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  1. Woah - why would that not be on the DVD when you click play? That's very odd, I haven't seen that before. Mine starts literally right at "With You".
  2. It is the instrumental of the Zomba sampler version on HT20, which is the same one that leaked last year, yes. The 3 tracks on the audition tape are Esaul, Rhinestone, and Pictureboard. It does not have 4 tracks.
  3. They aren't going to manufacture thousands of CDs (a dying format already) to replace two 30 second instrumental songs. It is just not practical, especially in 2020 when the production process itself is an absolute disaster. They were already released in full on the LPU CDs. If it's bothering people that much then I'll gladly allow you to post the lossless versions of those 2 songs in full in this forum for download, so people get what they want. It isn't that big of a deal. There is no full intro for the Fillmore show as far as I know. It starts directly on the first song. I thought for a minute that whatever the band was using for the show intro must be copyrighted and they didn't get it cleared, but they used the same intro on that tour that they used at Rock am Ring 2001 and it has the intro on the official release. So who knows.
  4. Working on it. People did indeed blow him up with messages.
  5. Plaster, Dust Brothers, another APFMH, Part of Me with Chester screaming, Papercut demo, I'm sure there are more. It comes down to what LP themselves want to release.
  6. What do they want? A photo of the HT 20 credits in the box set? Because it is listed there.
  7. "Hello, I just tried to credit Pictureboard by Linkin Park with the sampled track I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby by Barry White. The drums are sampled here. When I submitted it, I got this message from you guys: "Thanks for your submission. However, it was declined since this sample was previously rejected. Please don't let this discourage you, and keep on submitting!" However, the rejection is incorrect. This needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory 20 box set credits specifically credit this drum sample and the band has talked about sampling the track in Pictureboard. Specifically, it is the ending drum sample loop in Pictureboard if you want to check it out for yourself. Please fix this ASAP. Thanks, LPLive"
  8. I mean it’s as bad as Mike said it was. It’s terrible lol. Usually Mike is wrong about demos or b-sides. However he’s right here. Pictureboard to me is an F. But we need it because it’s a huge part of LP history. Could Have Been is a fun demo, I enjoy it. Stick N Move is great because it’s Chester singing and LP jamming a full Xero demo. Oh hell no. Email them or reply back to this that they’re wrong. LPL will go to bat for this one. They have to accept this, it’s in the HT20 album credits. I can contact them tomorrow.
  9. Reminder - you cannot ask for downloads of the material in the forum.
  10. Looks like it was on Warner's end. We need to make a list of all of the differences between the two versions.
  11. I also didn’t get the email and I am subscribed. Must be broken.
  12. I love the PR 02 show. What an epic show. My December is really something special there. But I don’t understand the reason to cut everything between songs. Even the encore break. The songs begin 0.5 seconds after the track before it and it seems unrealistic at times to me. So, the speech by Chester that’s in the trailer and that Mike talked about on Twitch (when Chester cusses a lot) isn’t on that DVD. Instead, it’s spliced in the middle of Frat Party 2. The scene of Mike in the crowd is like that too, from the trailer. Those were my 2 top moments I wanted to see in the show and neither are in the actual show LOL. I’m not sure why it was edited like that but those would have been nice to see on the PR 02 DVD in the context of the concert.
  13. Mike said Reading My Eyes was never re recorded with Chester.
  14. Very nice box, I agree. I wonder if that's from a production error on the European store or something. I got mine from Warner USA and mine are labeled correctly and play normally, like the Fillmore/RaR DVD is really those shows, etc.
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