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  1. Just because no one heard them, it doesn't mean they don't exist.
  2. Instrumentals for all songs does exists. You don't have to prove it by a links to potential fake promo CDs. There was no promo CD for OML instrumentals but they leaked. Meteora promo CD with instrumentals also turned to be a fake. There are pictures of: MTM, PT, ATS, REA promo CDs. It is a really hard to believe that after all those years no one even heard about all those promo CDs till now, when the picture of them started to leak like 2 months ago and that someone suddenly discovered all of those in that short part of the time.
  3. Question to anyone who did pre-ordered Recharged standard edition CD or vinyl (not this super expensive limited thing with artbook and sculpture) from linkinpark.com in 2013. Did you also get a digital copy of the full Recharged album or just Burn It Down (Paul Van Dyk Remix) [Bonus track]? EDIT: I already know the answer.
  4. I got them. I'm doing mastering on them. The interesting thing is that the HHH, IB, VD, TLTGYA are in the quality 48.0kHz/320kbps instead of 44.1kHz like the rest of them.
  5. 4 of that 8 above (GU, BIO, SOTD, WID) are exactly the same like the one that leaked 2 years ago. Also I don't think we will ever get Shadow Of The Day (Instrumental) of the album version. The one that we have is a instrumental of that new version released on itunes.
  6. Music: Demos Official Remixes Produced/Remixed/Composed By... Working Titles Samples Unreleased Songs Songs Info Songs Info (Side Projects) Lyrics Project Band Members' Earliest Work Guests Live: Songs Played Live Live Extensions Live Debuts Songs LP Rehearsed But Never Played Pre-Linkin Park Songs Live Band Members' Guest Appearances Guests (Live) Waiting To Be Liberated Liberation List Rehearsals STP's Soundcheck Performances Most Played Venues Sources: Available Proshots Sources Available Soundboard Recording Sources Uncirculated Sources List Incomplete Shows Sources Compilations and Multiple Cams Sources Removing Bad Sources From Circulation Guides: Comparison Guide Alternate Versions Guide It's Goin' Down Versions Guide LP Remix Guide Audio Taping Guide Releases: Official Live Releases Official Live Releases - Per Song Side Projects Live Releases Singles Vinyls Digital Releases Instrumentals & Acapellas Multitracks Digital Souvenir Packages (DSPs) Stagelight Sounds Release Dates LPU Demos - Correct Dates The Chronological Order Of The HT Demos The Artwork Collection Wrong information/Mistakes in official material Media: LPTV & LPUTV Guide Music Videos List Official Live Videos Making Of Music Videos List "Songs From The Underground" Project Soundtrack Appearances Others: Official Links List Official Logos LP Fonts Reanimation Guests Re-recorded/additional vocals for remixes Trading Websites Fake Linkin Park Songs References Celebrities Who Likes Linkin Park Other Artists Covering Linkin Park Songs Interesting Threads: Questions Merch Movie References "Did You Know" Facts What is the "holy grail" now? Gear Custom Setlists Interviews Interviews (old) Longest Screams Random News All links besides "Other Artists Covering Linkin Park Songs" (there is no link to it in the main post) are fixed. Also I think that we should add Linkinpedia link to "Official Live Release", because there's a lot of incorrect links in the forum's topic. EDIT: I was meant the wiki list of it, which is not there anymore.
  7. I could not resist, seeing (not the first time on this site) such shit.
  8. Like I said, maybe there is someone else besides Mike on vocals in this song, but I can clearly hear that isn't a Chester. To hear more backing vocals, open the song for example in audacity and use on it vocal remover with default settings. After that listen to the chorus and you will notice something that can be: a) a really weird edited vocals by Mike b) someone's else on vocals, but not a member of the band
  9. Yeah, I also have problem with that. I think it can be the same thing like with Mike's vocals on OML song. Mike's vocals are totally hidden there by instrumental and other vocal parts. You can hear the vocals more clearly by that (with Mike's vocals), but you can't say that there are also vocals by him, until you hear the multitracks.
  10. Guess what, I didn't even think about Chester vocals, because I clearly can hear them. I was think about vocals by somebody else, maybe Brian Howes?
  11. The background vocals sounds like there was also someone else besides Mike.
  12. It was available for purchase on the official Green Lantern's site.
  13. I think that the Numb was supposed to be the single from LIT, but there was no any release because it was in the time were the Numb from Meteora was already the single, so it was easier to hook it with the Meteora single. The rest live videos from LIT was released, because the they wanted to more promote the live album, then just leave it with just only one live video. The similar thing was with RTR 4 videos was released separately (3 of them were available for purchase, 1 was available only for streaming on YT and other platforms).
