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  1. lpliveusername

    Kai Whiston - Stairway to Heaven (feat. Mike Shinoda)

    A couple of tweets about Mike: https://twitter.com/kaiwhiston/status/995598963876212736 https://twitter.com/kaiwhiston/status/993848383801561090 https://twitter.com/kaiwhiston/status/994939202948100096 Found this but couldn't really find the source: https://www.reddit.com/r/LinkinPark/comments/8hy46o/new_music_featuring_mike_kai_whiston_stairway_to/dyovidq/ https://www.londoninstereo.com/kai-whiston-in-five/ The track is part of a playlist called Demos That Didn't Make Me Any Money. I guess it's a demo from his 2018 album, Kai Whiston Bitch.
  2. lpliveusername

    Multitracks List

    This isn't true at all. Last year they went through every HT and OML multitrack shared on Reddit and removed everything. They weren't happy with the fact that someone was leaking their shit. Before selling their gear, they also asked the company to remove all their original sounds from the instruments. Luckly for us, they didn't do their job.
  3. lpliveusername

    Download: 2018.08.11 Incheon, South Korea [AUDIO FLAC]

  4. lpliveusername

    CB Demos Info

  5. lpliveusername

    "Cross Off" Music Video

  6. lpliveusername

    2019.03.03 - Bremen, Germany

    First of all, welcome to LPLive. Second, you've already created a topic requesting this show not even a day ago. Just wait to see if someone answers you. Please don't go posting the same thing all over the forums.
  7. lpliveusername

    I.O.U. Music Video to be released Monday, March 4

    It's out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbMFSn34WN4 Includes footage from Atlanta, Tampa, Detroit, Chicago, NYC and probably other shows from Monter Energy's Outbreak Tour.
  8. lpliveusername

    Minutes to Midnight (Instrumentals)?

    What I've Done, Bleed It Out and Shadow Of The Day (alt version) were leaked. Given Up was found in a Warner Bros. Records promo sampler. The entire Meteora instrumental album is out there and isn't hard to find. The official instrumental of Iridescent was leaked and should be out there as well. There are stems available for Burning In The Skies, Waiting For The End, Blackout, Wretches and Kings, The Catalyst, and The Messenger. People usually put them together to create full instrumentals of those songs. Robot Boy instrumental can be found on the A Thousand Suns+ DVD. Just a reminder: don't request and don't post download links to instrumentals, acapellas, stems or multitracks here.
  9. lpliveusername

    Introducing the LPLive Archive

    A few updates: Before we went offline, I had added an "updates" section to the page. Unfotunately, our latest backup didn't include that change. Because of how much of a pain in the ass it is to update this page now (after the site upgrade), I won't be bringing it back. If you want to check for updates, simply visit this topic right here. The link to the LPLive Archive has changed (the main post has been updated with the new link) and you can now find it in the main menu under "Site". We sent the prizes to the people who've messaged LPLStaff with the right answer. Check your PMs. Added Miami 2001, Newton 2001, Tinley Park 2001 (Source 1), Toronto 2004 (Source 1), Albuquerque 2004, Chula Vista 2004, Qwerty (Chiba 2006), Wantagh 2014, Praha 2017 and STP Rolling Hills Estates 2016.
  10. lpliveusername

    Corrections Discussion

    Done; and added the lyrics for the rock edit.
  11. lpliveusername

    Introducing the LPLive Archive

    Added Anaheim 2001. It's uncirculated. I doubt it will ever be released.
  12. lpliveusername

    Introducing the LPLive Archive

    A page per year is too much. If the problem is the page being too long, I can add show/hide buttons. As for updates, isn't this thread enough? (honest question) If you use the forums you'll know when there's a new post here. I know many people access the page through this topic because they don't even know the link can be found here: http://lplive.net/wiki I agree there should be a more visible link to it somewhere on the main site. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do. I'd also like to address the requests for video uploads: unfortunately, it's just not feasible to do something like this on MEGA. We'd need something with unlimited space. In my opinion, we should consider helping keep lp-bits by donating. Lexx has done an amazing work on the site and it would be a shame to see all those torrents die. Added Madrid 2008, Wrocław 2014, Oberhausen 2014, London 2014, Night 1
  13. lpliveusername

    Introducing the LPLive Archive

    What do you mean?
  14. lpliveusername

    Introducing the LPLive Archive

    Added Meet & Greet to San Francisco 2003 and Minsk 2015.