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  1. Back in March 2005 Linkin Park invited Mike Baczor from D-Nax into their studio to record a song, and after three days of being in a New York City Studio, the song "Can't Hold Me Down" was born. He remained friends and kept in touch with the both of them from 2007 onwards. 9 years later, in 2014, Linkin Park invited him to collaborate with them once again for "The Hunting Party". There, they created 3 to 4 songs at that time and Chester just needed to put his vocals on some of those songs and they had plenty more songs in the works, though, unfortunately, those plans never materialized because of Chester's death. A year and a month before Chester’s death, in May 2016, Chester and Mike collaborated and worked with Baczor on a song. Years later, we have an update on those songs from Mike Bazcor. "Can't Hold Me Down" has Mike Baczor and Mike Shinoda doing the instruments and production for the song and both of them, as well as Chester, put their vocals on the track. Mike Baczor did the first verse of the song, Mike Shinoda did the 2nd verse of the song and Chester did the choruses of the song. 9 years later, the first song that Mike Bazcor and Linkin Park collaborated on that originally was for 'The Hunting Party' was "The Game Is On", which has Mike Baczor and Mike Shinoda, again, doing the instruments and production for the song, as well as rap verses for the song and Chester sang the choruses for the song. Both Mike Baczor and Mike Shinoda each did half the verses on the track. He also mentions that the other three tracks that he did with them that had titles were "Why", "Truth Hurts", and "Unstoppable". There were also more tracks that they did around the time, but, unfortunately, they didn't have titles for them yet. Baczor and Shinoda worked on so much stuff, had so many ideas and had a total of about 6 songs almost fully done. 2 years later, in May 2016, Chester and Mike would again collaborate and work with Baczor on a song called “Love Me Or Hate Me”. For "Why", "Truth Hurts", "Unstoppable", and "Love Me Or Hate Me", they had everything recorded, but they weren't mixed, so they didn't know what parts of the vocals were going where on those songs. He is currently re-recording the songs all by himself. He still has 6 more songs left to complete. He will be creating a YT music channels soon with all info and constant updates. He will also do live sessions in the studio. He's planning to release the songs on his new upcoming album he's called "The Creation". He also says that there will be 12 or 13 songs on the album. The songs on the album, though, might just have his vocals, if he decides to redo them, though, he said that if him and Mike decide to finish the old versions, then they will release those versions too. He might re-record 3 of the songs on his new album, depending on how he feels they sound when they are mixed. He already has Mike's blessing to release the tracks. He doesn't have to get Talinda's blessing for the re-recorded versions, since it won't have Chester's vocals, because he's not using his vocals, nor the old versions, because they had separate contracts that were all already signed off on, and also him and Mike Shinoda own the tracks. He is planning to release a few singles once he completes the album. He also said that he'll probably release the old versions of tracks once his new album, with the re-recorded versions, is out. It just depends on what Mike Shinoda wants to do or feels like doing down the line. He’s currently working on 2 songs for his new album that he wrote last year. Based off this article (https://www.readingeagle.com/2005/12/15/rocking-on-the-brink-of-stardom/), it is mentioned that he played a minor role as a wide reciever in the movie "Invincible", which goes through the story of Vince Papale (played by Mark Whalberg). According to the article, Baczor had the chance to give Whalberg a D-NAX demo, which he would listen to while warming up. According to Mike Bazcor, when I asked him through Instagram, he said "Can't Hold Me Down" was one of the songs on the demo, and the demo he gave Whalberg he believes was just a bunch of songs he had finished at the time. He also said he doesn't' really remember what was on the demo.
