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  1. What day during this month will the song (In The End (Demo) [LPU Rarities]) come out?
  2. How and where did you get this information from? (Edit): I saw the information for the song in the LP Digital section of LPLive.
  3. It’s already been a few days and all the snippets for all the songs aren’t showing up. (Edit): The only snippets I’ve seen are for the whole album of Hybrid Theory, & She Couldn’t off the “Forgotten Demos” disc. (Edit): I wonder now when the other snippets for the other songs will be released?
  4. When does the drum break ("Break_1") of "Forgotten" occur? Basically, when does the drum break sample in "Forgotten" occur?
  5. Okay. I'm guessing we can wait until the Chester variation/version is out before the lyrics are put down.
  6. Someone might need to add the information for the Xero version of Pictureboard on Linkinpedia.
  7. I'm also gonna guess Dialate was also done around that time too?
  8. Also is Reading My Eyes (Xero Demo) the same version as the version off the Xero Demo Tape from 1997?
  9. The songs that I'm looking the most forward to from this huge album are: Dialate (Xero Demo) Pictureboard Could Have Been Esaul (Xero Demo) Stick N Move (Demo)
  10. Okay. I get it. Mike got the years mixed up and everyone thought about the shows he talked about.
  11. I would really want to listen to Pictureboard live when the song was played live that one time at one of the two shows in West Hollywood, California in June or July 2000 when Linkin Park changed their name from Hybrid Theory. Unfortunately, not only are the set lists from both shows unknown, but also no audio or video footage of the shows have been found.
  12. If Linkin Park are going to do more pre-release singles/songs, I wonder what the next one could be? But as I stated before, it’s Linkin Park’s own decision for if they will release more pre-release singles/songs or not for Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition). I’m guessing only time will tell.
  13. If they are going to do more pre-release singles, I think Pictureboard should become a pre-release single. But that’s just me. I have my own opinion. It’s Linkin Park’s own decision if they are going to release more pre-release singles or not for Hybrid Theory (20th Anniversary Edition).
  14. I think Summer Sonic 2006 is from the Minutes to Midnight era.
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