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  1. I remember Linkin Park's management telling fan sites they were not allowed to sell merch with the band's image. I think those designs are a bit too obvious and that could be a problem, especially the Heavy one which is the exact sign they used to promote the single.
  2. That's weird. I've just downloaded it on my PC using Chrome without being logged into MEGA and extracted using WinRAR. Worked just fine.
  3. If it isn't listed in the live guide it means we don't know.
  4. If a show is bold (darker than the others) in the live guide it means there is a recording: https://lplive.net/2000andearlier/
  5. The demo version of 'It's Goin' Down' had been shared many times in the forums over the years, but now we've decided to make the entire 2001 Advance CD for Built From Scratch available for download in lossless format. The version of 'It's Goin' Down' present in this CD is commonly known as "promo version" due to the voiceover during the bridge. The intro is the infamous "Lee Interlude" (a sample from Bruce Lee's Game Of Death) which was played live by Linkin Park throughout 2001. The chorus is completely different from the final version. The skits present on Built From Scratch are missing from this CD. All songs feature voiceovers letting the listener know they came from a promotional copy of the album - similar to what 'It's Goin' Down' has. Due to this CD being manufactured the year before the album was released, some tracks are still in their demo form. The track 'Triple Threat' (named after the DJ group featured on it) is the only title not present in the standard Built From Scratch album. There's an unlisted 18th track in the disc which is an alternate version of 'Feel The Bass.' Tracklist: 01. XL (feat. Large Professor) 02. X-Ecutioners Scratch 03. A Journey Into Sound (feat. Kenny Muhammed on Beatbox) 04. 3 Boroughs 05. Let It Bang (feat. MOP) 06. X-ecutioners (Theme) Song (feat. Dan The Automator) 07. Feel The Bass 08. It's Goin' Down (feat. Linkin Park) 09. Premier's X-ecution (feat. DJ Premier) 10. Y'all Know The Name (feat. Pharoahe Monch, Xzibit, Inspectah Deck and Madskillz) 11. Genius Of Love (feat. Tom Tom Club) 12. Choppin' Niggaz Up 13. B-Boy Punk Rock 2001 (feat. Everlast) 14. Triple Threat (Starring The Triple Threat DJ's - Shortkut, Apollo and Vinroc) 15. Play That Beat (feat. Fatman Scoop) 16. Dramacide (feat. Big Pun and Kool G Rap) 17. X-ecution Of A Bum Rush 18. Feel The Bass Download FLAC + Scans
  6. + https://lplive.net/shows/mikeshinoda18/20180614/ https://lplive.net/shows/mikeshinoda18/20180819/ https://lplive.net/shows/mikeshinodaother/20180825g/ (this is the Sum 41 show that was webcasted, not Leeds) https://lplive.net/shows/mikeshinoda18/20180901/
  7. Back in 2001 Jonathan Davis, best known as the frontman of Korn, was invited to compose the score and soundtrack of Queen Of The Damned (the second film in The Vampire Chronicles series) in collaboration with Richard Gibbs. The duo wrote five original songs that would appear in the film, but due to Davis' contract with Sony, he was forced to choose artists from Warner (the distributor of the film) to perform the songs. Among those artists was Linkin Park's Chester Bennington who lent his vocals for 'System.' The soundtrack is being issued for the first time on vinyl by FYE on September 20th, 2019. This coke bottle clear vinyl will be limited to 1500 copies, so get yours while they're still available! Pre-order here. Tracklist: "Not Meant for Me" - Wayne Static of Static-X (4:09) "Forsaken" - David Draiman of Disturbed (4:26) "System" - Chester Bennington of Linkin Park (5:03) "Change (In the House of Flies)" - Deftones (5:01) "Redeemer" - Marilyn Manson (4:19) "Dead Cell" - Papa Roach (3:07) "Penetrate" - Godhead (4:18) "Slept So Long" - Jay Gordon of Orgy (5:29) "Down with the Sickness" - Disturbed (4:39) "Cold" - Static-X (3:00) "Headstrong" - Earshot (4:54) "Body Crumbles" - Dry Cell (3:07) "Excess" - Tricky featuring Alanis Morissette (4:43) "Beføre I'm Dead" - Kidneythieves (4:50)
  8. Last week Mike Posner released a new single called 'Prince Akeem' to commemorate his passing of the midpoint of the country in his 3000-mile walk across America. The track was written in collaboration with Mike Shinoda and produced by David Banner - who Linkin Park fans might remember from the mashup with 'Papercut' from Rock Phenomenon.
