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  1. I seriously second that. I have some light plans aswell, but shooting yourself over the moon won't help much. Let's all appreciate the fact that we can listen to his voice or see him perform literally anytime we want, no one will ever take that away. Try to see the positive in that. It'll be the day in 20 minutes over here, so... take care!
  2. This sounds like a really solid plan! I'm more on the side of the getting-intoxicated-party and will also attend a LP party at a local club later on but yeah, I like your take on it
  3. It's not only that but such a day will always get you because it's inevitable. No matter what way you choose to deal with it, this one gets you. I really like Geki's approach here. Smash all the great stuff in a playlist and see where it goes. At the very least it's a way to honor everything we all love about the guy and maybe it helps someone else on their journey.
  4. All of us dealt with what happened almost one year ago in our own way. As I have set my plans for Friday I was wondering if you guys and girls have anything planned for the day. I'm sure it will be a tough one for all of us. Maybe someone might come up with an idea to help you get through it or inspire you to do something you will see fit. So feel free to share your plans and ideas .
  5. Damn, Mark, you hit the nail on its head. "Dedicated" is one of my favorite songs from Linkin Park and I haven't listened to it in quite a long time (changed that yesterday ). I know it's silly but especially with the lyrics it would fit in perfectly in a MS live set. I'm not as critical of Mike's later work with Linkin Park. For example I'm a big fan of Mike on "Until It Breaks". His flow is just so enjoyable and the lyrics are great, too. But I agree that he never REALLY achieved his fullest potential like he did on the songs you mentioned and also that "Lift Off" is a fine throwback to his "old days". One big difference for me is his confidence, though. On "Lift Off" he feels a lot more confident in his delivery and tone while on the Visionaries track (for example) it feels a bit rushed (I mean, there are like what, 16 years in between? ). Still, I always enjoy the shared passion for oldschool LP stuff because both Mike and Chester had outstanding and raw performances back in the day which I love to revisite from time to time . Oh, and of course, I totally agree with you on "High Voltage". The live version is incredible! I recommend the version from the Cleveland show the same year (the one in this weird Mall(?)). The way the camera is zoomed in on Chester during the bridge while he is all in for his part always gets me. Plus, there is a really cool tracking shot where it shows the stage, Chester in the middle and Mike in the background just... totally in it as well . Also the fans are so rowdy during their set which is pure joy. Seeing as I was one of the lucky ones who actually had the chance to celebrate LP live in rowdy crowds and pits... Anyway, for everyone else wondering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Dgsu7FHepA
  6. Yes man, and don't give up. Life can throw crazy curveballs at you both positive and negative ones. There could always be a really good one around the corner just coming at you trying to brighten your life and help you overcome or at least help you with your struggles. Life can be so awesome and we have to do our part to make all these tragic deaths count and just keep on going. @Mark Really nice read. Glad you are one of us "Lift Off" fans, too . I love Mike's verse on it because of the same thing you pointed out. Gave the 15 year old in me a nice rush . Also I want to clarify that I wouldn't cut "World's On Fire" because of its lyrical content. Also, I.O.U. feels weirdly placed in the progression of things. It's already gotten a bit less exciting, even though Mike's performance is really cool!
  7. Not necessarily 12 tracks. Less songs don't have to be a bad thing, though. I could honestly live without the last two songs and maybe "Watching As I Fall". But everyone has their favorites, so every song on there has its own justification.
  8. I haven't seen this post before but I totally agree. "Lift Off" is my standout track alongside "Make It Up As I Go". I spend so many great moments already bopping my head along to the latter and drifting off into amazing moments of content and thinking with the former. Chino and the whole collection of different synths and sounds make "Lift Off" just hauntingly beautiful. Also, I can totally relate to the last part of MGK's verse. I also agree with the formulaic part of the post. Some songs got my confused with other older songs at first. But this is ok considering the situation behind the album. It's a really good album, though it could have been shorter. Still, a lot of standout tracks are to be found here. I also enjoy the overall flow of the album and the delivery by Mike. Looking back, it will be an album I will cherish for its own meaning to me at these times.
  9. I don't think they will continue as a 5 piece. I have the feeling that other members don't feel like doing it and honestly, they don't need to. They made enough albums, played enough shows and have a ton of hits. Money will not be the issue anymore. My guess is that other members will pursue something new at this stage of their lives (some already did) and I would be glad if all of the remaining 5 find something they'll be happy with. The mark they left on the world is there and will remain .
  10. Yeah, one of my favourite performances of the song, especially from that era.
  11. Hmm, I took a look on the ticket stubs on the show page and they say "Palladium". So I checked the live vid we got from the March show and yeah, it seems I was wrong about that one. I always thought it was the E-Werk in March. So forgive me for the inconvenience, but it was right all along...
