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  1. There is this site called songbpm.com. When I searched up those songs I found out this: And One BPM - It's BPM is 110 BPM. She Couldn't (Demo) BPM - It's BPM is 98 BPM. Dialate (Xero Demo) BPM - It's BPM is 106 BPM. Reading My Eyes (Xero Demo) BPM - It's BPM is 137 BPM. Pictureboard (Demo) BPM - It's BPM is 105 BPM. Stick N Move (Demo) BPM - It's BPM is 108 BPM.
  2. Would it work if I took the drums, guitar, and samples from the multitracks of “Pushing Me Away” and put them all together? Or maybe just take the drums and guitar and put both of them together? Also, even though “Harmonic Song” is the working title for “Pushing Me Away”, don’t you think that “Harmonic Song” is an actual full out blown demo, with guitars, drums, bass and samples?
  3. I think the word you’re looking for is “sweaty”, not “wet”.
  4. I was wondering if "Harmonic Song" was just the drums to "Pushing Me Away" so I could make some sort of concept for the demo on what it could sound like. I was wondering if I have to move anything around with the multitrack of the drums to "Pushing Me Away".
  5. Does anybody know when the Esaul (Live Performance 1999) precisely happened (month wise)? Also, were Hybrid Theory (Linkin Park) signed to Warner around this time?
  6. Is "Harmonic Song" just the drums to "Pushing Me Away"?
  7. I was wondering if it was an instrumental so I could make some sort of concept for the demo on what it could sound like.
  8. Is "Flower" a sort of instrumental beat or something that they would use for "She Couldn't"?
  9. What are the full lyrics to "Unreleased (Demo) [The Visionaries & Linkin Park]"? Also who is singing the intro, verses, and outro besides Mike? In the 2nd question, I am referring to specific members of The Visionaries.
  10. I knew about the PNNYAHHH sample being in “Blue” for quite a while now.
  11. Is it the baby cover version or the shopping cart cover version?
  12. Which Xero tape is this? Is it the first cassette that Jeff got from them?
  13. Are you talking about this? Xero CD 1. Rhinestone 2. Esaul 3. Pictureboard 4. Fiends
  14. Not anymore. Jeff Blue confirmed in the volume 11 of the Rob/Jeff interview that the Xero 818 cassette tracklist is this: 1. Esaul 2. Pictureboard 3. Rhinestone 4. Fiends
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