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  1. Weird, this is what I did to create this list, but for some reason I didn't list Goop. If I remember correctly, there were some songs that didn't show the list of samples for some reason. I'm not really sure if I opened the .APS files or something else, but the software I used was Notepad. I think a sample being listed there doesn't necessarily mean it was used in the song. Mike might have loaded all those samples into the project but ended up not using some of them. I believe the only way to be sure is to actually open the projects in the MPC software and see which samples are being played. I believe that sample is from the Adam-12 Theme. It was a TV show from the late 60's. Thanks to MS2000 I see the sample was loaded into Goop as well.
  2. Pretty sure it isn't. That was just a rumor someone started several years ago. Nocturnal was also said to be Numb but this was never confirmed. We got confirmation that Shifter wasn't the working title for Somewhere I Belong back in 2013:
  3. https://lplive.net/forums/topic/14109-ms-corona-jams/?do=findComment&comment=309681 To answer your question: no. Maybe he forgot. I also noticed Mike wrote the wrong date in the description. It says the track was created in 2021 when it was in fact created in 2020.
  4. On today's Twitch stream, Mike Shinoda did an intentionally clumsy drawing of Sonic The Hedgehog he dubbed "SonkThHegeogs." By request of his Twitch followers, an NFT of it is now available at the OpenSea platform here. In addition, Mike used another drawing of the "SonkThHegeogs" character as artwork for his newly released corona jam 'Skrrt Skrrt' on Audius! This is the third jam to be officially released in the platform and the first not to be released right after the original stream. In fact, Mike created this track over a year ago, on July 21, 2020, using Garage Band. Hopefully this means we'll be getting other older jams in the future! The theme for 'Skrrt Skrrt' was a mix of four fan requests: "'I Want To Break Free' by Queen," "Salsa/Latin," "Disney vibes, Frozen/Moana" and "Migos ad-libs." Mike tried to incorporate some Queen sounds into the beat but decided to do it on a different track on a later occasion. During the stream, he rapped parts of 'Welcome' and 'Bleed It Out' over the jam. Watch it below and listen to the final track here: https://audius.co/mikeshinoda/skrrt-skrrt
  5. K.Flay posted today on her Instagram stories a video of herself in Mike Shinoda's studio working on a new track with producer and songwriter Tommy English, with whom she previously worked on her studio album Every Where Is Some Where. K.Flay originally met Linkin Park during the One More Light sessions when she worked with Brad and Mike on a demo that later became the chorus for Make It Up As I Go on Mike's 2018 solo album Post Traumatic.
  6. It's been slow on news in the Linkin Park world so we figured we could do something a little different. Not everyone is aware of this, but Linkin Park members have made cameos on various videos by other artists throughout the years. We've put together a comprehensive list of all the cameos we know about. Let us know if anything is missing! Nonpoint - Endure (2001) Nonpoint's music video for "Endure" is a compilation of footage shot throughout the touring cycle for their major label debut album Statement. Chester Bennington can be seen with the band in a clip from the July 14, 2001 show of the Ozzfest tour in St. Petersburg, Florida. Adema - The Way You Like It (2001) Chester Bennington and Joe Hahn are seen towards the end of Adema's music video for "The Way You Like It" off their self-titled album. Adema was discovered by Chester who invited them to tour with Linkin Park after attending one of their shows. Adema was a supporting act for Linkin Park on the Hybrid Theory European Tour in 2001, Projekt Revolution Tour in 2002 and Meteora European Tour in 2003. Marky Chavez, their vocalist at the time, performed "One Step Closer" with Linkin Park at several of these shows while Chester joined Adema on stage to perform "Giving In." Good Charlotte - Festival Song (2001) Good Charlotte shot their music video for "Festival Song" during their performance at the HFStival in Washington, DC on May 28, 2001. Linkin Park was part of the festival's line-up and Brad Delson and Chester Bennington can be seen having fun backstage with the band. Joe Hahn later remixed "The Young & The Hopeless" for their 2008 remix album Greatest Remixes. Tha Alkaholiks - Best U Can (2001) During the music video for "Best U Can" by the hip-hop group Tha Alkaholiks (also known as Tha Liks), Mike Shinoda can be seen playing guitar in a band that includes Deftones members Chino Moreno and Abe Cunningham. The video was directed by Chris Robinson who later worked with Busta Rhymes and Linkin Park on "We Made It." X-Ecutioners featuring Mike Shinoda & Mr. Hahn - It's Goin' Down (2002) The music video for "It's Goin' Down" was