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  1. Hi guys. A new entrant in the community and I already regret for not being a part of it for all these years. Anyway, I have started with my keyboard journey for over a couple of years now (owing to inspiration from Mike Shinoda). I wanted some assistance/help actually. Since a lot of you guys must have had the opportunity to visit backstage and on stage tour of LP, if some of guys have good quality pictures of Mike's set up, be it Korg Triton-days, Neko, Nord. Thanks. Also, @Astat seems to have an immense indepth knowledge about their instruments. I read he wrote somewhere that during the 2003 Meteora tour, Mike had basically installed the Triton on the Baldwin Piano setup. Any pictures to the same? P.S. Also, being a newbie to this forum, can anybody guide me/send me the link to the gallery page where you all post stuff.
  2. Shubho-Lp

    July 20th

    Loved the way you put it. Thanks. I, too, was at the brink of thinking that I shall not forget about this day and celebrate his birthday more. But as fate would have it, it is supremely difficult to simply forget the day. However, we can still celebrate his life while considering this important day. Love to you all.
  3. @Pez Hey man...I stumbled upon this thread and its pretty interesting but I cannot access the images. Can you please repost it or something...it would be of immense help
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