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  1. I'm not necessarily into Grandson's style on OSC, but I definitely think he made it his own. I can appreciate that and the instrumental is dope. I'm having a harder time appreciating In The End. The instrumental pretty much just sounds like a straight remake, and the rap delivery is a different style. But it's not unique enough a spin on the song for me. And the heavier vocals make it sound like every "pop goes punk" or whatever cover, which frankly I'm not into.
  2. So, multiple LP covers? I'm kinda surprised honestly, it doesn't seem like something Mike would be that into, especially because he wasn't even super into HT20 at the beginning (which is what I'd expect). I'm thinking it has to be remix-ish, maybe with some new verses or something like that, leaning towards what reanimation did to the songs. That I could see Mike appreciating creatively.
  3. Toolegit sounds super...legit to me. Seriously. But that's the only one that sounds good to me. Though the others do have quality disclaimers in the description. WWDK sounds the most fake because there are sections of that song where those drums and vocals are basically all there are in the mix anyways, there's no real detail there that you couldn't very quickly fake.
  4. Pretty much what everyone has said - Chester's vocal performance is more impressive and he just has the more pleasing voice, but I kinda prefer the way Mark's sits in the song and his melody. I think just having the multitracks and doing some mixing on the Chester version would probably do wonders though and maybe bump it up.
  5. I definitely think the CG has to do with it. They probably only rendered it in something like 480 because of the CG. But to be honest I wish we just had whatever the true resolution was, because the upscaling made it super messy looking. But whatever, its got its billion views and the others look fantastic haha. I hope we get HD versions of other ones one day, especially the minutes to midnight stuff
  6. Ok wow, the HD music videos look great! ....except for In the End haha. I think it might look worse....kinda seems like they used some kind of AI to try to upscale it and it left a lot of artifacts. But the others look brilliant!
  7. Listening to it on YT now, love it. Some of the songs are really shining with the new mastering. Do My December and High Voltage have new masters? Not that I'm really complaining that anything is missing, but I would love to see a comprehensive list of songs that are in this set next to songs that we know exist/have but aren't in there. Off the top of my head, I can only name a few, but I don't have that much from this era memorized. The most glaring ones to me are PB with Mark, Part of Me other versions, and Slip with Mark. I wish we had Reading My Eyes with Chester confirmed (seems likely since they played it live with him), but we don't. That would be a great grail to seek now though lol Edit: Is that bass at the end of Could have been actually being played by someone? Pheonix??
  8. Woah, didn't expect these two to show up in any form before the box set. Now the only really new thing left is PB with Chester.
  9. I don't think you're understanding Coizu. Or maybe you were talking about upscaling different kinds of media. Your comparison is ok if you're talking about upscaling a 480p DV recording from 1999 to 4K, because yeah, you're not actually uncovering any new information, just "stretching" it so to speak. And sometimes it can look worse than the original if you don't know what your're doing. Coizu however is referring to the fact that a lot of actual big budget films were shot on 35mm film, and there is a lot of detail in that. You can actually rescan the film and it will look great, as if shot today. Check out the 4K remaster of The Matrix from 1999 - it looks like it was shot yesterday. And actually, it will probably always look better than Star Wars Episode III from 2006, which was shot on 1080p digital cameras (the 4K remaster is comparatively unimpressive imo). So with music, you could create a surround experience with the multitracks. Or you could stretch it and just fake it from the stereo mix. Assuming they're doing the latter and/or the band isn't involved, it's gonna be more like the 480p DV upscale. If they actually did it right, it would have potential like scanning original film reels does.
  10. Dolby does such impressive stuff in their theaters, I don't get how they also stoop to such lows for things like this (I mean I get that it's money, but still). Not only is it not how the artist intended, but it makes no sense to advertise technologies like that on a single speaker. I mean, all-channel stereo in high-end receivers from 5-10 years ago is gonna give you a more immersive sound, while still preserving some of the balance that the artist intended. This is just gimmicky, a corporate version of a "bass boosted" YouTube videos. People who enjoy this are the same people who play 5.1 tests on YouTube to try out their new systems and think it's amazing.
  11. So if that's footage from the DVD, it doesn't seem like we're missing much from a DVD vs Blu-ray release imo. Maybe more crisp titles and other things like that, but it's not like they upscaled the footage itself in any crazy way, seems like it's already being pushed pretty hard.
  12. That was fun, I wonder what Joe was trying to say about Super Xero
  13. I had no idea Reading My Eyes was performed in 2006, I assumed it must have been pre-meteora for them to put it in the set. TIL
  14. Idk if someone has already noted this, but it strikes me as weird that there's no live version of Reading My Eyes in the release. Seems like if they were gonna include the Mark Xero version, they would also treat fans who are hearing it for the first time to hearing Chester's take on it live.
  15. Love hearing him talk about ATS. Also, Naked and Famous are great and I'm glad to hear him acknowledge them! Their album In Rolling Waves has always reminded me of ATS. I hope we get more ATS-era demos some day, there's no era where I'm more interested in their demos than that lol.
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