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  1. The rating is how much you like the song, if someone totally don't like it can rate it at 1/10, it doesn't mean that you have to hate something.
  2. Really good rating, at least it's not 1/10.
  3. 3 Promo photos: 01, 02, 03 Press article from Warner Records:
  4. So all the time was about the snippet only, not the full song, right?
  5. Both version of the song are already on iTunes. HQ Covers: Explicit | Clean
  6. Thanks! Just added that to site. Yep!
  7. I don't know what depends on a different format but 24-bit lossless of full HT20 album in flac was legit.
  8. Also, here. RITD is available in lossless also here. The 'Master' means the source file that comes directly from the studio. Sometimes that can be lossless 24-bit, sometimes just 16-bit CD quality.
  9. Nah it's the full song I misunderstood some things what he said.
  10. So according to what Mike said, you will get not a song but a mov video file with the song. Yes the preview on the Zora site is in mov format.
  11. It is worth to point that the version Mike's selling is slightly different from the one that's already out there. Here's comparison: snippet1 - version is out there snippet2 - version that Mike is selling
  12. First one is probobly GATS live version with Mike rapping the Rakim part, I think The second is "Hot Karl - Like Riding A Bike (feat. Mike Shinoda, Intuition & Abnormal)"
  13. WallOfSound: Official Warner Info: I'm curious how that works, if WallOfSound received the same info (at this point the same PDF with the info from the label) and they just changed the sentence a little bit.
  14. If anyone bought any of those release and know what the tracklist is of those available only in Australia editions: link1, link2 - let me know. Quick update of the list and site + small info: Those two releases were merged. I change the column name from "Catalog #" to "Identifier ", since I added music videos to site I had to put a different name of this column in all music video sections, but I didn't want to have two different names so I just use the same everywhere. The "Catalog #" name was always correct, maybe not for the all artists and releases but all for the Warner Bros. releases, because if it's about the Fort Minor/Dead By Sunrise/Mike Shinoda/Linkin Park - the UPC code from all of those is at the same time the catalog number, just like some physical releases has. I also recently confirmed that by talking about it with Juno Download store - they always shows only catalog numbers of the releases (as you can see for e.g. here and here), the UPC code nowhere can be found on Juno's pages but you can always ask them about it. Also as they said: "Unfortunately we don't have yet in our system to be able to search via the UPC in the website but it is something we have in the plans for future improvements." Added as release IDs the GRID codes to some releases of Fort Minor, Dead By Sunrise, Mike Shinoda and Linkin Park. I decided to keep only one code in the identifier column in table. For albums/singles usually that will be the UPC code, for music videos usually that will be GRID code, since Warner keeps "on top" only this identifier for his music videos that are stand-alone release. So in the table there will be one identifier per-release but, you will be still able to find the same release by other identifiers, when use the search bar (which is on the top of the site). For example: At this point when you will use in the search bar the UPC code, GRID code or the catalog number, you will be able to find those releases. A lot of corrections were made to the site, notably the sections of LP: "LPU", Concert Videos, corrections in some of the games in the "Games" section, corrections in some releases in the "Others" and some corrections in the "Free downloads" section. I asked the LP store team what is the quality of all LPU albums that are available in MP3. If I will get the info I will add it here.
  15. For a second I was like, wait a minute I heard about some kind of that and that was associated with Linkin Park, and I remembered that in 2012 they did a game with Lotus F1 team, the game was called "Linkin Park GP".
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