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  1. There's nothing to listen at the moment. The site is just a marketing campaign to get fans excited for what's to come. We'll have to wait until October for the anniversary release.
  2. Reveals the 4 music files ("corrupted" as well) and the band pictures.
  3. These two were the only known songs, but it could have had more songs. We never got confirmation on how many songs were in the audition tape.
  4. Is this a screenshot from the video? The video was the intro to the band's website in 2000. It isn't new.
  5. I didn't check the code, but I think things might happen in the order of the steps in the "readme.txt": Day 1 - Server Day 2 - Mail Day 3 - Password The Defragger isn't doing anything at the moment as far as I can tell. It was supposed to work on Day 1, right? Maybe we're not on Day 1 yet?
  6. There's an interview from the Minutes To Midnight era where Chester says Jeff Blue just gave in to the pressure of the label.
  7. We got the date from Marc Ostrick. He was the creator of Lockout and still has the original tapes. We also interviewed him for linkinpark:br once. All the information we have about Lockout came from him: http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=Lockout The studio's website is linked on this Linkinpedia page. We also have a business card for the person who managed the studio at the time. It was called "Hollywood Rehearsal Studios" in the card.
  8. Checked Linkinpedia and turns out we do know. It was registered on August 3, 1999. That's interesting. November 1999 is when the band reportedly started working with Warner. Yeah, I'm aware of that. Still doesn't change the fact they were performing this version in February 2000. If I had to guess, I'd say the 9-track demo version was just a collection of old demos Jeff Blue had lying around instead of a collection of the most recent versions of those songs. Maybe it was recorded prior to the 2-track CD. So: LPU 11 -> 9-track -> 2-track -> website -> studio finals
  9. Yeah, just promo stuff. The demo versions came from sampler CDs and Advanced CDs used to promote the album before it was finished. Then you have the offical album version, and all the single versions / radio edits came from it. They are created and released for radio airplay in different countries. The music video version might be a case of editing the song to fit the video instead of editing the video to fit the song. Just a choice they made.
  10. Don't know how I didn't notice that before, but the "stay away bridge" in the website demo is wrong. It is similar to the 2-track demo version where Chester screams "go away." I think we could never figure out when exactly the domain hybridtheory.com was registered (like we did with linkinpark.com), but the site being online in 1999 doesn't really mean the songs were already there. The "stay away" bridge is featured in the January 2000 CD but if you pay attention to Lockout, which was filmed in February 2000, they were rehearsing the 2-track demo / website version with the "go away" bridge, which is the one they kept in the final song. It would make no sense for them to play this version unless it was the current version at the time. I'm not saying what we have is 100% correct though. For all we know, the version in the 9-track demo could predate both the 2-track demo and website versions. Or maybe they came up with the 9-track demo version after the 2-track demo version but didn't like it and decided to go back to the previous version. Who knows?
  11. DJ Z-Trip was broadcasting on Twitch on July 2nd to celebrate the 15th anniversary of his debut studio album Shifting Gears. He told stories about each track on the album, played demos, unreleased tracks and performed the songs. Among the demos was a vocal recording of Chester Bennington recorded in the tour bus as a draft when he was touring with Linkin Park.Chester rode with DJ Z-Trip from one show to the next and recorded the demo on the bus. He also revealed Mike Shinoda helped a little with the arrangement and showed a couple of pictures. The first is from Coachella 2005 and the second is a review of Wantagh 2004. We extracted just the part about "Walking Dead" for you guys as well as the audio of Chester's vocal demo and the performance. He played the same version he did at the Hollywood Bowl show. Download video: WeTransfer (18:21 mins | .mkv | 446 MB) Download Walking Dead: WeTransfer (4:46 mins | .mp3 | 10.9 MB) Download demo: WeTransfer (0:34 mins | .mp3 | 1.31 MB) Linkinpedia page: http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=Walking_Dead Enjoy!
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