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  1. Pretty cool, I got it in my mailbox
  2. Scott (a sessional bassist they had during HT era before Dave came back) said so. Me with Xero Hunting Team contacted him and thats what we got. BUT he has given false info about LP in the past so its not 100% trustworty. Thats way Im saying there is a big chance that it was played only as an opening to another song, but its not 100% either.
  3. There is a big chance that Pictureboard hasnt even been played fully live, but only as an opening to another song.
  4. Well DBS dont really have a reason to though. I mean Grey Daze songs are very old with poor production and recording and most people dont even know about them. So there are obvious reasons to remaster them, the old recordings are meh. Whereas DBS was done with exellent equipement, it sounds like Chester wanted it to sound, and it did have some success too. I mean would like your idea for sure, cause why not, just saying that there is not really a reason for DBS to do it compared to Grey Daze.
  5. Actually today Lpliveusername wrote in LinkinPedia that the album will be called "Amends." He wrote: "The song was released as the first single of the remix project Amends on January 17, 2020." I cant find another source though
  6. idk if its correct but id be an amazing show
  7. Oh I hadnt realised its the same guy who leaked What Are You Worth
  8. I agree and disagree. Yes Mark was nothing special (we was "OK" ig) and Chester is 100 times better. But Im not sure the band would get lost in the crowd, cause its their uniqueness that made em special not only Chester's voice. Of course it was a huge boost and with Mark they wouldnt be the band they are today, but I think they would still have SOME success, not mainstream though but maybe they'd be "famous" in the Rock/Alternative scene. And another thing that made Chester a big asset to the band in comparison to Mark was his hunger for success, Mark left cause it wasnt rll what he wanted to do with his life, while Chester was hungry af to succeed in music.
  9. There are no recent comments asking for it either here or in Xero Hunting topic. It is going to be released when its going to be released and people have realized that already. There is a different between discussing the song and pressuring the admins to release it. We all know that admins are doing their best to release it
  10. That's true that sound was solid, they could have released an EP of that era. Are there more songs from that era released or leaked? (except the ones featured in the movie and the soundtrack) Maybe "Change" are "Truth Inside A Lie" from LPU13 Sessions and "Can't Hurt Me" from LPU16 are from that era. Any other ideas?
  11. Yeah that guy is crazy though if he think someone would pay 50k for that. I mean Id have to be a multi-millionaire to spend that much for those tapes, we dont even know if they are good, or if they have unheard stuff. Supposedly they are 2:30 hours long so thats something but still 50k is way to much even for his career. He aint no Martin Scorsese. Itd be sooo funny if he doesnt have the tapes. The whole LP community is dying to get their hands on these tapes for years, itd be a huge troll if he doesnt have em in the first place lol.
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