  2. NJPLP (Me): Do you remember the names of the Relative Degree songs that you wrote and rehearsed with the band for a year and, if so, do you have the songs? Also, do you remember the setlist of the Relative Degree Roxy show you played on May 17, 1996? Just wanting to know/wondering. If you don't remember, that's fine too, I guess. DaveG (Dave Garrett): Unfortunately, I don't remember any of the song names or have the setlist. I think the stuff that would be of most interest that I do remember is how we met and about Rob, Brad, and Mark. There is some info out there that isn't correct about how the band met. Rob went to Calabasas High School, not Agoura. Rob and I met when he was a sophomore in HS and had played in bands with him throughout HS (Karma, being one of them). In 1995, I was a couple of years older, so I left for College (CSULB) and I met Mark Wakefield while giving someone bass lessons in the dorms. Mark and I met up and started playing with some guys locally in Long Beach, but I suggested that we needed to jam with Rob because he was an amazing drummer, a little bit of a drive from Long Beach but was doable since we were both from the Calabasas/Agoura area. Mark knew a guitarist Brad, that he was good friends with from HS and got him involved too. This was the first time that Mark, Brad, Rob, and I would play together, and we really jelled well together. We were big into 311 and Deftones and they influenced our sound for Relative Degree. We would practice Thursday - Sundays at Rob's house for about a year. I remember more about what we did than the specifics of each song. If you have any other questions, please let me know. NJPLP (Me): Do you still have ties to Brad, Rob, and Mark? Basically what I'm saying is, do you still talk to Brad, Rob, and Mark? DaveG (Dave Garrett): No, we have lost contact, but are still on good terms with each other if we were to see one another. NJPLP (Me): Have you messaged them through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? DaveG (Dave Garrett): No, I haven't. It is hard because they have so many different fans that send them stuff that it would just get lost in the group. Plus, Rob and Mark seem quiet on social media, or they were anyway. I did meet up with them a long time ago when they were touring out here in Long Beach and caught up with them all. That was awesome for me. It has been awesome to see Mark go on and manage some of the bands we used to listen to daily like Deftones and SOAD. It would be cool if I were able to find a way to get back in touch, but also not looking to be that stalker guy lol. NJPLP (Me): What about Brad? DaveG (Dave Garrett): No, lost touch with Brad too. Our lives just went in different directions. I would love to talk to him again, but haven't talked in a long time. NJPLP (Me): What are you doing nowadays? DaveG (Dave Garrett): I have been blessed with four beautiful children and a wonderful wife. I have a job that I love as a Store Manager for a Retail Company. I still play music from time to time but not the same amount as before. My kids have been picking up guitar which has been fun to watch. NJPLP (Me): How did you meet Mike Shinoda, if you met him back then, that is? DaveG (Dave Garrett): I met Mike through Mark and Brad. They were friends because the three of them went to Agoura High School together. Mike would come to our practices occasionally, and we would also spend time together frequently as a group back then. It was a fun group, we had lots of laughs for sure. I also had practiced with Xero when they first got their little practice studio in Hollywood. So, I knew Mike pretty well. NJPLP (Me): What songs did you practice with Xero when they got their first practice studio in Hollywood, if you remember, that is? DaveG (Dave Garrett): Esaul, Stick N Move, Rhinestone (even though I don't remember it being called that at the time), Reading My Eyes, Dialate. I only practiced there a couple of times with them. NJPLP (Me): What was Rhinestone called at that time? DaveG (Dave Garrett): We would always just call it ‘From the Top to the Bottom’ but I don't remember that song having a name at the time, but it could have, and I am just blurry on it now. NJPLP (Me): Do you have the Relative Degree Songs, even though you don't remember the names of the songs? DaveG (Dave Garrett): I do have some songs on cassette somewhere. The quality was bad. I looked for it a while back and didn't have any luck finding it. DaveG (Dave Garrett): Also, don't know if you saw, but I upload a couple photos from our show at the Roxy. NJPLP (Me): When did Xero get their first practice studio? DaveG (Dave Garrett): I believe it was in late 96, early 97. I didn't have any part in actually renting it, I just practiced there a couple times with them. NJPLP (Me): Do you know anything about the Xero demos of 'Deftest', 'Dreamer', and 'Weight'? 'Deftest' is a early Xero demo that was written around the same time as 'Dialate', the song you mentioned that you practiced with Xero when they got their first practice studio. But I think it was just Mike and Mark that did it on a 4-track cassette demo. It was first mentioned by Mike on Twitch on October 15, 2020. Have you heard it? Also, 'Dreamer' and 'Weight' were Xero demos that were featured on a Xero DAT tape with 'Rhinestone', that you mentioned earlier that you and the band called 'From the Top to The Bottom', and a song you practiced with the band as well. The demos of 'Dreamer' and 'Weight' were unheard of and are unreleased to this day. Have you heard those? The photo was featured in Jeff Blue's book 'One Step Closer: From Xero to #1: Becoming Linkin Park' that was released on December 8, 2020. Here's some info on the songs just so you know what I'm talking about. Deftest - List Of Unreleased Songs - Linkinpedia Dreamer & Weight - List Of Unreleased Songs - Linkinpedia Just wondering. DaveG (Dave Garrett): I have definitely heard that demo tape with Deftest and Dialate. I have a cassette of it somewhere. The summer after Relative Degree stopped playing, Mark had spent the summer in Agoura and he and Mike put together a couple of songs. Both songs were created before they ever got a practice studio in Hollywood, they were just made at either Mike's or Mark's parents' place. I know Mike said Deftest sounded like shit, but I loved the song because it was such a new sound. As far as Dreamer and Weight those would have come after I practiced with them, or they hadn't asked me to play those. NJPLP (Me): Do you know what other demos are on