directed by Joe Hahn at the Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles and shows X-Ecutioners performing in a band with Mike Shinoda, Joe Hahn, Rob Bourdon, Phoenix and Wayne Static (Static-X). Contrary to popular belief, Wayne Static doesn't perform on the actual song, Mike and Joe are the only ones who actually worked on the track with X-Ecutioners. Other cameo appearances in the video include Chester Bennington and Brad Delson, Xzibit, members of Adema, (Hed) P.E., Tha Alkaholiks and Beat Junkies, and some professional skateboarders. Taproot - The Making Of Welcome (2002) In 2002 Taproot released their second major label album Welcome. The CD's enhanced content includes a making of documentary on which Mike Shinoda can be seen in the studio with the band. Taproot was managed by Linkin Park's former singer Mark Wakefield at the time and both bands toured together three times in 2001, first on the Street Soldiers Tour, then on the Back To School Tour and later during Ozzfest. The Reanimation track "P5hng Me A*wy" features vocals by Taproot frontman Stephen Richards. Hoobastank - Same Direction (The Sequel) [2004] Two music videos exist for Hoobastank's "Same Direction," meant to be both a prequel and sequel to the video of their hit single "The Reason." In "The Sequel," the band is seen holding auditions for vocalist with Chester Bennington (Linkin Park), Kanye West and Joel Madden (Good Charlotte) being canditates for the spot that is ultimately filled by their actual singer Doug Robb. Hoobastank was a supporting act for Linkin Park on the Meteora North American Tour in 2004. The two groups had known each other since highschool. Mark Wakefield's and Brad Delson's first band, The Pricks, was an opening act for Hoobastank's debut show in June 1995. Orgy - Trans Global Spectacle - 1997 To 2004 (2005) Orgy's documentary film "Trans Global Spectacle - 1997 To 2004" features a special music video for "Platinum" which includes footage of Chester Bennington performing "Fiction (Dreams In Digital)" with the group at Vault 350 in Long Beach, California on October 15, 2004. In an interview to LPLive, Ryan Shuck confirmed this was the only time Chester joined Orgy on stage. Mötley Crüe featuring Chester Bennington - Home Sweet Home (2005) In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, MTV, VH1 and CMT put together the ReAct Now: Music & Relief benefit concert to raise funds for the victims. Originally scheduled to record his performance in Los Angeles, Chester Bennington flew to Nashville when he learned Mötley Crüe were taking part in the concert. He joined the band to sing a rendition of their classic "Home Sweet Home" and afterwards they recorded a studio version for a benefit single. The music video for this single was directed by Mötley Crüe's publicist Katie McNeil and shows videos of Katrina rescues along with studio footage and the live performance from the ReAct Now concert. Alien Ant Farm - BUSted: The Definitive DVD (2006) Alien Ant Farm has toured twice with Linkin Park: at the Street Soldiers Tour in 2001 and the Meteora European Tour in 2003. Their documentary film "BUSted: The Definitive DVD" includes a backstage clip of both bands during the September 06, 2003 show in Paris, France and cuts to a clip of Marky Chavez (Adema), Dryden Mitchell (Alien Ant Farm) and Aaron Lewis (Staind) on stage with Linkin Park after the three vocalists performed on "One Step Closer." Chester has joined the band on stage in the past to sing "Attitude." Apathy - The Winter (2007) Mike Shinoda appears on the music video for Fort Minor collaborator Apathy's single "The Winter" from his 2006 album Eastern Philosophy. The track is a collaboration with New Jersey singer Blue Raspberry. The Used - Berth (2007) The Used's 2007 live album "Berth" includes a documentary film with a chapter about Linkin Park's Projekt Revolution Tour in 2004. Vocalist Bert McCracken can be seen watching Linkin Park play "Numb" from the side of the stage before joining them for "Faint." Jonathan Davis (Korn), who sang "One Step Closer" with Linkin Park during the tour, is also seen. Busta Rhymes featuring Linkin Park - We Made It (2008) The video for "We Made It" was directed by Chris Robinson and filmed at the same location where Linkin Park was photographed for their Meteora artwork. Mike and Chester are the only Linkin Park members in the video. It features cameo appearances from Styles Of Beyond, Bishop Lamont and Lamar Odom. The clean version of the song (with different lyrics) was used in the video. Julien-K - Kick The Bass (2009) The music video for Julien-K's debut single "Kick The Bass" was directed by Ryan Rickett in collaboration with Playboy. The video premiered on the magazine's official website with a censored version being released later on YouTube. Chester Bennington and his wife Talinda (a former Playboy model herself) star in the video with the band. The footage was reused on the "Kick The Bass (She Wants