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  1. I think LOATR was a huge too. Maybe not in terms of charting record (I actually don't know that) but the promotion of it was massive, the single had 6 officially released physical versions (including Limited Japan edition and not 1 but 2 Premium editions) and I don't remember them doing something like that with any other single.
  2. No, you are wrong! I remember exactly that during the Pre-Order on iTunes (+ obviously in all other stores) the song had "(Stripped)" they later changed it for "(Demo)", so: A - this can't be a mistake, since is the same on physical release. B - the label can do it. If it's about the YouTube thing, I think it could also mean that the acoustic version that they made in 2019/2020 was registered as "Down Syndrome (Acoustic)" and some video was uploaded with the song on youtube just before they changed the name of it.
  3. I ended on picking "(Demo)" option, but that's because it's the same on the physical release. I'm not really deep into that band and releases, so I can't tell. The databases aren't helpful here at all and sometimes they contain a different name. On some streaming platforms/stores it's listed as "Demo" in some other places (bandcamp) is there as "Stripped" youtube detects it as "Down Syndrome (Acoustic)".
  4. The title for Track 5 Linkinpedia says: The Syndrome (Stripped) So what's correct: The Syndrome (Stripped) or The Syndrome (Demo)? https://music.apple.com/us/album/amends-stripped-ep/1549091272 https://mora.jp/package/43000006/00888072227002/
  5. I also have account on Audius, please don't follow me
  6. Mike uploaded the lossless version of the track but you can download only mp3 of it from audius. If someone has link to lossless that was shared on twitch let me know. mp3: https://we.tl/t-swadvq89kV
  7. EDIT: ok music there is available for download too. You have to have an account to do that.
  8. Record store says: June 12, so it is correct what LP said.
  9. Maybe it's just picking on details but, Mike hasn't done those remixes either, a this guy did of course he explained to that mixer what he wants to do with those tracks.
  10. I think they should release one right now and the reason why I'm thinking they should do that is only one - there is so much fake GH CDs out there, once there will be official one, people will stop make fake CDs or at least will stop buy those fake CDs. Also this shows that this kind of release is needed to be done.
  11. Unfortunately, it's not. Also, if it was meant to be I think they will release it on April 1st, not April 2nd.
  12. Do we know which songs was supposed to be FM? I know that two of them were Lift off and I.O.U.
  13. so no sleepy music there EDIT: I just posted download link for all songs.
  14. I like it. @PeppePark, here's HQ Cover for Linkinpedia.