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  1. Wasn't that the Brandon Belsky remix? I've heard about that but I think it's never been confirmed by the band.
  2. While I really like The Hunting Party and really appreciate what Mike tried to do there, I did expect a lot more from that album based on their commentaries before the album came out. I agree it wasn't that heavy and the thing that got me excited about Cross Off is that I finally got to hear Chester doing the kind of music I was hoping from The Hunting Party (or a follow up album). In terms of technique, the band had evolved a lot while recording The Hunting Party and I felt like One More Light was such a disappointment because I hoped the band would try to push themselves further. Anyway, back to The Hunting Party, like Geki said, Rob and Brad aren't metal musicians, they would never be able to handle a song like Cross Off (hell, they got hurt while playing The Hunting Party songs live) and Mike is the kind of guy who thinks every album needs a ballad every few songs and every song needs a slow part. Just read that interview where he is listening to Reign In Blood by Slayer and you'll see what I'm talking about. I guess it isn't even a fair comparison because the guys playing Cross Off (from Trivium and Lamb Of God) spent their entire careers playing this kind of music, so it's no wonder they delivered such a good product.
  3. In one of the live streams about the Time Capsule, Ryan said something about Chester teaching him how to sing, how Chester's vocals were still in the background on Shaking, then said the final version of Technical Difficulties wouldn't be as good without "Chester doing his thing." I've heard about some interviews where they flat out confirmed Chester is in the song but couldn't really find any. Still, the video I mentioned is enough confirmation for me. It's listed as a reference on Linkinpedia if anyone is interested in watching.
  4. I think Chester's lack of involment with One More Light also had to do with this: http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=One_More_Light#Writing_and_Recording I'm not sure who the friend is, but let's not forget Scott Weiland passed away right after Linkin Park entered the studio. He was like Chester's hero and they had become friends over the years. Chester was clearly upset when the news came out. "Talking To Myself" might not be credited to Chester, but the song is literally about how his wife felt while he was going through all this stuff. I guess "Nobody Can Save Me" deals with Chester's struggles at the time as well. Then you have "Heavy" (one of the songs he actually wrote) which is about his state of mind in this specific period.
  5. Is Prove You Wrong the song Mike played during soundcheck in New York?
  6. http://lplive.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=9729&do=findComment&comment=187466
  7. Esaul is under "1996-1998 - Xero era", meaning it's the Xero version with Mark on vocals. Chester said more than once that the song was in the audition tape the band sent him. What version are you talking about? The title came from a fake Xero setlist. Part Of Me was written with Chester, Mark isn't credited for the song. The setlist also had other songs written only after Chester joined the band, so there's no way it is real. He means a version recorded with Chester. He supposedly recorded vocals for the four tracks on the Xero tape when he auditioned for the band.
  8. Dedicated was released on the LPU 2.0 CD. This thread is for unreleased songs only. Explode is probably some made up title. There's no evidence of its existence.
  9. http://lplive.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=9783&page=2&do=findComment&comment=190957
  10. Edit: Merged the topic with an already existing request by the same person.
  11. C'mon Geki, you've been here long enough to know this: http://lplive.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=1279 Anyway, here's your audio: http://lplive.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=13280&do=findComment&comment=286016
  12. Does anybody have a mp3 rip of this source? Source 1a: Video - PROSHOT (YouTube: JimmyKimmelLive) Time: 15:25 mins Format: FLV (720p) Comments: 'Burn It Down', 'Faint', 'Lies Greed Misery' and 'New Divide'. Show page: http://lplive.net/shows/db/2012/20120627
  13. 'Waste It On Me', Steve Aoki's latest collaboration with K-pop group BTS is getting a music video directed by none other than Joe Hahn of Linkin Park! The video with all Asian-American cast stars Ken Jeong (The Hangover), Devon Aoki (Steve Aoki's sister), and Ross Butler (13 Reasons Why) and is dropping on Monday, November 19. Watch the teaser below: "The video is gonna be epic. It’s cultural. It’s gonna be a big one…I really feel like it’s going to be a special video. My most special video that I’ve ever been part of & put together, so I’m very excited about it..it’s gonna be a moment." - Steve Aoki Source: PopSugar and Entertainment Tonight
  14. No, the 8-seconds clip in question features Chester singing "it's much too easy being lost" during the chorus while in all the demos we have (as well as in the final album version) he sings "it's all too much to take in." The full demo was never released to the public. Probably only the band has it.
  15. BUZZTV has uploaded a 360° video of "Flashpoint Riot", "Strange Invisible" and "Kick The Bass" being performed live at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, NV on October 10, 2018. The band was the opening act for Jonathan Davis on his Black Labyrinth Tour.
  16. The worst thing about Monterrey 2012 was that it didn't even include all the songs released to the public. It's missing LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent from the MTVLA broadcast and Given Up and In My Remains from MTVLA's website. They should have used their version instead of the MTV Live HD one. Madrid 2010 is missing Wisdom, Justice, And Love, which was present in the broadcast. They had a good reason not to include it, but still, it's an incomplete show. Road To Revolution was butchered. Wake, Somewhere I Belong, Papercut and Points Of Authority weren't included in the CD. Okay, they didn't fit into one disc, but why the fuck did they remove them from the main film in the DVD? Makes no sense. Then you have bonus songs that don't fit with the rest of the show if you play everything in the right order. It's like the Live In Texas CD where they removed 5 tracks even though there was plenty of room for them, and released those tracks to the LPU with different editing. Even Live 8, which was already a short show, had songs removed for the release. Maybe they couldn't include In The End and Numb/Encore because they were already in the Live 8 DVD, but where's Crawling? I guess the only releases that included full shows were Fort Minor's Sessions@AOL (if you don't count the It's Goin' Down and Where'd You Go rehearsals) and iTunes Live From SoHo.
  17. When was the last time Linkin Park or a related project released a full show? Serious question. Was it the Apple Store show from 2008?
  18. Amy Zaret passed away in October 2015, so that might be when One More Light came to be. Mike said it originated from a different demo he had created with Ross Golan, who is credited for Halfway Right, so I guess both songs were started in 2015 as well.
  19. Download the original untracked file here: https://mega.nz/#!E0kFRYBK!pj7AEZkiQ04oMSwPF5_SqY83pnQBX3Gk1oYAN73jB5I Thanks to Sonja Atlas for recording and sharing this show.
  20. LPU 9.0: 01. A-Six (Original Long Version 2002) 02. Faint (Demo 2002) 05. Figure.09 (Demo 2002) 08. Drawing ('Breaking The Habit' Demo 2002) LPU X: 01. Unfortunate (Unreleased Demo 2002) 10. Halo (Unreleased Demo 2002) LPU 11: 03. Soundtrack (Meteora Demo) 05. Program (Meteora Demo) 08. Broken Foot (Meteora Demo) LPU 12: 07. Pepper (Meteora Demo) 09. Ominous (Meteora Demo) LPU XIII: 05. Cumulus (2002 Demo) 06. Pretty Birdy (Somewhere I Belong 2002 Demo) LPU XIV: 06. Breaking The Habit (Original Mike 2002 Demo) 09. Rhinocerous (2002 Demo) LPU 15: 11. Attached (2003 Demo)
  21. My December is there: http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=List_Of_Unreleased_Songs#My_December_.28DJ_Crook_Remix.29 What is missing? I'd gladly add anything new to this page.
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