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  1. My wallet wont forgive me for this one, but considering the amount of stuff that's included in these packages, I think it's worth it. Glad that we finally have a HQ version of She Couldn't! The mix sounds amazing. I'd love to be able to hear this for the first time again haha
  2. Man I haven't had a chance to play around with the site myself yet cause life has been hectic, but I had to interrupt my work day for this. We finally got that In Yourself = Pictureboard theory everyone had a while ago confirmed. DAMN. Linkin Park are wild man.
  3. So I was searching through the BMI database and this question popped into my mind again. I decided to check out the listings for Good Goodbye and Heavy, and it seems like all members are credited as songwriters. Why they aren't all getting credited on album artwork like before, I have no clue. Maybe the band wants to credit the actual lyricists of the songs on album art, but who knows. Good Goodbye BMI listing Heavy BMI listing Side note, anyone know why Dave is getting credited under PRS now instead of BMI, it seems new, as the only entries under this one is from OML
  4. I wonder if this is just an easter egg in the artwork, or it means there's actually tracks on there. I hope it's the latter! This type of stuff honestly makes me wonder, how much other unknown stuff from Xero or even Hybrid Theory is there?
  5. "All fans, including LPU members, need to register in order to get access to pre-sale tickets. If you are an LPU member, you received an email with more details." LP's Facebook
  6. As an LPU member do I have do do anything differently or should I just sign in with Facebook?
  7. The Xero demos that LP has are probably the same quality that we already got, at least for the original versions, I don't know how good Mike's mastertape would be. It was probably a "metal" tape which is granted, higher quality then regular tapes (and it's what those 4-track recorders used), but who knows how bad it's deteriorated after 20 years. There is another possibility that there are re-tracked and re-recorded versions of the songs, I mean we already know there's a "HD" version of Rhinestone with Mark, I'm willing to bet at some point before Mark left that they re-recorded some of their catalog possibly in a ProTools session.
  8. Any more updates on this? (Side note, this whole thing reminds me of "The Crow" version of Rhinestone. I always wanted to find out more about that)
  9. Yeah I have no clue what that one was about, they seem to have updated it now:
  10. I mean ATS was meant to feel like one long experience, them not really remembering how many tracks are on that album really speaks volumes of how it was successful they were at achieving their goal.
  11. I fucking love this song, probably my favourite out of the 3, Mike's flow, while it may be a bit different than what he does, sounded great for this song. Mike doesn't have to have the same flow every song, I liked the switch up. Couple other things: 1) There are live drums in the song, you can hear them in the chorus. 2) There is live guitar in this song, and it sounds really nice. It fits it well, I really see what Brad was saying in that interview 3) Those things are not perquisites to make the song good, I never got into LP for the the guitar or drums or whatever, it was how they're mixed, and this song does that well.
  12. Bump, I think @Astat can answer that better, but I think they all still get some amount of royalties cause they're still credited as "Music preformed by Linkin Park" along with each members label imprint being credited at the back of the LP single
  13. New Linkin Park word mark logo from the WBR press site:
  14. THIS 100% Honestly speaking I really enjoy LPs teasing, it's pretty fun to anticipate. The band has worked very hard on this album, they want to get the fans on the same page in terms of excitement, I'm all for it. I really hate when fans are impatient, I get it, we all want the album, but this hype phase is really important.
  15. I agree with you there, If @lhcluiz can provide some sort of proof, that's the only way to really know, right now the fact that date isn't listed on the site and that we don't have any other style of proof makes it seem unlikely that this is 100% legit. I really hope it is though.
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