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  1. Damm... SS06 is insane. We need that show asap
  2. Thats a GREAT idea.. I'd buy tickets to watch unreleased footage anytime! Go Download Festival... Do it!!! hahah
  3. I can't believe the band is doing this, finally. Its a dream becoming true for me.
  4. Thats a great release... As you said, the japanese recordings quality are insane! thanks for this bud
  5. Its not the flac as I dont have it yet and taper havent shared to anyone yet. Lol
  6. There was a guy from Turkey who obtained a raw version of the TV staff with the complete version... I will msg him and see if he still has that.
  7. Ive tried to get in touch with him but no luck
  8. Haha... Its a big science. Over the time I happen to find tapers and become friends with them, then they just introduce to others tapers and so go on. The taping community is really BIG and most of them lives in the shadows. So it's hard to find them online without someone introducing.
  9. You are welcome bud! Me and Mark get always surprised when we discover new sources for shows. Some we just keep silence until we can obtain it and release. Hope more like these come out.
  10. MP3 extracked from flacs Linkin Park - 2004-08-10 - Bristow, VA @ Nissan Pavilion (MIX) mp3 https://we.tl/t-lksMgyxTHB
  11. MP3 extracked from the flac/wav: Linkin Park - 2004-01-30 - Madison, WI @ Alliant Energy Center (SM98) mp3 https://we.tl/t-OUAI2qmzGF
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