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  1. Running from My Shadow lyrics, last sentence: Running from my shadow but it’s still there chasing me down Iin the acapella version, I can clearly hear: Running from my shadow cause it’s still there chasing me down
  2. https://i.ibb.co/99BJzQJ/45657.jpg According to this, the correct show page for With You is: 2001.06.09 LP does not played any show on 2001.06.11
  3. The Czech-Republic store supraphonline.cz, which I previously ask about, turned to be legal. The legalness of this store was confirmed by the pro-music organisation. The store offers mainly digital releases but there are also physical releases too. So, since the store is legit, here are the list of available releases from it: Burning In The Skies // {-3tr- + Blackout live, WTCFM live, cat. 093624958901} 1.BURNING IN THE SKIES (04:13) 2.BLACKOUT (LIVE) [Explicit] (04:36) [2011.02.04 New York City, New York, USA] 3.WHEN THEY COME FOR ME (LIVE) (05:21) [2011.02.04 New York City, New York, USA] [Available only digitally.] When They Come For Me, from this single, wasn't available in any of the Linkin Park physical releases. The track was only available in digital stores. It is available in lossless flac, only in this store: click --------------------------------------------------- Leave Out All The Rest // {-2tr-, ts: LOATR live, LOATR (Single Version), cat. 054391990808} 1.LEAVE OUT ALL THE REST (LIVE) [ALBUM VERSION EDIT] (03:27) [2008.06.29 Milton Keynes, England] 2.LEAVE OUT ALL THE REST (SINGLE VERSION) (03:19) Previously available on 7digital and on LOATR promo CD. The single contains an edited version of Leave Out All The Rest (Live AtMilton Keynes). It is available in lossless flac, only in this store: click --------------------------------------------------- Live Earth - The Concerts For A Climate In Crisis // {15-track Bleed It Out (Live), cat. 093624992707} Live Earth - The Concerts For A Climate In Crisis // {16-track Bleed It Out (Live), cat. 093624992790} 6.BLEED IT OUT (LIVE FROM LIVE EARTH) (03:40) It was available on the physical CD/DVD release. You can buy it in lossless flac: click1, click2 --------------------------------------------------- Where'd You Go // {-3tr- + Big Bad remix, SOB remix, cat. 093624290162} 1.WHERE'D YOU GO (FEAT HOLLY BROOK & JONAH MATRANGA) [SINGLE VERSION] [Explicit] (03:52) 2.WHERE'D YOU GO (FEAT HOLLY BROOK & JONAH MATRANGA) [BIG BAD REMIX] [Explicit] (04:07) 3.WHERE'D YOU GO (FEAT HOLLY BROOK & JONAH MATRANGA) [SOB VERSION] [Explicit] (03:17) Available in lossless flac: click Other releases from this store: https://www.supraphonline.cz/album/145009-given-up https://www.supraphonline.cz/album/144317-shadow-of-the-day https://www.supraphonline.cz/album/145188-bleed-it-out https://www.supraphonline.cz/album/145734-what-i-ve-done https://www.supraphonline.cz/album/142538-we-made-it https://www.supraphonline.cz/album/142533-we-made-it https://www.supraphonline.cz/album/135213-wretches-and-kings https://www.supraphonline.cz/album/141916-leave-out-all-the-rest https://www.supraphonline.cz/album/142113-leave-out-all-the-rest https://www.supraphonline.cz/album/141295-leave-out-all-the-rest
  4. Added LP "Games" section with all editions of the LP 8-bit Rebellion! and LP Recharge - Wastelands. Each of the edition contains full info, list of all songs used in the game with length/format/quality, screenshots of the game. There is also Blackbirds video gallery. You can check the "LP/Games" section under this link. ---------------------------------------------------------- Additional info will now pop out, when you click on the release date that's blue. ---------------------------------------------------------- The "What The Words Meant" track in this edition was updated, now it is available in the 24-bit/44.1kHz quality, not in 96.0kHz like it was previously.
  5. Site update: - added flags with "Released only in the United States" to 16-track ATS editions with the "A Thousand Suns: The Full Experience". The "ATS: The Full Experience" track was exclusive to United States only. Also, ATS deluxe version with iTunes LP and "ATS: Full Exp." track was available only in the United States, not also in Canada like I earlier thought. I check Canadian iTunes Store via Web Archive and there was only international version, without the ATS: Full Exp. track, - I updated the info about iTunes LP quality, which you can see when you stop your cursor on the iTunes LP icon, - added few more screenshots to both of the ATS deluxe editions with iTunes LP, also updated the description of them. One more thing about the videos from the ATS deluxe version, that are in the "iTunes LP/videos" folder. Both of the videos don't have metadata tags and that's how they look like: The one with the ISRC code USWBV1000428 is "Meeting Of A Thousand Suns" documentary. The second with the code USWBV1000469 it is a short intro video. When you start the iTunes LP, you are seeing this intro before the main menu. It contains an intro from the song "The Catalyst" with some SFX sounds created by Ghost Town (also both of the videos were directed by them). Now what's my point - this short intro video had no name, it just had the ISRC code + some info details in its name. For the long time I had use "Intro" name for it on my site, but some time ago I noticed that this video in one of the ISRC databases has a name "A Thousand Suns (Introductory)", so I decided to use that name instead of "Intro". I think the "Lyrics" section is missing in the Reanimation interactive booklet, because when you will open it in a hex editor or in notepad, you will find out that there are lyrics for all songs, but there is no way to see those when you will open the booklet in the standard way (in iTunes or QuickTime).
