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  1. https://lplive.net/forums/topic/11764-lpcatalog-exclusives-linkin-parkjay-z-mix/?do=findComment&comment=252923 He made other Linkin Park/Jay-Z mashups if you want to check them on his website. The links on the main post are still working in case you want to download LPCatalog's CD in FLAC. But it's likely mp3 sourced.
  2. http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=Points_Of_Authority/99_Problems/One_Step_Closer#Background As for the In The End remix, its origin seems to be DJ Vice's MySpace page but I think it was never confirmed to be a Reanimation outtake/demo. Could be something he worked on by himself.
  3. Probably hundreds. It's a music sampler, so it's supposed to be out there. From the main post:
  4. It was before. We actually got Mike's blessing at the time. Wel... it's their property.
  5. Since people outside of China have trouble watching videos on Youku, last year we've downloaded both sources of Mike Shinoda's concert in Shanghai and uploaded them to our YouTube channel. Here's Source 1 in case anyone is interested: https://mega.nz/#!tXRigK6a!snrMxz5Vxjv2ytoLivuY-IThvctktFPga7Ao1MMMWBk Show page: https://lplive.net/shows/mikeshinoda18/20180814/
  6. http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=Living_Things_Remixes
  7. Hi everyone, we have some fun updates about Xero we'd like to share. A Zomba Music sampler dating from 1998 has surfaced on Discogs. It's titled "New Music Sampler 1999" and includes a brand new version of 'Rhinestone' with Mark Wakefield on vocals. This is the same track that was featured in the series "The Crow: Stairway To Heaven" back in 1999, so the long search for that track is finally over. We do not own a copy of the CD, but good luck to anyone who can actually find it. The lyrics for this version are already available on Linkinpedia and we have updated our The Chronological Order Of The HT Demos thread. Unfortunately we are not able to post the song right now but with all due respect to Linkin Park and their wishes at this time to not leak any studio material, we are working on being able to share the track here with everyone. Meanwhile, here's something we think you all might enjoy: on February 27, 1998 a band known as Brendrin Daddy's played their first show ever and made sure to record just about everything on this special night. They shared the stage with a band that would later be known as Linkin Park! While not really intending to film part of this set, footage of Xero playing "Rhinestone" at Whisky starts at 02:03 and lasts for about 30 seconds: Show page This is the first known live footage of Xero we have seen online. We've recently restored some missing Grey Daze, Xero and Hybrid Theory pages back into our live guide and we are currently working on bringing back the photo galleries. Thanks to community member GingerLP we've also obtained a newspaper clipping of the band playing at Hollywood Athletic Club on October 10th. Show page here. Note that the band was announced as Xero 818. More information on that can be found on the Xero Linkinpedia page. Lestat, our pre-Linkin Park specialist, also obtained new clippings from Hybrid Theory and Grey Daze shows for which we didn't have exact dates yet. Check the pages for Grey Daze playing at the Coconut Teaszer here and Hybrid Theory playing at The Gig-Hollywood here. As always, we are looking into Linkin Park's live history and archiving as much as we can!
  8. For the last couple week Mike Shinoda has been teasing a music video in the works. He has now confirmed the video will be for his latest solo single 'Fine.' It will be released next Tuesday, on December 3rd, at 7AM PST. Check a preview here. The song is part of the soundtrack for the Russian sci-fi film The Blackout which premiered in theaters across Russia on November 21 and in Germany, Austria and the Baltic States on November 28.
  9. In the news we linked in the first post there's a full list of guests compiled from the band's Twitter/Instagram/Facebook posts.
  10. As far as I remember, Chester never said anything publicly about re-recording vocals for the release, but the band did start working on it before he passed. I remember a few posts on social media about it. They were already rehearsing for the shows as well with the new guitar player they got for the reunion, but without Chester since he was busy touring with Linkin Park. If you go to Sylvia Massy's Facebook, she recorded a video about Chester, saying he died before the album was completed. When they decided to finish the project as a tribute to Chester, I remember someone mentioned Chester wrote a few things for the album, but personally, I don't think he did much.
  11. Today Foxing, an indie rock act from Missouri, has unveiled a new single: a reinterpretation of their 'Grand Paradise' track by none other than Mike Shinoda! Grand Paradise’ is my favorite track off of Nearer My God, and I’m grateful the band let me remix it. The original has so many spectacular tracks and melodies, and I loved reinterpreting them. - Mike The single is available at all the major digital stores and streaming services. Listen to the track and watch the visuals provided by Shade Balderose below. Check our Linkinpedia page on the song for more information.
  12. http://lp-bits.com/details.php?id=458 https://mega.nz/#F!TWZF2QpY!JByUgrmAvNdMI1ajXYP4fw
  13. As we have reported back in June, Grey Daze has wrapped up the recording for their long-awaited album project. Composed of reinterpretations of the band's studio albums "Wake Me" and "...No Sun Today", the project was started back in 2016 prior to Chester's passing and has evolved since then to include guest appearences from members of Julien-K, P.O.D., Bush, Korn, Breaking Benjamin and many more. Chris Traynor (Bush) tweeted back in August: Listening to some mixes of the @therealgreydaze record with @ChesterBe and it just gives me chills. Can’t wait for the world to hear it!!! While they haven't announced a name for the project yet, it appears the band have already set a release date for the album as well as the first single. Rene Mata reports the first song will be out in January 2020 while the album is due in April. While we wait, make sure to check the previews of "In Time" and "Hole" from last year. Grey Daze has a new homepage up on greydazemusic.com. Subscribe to their mailing list to stay informed.