  9. Ok, so here's where we're at: Official Acapellas: Bass On The Bottom (Mr. Hahn + Troublemaker Remix) (Promo Vinyl) Castle Of Glass (Promo CD) H! Vltg3 (Single) Heavy (Promo CD) Heavy (Clean) (Promo CD) It's Goin' Down (Scratchapella) (Single) New Divide (Single) Numb/Encore (Single) Numb/Encore (Clean) (Single) Sorry For Now (Promo CD) The Requiem / The Radiance (Promo CD) We Made It (Single) We Made It (Clean) (Single) Welcome (Single) Welcome (Clean) (Single) Where'd You Go (Promo CD) Where'd You Go (Clean) (Promo CD) Official Instrumentals: All Night (The Gatalog Instrumentals) Bass On The Bottom (Mr. Hahn + Troublemaker Remix) (Promo Vinyl) Blackout (RAC Instrumental) (Promo CD) Castle Of Glass (Promo CD) Cover & Duck (The Gatalog Instrumentals) *Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You (Collision Course DVD) Dolla (Promo Vinyl) Enth E Nd (Promo CD) Frgt/10 (Promo CD) Get It (Promo Vinyl) Given Up (Warner Sampler) H! Vltg3 (Single) Heavy (Single) It's Goin' Down (Single) Lost In The Echo (Single) New Divide (Single) Numb/Encore (Single) Petrified (Single) Remember The Name (Single) Rock And Roll (Could Never Hip Hop Like This) Part 2 (White People Instrumental) *Robot Boy (A Thousand Suns+ DVD) S.C.O.M. (Promo Vinyl / The Gatalog Instrumentals) Shoot First (Wanna Snuggle Instrumentals) Spraypaint & Inkpens (Promo Vinyl) Sorry For Now (Promo CD) The Battle (Extended Mix) (The Gatalog Instrumentals) The Requiem / The Radiance (Promo CD) We Made It (Single) Welcome (Single) What Do They Know (Mindless Self Indulgence Vs. Julien-K & Chester Bennington) (julien-k.com) Where'd You Go (Promo CD) Official Acapellas & Instrumentals: Living Things The Hunting Party Post Traumatic EP Promo Instrumental Albums: Hybrid Theory Reanimation Meteora The Rising Tied Minutes To Midnight A Thousand Suns One More Light Post Traumatic Official Contest Stems/Multitracks: A Light That Never Comes Darker Than Blood Guilty All The Same Lost In The Echo Remember The Name The Catalyst Videogame Stems: Blackout (Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock DLC) Bleed It Out (Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock) Breaking The Habit (Rock Band 3 DLC) Burn It Down (linkinpark.com puzzle) Burn It Down (Lotus Linkin Park GP) Burn It Down (Rock Band 3 DLC) Burning In The Skies (Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock DLC) Crawling (Rock Band 3 DLC) Given Up (Rock Revolution) In The End (Rock Band 3 DLC) Lying From You (Rock Band 4 DLC) New Divide (Rock Band 3 DLC) No More Sorrow (Guitar Hero 3: Legends Of Rock DLC) Numb (Rock Band 3 DLC) One Step Closer (Rock Band 2) Rebellion (Rock Band 4 Xbox One Pre-Order) Shadow Of The Day (Rock Band 3 DLC) Somewhere I Belong (Rock Band 3 DLC) The Catalyst (Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock DLC) The Messenger (Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock DLC) Waiting For The End (Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock DLC) Waiting For The End (Rock Band 3 DLC) What I've Done (Guitar Hero: World Tour) What I've Done (Rock Band 3 DLC) Wretches And Kings (Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock DLC) Leaked Multitracks: A Light That Never Comes Battle Symphony Crawling By Myself Forgotten Good Goodbye Heavy Invisible Nobody Can Save Me One More Light One Step Closer Papercut Pushing Me Away Roads Untraveled Runaway Sorry For Now Talking To Myself Waiting For The End When They Come For Me Wretches And Kings Open Labs SoundSlate Pro Playback Stems: Bleed It Out Breaking The Habit Burn It Down Castle Of Glass Given Up In My Remains In The End Lies Greed Misery Leave Out All The Rest/Iridescent Lost In The Echo New Divide Numb Papercut Somewhere I Belong The Catalyst Tinfoil/Faint Until It Breaks/Waiting For The End Victimized/Qwerty/Points Of Authority With You Open Labs SoundSlate Pro Joe Hahn Samples: Breaking The Habit Faint Lies Greed Misery Lost In The Echo Lying From You New Divide Numb One Step Closer Papercut Points Of Authority Sabotage Somewhere I Belong The Catalyst Victimized Waiting For The End What I've Done With You Open Labs SoundSlate Pro Other Samples: http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=Hybrid_Party_Of_A_Thousand_Things Akai MPC500 Samples: Blackout Burn It Down Lies Greed Misery Lost In The Echo Victimized Neko Keyboard Sounds and Samples: Blackout Burn It Down Castle Of Glass In Between In My Remains In Pieces Iridescent Lies Greed Misery New Divide Numb Runaway Shadow Of The Day The Catalyst The Requiem Victimized Waiting For The End When They Come For Me Wretches And Kings Stagelight Samples: https://lplive.net/forums/topic/9779-stagelight-sounds/?tab=comments#comment-188676 LPConcerts Samples: Bleed It Out Crawling Faint Given Up In The End Leave Out All The Rest Numb Papercut What I've Done DJ Vinyls: Tasty Gas Station Breaks From The Orient LP Presents: Projekt Revolution Breaks by DJ Focus Mr. Hahn Fucks Up Meteora Style
  10. It wasn't taken down. It's still there. Good point. This is probably right.
  11. I think it could be another case where the title wasn't registered by Linkin Park themselves. If you check What Are You Worth, none of the Linkin Park publishers are listed either.
  12. Some of you have probably seen this in the shoutbox. A new title has surfaced on BMI and I'd like your help figuring out who are the two other guys involved in this song.
  13. But the physical CD does say "Razor Tag". "Razor Tag + Unreleased Tracks" to be more exact.
  14. He is credited as executive producer, not actual producer, but he did produce a few songs on it: http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=List_Of_Songs_By_Side_Projects#Mike_Shinoda Disc 2 is Razor Tag by the way, but it's different from the mixtape version. On the mixtape the tracks were all mixed together, having voiceovers and transitions to other songs. On Reseda Beach, they are all "album versions." The tracklist is slightly different as well. On Razor Tag, Hard is actually a mix of the album version and the remix. Reseda Beach disc 2 comes with the full remix and the full album version is on disc 1.
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