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  1. Wastelands -> Until It's Gone. Neither are my fav song off THP, but that transition is absolute fire.
  2. Kinda weird to realize there's none on THP, but I guess not. Don't forget of course his DJ sets during THP tour where he did some scratching over a mix/mash of a lot of LP beats, if you're also interested in prominent live scratches that is: Also, my gut tells me there's some buried in Skin to Bone, but I can't make it out clearly enough to be confident lol. There are so many harsh sounds/synths there, I could definitely imagine it fitting in. Especially because I had no idea how much grit Chester was putting into some of the BG vocals until we got the acapella.
  3. I think it goes so hard in all the right ways lol. Easily my go-to track for testing a "party" bass-heavy system.
  4. Glad to see this take here, I was absolutely blown away with it on HT20, easily the biggest part of that release for me.
  5. I made a Valentine's day cover!



  6. Oh yeah, I really hope this is the case as well. When I say that he might not make something super serious and purpose-driven again, I'm kinda including the possibility of LP not releasing anything again. But if they do, it will 100% be a huge decision, looked at super meticulously through the lens of "is this what we want to go out with for the first time since Chester? What do we say in his absence? How do we address it?" etc. I have no sense of how much the others are writing, but yeah if they've been writing for years and are gonna be debating ideas back and forth, I'm super excited for what that will bring.
  7. No, but if LP had put it on recharged or something, I probably would remember it. I love the LGM, LITE, UIB (Money Mark), IBG and BID (Tom Swoon) remixes on that album. Just because there's a lot of fan remixes that are trash doesn't mean great ones can't come from it. As long as someone is curating and puts it in front of fans in an accessible way (Spotify release) I think it's a fun idea. After all, it's not like there aren't fans that can produce the quality of the recharged tracks, or others like Aoki track remixes or that Heavy remix from 2017.
  8. Like I said in the other thread, I don't expect serious purpose-driven work from Mike for a while. I feel like he's just kinda explored a lot of ground and now is just having fun. I'll still enjoy the music for what it is, and hopefully a project full of passion and experimentation is still in the future.
  9. I think it's tons of fun, and I'm glad Mike's continuing to branch out and create new sounds. His desire to constantly try new things is one of the big reasons I admire him. I also look forward to the more cinematic, dramatic music in the vein of ATS, some of LT, etc. but for now I'll thoroughly enjoy this for what it is. Imo this track is stronger than Fine and Open door, and I hope he continues to work with other artists that let him push his sound a bit further than what he can do with his own voice. And honestly, a vocalist like UPSAHL or Lights (like on Last One To Know) singing on every other song's chorus is totally what I would expect on a new LP album as well. I think they're great compliments to his production, same with Kiiara and K. Flay
  10. wow, that was a lot of fun. Not necessarily something I wanna listen to every day, but definitely interesting sounding and totally stands on its own as a unique remix imo. Looking forward to the rest!
  11. I'm not necessarily into Grandson's style on OSC, but I definitely think he made it his own. I can appreciate that and the instrumental is dope. I'm having a harder time appreciating In The End. The instrumental pretty much just sounds like a straight remake, and the rap delivery is a different style. But it's not unique enough a spin on the song for me. And the heavier vocals make it sound like every "pop goes punk" or whatever cover, which frankly I'm not into.
  12. So, multiple LP covers? I'm kinda surprised honestly, it doesn't seem like something Mike would be that into, especially because he wasn't even super into HT20 at the beginning (which is what I'd expect). I'm thinking it has to be remix-ish, maybe with some new verses or something like that, leaning towards what reanimation did to the songs. That I could see Mike appreciating creatively.
  13. Toolegit sounds super...legit to me. Seriously. But that's the only one that sounds good to me. Though the others do have quality disclaimers in the description. WWDK sounds the most fake because there are sections of that song where those drums and vocals are basically all there are in the mix anyways, there's no real detail there that you couldn't very quickly fake.
  14. Pretty much what everyone has said - Chester's vocal performance is more impressive and he just has the more pleasing voice, but I kinda prefer the way Mark's sits in the song and his melody. I think just having the multitracks and doing some mixing on the Chester version would probably do wonders though and maybe bump it up.
  15. I definitely think the CG has to do with it. They probably only rendered it in something like 480 because of the CG. But to be honest I wish we just had whatever the true resolution was, because the upscaling made it super messy looking. But whatever, its got its billion views and the others look fantastic haha. I hope we get HD versions of other ones one day, especially the minutes to midnight stuff
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