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  1. #HybridTheory20 FAN RELEASE. October 15, 2001 Auburn Hills, Michigan Palace Of Auburn Hills Family Values Tour Setlist: 01. With You 02. Runaway 03. Papercut 04. By Myself 05. Points Of Authority 06. Step Up 07. Pushing Me Away 08. In The End 09. A Place For My Head 10. Forgotten 11. Crawling 12. One Step Closer Equipment: MD: Marcsound Omni Directionals (w/ bass rolloff) > Sony MZ-R70) Taper: Charlie (soccer3) Time: 47:31 mins Recording obtained by Felipe Mendes (Felipeintheend) in 2013. Felipe's note: I am releasing this lossless in celebration to their first debut album Hybrid Theory which is making 20th anniversary this year. The band for the first time ever, released a box set with exclusive content and unreleased footages. Big shoutout to them for doing this for the hardcore fans. Thanks to Carl (cpscps) for resampling it for me and make it sound better and Charlie for recording it. DOWNLOAD: DIME | GOOGLE DRIVE
  2. I can't describle how many years I have waited to have something like this... .PR02 and The Filmore. Thats a huge goal reached for me.
  3. We have zero info about that
  4. I have nothing to complain about this release. Its VERY special and for truly oldschool fans and collectors this is such a BIG move by the management crew to release something like that to the fans. You guys have no idea how hard we have tried for years to obtain something directly from the band from their past tours. I really don't care if its BD or DVD, it's really impressive they are releasing TWO unreleased shows at once... That's unbelievable. (Actually, that will be the 3rd show - we got San Diego 01 on YouTube) Looking forward for more box sets!!! Im ready Thanks LP!
  5. Its been a while since I got excited about any release... Im freaking out now
  6. Damm... SS06 is insane. We need that show asap
  7. Thats a GREAT idea.. I'd buy tickets to watch unreleased footage anytime! Go Download Festival... Do it!!! hahah
  8. I can't believe the band is doing this, finally. Its a dream becoming true for me.
  9. Thats a great release... As you said, the japanese recordings quality are insane! thanks for this bud
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