  14. The version of HFStival 2001 currently in circulation contains a skip at about 2:08 in In The End when Chester sings "It doesn't even matter". The downloads on The FLAC Collection and LPLive Archive and even the audios on YouTube contain the skip as heard here: You can get a good version here: https://mega.nz/#F!BGogDAaa!ASCSz7yqCoqvianRxS7GAg Courtesy of Paranoid.
  15. I should have made it clear in the post: it isn't attributed to any artist right now. I'm pretty sure it was written in 2016 as a Linkin Park song though.
  16. A new title has surfaced on the BMI catalog of Mike and Brad. 'My Horizon' credits the two Linkin Park members as well as English producer and songwriter Justin Parker (who co-wrote 'Invisible' with Mike). The title presents a previous catalog number than the One More Light songs, meaning it was registered before the rest of the album, but it wasn't public in Mike's or Brad's pages until now. Currently, it isn't attributed to any artist, so you won't find it in Linkin Park's catalog. The song was previously known as 'Lost My Horizon' and the band can be seen working on the lyrics with Parker during one of the live feeds from the One More Light sessions. Watch the video below. Thanks to community member lhcluiz for the heads up. For a screenshot, see his Reddit post.
  17. As some of you might have seen, I've recently been going through my old DVDs, checking which ones still work and uploading some of them to our YouTube channel. Today I've found a video which seems to have disappeared from the community. It's the original broadcast of 'What I've Done' from the Popworld performance on May 4, 2007. The song was broadcasted before the 4music Presents special (which featured the full show + interviews with the band) and was edited differently. It is listed as source 1a in the show page. Watch the video and download the file below. As a bonus, I also included a download of the widescreen version of 4music Presents (source 1c). Download (.VOB) Show page
  18. Here's the thing: I have this Fort Minor show I downloaded over 10 years ago and I want to share it, but the problem is the files are protected against copy (DRM) and I don't know how to remove the protection. I've managed to rip the audio from them many years ago (which you can find here) but I don't remember how I did it. If anyone wants to give it a try, here are the files. Setlist: 01. Remember The Name 02. Petrified 03. High Road 04. Believe Me Show Page | Download
  19. Mike talking about the song: Description of the video says "The premiere of the official video will take place soon!" Can we expect a music video for the song?
  20. As most of you may have already seen, Mike has been teasing a new song on his social media earlier this week. It's called ‘fine’ (all lower case) and it's now available since midnight of November 1st in each individual country. According to MyMusic, the song is part of an upcoming soundtrack for a Russian sci-fi movie called 'The Blackout' ('Avanpost' romanized; literally translated as 'Outpost'). The film won a Global Music Award last year for its score composed by Ryan Otter. The film is scheduled for release later this month, on November 21st. Listen to the song and watch 'The Blackout' trailer below. No meteorites hit Earth, no terrorists put the world in danger, no atomic war was started, but something did go wrong. Contact between most towns on Earth has been severed. A small ring-like area in Eastern Europe still has electricity, and maybe even life is being reported from the Space. What military forces find outside the Ring is shocking. There are dead corpses everywhere: in stores, in cars, on roads, in hospitals and railway stations. Who or what is destroying all life on Earth? How long will the last outpost of mankind survive? - IMDb
  21. From Julien-K: The Album is done! Hi everyone and thank you for your patience and support! The album is done and going to mastering next week! We also finished a video for the first single smile.gif We're so excited for you to hear it! Below are the titles, song lengths, and the album order. Thank You! - Ryan, Amir, Fu, Bidi & Alex A) Harmonic Disruptor 5:20 Cross 3:14 Stronger Without You 4:14 Lies Like Fire 3:53 B ) Shut Down Your Soul 3:17 As The Sirens Call 4:25 Burn The System 4:31 Undo Everything 5:20
  22. Merged with the previous thread. We've tried to contact him last year but had no luck.
  23. Mike Posner has released a second collaboration with Mike Shinoda. The track is called 'God's Lottery' and is part of his new mixtape, titled Keep Going. It features guest vocals by Elohim. 'Prince Akeem' is also present in the tracklist. Visit our Linkinpedia page for more information.
  24. It's no secret Mike Shinoda is always cooking new music and now a new title has surfaced on BMI. The song is titled 'Fine' and lists Mike Shinoda as its sole songwriter/composer. Check the screenshot below, courtesy of community member lhcluiz. Earlier this year, Mike said he had no plans of releasing new music but was working with other artists as songwriter and producer. In a more recent interview, he said he'd been in the studio making music since the beginning of the year and always keeping doors open to working with new artists. He added, "A lot of things are starting to get close to being scheduled for release. But I don’t have anything I can tell you about at this point because you know, I don’t wanna spoil surprises." Could 'Fine' be a collaboration with another artist not yet credited on BMI? Or is it a new solo track? While we wait for an answer, make sure to check Mike's recent work for Mike Posner and Kitten.
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