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  1. Here's mine if you're interested. Some of them were really difficult, honestly. Also, don't judge my writing, it was done in the Microsoft Paint so you know... it wasn't comfortable at all.
  2. For me, it's definitely Joe, Rob and then probably Brad on this piece of paper. Oh yes, I'm excited right now. We have it confirmed then that they're working on some new stuff together. Great!
  3. I don't know why but I have a feeling that they'd play Halfway Right and/or Sorry For Now. I remember the live stream with Mike on Instagram in which he thought that they did play Halfway Right live when he was asked about the song. I think that Mike was the brains behind LP setlists and maybe he already planned the setlist/setlists for this tour. The comeback of setlists rotation would be cool too, actually. I know they rotated old songs (APFMH, FTI, SIB) on the OML European Tour but I mean something more like in 2008 with different openings, encores, etc. I hope they'll do it more often when/if they come back. This was always an intriguing point for me after Chester's passing but I guess we'll never know.
  4. The tapes that you're talking about contain the footage of a show from 2000, right? Or before? If it's 2.5 hours of footage, maybe they played some demos or something because only songs from HT would be too few for a show that long. Which songs we know are included there?
  5. Wow, nice find! I'd always wanted to see any Xero/Hybrid Theory live footage - it was really one of the things that I wanted to experience in my life. 😂 The quality isn't the best here but it's better than nothing. I hope we'll be able to see some more recordings like this one day. I can't also wait to hear this version of Rhinestone as it was hyped up so much in recent years.
  6. I read both the initial post and now the edited one. The current text is better organised and clearer so it's good that you changed some things. Even though I don't agree with some of your points, it was a very good read. You're often mean to other people but you definitely care about the band and I'm glad that there is someone who goes deeper into some things connected with them so I can get to know more stuff. I like that you always mention very obscure facts like Chester telling Jim Digby to fuck off backstage after one of the London's show in 2017. I didn't know that and one or two other things so it was definitely worth reading. Do you have anything more like this? I don't want to go into Chester's personal life too much, obviously but I'm a big fan of him and the band so I'd like to know as much as I can and I see that Garret knows a lot so maybe there are more interesting facts that I still don't know. Maybe you should do a seperate thread with things like this. Not only connected with personal lives of the band members but just with some obscure facts that you've got to know over the years. I'm sure many people would read that. You wouldn't have to add everything at once but just some and then different stuff after some days again.
  7. Great setlists, Casey29! No Roads Left opening would be epic. It won't happen probably, even if LP comes back. They won't be bothered to play this kind of b-side, I think. They'd probably think that a lot of people don't know it and don't want to hear it during a concert. However, I'd definitely like to see this song live one day. Very realistic sets and with a lot of exciting stuff. Hope they'll come back next year and we'll see something similar.
  8. I know. I wrote it to show that I have the same opinion as you.
  9. I think that the title and the picture aren't connected in any way. However, thank you for the answer.
  10. Damn, that was awesome! I learned some things even though I thought I read everything that is available about LP. Good job.
  11. Actually Hybrid Theory EP was a part of LPU so it kinda counts as 'Step Up' was played.
  12. Good point! Unfortunately, you may be right.
  13. I've just written about it on shoutbox but what if this is the song from an album with some unreleased songs with Chester that the band is going to release? I think before they come back to releasing normal stuff with a new vocalist or Mike as a lead singer, they'd like to release the last album with Chester on vocals. I suppose they have a lot of stuff that they've never released and they could easily make one or two albums with Chester. Fans would love this and it'd be a great point to start something new without Chester. If this is a new song with, let's say, Mike on vocals, why Chester would be there? My theory kind of makes sense and I hope I'm right.
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