  6. https://music.apple.com/ca/album/trust/1449743763?i=1449743777 The song was released on November 28, 2017, so the BMI thing appeared now or it was discovered now?
  7. I changed the notes. Not exactly, the tracks: "Radio Clash", "Kick Me Out", "Chill Pill" are new, unreleased tracks.
  8. Added Styles Of Beyond's "Reseda Beach" album that is produced by Mike, it contains two songs that featured him and remix by him for one song. https://martinez412.github.io/lpdigital/#cat-659123020558
  9. Site update: I merged those two. There was no any other version with the song "Blackbirds" than the deluxe version. - added UPC code 093624963103 for "A Thousand Suns (Deluxe Version)" with iTunes LP, also, I decided to add + 4 more screenshots of the "A Thousand Suns: The Full Experience" visualization, since it was only available in the ATS edition with iTunes LP released only in United States and Canada; - since on the site there are releases that are available only for streaming, I decided to add also "A Thousand Suns Sampler 093624960058)", which was available for streaming only and it is still available on spotify, all songs in the release are in album version; - additional info about songs in the tracklist of the releases that are not available anymore has now the same color (they are not in dark color anymore); - the tracklist in the available only for streaming releases has slightly different color. ----------------------------------------------------- Some additional info: There was no edition of the A Thousand Suns on napster with "The Catalyst (feat. NoBrain)" bonus track, like some of the familiar sites says. The NoBrain remix was available there as a 1-track digital single. I discovered that 3 tracks in the Reanimation (Bonus Track) version of the album with interactive booklet, released long time ago on iTunes are slightly different: - Pts.Of.Athrty was single version (with extended intro and no longer outro) - P5hng Me A*wy had no transition to Plc.4 Mie Haed - By_Myslf had longer outro (3:44), in the album version (which length is 3:42) one and half second of the outro was cut and used as a transition in the "Kyur4 Th Ich".
  10. Booklets (both types) has now additional info, available on click. https://i.ibb.co/R9LDdG9/03984098.jpg
  11. I always thought that the tracklist of the Reanimation album should look everywhere the same way like on the back cover of the CD (or at least it should have all feat. artists) and they updated it, everywhere (besides iTunes). When something is no longer available (any tracks, digital booklet, or audio format), I always make it darker, the same with icons, so I will just stay with that form. Also, in this case I'm not sure if "the booklet was replaced" is the right thing to say. The interactive booklets were exclusive to iTunes only. I never find any proof that they were available anywhere else. Along with the QuickTime and iTunes updates, those interactive booklets stopped working and Apple decided to remove them from iTunes then and in 2014 Qobuz received the album from the label with the PDF version of the booklet and that's the only store that have this album with PDF booklet. I updated the tracklist and notes in Reanimation (Bonus Version), right now it looks like this. If it's about the format of the booklets, there are two different icons, standard for PDF and blue one for interactive booklet, both icons has info about the format of these booklets in their description. If that's not enough, I can add additional info, that would be available on click, just like the songs have.
  12. I asked the Qobuz support team about what format the digital booklets are and what kind of the video from the Meteora album is and if they can provide the length of it. This is what they said: [Link1]* [Link2]* [Link3]* [Link4]** As far as I know PDF booklets for all those 3 albums are available only on Qobuz. I will update those releases on the site. If it's about Reanimation, there are screenshots of the interactive booklet, so if I just add booklet pdf instead interactive booklet, people might think that those screenshots are from the booklet PDF, so what would be the best solution of this: - keep interactive booklet in the tracklist, but also add PDF version and info about it to notes, - set the whole release with interactive booklet as not available anymore and just add above another one with the same UPC, with PDF booklet but without interactive booklet's screenshots.
  13. I had in my hands two (out of 4) Linkin Park interactive booklets, .mov files that were available in some editions on iTunes, long time ago (1, 2). I managed to open them in QuickTime 7.13. Here are some details: - they are titled: "Digital Collector Booklet Vol 1", "Digital Collector Booklet Vol 3" (so the other two for "Live In Texas" and "Collision Course" are probably "Vol 2" and "Vol 4"), - the "images" section from Reanimation, consists of various album artworks - the "images" section from Hybrid Theory, consists of band promo photos. A few of them were probably used only in this interactive booklet (like, 1-the two wide ones with Brad, Joe, Mike and Chester, 2-the one, where the band has a pole behind them - it has some additional effects and it was probably edited by Frank, 3-the one that is back cover of the HT but without the tracklist)*, - the "email updates" button it is just a link to linkinpark.com - they were designed by SPARKART LLC * I googled the ones that I mentioned in brackets and I couldn't find any of them. EDIT: some of them were used in the official Linkin Park website (in the swf intro). I think the "Lyrics" section is missing in the Reanimation interactive booklet, because when you will open it in a hex editor or in notepad, you will find out that there are lyrics for all songs, but there is no way to see those when you will open the booklet in the standard way (in iTunes or QuickTime). If anyone needs txt files with full bio, lyrics, liner notes from those booklets PM me. If someone knows how to get the LIT and CC interactive booklets, let me know. Also, there was one for TRT. You can see the video of Reanimation booklet here. --------------------- Site update: added: - Reanimation interactive booklet screenshots - Hybrid Theory interactive booklet screenshots - a few changes/improvements to A Thousand Suns (Deluxe Version) with iTunes LP. You can check all screenshots of the HT interactive booklet here: #cat-093624320623. The screenshots of the Reanimation booklet are in the "Reanimation (Bonus Version)" release, right above the "Hybrid Theory (Bonus Version)".
  14. There are 24 tracks in the LPL download link. The first 12 HT tracks was released by lp.com, so what is the source for the rest tracks?
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