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  1. Dream Fragment (02:47) - 9/10 Sound Collector (02:58) - 1/10 Dust Code (03:53) - 9/10 No Delete (02:39) - 6/10 Robet Yodel (02:24) - 7/10 Vibe Train (02:19) - 10/10 Mike's Gonna Mike (02:01) - 4/10 Shoreline (03:04) - 8/10 Goodbye Cow (03:20) - 7/10 Genesis Supernova (01:09) - 5/10 Sidechain Gang (02:35) - 5/10 Overcast (02:16) - 10/10 A Thousand Jams (02:53) - 10/10 License To Waltz (02:27) - 1/10 This volume is the best from all 3. Even the cover is the best. The album could easily be titled "Goodbye Cow".
  2. Site update: I restored the "Games" section. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
  3. In The End (Demo) [LPU Rarities] (03:48) will be released soon.
  4. Because I was checking some albums there before and in all cases the snippets were available there. I think that one album got the snippets even two weeks before the planned release date. I think you can start to check for them two weeks before the HT20 release date, that will be in few days.
  5. I already checked all the databases, etc. and yeah She Couldn't doesn't have "Demo" but I remember checking it before the release and it had it, looks like they have changed that.
  6. https://plan9music.com/UPC/093624893240 - snippets for all songs will be available here in few days. So we should likely add "demo" to all songs from "Forgotten Demos"disc.
  7. The Hi-Res version will be also on HDtracks and on few other stores. I just wondering if this will be a various quality mixed in just like Studio Collection has. What I'm thinking is a HT album as a possible of having a different quality. It is available already at 48.0kHz and 96.0kHz, so maybe they will include one of those versions in this album? Otherwise this edition will be the first one to have HT in 44.1 quality.
  8. I think RTR in some sort received an official single. It was one of the LOATR edition with a RTR version as a first track and album version as a second, which was available on iTunes, 7digital and many more stores and it is still available here. Officially it was available only in digital format and as a promo CD. When I was looking for LP releases, I have noticed that all of those videos were super popular in 2008-2010, they were in most of the store/streaming platforms. BIO was the only one with the "streaming-only" option, while you could buy others. Besides the BIO all of them are on iTunes.
  9. But still maybe the terms of the contest are saying that you can use only this acapella.
  10. Wrong, should be: Like someone mention that earlier, it's possible that the years are correct and Chester vocals were added in the later time.
  11. After a short time that I posted it, I was only confirmed in this, that they are in the right section. This has nothing to do with "singles" or "promotional singles". Most of those releases were not available on iTunes, because the song itself was available on the page of the album pre-order, but some stores can't have any available tracks in the album pre-order page or somethimes at all the album for pre-order, so the song has to be separately released with it's own upc code in those stores and this is the reason why all of those releases exists. Example from the HT 20 edition: - you have pre-order of the album on iTunes and you can buy She Couldn't. You have also pre-order on Google Play, but you can't buy She Couldn't there, so this is why this release exist. ------------------------------------------------- I added a new thing to site, basically this is for the tests and it will be available only in Dropped Frames releases. I don't know if I will ever add that to any other releases (it will be a extremly huge work to add that to all releases, but I'm not planning this right now) - when you will click on format icon, you will now have a list of the links to stores, where you will be able to buy album in that specified format/quality: https://i.ibb.co/RQVtn2F/787889.jpg
  12. We will find out real soon. I'm pretty sure more people also asked him about that, there's no need to spam him with all of those messages.
  13. There is one thing that I noticed here. If there is Warner logo on LPU album - all tracks were registered by the label, if there is no Warner logo - the tracks weren't registered by the label and there is also the fact that we didn't find any proofs that all tracks of HT EP were registered, there was no info in the databases nor the CD itself. I think this is the first time all tracks from HT EP were registered by the label and on the HT20 all tracks will probably contain a small differences contrary to version releases on LPU albums.
  14. I received this info today. So it seems like everyone (including those who will receive a "Download card of all audio included in the Super Deluxe Box Set") will receive album just in MP3 format.
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