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  1. We don't have a date to provide, but it will be posted when it's ready.
  2. Linkin Park just uploaded their 2001 performance of 'One Step Closer' at Late Night with Conan O'Brien to their official YouTube channel! This was the band's first television appearance in the United States.
  3. I wonder if this will be one of the remixes: https://twitter.com/geoffkeighley/status/1334979810116870144
  4. It's recent hyperpop and 100 gecs didn't exist back when Linkin Park did Reanimation. All upcoming remixes should be very recent.
  5. It looks like the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Hybrid Theory isn't over yet. Linkin Park has just unleashed a brand new remix of their debut single 'One Step Closer.' The track was reinterpreted by Dylan Brady and Laura Les of hyper pop duo 100 gecs. Mike Shinoda said: “Part of the spirit of Reanimation was to take the Hybrid Theory songs that people knew so well, and let innovative artists flip them in ways nobody expected… I think 100 gecs did exactly that.” Mike remixed a 100 gecs track live on Twitch on January 6, so we should expect a second collaboration in the future. Wall Of Sound reports this 'One Step Closer' remix is only the first in a series of remixes from different artists to come. On September 9th last year, our staff member PeppePark noted Mike Shinoda was working on a remix of 'Papercut' which is yet to be released.
  6. The main post was wrong for some reason. The DVDs are Frat Party and the 2001 shows: http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=Hybrid_Theory_(20th_Anniversary_Edition)#Pressing_Errors
  7. Yesterday blackbear started teasing a new song coming on midnight titled 'I'm Still Fucking Here.' This is the same track Mike Shinoda worked live on Twitch back on May 11, 2019. Mike sent a preview to fans via the Community app with the following text: "Earlier this year, I worked on a track for Blackbear on my Twitch live stream. In 20 minutes, Bear and I are gonna post the whole track on his Soundcloud; here's a preview." Listen to the song here: https://soundcloud.com/beartrapsound/imstillfuckinghere
  8. You can download it here: http://lp-bits.com/details.php?id=494 Jimmy Kimmel Live performances aren't allowed on YouTube.
  9. As some of you know, we've been having problems with the host we were using for our live show downloads. Today we've set up a new host for our files, but we need to do a test run on it before we start making everything available again. We'll be starting with our Downloads page and if everything works out, the live shows will be added gradually over the next few months. We took this opportunity to add some free downloads and recent exclusives that were missing from the page. All old links have been replaced with links from our new host. Keep in mind we don't provide links to officially released material. Visit our Downloads page here: https://lplive.net/downloads.php/
  10. According to the book: Xero -> Xero 818 -> Hybrid Theory -> Platinum Lotus Foundation -> Plear -> Lincoln Park -> Linkin Park. The August and November 1998 demos were likely under the name Xero 818. They had been using that name since at least June. Platinum Lotus Foundation was very quickly in late April. Plear was in early May for around 12 days. They pressed a CD under this name as mentioned here. Just wanted to post this information here.
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