Revenge Remix)" video edited by Bobby Hewitt (Orgy). Kenna & Lupe Fiasco - Resurrection (2010) In 2010, Linkin Park and Music For Relief put together a charity album titled Download To Donate For Haiti to raise money to help those affected by the earthquake in Haiti. Mike Shinoda worked on several tracks that made the album and one of them was the single "Resurrection" performed by Kenna and Lupe Fiasco. The song was built on top of the Linkin Park instrumental "Universe," now available on the LPU XIII compilation. Because of this, Mike is credited as producer on "Resurrection" and is shown at the very beginning of the music video. Steve Aoki featuring Linkin Park - Darker Than Blood (2015) The music video for Steve Aoki's second collaboration with Linkin Park shows Aoki working with Mike Shinoda on the cure for a zombie apocalypse. The song was started around the same time as "A Light That Never Comes." Watsky - Lovely Thing Suite Pt 3: Roses (2017) In 2017, Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington met with rapper Watsky and drummer Chukwudi Hodge in the studio. Chester was reportedly a fan of Watsky and wanted to meet him. During the meeting they played around with some music that never went anywhere. A few days later Chester passed away and Watsky dedicated his music video for "Lovely Thing Suite: Roses" to him. Machine Gun Kelly - 27 (2018) Machine Gun Kelly's music video for "27" includes footage of Linkin Park's performance at Impact Festival in Kraków, Poland on June 15, 2017 when he joined the band on stage to rap a verse of his song "What I Do" over the bridge of "Bleed It Out." Martin Garrix and Pierce Fulton featuring Mike Shinoda - Waiting For Tomorrow (2018) During the One More Light sessions, Martin Garrix and Pierce Fulton recorded a collaboration with Linkin Park members Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson titled "Waiting For Tomorrow." Among these musicians, Mike Shinoda is the only one to appear in the music video. Mark Morton feat. Chester Bennington - Cross Off (2019) "Cross Off" was Chester Bennington's first posthumous single. The track was recorded in collaboration with Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton and Trivium members Paolo Gregoletto and Alex Bent for Morton's debut solo album. The official music video shows the band playing beside an empty microphone stand in tribute to Chester. Machine Gun Kelly - Hollywood Whore (2019) Machine Gun Kelly pays tribute to Chester Bennington on his music video for "Hollywood Whore." The words "R.I.P. Chester Bennington" can be seen flashing very fast towards the end of the video. Scott Stapp - Gone Too Soon (Visualizer) [2019] Scott Stapp's (Creed) solo single "Gone Too Soon" was partly inspired by the deaths Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington within the space of two months. The visualizer / lyric video for the song pays tribute to them and other fellow musicians who had recently passed. It includes footage of Chester and Chris singing "Hunger Strike" on August 24, 2008 in Woodlands, Texas during the Projekt Revolution Tour. The full proshot video of this performance was originally available on Cornell's official YouTube channel for a limited time in 2008. Stapp met Chester back in 2002 while Linkin Park was recording Meteora. Disturbed - Hold On To Memories (Live Video) [2019] The official live video for "Hold On To Memories" has Disturbed performing the song to an audience while footage from their over two decades as a band is shown behind them. This includes various clips of Chester Bennington on stage with the band during Ozzfest 2001 to perform a cover of "Walk," originally by Pantera. Some of the confirmed shows where this happened are Camden, Portland, Mansfield and Wantagh. In some of these shows Disturbed was joined by both Chester and the late Drowning Pool singer Dave Williams. (Hed) P.E. - Touring For Broke: A (hed)p.e. Film (2020) In celebration of the 20th anniversary of (Hed) P.E.'s second studio album, the band's former guitarist Chad "Chizad" Benekos put together a film titled "Touring For Broke: A (hed)p.e. Film" documenting the album's touring cycle. The documentary features backstage footage from Linkin Park's Countdown To Revolution in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on November 30, 2001 on which Chester Bennington is seen singing an acoustic cover of "Pets" by Porno For Pyros. (Hed) P.E. - I Got You (Touring For Broke Music Video) [2020] Still as part of the 20th anniversary celebration of Broke, Chad Benekos put together a brand new music video for the song "I Got You." Some of the footage is taken from Zeta's Bonzai Show in Miami, Florida on April 27, 2001. This is one of several shows where Chester joined the band on stage to perform "Bartender." After LPLive contacted Benekos about the footage, he released on his YouTube channel a video of "One Step Closer" from the same show featuring (Hed) P.E.'s frontman Jared Gomes.