  12. This is not totally correct. The show in March was at the "E-Werk" which is located right across the street from the Palladium where they played in September . https://www.google.de/maps/@50.9694395,7.0170432,3a,75y,245.52h,86.32t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sqn7d_lI8CL5PAX3atR47yA!2e0!6s%2F%2Fgeo0.ggpht.com%2Fcbk%3Fpanoid%3Dqn7d_lI8CL5PAX3atR47yA%26output%3Dthumbnail%26cb_client%3Dmaps_sv.tactile.gps%26thumb%3D2%26w%3D203%26h%3D100%26yaw%3D197.09529%26pitch%3D0%26thumbfov%3D100!7i13312!8i6656
  13. Wow... Linkin Park became so much more than just New Metal. They stayed relevant because of their evolution and while I agree that not everything they've done is great it was always another experience. This has nothing to do with being a fanboy of a certain era. I'm started listening to them shortly after HT dropped in the US (before it did in Germany, where I live). I've gone through EVERY major label phase of this band and totally hated the mainstream traction they got after "Crawling" got released (and don't ask me about the teen mayhem that followed after "In The End"). The band was always hated by people even during their New Metal "peak". Nowadays they get so much praise for their first two albums when in reality they got bashed by a lot of the same people for being so cheesy, angsty and new-metaly. I will forever be a big fan of the New Metal phase but I'm even happier that they did, what they did: evolve. I learned a lot creatively from them and I'm really happy that they tried to reinvent themselves time and time again. Like many things in life not everything turns out amazing but you progress as an artist instead of satisfying those people who see this band in this one dimensional frame of "screams and guitars". And to close this: a troll's life is a sad one.
  14. I just cant let this slip by (+ it is kinda on topic), so: ROGUE EDIT: I'm allowing this post because it's balanced and I see it as an important explanation. This should be the end of the discussion. You are arguing that LGBTQ is not normal, may I even say "not natural"? Because that is what you clearly imply here. "Not normal" is a pretty bold and easy way to justify ones orpressive point of view. But it's not just an opinion because it is rooted in irrationality. An opinion has to have some solid backing and a thought process behind it. "Because it's not normal" is no such thing; I'm afraid. That is a major problem with a lot of "opinions" out there in general. 1. You are living a "not normal" life. Everything about mankind these days is that way. It is "not normal" to live 80 years, drive a car, having a warm appartment to live in, obtaining your food in a supermarket or even (and especially) the use of protection when having sex. But we are having all these things because of advancements in technology and science. Advancements as a civilization. And now here you are, putting the brakes on social advancement because (let's be grown up here) you don't like the LGBTQ community. Using "not normal"/"not natural" is just one of these poor arguments made to bring a point across. You clearly are not concerned about "normalness" in your everyday life as pointed out above, only in this case (feel free to correct me) to justify your view around others. 2. Life itself is "not normal" because everything can get created (not refering to god here...). The fact that LGBTQ individuums are existing is because they were born this way. It is in fact natural because it happens through nature. You can't choose to live this way, I hope you at least understand that by now. The way you feel about the opposite sex (meaning: attraction) is the same for homosexual people - in their case just for the same sex. You on the other hand can't say "I'm into my own sex now" because you simply don't feel that way. It's the same for them. 3. You are right when you say that it needs a man and a woman to create new life. But let me ask you this: What is more important? Having two loving caring people raise a child or just make sure it's man and woman? There are probably some people on here that suffered because one (or even both) parent(s) didn't show them love and care. The main flaw in your thought process is that men don't equal each other and the same goes for women. There are a plethora of attributes to each person and while it is possibly true that certain characteristics are more frequent in one sex than the other, it is not a given. Far from it. A child doesn't care for its "parents" as long as they show love and care. What sexes those parents have is secondary, but it gets primary because of people like you who are discriminating them in public. That's the only problem a child raised by same sex parents has to face: people like you. People who would deny an orphan a loving pair of parents because they are neither man nor woman. 4. The saddest part is your position against a whole community. If a person attacks you physically or mentally then it is only "normal" to not be so keen on them. But you are shooting against a whole group of people that (probably) haven't done a thing to you in any way. That is the second time you subliminaly reveal your discriminative nature. 5 Lastly, I'm not proposing that everything that happened in the LGBTQ context was right or should be done this way again. But as I mentioned before, it is called evolution. There will always be mishaps along the way of that. I mean, we are not here because mankind developed on an easy and steady route throughout its history, right? But it is not tolerable to go against a whole group of people just because of one of their attributes (sexual orientation or beliefs or whatever) as long as they are decent human beings by behaviour. The world of yesteryear doesn't exist anymore because we went on. Now don't misunderstand me. I know by experience how this goes and I didn't write all this for you. I wrote it for everyone else who is reading these forums and might have a tendency to fall for this easy, black and white, discriminating way of thinking. Please, think about stuff longer and more in depth rather than to fall for the easiest justification for your own irrationality. The world needs this now.
  15. I think it was pretty underwhelming (especially considering who made it) and nowhere near some of the stuff I've heard around here. But hey, opinions I guess.
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