that demo tape with 'Deftest' and 'Dialate'? Also, are there any other Xero songs you practiced with Xero when they got their first practice studio that you didn't mention before? Additionally, have you heard of a Xero song called ‘Spark Marker’? Brad once mentioned the song during an LPU chat, saying it was a "cult classic", but his statement is mostly regarded as a joke. Is it a real song, or is it not a real song? Just wondering. DaveG (Dave Garrett): I think I have mentioned all the songs I practiced with them. I love Brad's humor in this interview! I think 'Spark Marker' was either a joke or a joke song (which they did a lot of back then). NJPLP (Me): Are there any other demos that are on that demo tape with 'Deftest' and 'Dialate'? DaveG (Dave Garrett): I have some stuff that hasn't been released but it wasn't part of that Demo tape NJPLP (Me): What stuff? Other demo tapes? Demo CD's? DaveG (Dave Garrett): Some additional songs that are not part of any official "demo" tape. NJPLP (Me): Is it just ‘Deftest’ and ‘Dialate’ that are on that demo tape you mentioned that Mike and Mark did back in the summer of 1996 or is there more on that demo tape? Also, if you find the cassettes, could it be possible for you to take photos of the cassettes and scans of the artwork, if there is any artwork, and share the photos and scans with me? DaveG (Dave Garrett): The initial songs that Mark brought back to me that summer were Dialate and Deftest. It wasn't a demo, just some songs they had put together and they were literally just on a blank cassette, so no art work or anything like that. It was pretty exciting stuff because near the end of Relative Degree that was really the direction we were wanting to move into after having some jam sessions with Mike goofing around with Relative Degree. NJPLP (Me): Can you share a photo of the cassette with me, possibly? DaveG (Dave Garrett): If I find it, sure. I did find on an old computer some of the digital files of early Xero stuff. 12 tracks of different songs. It has Dialate, Deftest, Stick N Move, Pictureboard, and some other songs that are definitely unreleased and that are pretty raw and very early in their work. The songs are untitled. NJPLP (Me): Could you be able share the cassette's audio and photos with LPLive? DaveG (Dave Garrett): I did share a small clip from a couple songs during a zoom interview I just had. Stay tuned for them to release the interview. NJPLP (Me): Could you be able to share those digital files of the early Xero stuff with me, possibly? NJPLP (Me): You can share the Xero song files with me through Google Drive (https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/my-drive), Mega (https://mega.io/), ect. DaveG (Dave Garrett): I can't share the files at this time, sorry. I just shared a 30 to 45 second stream of a couple songs on the interview. So you will be able to hear a piece of it soon. NJPLP (Me): Maybe sometime after the interview is released? DaveG (Dave Garrett): Maybe. I really want to make sure it is good with Mike, Brad, Rob and Mark first. I'm trying to get in touch with them first. But I hope to eventually release them if I get consent. NJPLP (Me): Okay. Maybe you can message me when you get consent to release the tracks. DaveG (Dave Garrett): Will do. NJPLP (Me): Could you, maybe, share some of the lyrics from the untitled songs on Google doc with me so I could tell what the songs are? Maybe the chorus lyrics of the untitled songs? Could you also, possibly, share the full lyrics of Deftest with me on a Google doc? NJPLP (Me): The full lyrics to the untitled songs? NJPLP (Me): Sorry to bother you at the moment, but do you have lyrics done yet? Just wondering. DaveG (Dave Garrett): No, I don't. I have been out on vacation with my family, so I haven't had the time to sit down to do it yet. It probably will take a couple of weeks at least, having four little kids slows down the process a lot lol. NJPLP (Me): Are there any other Relative Degree / Xero demos that you have? DaveG (Dave Garrett): I have a couple more Xero demos (more Mike and Mark during the Xero time frame) but most of them are not very good songs. But it does show how much they were experimenting with mixing rap beats with metal. As far as Relative Degree, I haven't been able to find any of our stuff and it has been years (decades lol) since I have really spent any time looking. I plan on doing some digging through stuff in the coming months and hope I find some. NJPLP (Me): Do you know the names of those "couple other" Xero demos? Also, do you know the actual names of those 6 unknown Xero demos you have that are a part of the 12 digital Xero demo files you have on that old computer with Deftest, Dialate, Stick N Move, Esaul, Rhinestone, and Pictureboard? DaveG (Dave Garrett): They are unnamed. NJPLP (Me): Sorry to bother you again, but do you have the lyrics to the songs done yet? It's been a little over a couple of weeks. Just wondering. DaveG (Dave Garrett): No, I haven't had any free time to work on them yet. I saw that people worked on the lyrics after I posted the snippets of the songs, so I figure that work has been done for me NJPLP (Me): Yeah, but that's just the first verse, chorus, and part of the second verse for "Deftest" and one of those untitled songs that you played snippets of. Can you do the rest of the lyrics to those two songs, as well as the lyrics to the other untitled songs you have? NJPLP (Me): Also, do you know what the song is that plays before Rhinestone at Xero's show with the Bredrin Daddy's on Febuary 27th, 1998? Here's the clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjVo4Ij4_M0 It's at the beginning of the video. DaveG (Dave Garrett): Unfortunately, I can't make it out, too bad of quality for me to tell what song. NJPLP (Me): Do you remember the names of the Karma songs that you wrote with the band and, if so, do you have the songs? DaveG (Dave Garrett): I do not remember the names. I reached out to the old guitarist and he has some songs on cassette that he was going to get me when he has time. NJPLP (Me): Were there any other bands you were in besides Karma and Relative Degree? Or was it just those two bands? DaveG (Dave Garrett): I have played in bands since I was 13 years old. The first band was a Metallica cover band and most of them were just jam bands. The only other one I played in with a name was Insomnia, before Karma and Relative Degree. That band never played in a show. All this information came from DaveG (Dave Garrett), so... thank him for this information!
