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  1. OMG, they are killing me, I have preordered it was really looking forward to getting it in January.
  2. I just relistened to Dialate reading Jeff's quote. The description pretty close to how Dialate sounds. Fits the era too. I can say there is a pretty big chance its actually Dialate the song he is referring too.
  3. No chance Deftest is Reborn. Deftest is one of the very first Xero songs (pre 4 track tape) and also it was a Mark experiment. There is no chance the band continued working on Deftest long enough for Chester to have sung on it too. I can tell you right now that, with what we have, Deftest cant be Reborn. But it would be cool to clear up whats up with Reborn if someone could ask Mike on Twitch about the song.
  4. Is this remix available somewhere? Cant find it.
  5. Lol there probably is just one of it 😂 So lets get it 😂
  6. Xero Hunting Team still works on projects. Not Rhinestone obviously, but other stuff. We now operate on discord If you are interested to join just PM Me or comment here
  7. Yeah i was so hoping the Xero chapter would be completed with this release. But guess what, if the 3-track-tape exists I WANT IT 😂
  8. In both this thread and the older one from 2016, Joe was the one to make the 3 songs tape statement. This could just be the case of Joe mixing up stuff.
  9. True that. Imagine getting a proshot of the one with Snoop Dogg, not even the audio exists for that.
  10. My top 3 would be: Xero Reborn Thoughts That Take Away My Pride My December [Team Sleep Remix]
  11. Yeah i remember Mike not wanting the Crow version out. Im pretty sure thats the version we are getting in HT20 too, im just hoping its something slightly different and not the EXACT same.
  12. They get stuff mixed up all the time, dates, songs, facts, everything. Its normal to not instantly remember a DEMO u barely worked on (since it must have been mainly Xero). I doubt it was a joke and honestly it would be the best thing ever if either Could Have Been or Dialate is this song, it would put a closure to the whole Xero era as we know it. (There is also the NBA Inside song, but Im pretty sure its a song we already have.)
  13. It doesnt exist in better. The source was 128 im pretty sure of it. if someone says different let me know, id love to have it in 320. I did got it in “320” but in reality its still the 128 so im sure its was the source.
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