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  1. If you're subscribed to Mike Shinoda on Twitch, check your e-mails for a download of today's "Halloween Beatz" track.
  2. Deftones has released a trailer for the 20th anniversary edition of White Pony. The album will be accompanied by a bonus remix album titled "Black Stallion". Among the collaborators are DJ Shadow, Phantogram, Robert Smith (The Cure), Purity Ring, Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park), Squarepusher, Trevor Jackson and Clams Casino. Pre-orders will launch tomorrow, October 30th, with the first single, a remix of 'Knife Prty' done by Purity Ring. The anniversary reissue of the album is coming on December 11th. White Pony (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) tracklist: Feiticeira Digital Bath Elite Rx Queen Street Carp Teenager Knife Prty Korea Passenger Change (In The House Of Flies) Pink Maggit Feiticeira (Clams Casino Remix) Digital Bath (DJ Shadow Remix) Elite (Blanck Mass Remix) Rx Queen (Salva Remix) Street Carp (Phantogram Remix) Teenager (Robert Smith Remix) Knife Prty (Purity Ring Remix) Korea (Trevor Jackson Remix) Passenger (Mike Shinoda Remix) Change (In The House Of Flies) [Tourist Remix] Pink Maggit (Squarepusher Remix) Edit (10/30/20): Pre-orders are now available here: https://deftones.warnerrecords.com/
  3. When you contact the e-mail, make sure to list every faulty item in your message. Link the band's tweet if necessary. Just heard of someone from Japan who only received the DVDs. No Projekt Revolution backstage pass and no lithograph.
  4. No, they aren't. That's the problem. These tracks were never released on CD because LPU 15 had a bunch of exclusively digital tracks that they didn't even bother to preserve in the LPU site. They simply removed them from the store like a year later. It doesn't really matter if they are instrumentals. They are songs nonetheless. There are artists that build their entire career around instrumental albums. You can't really play it down the importance of a song because "it's just an instrumental." Imagine if they had released One More Light CDs with only 30 seconds of the title track and refused to release fixed CDs. Wouldn't that make you pissed? It has the intro. Just like Rock Am Ring has the Rockpalast intro. But I guess you need to rip the DVD to see it.
  5. I'm not sure why, but if you open the DVDs with a DVD editor software you will find versions of The Fillmore, Rock Am Ring and Projekt Revolution with different lengths. I guess the standard versions accessed by DVD players are the ones without the intros. Yes. There are no CDs with the full songs.
  6. I think this is about this: https://javamagaz.com/?p=6788 Potential final Grey Daze show: https://www.azcentral.com/story/entertainment/music/2020/07/12/chester-bennington-early-life-phoenix-grey-daze-new-music-amends-linkin-park/5392814002/ Grey Daze probably didn't play here: https://lplive.net/shows/greydaze/19980426
  7. At what time in the video is What I've Done?
  8. It's the same, but it was a really bad rip with speed / pitch issues. Sounded pretty bad too. Not ripped with good equipment.
  9. Linkin Park has issued an official note on Twitter about the errors in the European pressings of Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition): We’ve heard from some European fans who have unfortunately received HT:20 Super Deluxe Box Sets that included mislabeled DVDs & had issues with the laminate & MS lithograph. Please email ht20@wmgcustomerservice.com for further updates on providing replacements for these elements. Your code for the digital download link that is included in the Super Deluxe Box Set has now also been updated with corrected versions of “Hurry” and “Chair” from the LPU Rarities disc. You may use this support email for any European box set orders, no matter where the initial purchase was from. Note this doesn't mention a corrected version of the LPU Rarities CD. They have been corrected in digital versions, but those tracks will remain unreleased in physical format. This is likely due to the problem being present in the US pressings too; so they don't have any CDs with the full versions to send as replacement. Only the The Fillmore 2001/Rock Am Ring 2001 and Projekt Revolution 2002 DVDs, the Projekt Revolution 2002 laminate and the Mike Shinoda lithograph will be replaced. Damaged items such as warped vinyls or broken boxes aren't covered in this either. If you had these problems, we advise you to contact the store you purchased the box set from for a replacement.
  10. Projekt Revolution 2003 would be great to have because of stuff like Hit The Floor, Nobody's Listening, Easier To Run and P5hng Me A*wy. Not to mention appearances by Christian Lindskog, Xzibit and Chad Gray. Yes, we already have a proshot of Projekt Revolution 2004, but it's the video feed from the venue. The quality kinda sucks. I'm sure any show the band would have to offer from that tour would have a much superior quality. From 2005, I would rather have the Music For Relief show. We already have Live 8 in full anyway and the Music For Relief was way more special with a longer set, the only ever live performance of Frgt/10 and Collision Course in its entirety. I would be more than okay not getting the full Collision Course show if we could get this instead. And of course, having the full Chiba 2006 show would be a dream come true.
  11. There was a full video of the song on YouTube back in 2006. I think I still have it somewhere (downloaded from YouTube). The quality was pretty bad though. Guys, leave him alone. Plenty of people here have already contacted him. lol 1. First of all, Warner told him to take down Pictureboard from his SoundCloud page. He would be the stupidest person ever if he started sharing other unreleased Linkin Park material online after this. 2. Deftest was an early cassette demo created by Mike and Mark. They didn't even had a band at that point. Xero was literally only Mike and Mark. It's very unlikely for anyone but them to have this song. 3. Andrew auditioned for Xero when Phoenix left. That was it. The only reason he has Pictureboard is because it was in Xero's audition tape. It's likely the exact same tape they sent to vocalists. We've heard straight from the band Pictureboard was there.
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