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  1. This is beyond silly, honestly. The only hope I have from this strange musical direction is that Mike is working with a lot of vocalists and maybe one is among them who can fill the gap in LP's line-up. I think it's cool that he tries to give artists a platform and well produced music.
  2. Thanks Mark, for clearing that up, really appreciate it! The whole NFT thing: Even if we are puzzled by it and think it's stupid, Mike was always ambitious with new technology since day 1. LP were pretty much revolutionary in the way they used the internet back in 1999/2000. So that doesn't surprise me.
  3. Hmm? I always was under the impression that there were plans (maybe not finalized, but still) of them getting together und re-record stuff. I mean, sure, OML would have taken up most of Chesters capacities for 1-2 years. Sorry, if I got something wrong here.
  4. Well, Grey Daze was supposed to get back together for this project so I guess that one is a bit unfair. Still, having all these items for purchase remains overkill, though.
  5. Ah, Meteora, 18 years already, damn... After listening to HT for years at this point back in the day (at one time even backwards because it felt "fresh" :D) I highly anticipated the new album. Almost everyday I would check lp.com for a new studio diary. When LPTV episodes started to drop I would hurry back home from school every tuesday to watch the newest episode with the hopes of getting some glimpses of new songs. I would rewatch those episode over and over again for it's small snippets. "Breaking The Habit" got hyped by the band beforehand for how experimental it was and they w
  6. Glad I'm not the only one feeling that. In such a situation one could do one of two things: Take feedback and try to improve on it or ignore it because everyone else is just (naturally) wrong. Either way, the result is telling.
  7. Basically that Mark felt like the weakest link because his performances weren't good (live and during recording). According to Jeff he lacked the quality of being a front man. So Mark got thrown out of the band rather than quitting because of anxiety issues, so the band could become a overall better package. It could be connected of course but it felt more drastic in Jeff's side of the story than what Mike told us. I mean sure, Mike doesn't need to go: "Well, he sucked so we threw him out of the band" but he made it seem much more "unfortunate" rather than it being a necessity at the time to t
  8. I like both songs, "Stick 'n Move" and "Runaway". Especially the mood during the verse and Chester's performance on the latter are really enjoyable for me and set me back decades everytime I listen to it. Though I agree that "Stick 'n Move" would have been a cool song, too. But I have to say that I'm glad it became "Runaway".
  9. Again we get the story of Mark's stage fright and since we still don't have the q&a with Jeff Blue online, there is a contradiction which I'm curious about. It might be possible that Mark suffered from stage fright which then impeded his performance which led to him getting kicked out of the band. But still I find it really interesting that Mike never mentioned anything close to what Jeff has written about in his book. Or put differently: Jeff never mentions stage fright. Thanks yor the write up and the cool infos!
  10. What? Oh boy... Well, yeah. That seems a tiny bit excessive. Once again, comparing it to HT20 doesn't add up for a variety of reasons and is useless whataboutism. Anyway. Let's see what they come up with when "Amends II" drops...
  11. Comparing this to the HT20 set doesn't work (whataboutism in general is no answer). Much of the contents were out beforehand, yes, but most of it was LPU stuff which was never officially available to the wider public. Plus it was a celebration for the original album with new unseen DVDs, a couple new demos, first time LP release of HTEP etc. With "Stripped" I find it irritating to release some of these versions on different releases for "Amends" (or even in the 90s) and then make an EP from those. Of course with limited vinyl stuff and everything. "Amends" was crazy in this regard but at
  12. Oh wow, I never really went for the "cash grab" argument, but this is... something I suppose.
  13. I listened to the original version quite a bit and it felt like the same song version sound-wise.
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