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  1. Don't worry, man. I'm glad you're joining the forum and hope to see you participating this week and joining the party
  2. and Resolution was a mix between Fort minor and the sound of Meteora, and had no chorus. Now looking at your description, in his own way, he wasn't wrong
  3. LOL, anyway the Don't Stay and BTH thing is only said by the guy on Reddit, I've seen a girl who went to the event who says BTH was sung by Mike (basically the demo we've been listening to for 9 years).
  4. Same person, he kept remarking that Massive sounded more raw than the rest of the demos, but now that you say that Chester isn't there, I don't even know what to believe anymore LOL. What he did confirm is that he didn't listen to any BTH demo with Chester's vocals or a demo of Don't Stay, but now seeing the situation, I don't know what to think.
  5. I wouldn't trust the veracity or at least the LP knowledge of those who attended. Just yesterday I passed The Wizard Song to one of them, and he said no demo contained that music. Massive is similar or the style of Carousel? but more raw, that's what I was told yesterday, and the people who went said they were chester and Mike's vocals
  6. Stop throwing guesses as facts, please. This is the typical thing that starts spreading around YT with fake titles and I hate that.
  7. It was the lying from you voicemail, https://soundcloud.com/meteora2023/lying_from_you_voicemail
  8. New divide was made in the ATS sessions, so it will go into that package. It doesn't make sense to do a 20th anniversary for a single. Nocturnal or Serpent is the name of the Numb demo, no need to count it as another one. Anyway I hope Mike will solve the doubt once and for all in a Q&A on twitch.
  9. Because they became famous and the biggest selling group in 2001, then warner saw money in every unreleased song they had and kept them under lock for future releases. If you add that over time security has improved substantially and that it's much more difficult to leak anything, well there's your answer.
  10. I think all the songs on the album are going to have vocals to some extent. Considering that this isn't only for hardcore fans, but for everyone, people prefer songs with vocals always, and look at HT20, there were still songs with vocals that we didn't know about (in fact there are even more that are still unreleased). I think people have internalized too much that on this album the last thing that was done were the vocals and that the rest of the 18/24 months they were composing they didn't add vocals. I think we are in for a pleasant surprise.
  11. My prediction is conditioned by the second verse of the song and that something that was written two years ago and as an unknown artist, coming out on those dates is something to keep in mind. If MT20 is announced that week, 9-13 of January and 8 weeks go by (knowing that February has less days) that leaves us with an MT20 release the week of March 6-10, which matches the approx two week gap between the actual release and the release of the 20th anniversary versions(Keeping in mind HT20). These are all guesses, but I like to anticipate what might be coming
  12. Am I the only one who finds, and more knowing that we'll have news about MT20 in January, this a big coincidence and I think that it's that week that we will have news? Considering the second verse is literally what he did for HT20 and knowing this demo was made 2 years ago, I see a lot of coincidence about the dates
  13. 1 - Hit The Floor 2 - Breaking The Habit (Original Mike 2002 Demo)
  14. Nasty as fuck. I agree with the opinion of one of the best instrumentals Mike has done since he started streaming. It's in my top 5 for sure.
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