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  1. Show page notes: "The setlist for this show was unknown until March 24, 2020, when Linkin Park livestreamed" - the band didn't say it anywhere that it will be a live stream (don't know why there was "Live on YT" on the cover) and it wasn't actually a live stream, it was a premiere, the same thing Mike did for his I.O.U. music video.
  2. I don't have SOTD multis, anyone know if you can make a SOTD 2007 version instrumental from them?
  3. I'm at the point of finishing the update for the site. So we should add the AT&T Blue Room Performance show page for the BestBuy tracks right?
  4. https://lplive.net/shows/2010/20101107/ The show page is missing the info about the ATS bonus version, which had the same 6 live tracks like the Puerta de Alcal√° EP. https://listen.tidal.com/album/11012606 https://www.qobuz.com/gb-en/album/a-thousand-suns-bonus-edition-linkin-park/0093624958994 https://web.archive.org/web/20110402211721/http://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/a-thousand-suns-bonus-track/id410677265
  5. I guess it's the same if the album is available only for streaming, right? MTM BestBuy is available for streaming. Probably in the US only. Where? On Napster, Spotify. I probably have the wrong version of No More Sorrow in my "bonus tracks/bestbuy" folder because the preview of it from Napster doesnt match with the one I hane.
  6. So the iTunes bonus track doesn't match for a 100% with any of those videos, all of them has some differences. The video the song matches the most is the one from AOL.
  7. Circuit City bonus track is definitely different than AT&T. There are moments Chester sings slightly differently. Also during solo, he sings "for what i've done" a bit longer in Cicruit City version. Plus Circuit City version has Joe's scratching in intro and AT&T hasn't.
  8. Just a quick info, all the info on the site that requires updating will be updated also some releases will have additional notes. I don't know when that will be, but it will take a while.
  9. I have compared the WID one more time with all the vids and it looks like it is for a 100% this video. Even mix and master is almost the same, but the noticeable differences can be caused by the low quality of the video. So you can associate a show page for BestBuy and live single. What is the show page for that? I will try to compare the itunes bonus track later this week on Saturday. That will be the hard one.
  10. @Hahninator If you can please send me the wav files. Also the scan of the CD on LPC have very low resolution. Do you know if there were any credits, like who did mixing for live songs?
  11. None of those match with the itunes bonus track. And what's with the stripped video? You can see in 0:06 that Joe is doing scratching but there's no scratching in the audio. They use a different version of it. Maybe we should consider official released audio as a slightly different version. Also none of them match in therms of the same mastering/mixing. So if we want to perfectly match them I don't think there is a sense to compare them with the version from videos.
  12. So iTunes doesn't match for any of those two. Live Single & BestBuy match with Third Encore but not for a 100% for example in the video Chester sings for what I've done in the solo a bit longer than in the official released audio version. So we can consider this as from Third Encore but as a different take or something like that. I think that the audio that they later released officially was edited. So comparing those tracks to the videos is really hard.
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