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  1. 27 only? Your friend sent me 47, you should find new friends buddy.
  2. I think completely the other way around. Giving us demos was the best thing that could happen. See pools even about what years or albums there would be, even more messages than in the posts of the main albums was incredible. Good times.
  3. The worst crowd that've never seen. Mike, come to Europe. What a fucking dull people.
  4. Man, I miss a lot drums in Nothing Makes Sense Anymore. It could've been one of his best tracks if he'd added percussion.
  5. Ross Golan cowrote Halway Right, they could collab again. We don't know yet if there will be collaborations. This situation reminds me when Guilty All The Same BMI entry was posted and few days after it was released.
  6. I made a mastered version of it. https://www.sendspace.com/file/17a3va
  7. As you said, for me Chester is a legend too, and someone who has been so important to me and whose music has been with me for almost all my life, I think this release is weak. It’s just my opinion, I think they could have prepared something more substantial and better because Chester deserves the best. I do not think that releasing a making of or a compilation of the last tour in video would have been very difficult.
  8. Am I the only one who thinks that this CD is a joke? I can think right now about a thousand better ways to pay tribute to Chester. Even in the statement make us envious saying that Chester was at his best in the studio with stellar performances. Is it so difficult to make a Blu-ray with the making of one more light and a live performance? A live CD without video content in 2017? really? I'd love to see Chester’s latest performances, but this is a disappointment. But knowing Warner that are looking forward to releasing a lot of stuff to make more money, it does not surprise me at all. People saying it was too early to take out LPU17 and they release this….
  9. I just included "I miss you". Here it is the new link with it. https://mega.nz/#!6otgWaxa!x_hZ3HCQsDfqulRNhjASIl9XPwnQz12Fzh6Me7h3CXs
  10. Here it is, tell me if everything is all right. https://mega.nz/#!6otgWaxa!x_hZ3HCQsDfqulRNhjASIl9XPwnQz12Fzh6Me7h3CXs I think sounds better now, considering the quality of the source and the time I had. I hope you like it.
  11. I'm working on a new version with better audio and mixing. At the moment, I have two songs. If anyone is interested, let me know and when I finish it I'll upload it here.
  12. I'm speechless. it's like someone had stabbed my heart. It hurts so much, because I know an important part of my life dissapears forever. The band has been next to me growing up , sharing with me my best moments and the worst is going to end somehow. It's tough to explain it right now. At least I had the opportunity of seeing him live once, the best concert of my life.
  13. Yes, the certification of trash/garbage/rubbish/shit hhahahahaha Pd: I was kidding dude. Seriously, it has been almost two months, get over it . Whenever I connect you're talking about OML as the best album of all time. You should start to undestand that it's not going to sell well, because LP is not trendy anymore. People knows them as a metal/rock band, you have to get used to it. And honestly, It's a subpar album for the majority of people.
  14. Capacity

    2017 Tickets

    Cool. I'll be at download Madrid tomorrow. I could give you a hand if you want.
  15. Talking to myself is my favorite track from OML so far. The intro gave me goosebumps, pretty amazing. Looking forward to seeing it live in June.
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