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  1. I am torn on my impression if the computer thing was supposed to go that way. The thing that makes me thing that this was the plan all along is that we had the list of all themes right from the beginning and they didn't skip one. We got the last possible theme yesterday.
  2. Even if you don't have better quality, having all on one disc is just so much more convenient.
  3. Almost forgot to post this but the shoutbox discussion reminded me: So I checked the Soundcloud API response about the track while it was still there. The fields that give you the date and time of the upload was the same as the date and time of the last edit. When you change a track from private to public, it will update the time of the last edit to whenever you made that change. You can also check out a (broken) cached version of the soundcloud page from June this year: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:nC_XRwX_MvUJ:https://soundcloud.com/user-99907739/xero-linkin-park&lr=lang_de|lang_en&hl=en&gl=de&tbs=lr:lang_1de|lang_1en&strip=1&vwsrc=0 So in short: The song was public on Soundcloud since over a year. Crazy.
  4. Maybe they didn't list a location for the PR02 DVD because it uses recordings of multiple shows.
  5. Preordered the biggest set. 2 things that confuse me: 1. So even with the most expensive set, the only way to listen to the HTEP is through vinyl? 2. There is not a single set that includes every single thing. If I would care about having all the vinyls I would have to buy 2 sets and basically end up with duplicates.
  6. Very good points, and in general I think it is totally reasonable to assume that he recorded the bass on it. I just don't think it is best to write it down as a fact. Maybe I am really nitpicking about the wording here and I am sorry if I come across like someone stupidly annoying, but I think wording it more like "he most likely recorded the bass for Pictureboard" is a more reasonable approach here.
  7. One possible scenario could be that they already had it recorded, they wanted to play it live and gave it to him so he can learn/practice it maybe.
  8. #1 in Germany for sure. German charts are based on revenue and not based on the units sold so with a more expensive box set it is much easier to get a #1. Pretty much every German band or musician releases a new album as a box set to reach a high chart position.
  9. If you prefer reading the transcript instead of listening to it, just search for "Lincoln Park" 😄
  10. I know that and I also read the transcript of the podcast. But it is not mentioned explicitly that he recorded Pictureboard with them. I mean it is definitely not farfetched that he recorded Pictureboard but we don't have anyone involved clearly saying that he recorded the song with them. So I just don't think it should be worded as a definite fact.
  11. So Linkinpedia lists that he was the one recorded Pictureboard with them. Once again, I am not saying that this is wrong I am just wondering how we know that for sure. There is no source listed for that fact.
  12. Not saying that you are wrong but is there a source for this? The only connection between him and LP I found was the podcast he was briefly talking about it in and he is not mentioning that he recorded anything with them there.
  13. I am not sure if I am following you. Do you imply the guy performed on the recording of Pictureboard?
  14. Update time! New theme for today: Inverted! Pictures for that theme: New Email from Joe: "Hey guys I think we’re all set. Let’s drop the announcement tomorrow at 7am PST via WebMeeting. " Mike responds with a gif:
  15. Some cynical part in me still thinks this is a huge troll/red herring and it is just a play on the theory that was out there since ages. Anyway, that would be the most amazing plot twist if everything is actually true. I love the whole hype promotion thing they are doing right now. Probably the best promotion they've ever done.
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