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  1. Skipees

    Rehearsal Pages

    If we want to be consistent the best option is to have a separate "Rehearsals" page and throw everything in there, dates with or without setlists, sources or notes.
  2. Skipees

    Quick question? Ask here!

    My guess: http://www.tapmgmt.com/andrew-jackson.php http://pulserecordings.com/clients/andrew-jackson/
  3. Skipees

    Lyrics Project

    Can anyone transcribe the new verse of Good Goodbye? https://www.facebook.com/linkinpark/videos/10155171486006788/
  4. Skipees

    OML Tour Setlist Evidence

    The studio version of Rebellion is one of the band's best songs, but its live version was kinda "lame" vocally and haven't improved over the time like Castle Of Glass (which started not so good as well but improved a lot later).
  5. Skipees

    Another Xero Track? Rapology 11's Cover

    Rapology 11 tracklist (courtesy of Curt): 1. JD & Da Brat - The Party Continues 2. Ice Cube - We Be Clubbin' 3. Militia - Burn (Remix) 4. Black Caesar - The Symptoms 5. Bahamadia - Drop 6. Goodie Mob - They Don't Dance (No Mo') 7. Mr. Choc - Drop 8. Das Efx - Rap Scholar 9. Killah Priest - One Step 10. Godfathers Of Latin Hip Hop - Players Delight 11. Fatal - Everyday 12. Truly OdD - Drop 13. Money Boss Players - Dollar Bill No Xero or Styled Of Beyond.
  6. Skipees

    Another Xero Track? Rapology 11's Cover

    Actually we had 11's artwork around the same time we got the Rapology 12, but we weren't sure if it's only the artwork or if there's an actual track on it so we've decided to give it a few days before posting. The sentence you're refering to was based on information from Lee but was fixed later (and that's the reason you can't find it):
  7. Skipees

    Another Xero Track? Rapology 11's Cover

    There are three known orders for this CD: Astat, Afresh91 and Curt. The first one was a mistitled CD and the second one never arrived so I guess we'll wait and find out what's going on with the third. If Curt bought his CD from where I think he is, I guess there are better chances to get it this time. Of course the real question is if there's any contribution from Mike/Joe other than the artwork.
  8. Skipees

    Unlisted Linkin Park Shows / Notes

    Oopsy In the original Club 369 listing it's also spelled as "Zero" but I guess that doesn't mean anything since if it was wrong here it's probably how they sent it to the newspaper.
  9. Skipees

    Unlisted Linkin Park Shows / Notes

    1998.01.18 Ventura, CA, Ventura Theatre (Zero, Miracle Ticket)
  10. Skipees

    Unlisted Linkin Park Shows / Notes

    A bootlegs guide for the band Zero can be found here with most of the dates and setlists, nothing to do with Xero.
  11. Skipees

    Help / Support Questions

    Switch to any of the regular themes (just not the mobile one) and toggle off the bbcode by tapping on this switch on the upper left of the edit window:
  12. Skipees

    The Search for "Closing" by Xero

    Just don't tell me the recycle yard and the satellites company made sense to you..
  13. Skipees

    The Search for "Closing" by Xero

    We had , with all the effort you threw into it we wanted to surprise you as well. Soul's "We should have an update on this soon.", Mark's "I don't think we are ever going to find it." and mine were all just a silent teasers.
  14. Skipees

    The Search for "Closing" by Xero

    It may take a year or may take a day, but eventually we'll find it. It's just a matter of time.
  15. Skipees

    Posting News

    We posted it on Social Media earlier today. Its origin is from Ebay as far as I know: http://lplive.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=11562&page=17&do=findComment&comment=273657