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  1. Thanks Fred for taping! This is a insane show... Chester was on fire...
  2. Not sure what to think or say about it YET.
  3. Rob is such of a GREAT person. Excellent video coming for sure!
  4. Would be great to hear your whole story and listen to all of those old gens!!! it will be a pleasure for every fan here.
  5. That was an ozzfest tour photographer i believe. not a random filmer. (Brad)
  6. I am always involved in the negotiations of unreleased shows as I still keep doing my own research to find old bootleg and I can confirm, all the recordings that pop up lately has a price. It's very hard for me or some other two friends (who always help covering costs) to get it. NINLive and DeftonesLive both have a part where fans could contribute to help the site somehow. What I mean... It's easy to everyone just sit here and request to release stuff when they have zero idea how hard it is to FIND about a show existence, then find the filmer/taper, then convince him/her on sharing or selling (mostly is money involved) and then make it happen... Sometimes stuff like that take 1-2-3 years. Dragon Festival 2001 and Smoke Out festival 2003 both proshot. This is an example of two shows which cost more than 2.000 USD. It's not too easy to pay for this and just put it on YouTube if I had to do it alone. If it is a fan crowdfunding, that sound more fair releasing for everyone.
  7. Dammm... I think Mike hate releasing old stuff... Glad it ended up being released anyway.
  8. I can't describle how many years I have waited to have something like this... .PR02 and The Filmore. Thats a huge goal reached for me.
  9. I have nothing to complain about this release. Its VERY special and for truly oldschool fans and collectors this is such a BIG move by the management crew to release something like that to the fans. You guys have no idea how hard we have tried for years to obtain something directly from the band from their past tours. I really don't care if its BD or DVD, it's really impressive they are releasing TWO unreleased shows at once... That's unbelievable. (Actually, that will be the 3rd show - we got San Diego 01 on YouTube) Looking forward for more box sets!!! Im ready Thanks LP!
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