  14. Points Of Authority and Lying From You, both were included in the HT and Meteora music video collection albums. https://i.ibb.co/HFR393R/03820.png
  15. The site was updated. From over 200+ changes, here are few of them (which I think are the most interesting): Added releases: LP: Hybrid Theory (Mastered for iTunes) // {cat. 093624949367} * Others/Soundtracks: VA - Crank (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - iTunes release ** * from the beginning the site was missing this release, that's because I assumed that the HT 24-bit release with the UPC code 093624949107 is also for the Mfi version, which was wrong. I didn't notice that those two had different UPC codes and even ISRC codes. ** there is probably a separate release on iTunes. The UPC: 780163481723 doesn't match the iTunes database, plus on iTunes all tracks are album only, while in other stores in the same country, you can buy some of the tracks from the album separately. Merged. Merged. Merged. Merged. Merged. Merged. I received the info from one of the stores, that all the releases with "DM963" and "UL6425" kind of codes have the same UPC codes, like in iTunes and other stores. Those short codes are additional id's for those releases, assigned by the label. It's something similar like physical releases have. I have removed the "show/hide" buttons that were on both of "Studio Collection" releases. Now you have to just click on the album name to see the tracklist. I added additional info into track titles. If you see that the track name in the Tracklist change its color when you stop your cursor on it, it means that there is additional info about it. In most cases that will be the ISRC code, but sometimes there will be also some other info too, for example, in the 24-bit releases there will be 24-bit quality of each track.Sometimes, the tracks can have a different quality than the info for the whole album says. For example - "Post Traumatic (Deluxe Version)" some stores says that in general, the whole album is in 24-bit/48.0kHz quality, while only 6 tracks have 48.0kHz, 10 tracks have 44.1kHz and the last two have 96.0kHz (in the censored version track "About You" have 44.1kHz instead 48.0kHz quality like in the non-censored version). A few screenshots showing those changes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. The music videos/live videos that are on the first page of this topic were updated. Also added the GRID & ISRC codes to them, just in case if someone will find any code and would want to identify to what video those codes are. What are the GRID codes? Global Release identifier, the GRID codes work like the UPC codes. Usually used for videos that are released separately. You can read more about GRID codes here. One more thing if it's about the site, you probably notice that, but there are not all releases in the "Others / Featured" section. I will say like this - almost all of them doesn't interest me enough to add them to site (and that's a lot of work!). Sometimes I will add something new (Waiting For Tomorrow, ByLaw EP, Cross Off, Anesthetic EP) but that will be very rarely. I mainly work on FM/DBS/LP/MS sections and trying to be fully updated. -------------------------------- A few things about ISRC codes: 1. The standard versions of digital albums (standard version - not Mastered for iTunes nor 24-bit) usually have the same ISRC codes like the physical CD edition have, but if you look at the Mastered for iTunes/24-bit of LP/MS/FM releases you will notice that they almost always have different ISRC codes than the standard version has. Take a look at the ISRC codes for one of the Mike's song: USWB11800655 - Can't Hear You Now (Standard) USWB11800981 - Can't Hear You Now (Standard) [Censored] USWB11800668 - Can't Hear You Now (Mastered for iTunes & 24-bit) USWB11800986 - Can't Hear You Now (Mastered for iTunes & 24-bit) [Censored] If anyone has an idea, why Mfi/24-bit tracks have different ISRC codes let me know. I will also update the info about that here, if I will know something. Confirmed, is that it's not because of different mastering. 2. What I've Done (Single Version) - 3:28 - USWB10700721 What I've Done (Album Version) - 3:25 - USWB10700721 The Catalyst (Single Version) - 5:44 - USWB11001782 The Catalyst (Album Version) - 5:39 - USWB11001782 Besides the length, you know what other differences are between the single version and the album version of those tracks right? The "album version" of those songs contains a transition at the beginning, from the previous song that's on the album. The "single version" of those songs, consist only from the titled song. So technically the album version and single version should have different ISRC codes, but they have exactly the same. The source of that is from the sound recording database, but also from my physical collection I have checked: Minutes To Midnigh CD (from the standard edition) Minutes To Midnigh CD (from the deluxe edition) What I've Done CD single Iridescent CD single The Catalyst CD single A Thousand Suns The same thing are with the album/single versions of Fort Minor songs - RTN, WYG, BM, that's why some of the TRT digital editions contained different versions of those songs. Another example will be "Guilty All The Same": Guilty All The Same - 5:55 - USWB11400510 - taken from digital stores Guilty All The Same - 5:53 - USWB11401337 - taken from CD The only one difference between them is that the version from digital stores is one and half second longer than the version from the CD. How you can notice they have different ISRC codes. Link to site: https://martinez412.github.io/lpdigital
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