  7. We've tried for years to get Linkin Park to release old shows as part of the DSP program. Nothing happened and Warner stopped releasing new shows after 2012 because there wasn't interest from fans. They weren't getting enough money to justify the amount of work being put into it. Back then someone, I think Mike, said he would like to release more DSPs, but it was up to the label. We did a huge petition in collaboration with other fan sites asking them to release shows again and once again nothing happened.
  8. Another great musician was lost this week. Steve Gaines, best known as Baba Zumbi from the hip-hop project Zion I, passed away amidst a battle with COVID-19. Close friends said the cause of death was a complication from the disease but his family refrained from confirming. DJ True Justice, a touring DJ for Zion I, said Gaines was recovering from COVID-19 when "he had a severe asthma attack and his heart stopped. He died in the hospital. They were unable to revive him." He was reportedly hesitant about receiving the vaccine. A statement from his family says: It is with utter disbelief and great sadness that the Gaines family shares the news of the passing of Steve “Zumbi” Gaines on Friday, August 13, 2021. Gaines, 49 and the MC of the critically acclaimed hip-hop group Zion I, passed away at Alta Bates Hospital today in the early morning from unknown causes. The family requests privacy in this very challenging time while they await further details. Steve is survived by three sons, his mother and his brother. He was working on a Zion I reunion tour with longtime producer and collaborator, Amp Live, to honor the legacy of their musical endeavors for their fans. Zion I was founded in 1996 by Baba Zumbi and DJ and producer AMP Live. Their debut album Mind Over Matter was released in 2000 to critical acclaim in the underground scene, being nominated for "Independent Album of the Year" by The Source and featured in HipHopDX's "30 Best Underground Hip Hop Albums Since 2000" list in 2015. The group collaborated with Linkin Park on a remix of 'A Place For My Head' on Reanimation. The original remix submitted for the album was rejected by the band, leading them to creating the version that eventually made the album. The track was recorded at Blue Room Studios and Mike Shinoda's home studio dubbed The Stockroom. Watch below a short interview with Zumbi about working with Mike. Source: KQED
  9. Becko (real name Marco Calanca) has announced on Twitter that his song 'Darkest Days' from the #ShinodaProduceMe initiative is set for a September 8th release. The Italian artist/producer is signed to Celldweller's electronic rock label FiXT. His music is a blend of hip-hop, metal, EDM and alternative rock with melodic, screaming and rap vocals. Last year he released a cover of Linkin Park's 'Faint' on his compilation album "CVRS" and a cover of 'Crawling' as part of his "Genesis" EP. 'Darkest Days' was produced by Mike Shinoda live on Twitch earlier this year, on February 1st and 2nd. The original multitracks sent by Becko were pretty complete, with vocal tracks - along with three tracks of reverb, delay, and other effects -, three other groups of tracks including keyboard, synth and guitar; and a bass group present in the verses. The structure of the song was quite traditional with only one chord progression present. Mike recorded new keyboard additions, 808 beats and guitar parts for the song. He set out to experiment with it as he explained: “One thing I want to do with these production streams in particular is … if the song comes in sounding like … it fits easily into a box … I’m gonna try to work out of that box. Like if it’s, ‘this sounds like really good Warped Tour music’, then I gotta do something to it that takes it out of that. Because if you want ‘that’, then you’d go somewhere else and get that, or you’d just make that yourself. But my job is to say, ‘okay, how can I make it sound, in my opinion, more interesting than that?’.” UPDATE: Release date was postponed to September 17.
