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  1. Im not defending the leak really. I understand all the reasons that a leak hurts the band and the label. What I'm saying is, shit happens, it happened this one time, trying to erase from the fans minds that the song ever leaked isnt helping, thats all Im saying. Otherwise I completely understand everyone's stand in this, just saying that this anger the fans for no reason really. No matter how hard they try to erase the song's existance we won't forget it so it just doesnt help.
  2. I mean of course I understand Warner (or the band) not wanting any song to leak, cause they could have profit out of it in the future (or for sentimental value for the band). But shit happens, pretending that it never leaked and trying so hard to erase its existance doesnt really help. I mean its 1 song out of thousands of demos that the band has made all these years. Its not like songs are being leaked this way often. Most of unheard demos we've found have been "discovered" rather than leaked. I understand that it might have sentimental value for the band if Chester was involved in it (seems to be contriversial if Chester does those backing vocals), but if it doesnt its just 1 song, it be better if Warner and LP promoted the song instead of trying to bury it. Even posting about it on social media or release it in the best quality for free would be very nice. Its free advertisment anyway I dont think its such a huge deal after all for a band like LP with thousands of demos.
  3. With More New Members The Project Is Running Once Again. Anyone Interested In Joining PM Me.
  4. There really aint that much info available about the song.
  5. I dont believe so, i think the first time it was heard of was 2 days before it got leaked when a guy posted a snippet of the song in his soundcloud
  6. all the links are been taken down very fast.
  7. Does LinkinPedia "Submit Corrections" still works? (http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=Submissions)
  8. I hear Chester in the back for a small part too. Not 100% sure, but I think its him.
  9. I really dont get why people started doubting its really our boys. Its very rare that we get a "fake" leak anyways. Plus there is no really no reason to believe its fake, everything sounds like em. Happy that facts got gathered fast to prove its real for those who doubt it. Maybe we get a post from the band about it too, they do it sometimes with leaks/discoveries, who knows.
  10. So there is a guy in Soundcloud that claims to have the song. I suppose he is selling it or something, there is a snippet. "What Are You Worth" is a confirmed title of an OML demo and its probably this song. I'm just saying people should look into this, however for some reason the quality isn't great. The same person also claims to have MTM and ATS instrumentals. Someone started already this topic in Reddit so i thought I should let people here know this thing exists.
  11. Sure I mean its always open if you want to join, PM me both
  12. Oh yeah it makes sense, didnt think of the Sorry For Now/Lift Off version, you guys are right.
  13. Considering its only been performed once in June 20, 2018 I doubt there is a good quality version of it, i mean there are a few videos on youtube none of witch has good quality. Im sure if Mike performs it some more times, higher quality videos will appear. Then some people will "remix" the demo verse with the original song which will provide an even better outcome since they will remove the noise and everything. Its been done before for lots of LP songs by certain people on Youtube so im sure it will happen again if they get their hands in a better quality audio of the verse. But for now your best shot are some youtube videos of that one show which to be honest arent of great quality.
  14. FIND RESULTS THAT CONTAIN... AAny of my search term wordsny of my search term words All of my search term words This doesnt really work for me. I change it but it still only does "Any of my search term words".
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