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  1. so they can do a 42 song setlist and play each song shortened like they are doing it anyway. with most of the songs ... or maybe they will do Metallica style from a few years ago and play each show a different setlist, which would be awesome
  2. the show was just awesome! has so much fun out there! the setlist was just awesome
  3. keep watching the LPL twitter and facebook account, I will try to give as many updates from the show and the meet&greet before the show as possible!
  4. gonna be at the show! will give some updates via the LPL facebook page!
  5. gonna be there! looking forward for the show
  6. still can't believe it finally will happen!
  7. I think it's much better to not have also black shirts, since every band is using this colour. But if you like only black then buy only offical stuff!
  8. so it looks like there will be at least 2 more episodes from europe, if they continue with 2 shows per episode
  9. http://www.the-star.co.ke/news/article-177022/uhurus-rockstar-cousin-tour-linkin-park the only source so far is this page.
  10. i tried http://linkinpark.com maybe i just have to kill my cookies ^^ edit: also not helping, still getting an error message: 404: Not FoundPlease double-check the address you've just entered. If you entered “www.example.com/networkname”, try “networkname.com” instead.
  11. for me the site is not working right now ...
  12. would be nice to see them doing a bigger tour in South America, but there are not so many days possible, since they will play end of October in US 1 show and after this in Europe.
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