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  1. I know his family would have a say. I hope we don't have to wait for another anniversary release for anymore material with Chester.
  2. Are the band really now at the mercy of Warner when it comes to releasing anything with Chester on it or is that just a conspiracy?
  3. Are there any ‘Xero’ or ‘Hybrid Theory’ show recordings that are confirmed or at least rumored to exist (Besides the Bredrin Daddys clip)?
  4. LP8 2021 New Mashup Intro LP8 Track Papercut When They Come For Me LP8 Track Castle of Glass (Experience Version) Good Goodbye Invisible Sorry For Now / No Roads Left (Rotate) LP8 Track/ LP8 Track (Rotate) Waiting For The End/Where'd You Go? Roads Untraveled One More Light New Divide (Short Piano Version) / Burn It Down (Short Piano Version) (Rotate) Numb (Short Piano Version) Iridescent Joe Solo LP8 Track In The End It's Going Down One Step Closer (grandson Version) ------------------------------------------------------------ High Voltage Heavy LP8 Track Bleed It Out/ A Place For My Head/ The Messenger
  5. HT20 Live Cure For The Itch Papercut Points of Authority New Divide Burn It Down Rn@wy (Shortened) Wastelands What I've Done (2017 Version) Good Goodbye (Live Version) Reading My Eyes Step Up/It's Going Down (Mashup) Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro w/ Until It Breaks V3; Wall Of Noise Outro) P5hng Me A*way Heavy One More Light Pictureboard (Short Interlude) And One (Live Version) In The End (Intro Pause) Numb Faint Bleed It Out (Direct Intro; Sing-a-long Bridge; Ext. Outro) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- She Couldn't/My December/Crawling (Stripped Down Medley) A Place For My Head (Acoustic Intro) One Step Closer (Reanimated Intro, Bridge; Ext. Outro)
  6. It'll probably be on the next LP album if they continue
  7. M.S. 2019 Set 1. Introduction 2. Petrified 3. Watching As I Fall 4. Nothing Makes Sense Anymore 5. World's On Fire 6. Invisible 7. No Roads Left 8. Crossing A Line 9. Prove You Wrong 10. Waiting For The End / Where'd You Go? (Mashup) 11. Heavy (Piano Version) 12. About You / Over Again / Papercut (PT Medely) 13. Enth E Nd 14. Lift Off 15. Ghosts ------------------- 16. Make It Up As I Go 17. It's Going Down 18. Good Goodbye / Bleed It Out (Mashup) 19. Remember The Name (Short Live Version) 20. Running From My Shadow
  8. Setlist Prediction 1. Introduction (2015 Remix) 2. Petrified (PT Tour Live Version) 3. Watching As I Fall 4. Crossing A Line 5. Nothing Makes Sense Anymore (Live Debut) 6. Burn It Down / In The End (Piano Version Medley) 7. Make It Up As I Go 8. Remember The Name (Short Live Version) 9. Running From My Shadow
  9. And One https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPhFQpLmYi4
  10. Nobody Can Save Me 7/10 Good Goodbye 4/10 Talking To Myself 7/10 Battle Symphony 5/10 Invisible 7/10 Heavy 4/10 Sorry For Now 6/10 Halfway Right 6/10 One More Light 9/10 Sharp Edges 7/10
  11. 1. Fallout (w/ ‘Roads Untraveled’ Vox) 2. Talking To Myself 3. New Divide 4. Points of Authority (Reanimated Intro) 5. Rebellion 6. Faint 7. Castle of Glass (2017 Experience Version; Ext. Outro w/ Rotated Verses) 8. The Catalyst 9. Nobody Can Save Me 10. Invisible (Ext. Intro) 11. Waiting For The End (Ext. Intro w/ ‘Good Goodbye’ V1; Wall of Noise Outro) 12. Breaking The Habit (Ext. Outo w/ ‘Mark the Graves’ Acapella) 13. One More Light 14. Numb 15. Burn It Down 16. Sorry For Now (Ext. Drum Outro) 17. Don’t Stay (w/ Foreword Intro) 18. In The End (Intro Pause) 19. What I’ve Done (2017 Intro; Ext. Bridge w/ Guitar Solo) 20. Bleed It Out (Ext. Intro; Sing-a-long Bridge; Ext. Outro) ——————————- 21. My December/ Heavy/ Iridescent (New Ballad Medley) 22. Crawling (w/ Long Krwlng Intro) 23. No More Sorrow 24. Papercut 25. One Step Closer (Reanimated Intro, Bridge; Ext. Outro)
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