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  1. Linkin Park - 2001-02-13 Pontiac, MI, Clutch Cargo's [AUD] [Lossless Upgrade]
  2. Hey everyone. This is Felipeintheend. I am starting now a series of releases directly from my archives. I will mainly focus on releasing upgrades for existings sources before they get lost over the time. With this, I hope the Linkin Park's community get some kinda of excitment again and everyone can enjoy the band's past with these releases. I have been working on finding new sources and upgrades for more than a decade, exactly 16 years long now, for those who knows me might understand how important those upgrades are to me. So i hope you treat it with respect and honor Chester during the listening party. If you happen to have any Linkin Park show recorded by you or someone else, feel free to email me at felipe.wmf.vaz@gmail.com and it will be highly appreciated by a true Linkin Park bootlegs lover. Peace! Felipe Mendes #CHESTERBENNINGTON. FELIPE'S VAULT RELEASES SERIES. Links will be updated below: Linkin Park - 2000-11-30 Providence, RI, United States [AUD] [Lossless Upgrade] Linkin Park - 2001-01-10 Hamburg, HH, Germany [AUD] [Lossless Upgrade] Linkin Park - 2001-03-24 London, ENG, UK - Docklands Arena [AUD] [Lossless Upgrade] Linkin Park - 2001-06-09 Elkhorn, WI, Alpine Valley [AUD] [Lossless Upgrade] Linkin Park - 2001-06-22 Wantagh, NY, Jones Beach Amphitheatre [AUD] [Lossless Upgrade Linkin Park - 2001.12.08 Universal City, CA Universal Amphitheatre [AUD] [Lossless Upgrade] Linkin Park - 2001-02-13 Pontiac, MI, Clutch Cargo's [AUD] [Lossless Upgrade] Mirror link: Google Drive (Will expire in 10 days)
  3. D7 is no longer replying to anyone. I know a few other collectors who was invovled in the deal with him and never got a reply.
  4. I know there is a Hybrid Theory show... But no idea where/who/when/how
  5. Just be patient. Someday, everything will be out.
  6. Certainly that was the camera filming for the side screeners.
  7. Update the source 1 with equipament infos, etc. Add a second source. https://lplive.net/shows/2003/20030718 Source 1: Audio - AUD (DAT: AT943-SP > Battery Box >Sony PCM-M1) Taper: Tim Y. (silverbullet) Time: 65:15 mins Format: Lossless Comments: Sounds like it was recorded really far back. This source was extracted straight from the taper shortly after the show. MP3 is very very common but the lossless is uncirculated. Source 2: Audio - AUD (Unknown) Taper: Mike McElhatten Time: Format: Lossless Comments: Uncirculated. Taper confirmed he recorded but has no clue where the tape is.
  8. Hey! We finally have the confirmed setlist for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2001 event (show page) 01. With You (Aired) 02. Runaway 03. Papercut 04. Points Of Authority 05. By Myself 06. High Voltage (Aired) 07. Crawling (Aired) 08. Pushing Me Away 09. In The End (Aired) 10. A Place For My Head 11. Forgotten (Aired) Encore 12. One Step Closer (Aired) Source: Event producer
  9. Hey buddies! Someone uploaded a while ago, an audince source for Dragon Festival 2001 performance of LP. I had no luck contacting the person... If anyone wants to try: 2001.02.03 San Bernardino, CA, US, National Orange Show Events Center, Dragon Festival VIDEO:
  10. This one definitely will be not circulating so soon
  11. someone who have baidu installed need grab them for us =[
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