  3. What is this demo? From Xero To #1: Becoming Linkin Park Jeff Blue describes it in his One Step Closer: From Xero to #1: Becoming Linkin Park book: "Next was "p o i n t i l l i s m", which was something Mike was creating for a soundtrack. His description was that he felt very alone while writing the song during the transitional period when he started concentrating on music. He'd just gotten a new job and was spread so thin that he didn't have time to hang out with his friends. He wrote that he needed to work hard, or sacrifice, in order to succeed. He had crossed out that last sentence in his notes. I wanted to know what he was thinking. What I did know, was that Mike was intense, driven, and focused."
  4. Hi guys. A new entrant in the community and I already regret for not being a part of it for all these years. Anyway, I have started with my keyboard journey for over a couple of years now (owing to inspiration from Mike Shinoda). I wanted some assistance/help actually. Since a lot of you guys must have had the opportunity to visit backstage and on stage tour of LP, if some of guys have good quality pictures of Mike's set up, be it Korg Triton-days, Neko, Nord. Thanks. Also, @Astat seems to have an immense indepth knowledge about their instruments. I read he wrote somewhere that during the 2003 Meteora tour, Mike had basically installed the Triton on the Baldwin Piano setup. Any pictures to the same? P.S. Also, being a newbie to this forum, can anybody guide me/send me the link to the gallery page where you all post stuff.
  5. Tonight's show marks the halfway point in this Post Traumatic European Tour and will be played in Budapest, Hungary. This is only Mike's second time performing in Hungary, the first was in June of 2017 when Linkin Park played the Telekom VOLT Festival. The last stop in this tour took us to London, England and had one surprise after another, including three(!) tour debuts. Starting off strong, Mike opened the show with 'Petrified', then went into 'I.O.U.' and the fan-favorite 'Ghosts' before rapping 'Remember the Name'. During the bridge of 'Sorry For Now' after Dan's drum solo, fans in the audience asked for Mike to rap 'Step Up'. A fan handed Mike their phone with the lyrics and he rapped the first verse and chorus, making this the first live appearance of 'Step Up' in any form in nearly a decade. After a show staple mashup of 'Waiting For The End' and 'Where'd You Go', Mike brought Eg White on stage and shocked the audience by playing the song they wrote together: 'One More Light'. Fans all around the world were touched by this emotional performance and flooded social media with an outpouring of love and support. The surprises didn't end there though. To open up the encore, Mike brought out Jon Green and performed a stripped version of 'Battle Symphony' and 'Nobody Can Save Me'. Jon Green co-wrote both of these songs with Linkin Park and also joined the last time they were performed live at the Hollywood Bowl show in October of 2017. What songs are you hoping will be the next debuts on this Post Traumatic European Tour? Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates, and join the LPLive Discord for discussion with fans around the world! Subscribe to the LPLive Archive YouTube Channel, which is loaded with hours of rare content from the Linkin Park world (including full concert footage from the Post Traumatic Tour)! Be sure to subscribe! Follow our Instagram too for pictures and videos from the shows! Check out the rest of Mike Shinoda's 2019 touring schedule here.
  6. Does anyone have an idea or clue of who makes the keyboard stand Mike has used since the ATS tour? I’d really like to be able to get a replica of it
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