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  1. From Linkinpedia's List Of Unreleased Songs: Hey, LMNO did a song with Mike Shinoda back in the day, maybe 6 years ago. Then the Visionaries recorded a song with Joe Hahn and Mike Shinoda, and I believe some of the rest of the group was supposed to add stuff to the song...anyhow, it was before the "ReAnimation" album, and we all decided not to put the song out....so, I guess it's just one of those, never heard, never put out things. The Visionaries demo was finally released in 2015 but the song that started it all remains uncirculated among Linkin Park fans. We reached
  2. Sorry, checked again and it's Instagram, not YouTube. Yeah. Tyler Bates handles the Dark Nights Death Metal soundtrack. Virtually every song has input from him. On the announcement they said they worked with him on the song + they called it "Retro Version" like you said. Today Sean replied to someone saying the album version will be different.
  3. Thank you for the explanation. That was my first thought too when I read "3D Audio" both on Amazon's and Apple's press releases. But from the files I have it does seem like they have a fixed amount of channels and I did see reports of some elements missing from the songs when people played the album in stereo sound systems.
  4. Today's interview is a throwback from my old fan site LPAmerican. Back in 2009 we did an in-depth interview with Linkin Park's former touring member Scott Koziol where he talked about how he first met the band, his appearance on the One Step Closer music video, his influences, musical skills, work with other bands and non-musical projects after he parted ways with Linkin Park. Since the site has been offline for over 10 years now, we figured it would be a good idea to archive this piece of history on LPLive under our Hybrid Origins page. Enjoy! Hybrid Origin
  5. Yes. If you open on Audacity for instance you can see all 6 of them. Sorry for my ignorance but what exactly is channel-agnostic?
  6. NICE Dir En Grey avatar. Awesome single. Love the 3rd track as well (crazy ass live s***)

  7. It's a 5.1 surround version of the album, so I guess they needed to make a new mix in order to split the songs into 6 channels instead of the regular 2 from the stereo version. I think it's something the label ordered for the 20th anniversary celebration. Not sure if Mike was involved. I think he never talked about it.
  8. Amazon did it last year: https://lplive.net/forums/topic/14372-amazon-music-to-remaster-linkin-park-in-ultra-hd-3d-audio/ It's available on Tidal too: https://news.dolby.com/en-WW/189109-tidal-and-dolby-bring-dolby-atmos-music-to-the-home Other stores are just jumping on the bandwagon.
  9. We are back with another interview. This time, with another vocalist who auditioned for Xero in early 1999 as Mark Wakefield's replacement. Kirk Harper is a musician native to Arizona where he sang for a local band called Oil. If you're familiar with our Grey Daze live guide you might remember this name as Chester's band opened a couple of shows for Oil. If anyone is curious about their sound, you can listen to their 1997 self-titled EP on YouTube or download a few tracks here: Fever In The Funk House, God Glow, Pork Chops, High Times, Shiver. Hybrid Origins: A Look Bac
  10. I thought it was a little weird how Minutes To Midnight was depicted as a failure because they lost a VMA to Fall Out Boy. lol
  11. MTV Music UK just announced Linkin Park will be the theme of tonight's episode of My Life On MTV. The documentary, composed of exclusive footage filmed by MTV over the years, promises to show "the band's highs and unthinkable lows." The series' IMDb page reads: "Each 30-minute episode will tell the stories of two artists who are linked by a common theme - We'll see their first ever appearance on MTV, and all the defining moments through present day." Today's episode is about Linkin Park and Green Day. It airs tonight at 7pm BST. Watch the teaser here. Edit: Extende
  12. As promised, we are back this week with another addition to our Hybrid Origins series. The page has been updated with an overview of the band's origin complemented by information that surfaced during the 20th anniversary celebrations of Hybrid Theory and a few words from vocal coach Lis Lewis, whose client list includes Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, Courtney Love, Britney Spears, Colbie Caillat, Demi Lovato, Tyson Ritter of The All-American Rejects, Jimmy Eat World, The Pussycat Dolls and Jack Black just to name a few. As we learned, she also worked with Mark Wakefield and for one of the bands he man
  13. It's an original song he sent to Xero.