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  1. Did you take into consideration the NBA season and not all throught the year? Honestly watching em isnt the problem, we got enough people to watch em all pretty quickly, getting the episodes is the hard part, and then hopefully recognizing the track.
  2. As mentioned it used to be a weekly program back then, so for a period of 2 years that we looking for, A LOT.
  3. Thats cool new info to me, havent really kept track of his interviews. That actually makes total sense, Im pretty sure its a known song's instrumental. The really problem is finding the episodes here. Someone would have to be willing to let us check that out, plus its been really long ago, Im not even sure who would have access to those archive rn besides the companies themselves.
  4. I'm not sure if you know of Xero Hunting, its a team looking for LP rare old stuff, this is a song we have def talked about a lot over the years. The tricky part is that NBA Inside Stuff aired weekly so we'd have to sift through a ton of episodes. This had to be in 1998 or 1999, but I don't know of any way of finding all of those episodes, there is not archive online. Also, there's always the possibility that it could have been one of the Xero tracks we already have, that was just used in a video montage on the show. Its unluckily that its Rhinestone, since Rhinestone did exist in BMI, but it has to be a 98 studio quality demo, so after the Zomba deal. The issue with this is finding the episodes, since there is no online archive and the episodes are a lot to look for em one by one, the only chance would be contacting people that could have access to those episodes from back then and convince em to share them with us which they probably dont even have the authority to, since its NBA's property I assume.
  5. Honestly i doubt it. I dont think NBA Inside Stuff background music counts as soundtrack in any way. I think the NBA Inside Stuff - BG Cues song is probably one of the songs we already have, maybe Rhinestone.
  6. Yes thats him, he has plenty of social media. Ive been trying to contact him for years but he never replied.
  7. Hmm this is interesting, id love to see if more info can be found about this
  8. Make sure to check Linkipedia, Im sure many of the info i mentioned exist in Linkinpedia too, and probably info for more of the stuff you posted that I didnt think of from the top of my head. By the way I believe your post doesnt violate any rules As long as you dont provide download links for any material officially released you are safe. Most of these are from youtube anyway so. Imo you should include the channel names etc, I doubt anyone would harass people, LP community aint like that. Its hard for us to evaluate or even understand what you have there, without listening ourselves.
  9. Just from the top of my head here are some more info: -The Xero Faith instrumental is a fanmade one by a friend of him, he didnt intend to pass it as a real one. However he doesnt have any demo "See" in his channel. -The Xero Pictureboard is legit, it leaked this summer. -The Xero Rhinestone Audition Instrumental is also legit, however its a lazy rip TJ Demonte did. He has re-ripped his audition tape but he hasnt publish it and idk if he will. - The Don't Stay/99 Problems demo is just fanmade. Al-B did that one and another LP-JZ remix back in the day 99 Problems/One Ster Closer, which got very popular. The dj is claiming it sparked the idea for Collision Course, which has never been confirmed, however there is a WBR internal cd that contains his remix, however its not an official remix. - What Are You Worth is legit - Good Goodbye demo is legit - About Looking For An Answer I remember Mike back in the day said he had made 2 versions, one with a more LP-ish instrumental and one more stripped like the Hollywood Bowl one and he wasnt sure which one to put out. However neither of those version have leaked. Idk if you just found em like that lol - All The Mall Soundtrack demos you mentioned are legit and if I remember correctly there is another demo but I dont remember the name rn. - Papercut vs David Banner (Remix) is legit an official remix. Its from a Mixtape of that mashed up rock and rap artists by DJ Vlad & Roc Raida. Mike was the "host" of the Mixtape, he did some interludes/skits and stuff for them, so yeah this remix is official and approved by Mike for sure. - I doubt any of the other remixes you mentioned is legit.
  10. This i was an interesting topic to follow. Its a pity it turned up to probably be fake. Personally I liked the sound of the snippet.
  11. OMG, they are killing me, I have preordered it was really looking forward to getting it in January.
  12. I just relistened to Dialate reading Jeff's quote. The description pretty close to how Dialate sounds. Fits the era too. I can say there is a pretty big chance its actually Dialate the song he is referring too.
  13. No chance Deftest is Reborn. Deftest is one of the very first Xero songs (pre 4 track tape) and also it was a Mark experiment. There is no chance the band continued working on Deftest long enough for Chester to have sung on it too. I can tell you right now that, with what we have, Deftest cant be Reborn. But it would be cool to clear up whats up with Reborn if someone could ask Mike on Twitch about the song.
  14. Is this remix available somewhere? Cant find it.
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