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  1. I thought that was the best part. A nice bit of color and feels like a vocal type that I haven't really heard Mike work with before.
  2. Yeah I was relieved haha. Honestly it's a strange thing to listen to knowing that the people on this track are fans, but honestly this is the kinda stuff I wanna hear Mike do regarding guests. He's an amazing writer/producer and his voice can only do so much. Collaborating with a variety of voices like these can only be good imo, even with regards to an LP album if we ever get there.
  3. Open Door sounds really nice. I think the scream is fun. I didn't think it would drop today, nice surprise! Also, I'm not gonna get my hopes up, but it would be really cool if Mike added some surprise vocals to a couple of the demos. Surely he's got more than enough rap verses laying around that might fit!
  4. My impression after one listen is that it's a bit disjointed. It doesn't come off as having variety, which it could if tweaked in the right way, it just comes off as different ideas and different executions.
  5. Wait he actually picked Ai Mori? That surprises me. Not that she's bad, but I figured Mike would be pretty turned off by someone trying to scream on the track, especially in the way she did it. IMO it's very gimmicky and just comes off as "look I can also scream".
  6. 1. Recharged, but hear me out. I actually adore ALTNC and am very nostalgic for the era. And I love that LP has some EDM in their disco, it just adds to the whole "LP can do anything" narrative that I love. And I actually love a solid 5 or so tracks off recharged. But an EDM album out of THP would have been INFINITELY more interesting imo. I would have liked them to drop ALTNC, then save the idea for EDM remixes until after THP and just drop something with it on their. Maybe the same length of tracks, half LT songs and half THP could've been interesting. 2. LITE music video - What a solid track but a gimmicky music video. Should've been something more creative or at least more straightforward like UIG and BID 3. GATS music video - Same thing.I love the band's promo shots for THP and would've loved to see that style in the video. 4. Studio versions of live tracks - Maybe asking them to record Chester's screams on Faint extended edition is a far fetch, but I would have absolutely loved it. Working the extended intro of NMS seems a lot more doable. And stuff like releasing Lost in the echo with that short little holding company instrumental would be elementary. Would have been great to get some of those on an LPU CD at least. I guess the instrumental stuff is still possible. I'm guessing Mike's take will be "those things are only special because you only get them live" though, which I respect. 5. Sharp Edges as the closing track. I like the track but I think it would have fared better somewhere else in the album. Musically it just feels strange to me as the last track. As for an alternative closing track, I do think it's a bit hard to pick so I'm not too upset about it. Halfway Right and Sorry for now have big finishes, and Nobody could save me would work well if it wasn't the first. Especially saving the big "Only I can save me" twist for the very last lyrical moment of the album. Obviously the real solution would be for them to have written some epic 6 minute ballad to close :)
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