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  1. Initially I also heard only Mike's voice but after a few listens I noticed Chester at the very end of the song when the song title is repeated several times. I'm not sure if that's him, could be Mike's higher vocals as well.
  2. I was also thinking about it. Is a posthumous Chester's album in preparation? Or is it just a leak from someone that is close to the band? That's interesting because I've never seen such a leak before. All the leaks that came out of nowhere were tracks from some kind of promo CDs (like She Couldn't or Xero Rapology tracks) but the origin of this leak is mysterious for me - it was totally unexpected and odd.
  3. I think that's not Chester but simply Mike's higher vocals. Mike proved that he can sound a little bit similar to Chester, like in "Waiting for Tomorrow" or "Over Again" backing vocals. The background vocals sounds a lot like Mike, in my opinion.
  4. @Nisshin, who confirmed it to be legitimate? I've never doubted it but it's always cool to be sure. One more thing - I think that a demo of the song was created at the same time as Welcome, which is at the beginning of 2015. Mike mentioned "Last Straw" in making of Welcome LPTV so I think "What Are You Worth" can be more advanced version of "Last Straw".
  5. You've all misinterpreted me. I'm extremely grateful to Mike for keeping everything alive. He helps the fans and music that he's been releasing is great. I will repeat it again - Mike is my biggest inspiration and idol. I simply don't like one little thing about his actions and I'm being attacked for my opinion. Mike is not obligated to write songs about Chester and I still like his solo songs, even though they're not directly about Chester. I don't know what to say more about this case but I think that you are all too sensitive, guys. Every critical word about something related with Linkin Park is a reason to attack. C'mon, nobody is perfect and even though I love Mike and his music, I can express a negative opinion about him or his songs.
  6. Okay, guys - I want to make things clear. Someone said that I would be attacked by the fanbase for criticising Mike but honestly, I don't deserve to be attacked in any way. Mike has always been my biggest idol, Linkin Park has always been my favourite band, I literally love them. Look, you don't like everything in your siblings or in your parents but you still love them, despite all these drawbacks that they have. So even though I like everything that Mike releases, I can express my thoughts about what I don't like in his actions. And I simply don't like that he hasn't released any song about Chester yet and I won't change my mind. But he is still my idol and my inspiration, no matter what. I just don't like some tiny things in him and that's nothing wrong. One more thing - I don't think that Mike treated Chester as the business only. I've never said this. Mike was a friend of Chester and nothing ever will change it. However, basing only on his solo songs, I don't see it in any song. The first tracks on Post Traumatic were supposed to be about the most traumatic and the most tragic moments. And even on the very first song, the lyrics are about his own feelings. Then we go to the loss of his career and other stuff. It seems like there is no place to remember Chester. You know... I don't think that it's true - I feel like Mike really misses Chester but I just cannot understand why he's never wanted to expressed it in a song. And please, don't get me wrong. Post Traumatic is one of the best albums I've ever heard and it's full of emotional stuff. I just don't like Mike's attitude towards Chester's passing in some songs. He could have expressed his loss differently, at least in some tracks.
  7. That is extremely disappointing. I've already expressed that a couple of times but I will say it again - I don't like the fact that almost none of the tracks from Post Traumatic are about Chester. I mean... Mike is not obligated to write about him but it should be kind of natural. Well, okay - we have "Looking For An Answer" but it's not even an official studio track. Mike's already released 18 songs since Chester's passing and there is no song about him. When I was listening to "What The Words Meant" today, I was almost certain that it's about Chester, about the lyrics that he wrote and how they were working on the songs together. And it was such a nice feeling, really! However, when I read on Mike's twitter that these lyrics are not about Chester, the song got a lot worse in my eyes. You know, I felt that it's finally THIS song and when I saw the news, it was like... just disappointing, yeah. And don't get me wrong - I love Post Traumatic and I love every song Mike releases but it's a bit strange that he just hasn't wanted to express his loss in any song. Okay, almost every song on the album is about a loss in a way but I feel like there is no song about Chester as a person - why he was a friend of Mike, why he misses him, etc. I think that Mike on Post Traumatic focues mainly on Mike's own thoughts and feelings as well as his career. I'm not telling that he doesn't miss Chester but I can't understand why he hasn't expressed it yet in any of his solo songs.
