did with the other songs on "Amends" there are a lot of possibilities for a banger.
  11. Hopefully my boy "Saturation" will get the treatment.
  12. Oh, for sure. There was some ridiculous stuff in the past. I'm actually really happy that didn't go overboard this time around.
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