  10. Chrome started blocking HTTP downloads when opened from HTTPS pages. Changed all the links on the Downloads page. This should be fixed now. Also added download links for Razor Tag and Pictureboard.
  11. Ryan Shuck started his music career in the late 80's as a member of the funk metal band Sexart, alongside Korn's Jonathan Davis and Adema's Dave DeRoo, where he co-wrote the original versions of Korn's fan favorites "Blind" and "Daddy." He rose to fame in the 90's as a member of Orgy when their acclaimed blend of electronic music and rock, dubbed "death-pop," secured their debut album a Platinum certification. During the sessions for their second studio album, Vapor Transmission, at NRG Recording Studios he came across a newly signed band called Hybrid Theory working on their debut album and clicked right away with the group's lead singer Chester Bennington. Along with Orgy bandmate Amir Derakh, Ryan Shuck started a side project named Julien-K after disagreements with vocalist Jay Gordon on the musical direction of the band. Chester Bennington was instrumental in the project's early sessions by instructing Ryan on how to sing and became so excited with the progression they were making that he asked to join Julien-K. This obviously didn't happen, but instead the duo joined forces with Chester on a new project that worked simultaniously with Julien-K, eventually becoming Dead By Sunrise. In 2019, Ryan Shuck joined forces with Dave DeRoo once again, this time as the lead singer for Adema after failed attempts to convince their original singer Mark Chavez to return to the group. They have recently recorded a new album produced by Ryan's longtime collaborator Amir Derakh and have started teasing an August 2021 release for the first single with the new vocalist. Hybrid Origins: A Look Back At The Early Days We sat down with Ryan Shuck to discuss his relationship and work with Chester Bennington throughout the years and the upcoming Adema music. Check out the video below or read our rundown and notes in the link above. Back in March of this year we reported that Julien-K were planning to do a Patreon series where they'll break down Dead By Sunrise songs from Out Of Ashes. Ryan Shuck said on the occasion: "We're gonna talk about the making of Out Of Ashes. We're gonna actually gonna get through every song, through a few months, track by track. We're gonna go through the demos, and we're gonna isolate Chester, we're gonna isolate all parts, the guitars and all of this kind of stuff. And just spend some time really talking about it and celebrating an album that we know that Chester loved and did such an amazing work on it. And you know, these demos, a lot of people haven't heard them. If you haven't already joined us on our Patreon we do a lot of cool events and stuff, but we're gonna do that very special thing for our Dead By Sunrise fans too. It really hit me today that I want to do this, I want to share this stuff with you, because it really matters to me that we continue to share Dead By Sunrise and support you guys and you guys support us." He told us they still want to do it, with the possibility of it being a year-long live streaming series where fans can ask questions about the songs in real time, but they'd need to have enough people following the series to justify the costs. So if this is something you would like to see, make sure to spread the word, make some noise on social media to let them know you're interested and don't forget to subscribe to Julien-K on Patreon when the series starts! https://www.patreon.com/julienk
  12. Looks like they silently released the album on Bandcamp in June. No widespread release. https://julienk.bandcamp.com/album/unauthorized-live-in-europe
  13. Kid Brunswick released today, July 30th, his new mixtape XFOREVER on which Mike Shinoda worked as executive producer. In addition, he is credited as composer/lyricist for the tracks 'The Feel' and 'Skin.' Kerrang! reports that Mike decided to reach out to him after listening to his 2020 single Bipolar Rhapsody. Brunswick was pretty excited when that happened as Meteora is his all time favorite album. He explained Mike's role on the record: “Mike basically said to me, ‘Write some songs, we’ll work on them together, structure them together, talk about the project and what it means to you and approach this as a team.’ I was like, ‘Holy shit – I thought he’d just want to work on one song!’ To my knowledge, I’m the only British artist that he’s come on board and executive produced thus far, which is nuts. Mike seems to really love the record, and I’m unbelievably excited about it too.” Mike says they've talked about doing more music together in the future.
  14. American novelist, film producer and artist Ryan Leone published a lengthy interview he did with Jeff Blue and Samantha Bennington discussing Chester Bennington, Linkin Park and their books One Step Closer: From Xero To #1: Becoming Linkin Park and Falling Love Notes: Memories Of A Rock Star’s Wife. Check it out.