  8. Okay, thanks a lot! I'm excited to see a setlist, that's why I'm asking. I'm hoping for some live debuts, maybe Promises I Can't Keep or Hold It Together.
  9. I really like this song. It's probably not my favourite off the album but it's one of the best for me. I've read somwhere that the lyrics are from the Chester's perspective. Do you think it's possible? Honestly, I don't think so. Bridge may be about Chester but, in my opinion, the whole song is not from the point of view of Chester. People are saying that the lines like "Woke up knowing I don't have to be numb again" or "'Cause I'm already half-a-million miles away, though, they know" prove that the song is from the Chester's perspective but if you put them into the context, it's all about Mike saying like "I'm a lot better now but I'll have a lot of bad days" or something like this. It really bothers me because I WOULD like it to be that way. For me, a song like "Looking For An Answer" is missing on "Post Traumatic". In every "sad song" (because there are some "fun songs" like "Ghosts" or "Lift Off") on the album, Mike is angry or is talking about himself that he has terrible mood, etc. I think that there should be at least one song about emptiness after Chester's death - that Mike just simply misses his friend. As much as I love "Post Traumatic", I'm really dissapointed that there is no song directly about Chester and good times with him. If "Can't Hear You Know" is from the perspective of Chester, it would be this song for me so I hope it's really like this. What do you think, guys?
  10. Four years ago I made the remake of "Be Yourself". People requested that so I thought it would be fun and it really was. Check it out if you're interested:
  11. I enjoy the new songs. "Crossing A Line" is great and I like it more than "Nothing Makes Sense Anymore". I feel like there are drums needed in NMSA. I rather never have a problem with songs without drums or percussion but in this song no drums feel just not right. But I like the atmosphere in this song, lyrics are also fantastic. "Crossing A Line" is probably my favourite song from "Post Traumatic" so far. "Drop" in this track is great! I love the sound of guitar there. I've never heard something like this from Mike/Linkin Park before. The melody is very catchy. I really love it, guys! And it seems like the video and the vibe of the song fits the theme of Mike's solo project so he somehow proved me wrong. Overall, I'm glad we are getting a new album in June and I can't wait to listen to it. Hope there will be more pop songs like "Crossing A Line" because Mike is very good at creating them.
  12. You can't really say anything negative about Mike or Linkin Park there... Come on, I only said that "Post Traumatic EP" style fits a lot more to the personal theme of Mike's solo project. I love pop and I love when Linkin Park create pop songs and trust me, I think "One More Light" is their best album. I'm not one of the pepole that claims that "Linkin Park sold out" or something like this. Everyone who knows me, knows that I like diversity in music. Don't tell me that it's the same discussion all over again because my post wasn't supposed to be against Mike and my intension wasn't to claim that "Mike is shitty pop artist". Can't wait for the song and I hope that it will change my mind about the style.
  13. I don't complain about poppy sound. I really like pop songs, even more I like the pop songs from Linkin Park. I just think that this kind of style doesn't fit Mike's solo project. But of course I may be wrong and it'll somehow fit, I don't know. I'll see tomorrow... I think I will enjoy the song, I can even see from this snippet.
  14. I find it all a little bit strange, to be honest. His solo project was supposed to be very personal and all the videos were also supposed to be like this. And now we get 'normal' video, looking not that personal like ones for the songs from "Post Traumatic". Also, I really, really like poppy songs and I love "One More Light" (it's my favourite album of Linkin Park!) but this style doesn't fit Mike's solo project, at least for me. Don't get me wrong... I'm still waiting so much for new songs from Mike and I'm also looking forward to listen to "Crossing A Line" tommorow but the style of "Post Traumatic EP" feels more natural and it fits the idea of getting out of a mourning, etc. Also I would like to see more "filmed-from-the-hand videos" and not "normal" ones because it also feels more natural. Now it looks like Mike wants to push it more to mainstream and I feel a little bit uncomfortable with it. I know that Mike is great at creating pop songs and I'm sure I will enjoy the new song but I just doesn't like the idea of a new direction. I hope there's a sense in it.
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