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  1. Great setlists, Casey29! No Roads Left opening would be epic. It won't happen probably, even if LP comes back. They won't be bothered to play this kind of b-side, I think. They'd probably think that a lot of people don't know it and don't want to hear it during a concert. However, I'd definitely like to see this song live one day. Very realistic sets and with a lot of exciting stuff. Hope they'll come back next year and we'll see something similar.
  2. I know. I wrote it to show that I have the same opinion as you.
  3. I think that the title and the picture aren't connected in any way. However, thank you for the answer.
  4. Which Insta-story? From Mike or?
  5. Damn, that was awesome! I learned some things even though I thought I read everything that is available about LP. Good job.
  6. Actually Hybrid Theory EP was a part of LPU so it kinda counts as 'Step Up' was played.
  7. Good point! Unfortunately, you may be right.
  8. I've just written about it on shoutbox but what if this is the song from an album with some unreleased songs with Chester that the band is going to release? I think before they come back to releasing normal stuff with a new vocalist or Mike as a lead singer, they'd like to release the last album with Chester on vocals. I suppose they have a lot of stuff that they've never released and they could easily make one or two albums with Chester. Fans would love this and it'd be a great point to start something new without Chester. If this is a new song with, let's say, Mike on vocals, why Chester would be there? My theory kind of makes sense and I hope I'm right.
  9. I don't even bother to reply to his comments. He wants to know every detail about MTM Tour and listens to every DSP available but when I asked one thing about the live shows from this period, he had a problem with that. I don't care about him because I got used to the fact that he's mean, just found it quite funny.
  10. As I said, I knew about the whole situation but I just didn't know how people got to know about it. Thanks for the reply though. Do you have the photo? I know it's maybe not important but this kind of stuff is always really interesting for me. Even if you don't have it, thanks for the clarification as I didn't have a clue about the situation at all.
  11. Did the rehearsal setlists in 2008 leaked or something? How do we know that No Roads Left was on there? Obviously I've heard this story before but I've never really thought how the information became available.
  12. Initially I also heard only Mike's voice but after a few listens I noticed Chester at the very end of the song when the song title is repeated several times. I'm not sure if that's him, could be Mike's higher vocals as well.
  13. I was also thinking about it. Is a posthumous Chester's album in preparation? Or is it just a leak from someone that is close to the band? That's interesting because I've never seen such a leak before. All the leaks that came out of nowhere were tracks from some kind of promo CDs (like She Couldn't or Xero Rapology tracks) but the origin of this leak is mysterious for me - it was totally unexpected and odd.
  14. I think that's not Chester but simply Mike's higher vocals. Mike proved that he can sound a little bit similar to Chester, like in "Waiting for Tomorrow" or "Over Again" backing vocals. The background vocals sounds a lot like Mike, in my opinion.
  15. @Nisshin, who confirmed it to be legitimate? I've never doubted it but it's always cool to be sure. One more thing - I think that a demo of the song was created at the same time as Welcome, which is at the beginning of 2015. Mike mentioned "Last Straw" in making of Welcome LPTV so I think "What Are You Worth" can be more advanced version of "Last Straw".
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