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  1. The mix in the proshot of Rock Werchter was awful. The sound was so muddy and badly balanced in general. I avoid watching this proshot because of this, unfortunately.
  2. It was great anyway, in my opinion. One of my favourite live shows proshots.
  3. 2017 would be definitely Southside Festival. One of the best LP live shows I have watched. I come back to it from time to time. Great energy, the band was on form in general.
  4. I think that we don't really know what Joe or Phoenix or whoever did on which album. I'm almost sure that Joe's contribution to THP was still big. When they were making OML, I believe that Mike said that him and Joe were going through tons of sounds to incorporate them into the songs. No scratching doesn't mean that Joe was not involved. The roles of each band member has been changing with each album-making process. I think that Joe is responsible for creating sounds for songs, finding interesting samples to put in the tracks, maybe coming up with the arrangement stuff, etc. His role is not limited to scratching or doing "DJ stuff". It's similar to Brad's situation. I remember when ATS was released, people said that "Brad is doing nothing on this album, THERE IS NO GUITAR". The truth is that Brad is not supposed to play guitar only but he helps with production and do a lot of things that we are not even aware of. It's always funny for me when people say that Session is Joe's song, just because it's the only instrumental track on the album and includes a lot of scratching. For me it's obvioust that it's a typical Mike's Meteora-era work for which Joe added his scratching. Not everything is as obvious as people think and each member is not attached to his instrument only - they contributed to all of the albums in a variety of ways.
  5. First of all, I would like to say that I like the song very much. I love the production on this, the track sounds excellent. The rap verses are dope and the chorus is catchy. I probably enjoy it the most from all MS songs released after Post Traumatic. I'm sure I'll listen to it frequently. However, I understand people who don't like it. Mike's trying hard to follow all the trends - I'm not accusing him of anything, just my observation. It's okay though as I think I'm similar in that case. For example, I like trap-rap route many pop artists take now and try to incorporate it in my music as well to some degree. It's exciting to make very "modern" and "trendy" track, it's something that music producers want to do. I'm also very anti-genre in general - if the song is enjoyable for me, I listen to it. I've also observed an interesting discussion about Mike's losing his track with the music he releases. Well, if he finds it the right way now, I don't have a problem. Still, I need to admit that I believed that he was creating something behind the curtain and had a more specific idea. His comments from yesterday are nothing wrong but a little bit disappointing, at least for me. I like Mike in his "album mood", definitely. However, I understand that he wants to try something different and be "more free" when it comes to realasing and creating stuff. When LP is not active, I even think that it's a right track. I just hope that it's not a sign of him losing his drive in general.
  6. Back in the day, I loved WFTE->Blackout and Blackout->W&K on A Thousand Suns. It is still a fantastic trio for me, but I don't have any explanation for that. Now when I think about this, my favourite would be probably Papercut->OSC. Both are iconic LP songs, and there is that specific sound at the end of Papercut that always makes me want to hear One Step Closer. When it comes to other albums, I very much enjoy One More Light to Sharp Edges on OML. One of the saddest song LP has ever written is followed by one of the most uplifting songs I have ever heard. Sharp Edges is like the ultimate acknowledgment of the past and mistakes within it. It has a nostalgic vibe and I'm glad that the band put it as a closer on the album because it really fits there, in my opinion - especially after Chester's death. I can't come up with anything more. Maybe honourable mentions would go to Final Masquerade->ALITS, The Catalyst-> The Messenger, In Pieces->TLTGYA and APFMH->Forgotten.
  7. It's up on Spotify already: https://open.spotify.com/album/6N2WfLgBPl7LBg6lUbw1AV
  8. This is getting even more ridiculous.
  9. The rap in this "GATS demo" sounds like the bits of "Petrified" rap mixed together. The way Mike pronounces the words in "Petrified" is very characteristic and different than in any other song. It definitely reminds me of "Petrified" - that's why the lyrics doesn't make much sense. The beat is not very LPish too, I think, and it seems to be a fan-made demo in general.
  10. The problem is partially solved, at least for now. I found another tracking number on the American DHL tracking website and it was a code that I could put on the tracking website for my local post office. It worked and it turned out that the American DHL tracking website really didn't update the status of the shipment. It's strange that it stopped tracking, I don't know why. The local tracking site showed me that the package reached Poland on the 8th of December and it's in transit to the destination. It's believable so I am just waiting for now. I hope it'll be with me soon. Please, don't delete this thread because it may be useful if the shippment doesn't go according to my expectations once again. Thanks for your reply, hahninator!
  11. Hello all, When there was a stream of Projekt Revolution 2002 with various bundles on linkinpark.com store, I bought myself the biggest one for Christmas. It was said that the shipment will start early December. On the 18th of November, I got the notification on my e-mail that my order is being shipped with a DHL tracking number. It was going nicely on the DHL tracking site until the 22nd of November. From this day, it is stuck on "PROCESSED AT EXPORT FACILITY" (in the USA) and nothing seems to happen. I had been waiting for around four weeks and two days ago I contacted linkinpark.com support. They told me that once the item leaves the USA, the DHL tracking site doesn't show the real status of the shipment. It was also said in the e-mail that I may pay some additional fees once it reaches Europe (?) but it seems improbable since I paid a lot for the international shipment already. I live in Poland and when I put the tracking number on the Polish website of DHL, it shows me the same information as on the American one. Did you have a similar experience when you ordered something from Linkin Park official store to Europe? Maybe someone had a shipment to Poland like me? Is it normal that the status is the same for so long? Will I really have to pay some additional money? I am afraid that my shipment is lost somehow or I'll need to bother with some additional actions.
  12. No, I didn't. I sent them my shipping address and there was no response after that. Maybe it depends on the day you sent them the first e-mail. I did it almost right after the e-mail address appeared on LP's Twitter.
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