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  1. Not a scan or a demo, but check this page now: For anyone interested, we're still working on the last three interviews from this series and everything is coming along great. Took as a while longer than we expected to finish, but will be posted soon.
  2. I've tried editing my previous post with the list of samples used in Beatbeats and Sad but the stupid site wouldn't let me edit it anymore. I'm just gonna leave it here: BEATBITS1: SAD: Found the origin of another sample: - CSL_METH is from Vapor Trail by The Crystal Method. I think the samples starting with "RAE" might be from Raekwon.
  3. I believe the final compilation was done by me. I did mention in this thread some samples might be loaded into the projects but not used in the songs. Maybe back then I thought that was how Mike originally intended the songs to be. This is some pretty clear evidence I was wrong. That was before we discovered some of these demos were used on LPTV, LPUTV, etc. and were missing parts. I think it could be interesting to hear the demos with all the tracks turned on. Great find! Updated. I actually remember noticing the same thing. I believe "Al_Intro" stands for "Album Intro." Could be the case of Mike creating a demo and then renaming it to use as an intro to Hybrid Theory that was later dropped. These sound so cool! This is interesting. Tasty Gas Station Breaks From The Orient contains the beat from this song as well and the beat from Papercut was supposedly inspired by it. Chino even accused Linkin Park of stealing their song at one point.
  4. Mike Shinoda has released a new NFT on Hic Et Nunc (HEN) titled Uncanny Mountain. The piece is accompanied by a free download of another one of Mike's CoronaJams, Mayo Loops, which was created live on Twitch on July 15, 2021 using drum loops created by Dan Mayo, his touring drummer for the Post Traumatic Tour. Listen to the track here: https://www.hicetnunc.xyz/objkt/400211
  5. In a recent interview to NME, Canadian singer renforshort (real name Lauren Isenberg) told the magazine about the "mentorship" she got from Yungblud and Mike Shinoda. Last year Mike remixed her hit single 'I Drive Me Mad' from her Teenage Angst EP. Speaking about the collaboration, she revealed they have worked on more music together which might be released in the near future. She said: “Also, Mike Shinoda ended up being a huge mentor for me. He gave me so many tips and just things that I wouldn’t otherwise know about the music industry. From that point on, we’ve had a beautiful relationship.” “I’ve had dinner with his family, we’ve spent a few days together making music, it’s crazy. I made slime with his daughters. If you’d told me even three years ago that I’d be making slime with Mike Shinoda’s daughters I’d have said, ‘Oh shut up! No I won’t.” She will be putting the final touches on her debut album once her tour with Yungblud is wrapped up in late October. “It’s all done. I’m so particular about the final product. I had a call recently and said that we just needed to give it 10 per cent more of everything to make it perfect in my eyes, or as perfect as anything could be. It’s done – it just needs to be more done! The foundation is there, it’s just little things like making sure the mix is perfect.” Listen to Mike Shinoda's remix of 'I Drive Me Mad' and watch him breaking down the track:
  6. https://lplive.net/forums/topic/10788-exclusive-jimmy-kimmel-live-2003-internal-vhs/
  7. Mike Shinoda has released another one of his CoronaJams, this time on Hic Et Nunc (HEN), a new NFT marketplace based on the Tezos platform. 'Return Of The Aliens' was created live on Twitch on May 25, 2021 and is an accompaniment to Mike's reinterpretation of the Omnimorphs NFT collectible project that he called "Memento Morphi." The full length track is available for free download in MP3 320kbps format. Listen and download here: https://www.hicetnunc.xyz/objkt/370174
  8. Yes, that clip is from the BBC Radio performance. Looks like a rehearsal to me. Street Soldiers Tour based on their hair colors.
  9. San Antonio 2004. Original files deleted after the video was uploaded to YouTube. Other clips from a different source can be found in our channel. Camden 2008 uploaded to YouTube right after Chester passed away. Previously unknown recording. Dragon Festival 2001 uploaded to YouTube in 2018. Previously unknown recording. Taper deleted his original channel and uploaded it to a new one in 2020. In this one around 9:07 you can see some clips for instance. Sadly we don't have the show.
  10. This is just the Linkin Park portion of the special. We have the actual full special in our channel. There's a proshot clip of Chester singing Dead & Bloated in the Stone Temple Pilots portion. This DVD is super rare and managed to remain uncirculated since 2001. This video only showed up on YouTube after Chester passed away. I believe we made a news post about it. The full special remains uncirculated. Crazy. In addition to that there's the Toronto 2000 special which I believe is the very first aired proshot show from Linkin Park and it's still completely uncirculated. I've only seen very small clips of this show that were used in some specials by MuchMusic.
  11. Weird, this is what I did to create this list, but for some reason I didn't list Goop. If I remember correctly, there were some songs that didn't show the list of samples for some reason. I'm not really sure if I opened the .APS files or something else, but the software I used was Notepad. I think a sample being listed there doesn't necessarily mean it was used in the song. Mike might have loaded all those samples into the project but ended up not using some of them. I believe the only way to be sure is to actually open the projects in the MPC software and see which samples are being played. I believe that sample is from the Adam-12 Theme. It was a TV show from the late 60's. Thanks to MS2000 I see the sample was loaded into Goop as well.
  12. Pretty sure it isn't. That was just a rumor someone started several years ago. Nocturnal was also said to be Numb but this was never confirmed. We got confirmation that Shifter wasn't the working title for Somewhere I Belong back in 2013:
  13. https://lplive.net/forums/topic/14109-ms-corona-jams/?do=findComment&comment=309681 To answer your question: no. Maybe he forgot. I also noticed Mike wrote the wrong date in the description. It says the track was created in 2021 when it was in fact created in 2020.
  14. On today's Twitch stream, Mike Shinoda did an intentionally clumsy drawing of Sonic The Hedgehog he dubbed "SonkThHegeogs." By request of his Twitch followers, an NFT of it is now available at the OpenSea platform here. In addition, Mike used another drawing of the "SonkThHegeogs" character as artwork for his newly released corona jam 'Skrrt Skrrt' on Audius! This is the third jam to be officially released in the platform and the first not to be released right after the original stream. In fact, Mike created this track over a year ago, on July 21, 2020, using Garage Band. Hopefully this means we'll be getting other older jams in the future! The theme for 'Skrrt Skrrt' was a mix of four fan requests: "'I Want To Break Free' by Queen," "Salsa/Latin," "Disney vibes, Frozen/Moana" and "Migos ad-libs." Mike tried to incorporate some Queen sounds into the beat but decided to do it on a different track on a later occasion. During the stream, he rapped parts of 'Welcome' and 'Bleed It Out' over the jam. Watch it below and listen to the final track here: https://audius.co/mikeshinoda/skrrt-skrrt
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