  15. Joey Jordison, Slipknot’s founding drummer has passed away in his sleep on Monday at the age of 46. The cause of death wasn't disclosed. A statement from his family reads: “Joey’s death has left us with empty hearts and feelings of indescribable sorrow. To those that knew Joey, understood his quick wit, his gentle personality, giant heart, and his love for all things family and music. The family of Joey have asked that friends, fans, and media understandably respect our need for privacy and peace at this incredibly difficult time.” The musician battled years ago with transverse myelitis, a form of multiple sclerosis that affected his back and his legs, reason why he parted ways with Slipknot. In addition to Slipknot, Jordison has been a member of Vimic, Murderdolls, Scar The Martyr, Sinsaenum and pre-Slipknot bands Modifidious and The Have Nots. He also made guest appearances on recordings by Otep, Necrophagia, and Rob Zombie and assembled several supergroups in 2005 for the Roadrunner United project in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Roadrunner Records. Slipknot toured with Linkin Park in 2001 on the iconic Ozzfest tour. Source: Rolling Stone
  16. Today we have a contribution from community member MS2000. Last year he contacted DJ Crook of Team Sleep to inquire about the remix of 'My December' he did with DJ Shadow for Reanimation. The track is considered one of the holy grails in the Linkin Park community. Questioned about the remix in 2013, DJ Crook said it will probably never be released. Many fans hoped to see him proven wrong with the release of the 20th anniversary edition of Hybrid Theory last year but it appears Linkin Park isn't ready to touch this material yet. Other Reanimation remixes that remain unreleased were done by DJ Z-Trip, Prince Paul and Tricky. We can only continue hoping they will eventually surface. For now, stay with a little more information about DJ Crook's remix of 'My December'. Hybrid Origins: A Look Back At The Early Days Mickey Petralia's remix was chosen over DJ Crook's to make the album. The track features vocals by Keli Ali of Sneaker Pimps and had a music video directed by Chip Miller. Watch it below.
  17. Guys, a working title is literally what the name suggests, a title they used while working on the song. Having a different name doesn't mean it was a different song. Could be the same thing that's on the album but under a different title. It doesn't have to be a Blue vs. Crawling situation. Just listen to Dust Brothers and Now I See, they are the same song as With You.
  18. Following Xero's failed public showcase at the Whisky a Go Go on December 10, 1998, the band decided it was time to part ways with their original singer and founding member Mark Wakefield and their bass player, Dave Farrell, left soon after to tour in support of the recently recorded Tasty Snax debut album Run Joseph Run. Kyle Christner came into the picture at a time when Xero was still auditioning singers. He was there when they first met Chester Bennington, when they recorded the first songs together and is listed as a band member on the first release with Chester, the Hybrid Theory EP, from which his name has been removed in subsequent issues. The "Forgotten Demos" disc on the anniversary edition of Hybrid Theory is the first release since the original issue of Hybrid Theory EP to have his name. As far as we know, Linkin Park has never publicly discussed his period in the band -- at least not more than "we tried other bass players" -- and his name is also absent from every 1999 demo released to the LP Underground over the years. In the spirit of the Hybrid Theory 20th anniversary celebrations, we caught up with Kyle last year and discussed his contributions to the band, his thoughts on their music, their first impressions of Chester, Jeff Blue, playing showcases, being fired right when Hybrid Theory secured a deal with Warner and other bands he has played in. Hybrid Origins: A Look Back At The Early Days In the Hybrid Origins page you'll find a summary (with our usual commentaries) and a transcription of the interview. You can listen to the full audio below.
  19. Harmonic Song was just a working title. Like any other song, it went through various stages of development until they arrived to the final product. It's impossible to know what the original seed was. Mike himself said he doesn't remember how the song was started (see Linkinpedia). Note that Rob's schedule from Jeff Blue's book lists the song both as "Harmonic Song" (working title) and "Pushing Me Away" (final title). Every other song in the list was already fully developed at that point. It's more than likely that Pushing Me Away was as well since it already had a title taken from the lyrics. I think what Rob recorded during that period was the same drum tracks you hear in the album.
  20. Not sure what kind of answer you're looking for. I think the only one who can help you is the person who edited the DVD. lol No and likely no.
  21. https://lplive.net/forums/topic/14536-lplive-interview-with-jeff-blue-and-rob-mcdermott-out-now/?do=findComment&comment=309139
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