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  1. someone who have baidu installed need grab them for us =[
  2. Not counting the big vault Fiore built over the years... in video
  3. Can't wait to hear these materials.
  4. There was one proshot from Philly 2003 but taper lost it. I guess the community would go crazy with it
  5. Your effort is very appreciate too, Todd! Thanks for the interest of helping the community on this as well
  6. Curious fact: Recording IEMs are not for everyone. It's definitely a big science and most of the IEM/Wireless tapers lives in the shadows. Most never circulate their recordings. they are a selected group of tapers that never get known by the public nor the forums. To obtain a complete receiver for ALD/IEM/Wireless recordings costs aprox 8k to 10k. And the only way to get in touch with this small community is: You need start taping IEMs, then they will contact you eventually. Wish I could find some of these people. I have confirmation LP's Mansfield 2004 was recorded in ALD mode.
  7. I am still working on download link. Taper wants to trade for Pearl Jam bootlegs, so you guys need to be patient.
  8. Hey there! Today I got surprised by a friend who pointed me to a person who recorded a pretty rare and unreleased Linkin Park recording from their Projekt Revolution Tour 2004. It's not a secret that every single recording from that tour is a treasure and today I am happy to forward everyone to his YouTube channel and give a listen to this amazing recording. The show was recorded by two sources separately, one recorded by CPS who recorded the whole set from the audience and one recorded by jlizard, which is Chester's IEM (in ear monitor recording). jlizard mixed both of the sources and it sounds incredible Setlist: 01. Don't Stay 02. Lying From You 03. Papercut 04. Points Of Authority 05. With You 06. Runaway 07. Step Up/Nobody's Listening/It's Goin' Down 08. Somewhere I Belong 09. Figure.09 10. From The Inside 11. Breaking The Habit 12. Numb 13. Faint (w/ Bert McCracken) 14. In The End 15. A Place For My Head 16. Crawling 17. Wish 18. One Step Closer (w/ Jonathan Davis) Show Page Thank you to both guys for taping it.
  9. Awesome! Thank you. Japanese bootlegs get lost very quickly. So we must take the opportunity.
  10. If anyone is interested to buy the AUD audio source and release for us, would be good. I don't speak japenese, so its very hard to obtain this CD lol.. http://the-jack-music.com/artist/stone_temple_pilots.html http://rockcollectors.shop-pro.jp/?pid=66620834 http://www.junk-headz.com/Stone Temple Pilots-page.htm https://pexp.net/main/syosai.php?syouhin_cd=13018
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