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  1. Ed has been around for quite a long time. Check his Instagram. He’s in all of the OML webcasts. He was with CB for a while.
  2. This is the only thing anyone has heard of the song, outside of the band. It's not on any promo CDs that we are aware of... it's now 11 years after when She Couldn't was discovered on a promo CD. The sample is interesting, sure, but we have no idea what the actual song sounds like. It will definitely be a let down in some regards since it's SO HYPED UP but you never know, it could be something cool like Slip or Blue. Those came out of nowhere for the band and it would not surprise me if they have 1-2 other totally unknown songs just like Slip, Blue, Pictureboard, etc.
  3. Wow this is a really good find. I have a fan remix of High Voltage that uses this song from like 2005 ish (called Only Dreaming Voltage) so at least someone way back then was familiar with the song but maybe they didn't make the connection to RME.
  4. Interesting when they posted it on their own socials the songs are Lockjaw (Joe), Dark Crystal, etc.
  5. Great job on these. That's good. Jen isn't a photographer haha she's an LP fan (and member of this site) that got the photo I think in a contest or something.
  6. I remember Mike is who posted about Magic Doors and then he uploaded on YouTube himself. I remember that day because it came out of nowhere in between the USA arena tour in 2008 and the summer Europe tour. I don't think he did any other songs with SOB in 2007. There are videos of Bloc Party and stuff on the tour but without Mike.
  7. Hahninator


    February 2020, the time we actually decide to go ahead and make the Rehearsals page. LOL
  8. If they wouldn’t have directly copied the entire LP Ambassador group + made it bigger than even what LP uses (yes the GD one is now larger than what LP uses for their promotion), then maybe so. But their mistake has been, once again, engaging with these folks and using them in their promo when they brought the 40+ Ambassadors over. It’s completely disrespectful to not only the Ambassadors but the rest of the Linkin Park community. I am not saying they have an issue with LP or Mike - I know they have absolutely zero problems with them (now I’m not sure how it is vice versa).
  9. I would say that I'm appalled Sean would say he tried to reach out and say that I didn't want to hear it, but that's typical behavior for him and his band. 1. The extremely poor, distasteful conduct of the band on social media does not revolve solely around one Instagram interaction with Chester's sister, as I explained when I emailed them. However, that was classless behavior by them with that one interaction - absolutely. I can tell they are extremely tone deaf with what they are doing online because they see no problem in pulling the 40-45 LP Ambassadors that Linkin Park built a relationship with over decades to promote their new album (remember GD is coming out of nowhere with this), and interacting with/using those dramatic family in promotion who DEEPLY divided the LP fanbase. And as I told them, it's extremely disrespectful to the LP community. They likely are not going to agree with me on that but I feel very strongly about that. That is ultimately what lead me to pull LPLive out of this. You're telling me not a single person in their band or label saw the continued babble of bullshit from Chester's family online over the past year (continuing to this exact day) trashing Shinoda? It's even been going on this week. Tone. Deaf. 2. Once again, they are missing the entire point of using the LPU photo, which I also explained. "Oh we pulled it down, what's the problem?" Here's the problem - they are marketing the album with Linkin Park images, and Chester's sole image instead of anything Grey Daze band-related. Why would they feel ANY need to use Chester on Projekt Revolution 2007 on this album? That is a Linkin Park concert, not a Grey Daze concert or event. Does Stone Temple Pilots or Dead By Sunrise promo any material with Chester on stage with Linkin Park? Absolutely not. Look at the Spotify and Apple Music headers (only CB's image) and look at how they are calling it + promoting it using the phrase "lost music." What, am I supposed to feel bad that it's expensive to take down and they got called out on a dick move? 3. Ah yes, the email typed by someone at their label or a PR-person that was sent to me. I replied at length detailing every single aspect of these issues and have not heard back from them yet but it has not even been 24 hours. I think that's EXTREMELY unprofessional to tell a fan "We sent an email to that individual to explain but apparently he didn't want to hear it." Jesus Christ. + I have no doubt the project was done with love. But the continue disrespect in the press and online promotion to the LP community, Linkin Park's record label, and now even Mike himself is absurd to me. I see they just started liking a lot of Shinoda birthday tweets yesterday out of nowhere, probably to do damage control for fans seeing them praise Chester's toxic side of his family throughout this process. Once again, let me reiterate for the record, none of us in the LP fanbase ASKED to be involved in this and we were dragged into this unwillingly. Fans reacting to this online from December 2018 to present day came to *us* when it went viral. So they pull these EXACT fans to promote the album, don't listen to our concerns about the band's continued interaction with these people and the use of them in promo, and then act surprised when there is an issue. To not tread sensitively around this is unacceptable by Grey Daze. I told them Mike Shinoda acted with such class, professionalism, sensitivity, etc when doing Post Traumatic and he never cussed at fans on Twitter, never blocked fans, never lied in the press, and never started drama online. I can tell no one in this band has any sort of training or background in how to deal with a fanbase, much less one the size of Linkin Park's.
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