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  1. I think the same. If he could make enough money from digital sales, maybe he could do a physical release by himself, but i doubt he will make a lot of money from that. At least releasing something digitally doesn't cost a lot and you just pay it once per year.
  2. If he would decide to release a physical copy of the album, he would need to release it via WB, right?
  3. The screaming in the final version of Open Door is really unnecessary.
  4. Maybe the contest? He's working on it with one of the brand.
  5. If someone is from Japan, he can buy the 24-bit FLAC here.
  6. Original message by Awalkinthelinkinpark: https://i.ibb.co/BgRvKH4/Awalkinthelinkinpark.jpg
  7. Are you 100% sure that you don't have a few other accounts on various sites and you didn't offered any files for $ before?
  8. They could at least play in full the Rock Am Ring show with UIG extended intro etc - https://i.ibb.co/7C4HVXR/final-masquerade-cd.jpg
  9. Don't know how this works, but for example all streaming platforms received all songs and then the PT album one week before the planned release date with all the info, credits etc. All platforms already have all songs of Amends. Maybe there are the differeces between, when you make the album for pre-order. All the jams will have also the ISRC codes, but if it's about the UPC/ISRC codes, that is always the label's work. So this is the plus of having the label. Imagine if Mike will have to do it by his own. You know like associate the release with upc, register each of the track under the isrc code, that's totally unpleasant part. It's take an additional time, it's so boring and it's not interesting for anyone. If you would release any music every few months it would piss you off that you must spent a lot of time to all of that shit.
  10. https://youtu.be/_g1bHauuQuQ?t=306
  11. This is a still their worst album. I also hated that song some much. Now I'm neutral about it, but the main reason I hated it was because it was too much of it over the entire internet.
  12. https://lplive.net/lpdigital The site is now fully updated! - added all the credits we know to all live songs; - added description to show page links that's in notes; - updates in the all Minutes To Midnight bundle versions - notes + I removed the "pre-order only" mark from WID live, NRL was the only track there available as "Pre-Order-Only" track, WID was later released in the deluxe version on iTunes, the "+ Season Pass LPTV (15 episodes)" have now link to LPTV episodes; - added additional quality and info for 24-bit tracks that are available in the same release but in different qualities, depends on a store. There are two tracks like that, both available at 24-bit in 44.1 samples and 96.0: "Crawling (One More Light Live)" and "Prove You Wrong"; - I updated the length of the tracks in Minutes To Midnight (BestBuy Version) and What I've Done 2-track version; - all HDtracks links are updated. Also, as always, there are plenty of small changes/improvements that I made. For example, if you see the name of the album in notes that's italic (1,2,3), it means it has a link that will lead you to the very first release of that album.
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