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  1. 11/10. Perfect remix. Some people take things way too serious. Sometimes you just have to have some fun.
  2. How reliable are those information? Can we assume that he had some written records of everything or is some of that based on his memory?
  3. They didn't send a tracking number to me. I don't think they do that at all. You will just get a package.
  4. The way it is blurred looks like compression artifacts to me so I wouldn't be surprised if at some point in the whole process files got mixed up or converted in a wrong way and what we got is the result of that.
  5. Got my replacements. The DVDs are fixed. The lithograph looks slightly better than before but still blurry. Do they not look at those things and check if they fixed the problem? Or is that actually the quality Mike intended the print to look like? The backstage pass is now laminated but the cut out to put it on a lanyard or whatever isn't part of the backstage pass itself anymore but instead they extended the laminated plastic and did the cut out there, so still a minor difference to the US version (but at least it is properly laminated now, so it's all good).
  6. Just got my tracking information. Replacements should arrive Monday.
  7. I assume they are waiting a while to gather numbers before they start producing the replacement items. It will probably take a while.
  8. I am 100% sure the other person wrote to the wrong email address. They never asked me for any order number or where I ordered it from. Just write them that you have faulty items and that you send them the mail for further steps.
  9. it still doesn't make any sense to blame the remix for that.
  10. Doesn‘t matter. There were rules in place that you had to use the provided acapella.
  11. The acapella provided was a mix of all different vocals. There was no way of taking out individual voices.
  12. DJ Shadow, Phantogram, Purity Ring and Mike. Amazing lineup for a remix album.
  13. Did anyone find a European/German store that is selling it? Don't want to pay more for shipping than for the item itself...
  14. I really like the OSC cover. The instrumental is super dope. Not 100% sure about the vocal performance though. Not a fan of the ITE cover though. I am not familiar with the music of Fever 333 but it sounds like the singer doesn't really rap. It just sounds like a more rock-ish version of ITE.
  15. They will most likely wait a couple of days and then send out an email to everyone with further instructions.
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