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  1. I really like the OSC cover. The instrumental is super dope. Not 100% sure about the vocal performance though. Not a fan of the ITE cover though. I am not familiar with the music of Fever 333 but it sounds like the singer doesn't really rap. It just sounds like a more rock-ish version of ITE.
  2. They will most likely wait a couple of days and then send out an email to everyone with further instructions.
  3. I am confused by the US charts. Aren't the album charts the relevant charts here? They are on #2 there right now. https://www.billboard.com/charts/top-album-sales
  4. Oh wow, amazing find. That picture gives us a date of the performance: 1998.6.24 Would you mind sharing how exactly you found the picture? Did you just go through all image results for "Backside Records"?
  5. Seems like they took it down a couple of minutes ago. I guess we have to wait for the official release now.
  6. I agree with that sentence but for me personally a historic song gets a more "holy grail" status compared to any other random song that might be finished but I guess everyone sees that a little bit different. In general I think the concept of "holy grail" is not really worth it anyway. We get whatever we get, it makes no sense to seek for one specific thing in my opinion.
  7. Well I guess Mike might have just mentioned a new holy grail? 😄 https://clips.twitch.tv/ResilientMagnificentElkAMPTropPunch
  8. I took pictures and annotated everything with Skitch. It was a pain in the ass but maybe it helps that other person to actually try to understand it.
  9. Maybe they just thought it looked cool and used it on their normal merch that everyone was able to buy?
  10. It was a very generic email. I am 100% sure they didn't even properly read my initial mail.
  11. It‘s not even written in proper German. I assume they have that support outsourced and the first reply is just the generic answer they always give 🤷‍♂️
  12. Warner Germany also sent me a generic „if you have a faulty product, please return it and we send you a replacement“ reply...
  13. I totally agree with you here. Reality is different though. Probably not the best comparison, but in software development it is totally normal that you ignore bugs that just get a low amount of reports. If all clients complain you typically throw all your resources at it and you make sure to fix it as soon as possible. At the end Warner is a business and I wouldn't be surprised if it comes down to a calculation of "how many people do we piss off to safe money", in which case the number of reports would make a difference (I am exaggerating here, I am sure most people there, like Adam for example, care about a delivering a high quality product without compromises).
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