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  1. Via Instagram, the Californian alt. rock outfit Kitten has announced their new single, titled 'Me,' was produced by none other than Mike Shinoda! Their new EP, Goodbye Honeymoon Phase, is due tomorrow, October 18, 2019. It appears the song will also receive a music video as it is already listed on Mike Shinoda's Apple Music page in Japan. A preview can be watched here. The band told the story behind the collaboration via Twitter: Guys last year I was in the van, and we had all jus finished burrito bowls from Chipotle. Other than that it was like any normal day on tour when i received a DM from @mikeshinoda None of us could believe it. A year later , it’s a collab. MAZAL 🤧 "Goodbye Honeymoon Phase" Tracklist: Memphis Me Goodbye Honeymoon Phase Distraction Friday's No Fun Anymore Edit: Music video is out! Watch it here:
  2. We've been slow on news lately, so here's something cool: an instrumental version of A Thousand Suns had surfaced earlier this year with an early instrumental version of the song. Recently, the multitracks for this version were leaked online and a fan actually went through the trouble of putting everything together so we can hear how the original song sounded before NoBraiN (winner of the Linkin Park featuring You contest) made changes to the track. Listen below. Additionally, make sure to watch the LPTV episode about the contest here and read LPAssociation's exclusive interview with NoBraiN here.
  3. Just had a chance to listen to the file you posted. Sounds like ambient noise, like wind or something, or static. I guess it's something that was recorded by accident, like that By Myself demo in the multitracks, and shouldn't be there.
  4. Maybe the shortened tracks are some kind of single edit and the additional noise is some kind of transition to the next track. They could have been released on digital stores by mistake.
  5. Yes. They all came from Mike's PC. There was a folder called JH Samples.
  6. This week. Same place as the others. If you have the others, you know where it was. Like Astat said, they were deleted already. Please don't request links to leaked multitracks here. Joe's samples were in the same folder as Mike's.
  7. https://lplive.net/forums/topic/12088-lpa-podcast-w-mike-summary/?tab=comments#comment-260941
  8. Based on these snippets, it sounds a lot like the bonus track is from the Circuit City performance. The single sounds like the AT&T performance to me. Here are all the performances in case anyone else wants to compare them: - Third Encore - Stripped - Circuit City - Wal-Mart - BestBuy - AOL - AT&T
  9. So the live single is AOL and the MTM bonus is Third Encore? Minutes To Midnight - MVI Disc 13. What I've Done (Third Encore) 14. No More Sorrow (Third Encore) 15. Given Up (Third Encore) Minutes To Midnight (iTunes) 13. What I've Done (Third Encore) Minutes To Midnight (BestBuy) 13. What I've Done (AOL) 14. No More Sorrow (AOL) 15. Given Up (AOL) Minutes To Midnight (Wal-Mart) 13. Breaking The Habit (Wal-Mart) 14. What I've Done (Wal-Mart) Minites To Midnight (Circuit City) 13. Faint (Circuit City) 14. What I've Done (Circuit City) Minutes To Midnight (Tour Edition) 15. Given Up (Third Encore) What I've Done (Live) - Single 01. What I've Done (AOL) No More Sorrow (Live) - Promo 01. No More Sorrow (Stripped) Shadow Of The Day - Single 03. No More Sorrow (Third Encore) Compilation - Promo 12. In The End (Wal-Mart) 13. Pushing Me Away (Wal-Mart) Is everything correct?
  10. Yeah, the tracks from the BestBuy version aren't from the BestBuy performance. There's only What I've Done (video) available from that performance as far as I know. We have the videos from the MVI Disc listed as being from the Third Encore performance. The audio of Given Up was released in the tour edition of MTM and No More Sorrow was released in the SOTD single. If I recall corretly, the BestBuy bonus tracks were believed to be from the AOL performance. The iTunes bonus track (What I've Done only) was believed to be from AOL as well. The Wal-Mart edition bonus tracks are believed to be from the Wal-Mart performance.
  11. Can you link Sean's post about Forever? Couldn't find it anywhere.
  12. Is it the actual file from iTunes or did you rip it from some video?
  13. Flash is deprecated technology. If you're trying to open it on your browser it's likely Flash is blocked. You'd need to go into the configurations and unblock it. If you're trying to access online content, it's likely the links are dead now. I'd suggest you to explore the files inside your CD and see if there's any video files (likely .flv or .mov format).
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