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  1. Oh yeah it makes sense, didnt think of the Sorry For Now/Lift Off version, you guys are right.
  2. Considering its only been performed once in June 20, 2018 I doubt there is a good quality version of it, i mean there are a few videos on youtube none of witch has good quality. Im sure if Mike performs it some more times, higher quality videos will appear. Then some people will "remix" the demo verse with the original song which will provide an even better outcome since they will remove the noise and everything. Its been done before for lots of LP songs by certain people on Youtube so im sure it will happen again if they get their hands in a better quality audio of the verse. But for now your best shot are some youtube videos of that one show which to be honest arent of great quality.
  3. You are right and wrong at the same time. The thing is, some of these indeed sounds a lot like they were INTENDED to be Linkin Park demos. However we all know that a huge amount of the very early demos of any song is just some productions of Mike. So yes they could have been intended for LP, Mike played the demos to the rest of the guys, they didn't like em, Mike used for VMA Score 2005. But even if they were originally intended for LP I'm sure the demos are 100% Mike and they didn't even make it to been made in a proper demo, have some vocals recorded or something.
  4. FIND RESULTS THAT CONTAIN... AAny of my search term wordsny of my search term words All of my search term words This doesnt really work for me. I change it but it still only does "Any of my search term words".
  5. All the "clues" strongly point to that direction, its just been out for so long that I thought it's worth mentioning since there are literally no info about the track. Mostly to finally ease my mind, I mean im curious about this since the song first came out, but I'm 99% certain its fake. Damn, I was so sure that I'd seen Mike like that before but I was uncertain. I mean this clears it up a lot, Im 99% certain that its fake. I'll look a little bit more into it though, if any updates Ill post here. Doing "fake" feats for a little clout is so pathetic and sad, Im sorry for the guy really. Thanks anyway, you know that I love some Linkin Park digging like u do.
  6. I was aware of the tweets and the reddit post (asked for source but never got a reply). However it seems like the reddit account is actually Kai's, I'm pretty confident about that. Which makes all the sources, of saying this is official, actually being Kai. Except the article which just mentions it but its according to Kai's claims once again. I'm not sure if Kai is trustworthy, I mean he is not an established artist or anything. Plus if Mike made a song with him to help him as an upcoming artist why wouldn't he post about it? I'm really sceptical about if this is legit. Some research needs to be done here.
  7. Anyone has ANY info on this track? any info would be helpful Ik its been out long but ive been forgetting to ask and was hoping some info would come out but nothing. As far as my research goes it hasnt either been confirmed nor rejected that this is an official feat. Im pretty sure if it is indeed an official feat, Mike hasnt contributed any clean vocals, some instruments possibly. STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN.mp3
  8. We are aware, we are taking the “company produced the show” approach but in a much more massive way. If you are interested PM to talk about you joining the team.
  9. You really dont need any money to join the search xD all you need to give is some free time Yeah this version is a higher quality version, everything must had been re-recorded for that version, its post-xero tape so they had equipment and everything. I love Fiends too its a one of a kind song. If you are interested and have some time to spare for this project let me know
  10. The main idea for the Rhinestone project is to contact people that worked in the series and had access to the song. There is already a list of names and contact info. The goal is to contact those people get any info we can and also expand the list. The team also works in other LP realted stuff from time to time and is pretty open if you have any other ideas or other things to look for.
  11. I just wanted people to know that this project is launching once again! WE ARE RECRUITING! This team is working on unreleased stuff and exclusive info about the band. The main project is Rhinestone [The Crow Version] but we work on all kind of LP related things from time to time. If you are interested in joining, the "Xero Hunting Team" or want to know more, leave a comment or PM me in LPLive! Let's start the digging once again! We may have not found the Rhinestone track yet but this team had an amazing discovery in the process: "the 8 second demo clip of a By Myself demo previously known with the fan given name Much-Too-Easy" If you have no idea what I'm talking about take a look here:
  12. impossible right now man, all the copies got scooped minutes after we announced that we found Fiends and Drop. Only by luck from someone that doesnt know what it is. Plus these cds are very old and not that common, most of them have been thrown to trash probably or are stored in attics.
  13. yeah people ask for insane amounts of cash for those instrumentals, i remember a guy from Soundcloud that recently claimed to have them and asked for a ton of money
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