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  1. I haven't posted here in a long time, but still... Linkin park was the first real band I discovered back in 2006. Before that, I was listening to shitty pop music and some bad German hip-hop but by accident, I watched a Harry Potter fanmade video on YouTube that had In The End as background track and something changed for me personally. I loved that song from the first second on which is why I immediately bought Hybrid Theory, Meteora as well as Live and Texas and listened to these three records for months. There was literally no other music I was listening to during that time. My first e
  2. Haha, they seem to be a little lost playing Forgotten. Never been a huge fan of this song, sounds pretty good though! But My Myself Wow, holy shit... Amazing Performance, Chester nails it! They should keep that in the set!
  3. I already expected them to announce a German tour after Rock am Ring and Rock im Park. I'm sure it'll happen in the next few days. Fingers crossed I'll be able to attend one show since I won't be at home for 2 weeks in November...
  4. That is absolutely amazing. Best album since Meteora!
  5. Getting reports from there that lots people were apparently leaving the show after Watelands.
  6. Yeah, amazing performance until Wastelands. It's a shame that the middle of the set is that terrible with that stupid Castle of Glass Remix, Burn It Down, the ballad medley etc. But anyway, the band is in great shape. I hope there'll be good footage from Download!
  7. Sadly, the Rock am Ring shows aren't that special anymore since lots of people there actually hate Linkin Park and the crowd there gets worse and worse every year, but still... I might be able to watch it too I hope someday a full 2007 recording appears...
  8. @mikeshinoda: @lplive Ha! Our setlist is a complicated matter. Let's just say that I'm personally willing to play any song, and play a longer set. I bet Brad and Joe are the ones refusing to play any rare stuff...
  9. 99,9% sure they're not gonna play Step Up... Besides that, I don't see any big changes appearing in the set compared to the Australian tour set.
  10. Really good post, that's exactly how I feel.I can totally see what they wanted to do with Living Things, namely mixing their old and new sound. Their interviews and some song descriptions before the release made me really excited for it, but the final product is a huge letdown in my opinion. IN MY REMAINS, LIES GREED AND MISERY and I'LL BE GONE are the only songs I like, not even LOST IN THE ECHO which everybody seems to love. What I don't like about songs like SKIN TO BONE, UNTIL IT BREAKS (best example) or VICTIMIZED is that they feel rushed. It seems like they didn't really put much effort
  11. Finally a good interview again, really interesting And yeah, Papercut ftw. My favourite LP song!
  12. *moved* Pretty cool episode although it's kinda short. The beginning was hilarious