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  1. Full multitracks leaked from "POA and With You"? where this?😱
  2. Hello Percy you could make available for free download? Or download for sale? I'm a drummer and I would like to turn this into multitrack drumless.
  3. got it . there are several recordings of incredible show were several attempts to find projekt revolution 2002 and did not find anything until today. will be that we will find more pro shot shows? we could all nois try to find something what do you think?
  4. Hello to all of LPLIVE family. there a couple of days ago, I was talking in chat about the celebration of 10 years of LPLIVE and some message We talked some proshot video shows we would like them to be available more than the cost to buy were about 20,000 Dollars. Give me came an idea of ​​how we are a big family for us all not make a arecadação between nois, site staff to create an account where all bank They can deposit a sum of money. we create a post to choose one rare show of this old video proshot (example projekt revolution 2002 proshot video) this bank account can be created by pay pal where each of nois and where we are in the world we can transfer a value to that account. to buy-mos some of these old shows complete video. please Lplive not staff them curse me lol so I had this idea and would like to share please see this idea and I think we can tenter and will absolutely right. Thank you. analizem this idea please.
  5. Someone this multitrack? Lying from you and rebellion multitrack? Please link to download.
  6. Thank all lplive amazing site.
  7. 2001-06-09 - Alpine Valley Music Theater, East Troy, WI Please new link to download.
  8. Thank you for this incredible site . congratulations to you guys !
  9. thigolpbr

    It's Coming

    just wait we are all curious and giving hints but only know tomorrow. something nice turns . and let it be a great show of old .
  10. thigolpbr

    It's Coming

    will we have some exclusive show in commemoration ?
  11. thigolpbr

    It's Coming

    New exclusive show projekt revolution 2002😂
  12. please someone found the full show of Mexico 2002? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkaLWLRQ9Zw
  13. This official release will be launching vídeo pro shot, too or just áudio ?
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