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  1. This is really wild. I will try to reach out to some audio video folks and see if they can help with this.
  2. Why would they release a demo CD right now? That makes absolutely zero sense for this band to do.
  3. Thanks for trying. I am on Windows 10, is there anything I can do to help? Is there a way to play the files and record the video from the playback? Surely there is some way to get around this. We can ask on other forums if we need to. There has to be a part of the Internet that can help us with this. Reddit? edit: Can someone reupload the files please?
  4. Thanks for this. At least both Numb/Encore performances were released. I guess some people didn't know that as it's hard to notice that unless you are paying attention. Take 1 is likely what is on the Collision Course DVD, in my opinion. You can hear that here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLlF2FMv968 Jay-Z says: "Thank you for making all that noise tonight, we really appreciate it... far too kind." Take 2 in my opinion is what is on the MTV Mashups video, they use the talking between songs from take 1, and then the Numb/Encore performance from take 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wnxBgjuiSQ Jay-Z says, "Thank you thank you for coming out tonight... MTV Mashup." The crowd is noticeable less enthusiastic on the parts where they cheer too, which is why I think it is the second take of the song. And of course the MTV Mashups uses stuff from both take 1 and 2, mixing it all together, so there is no way to specifically tell what is going on but I really think the Collision Course DVD is take 1, and if you A/B them, any differences you find with MTV Mashups means it is likely from take 2.
  5. Oh yeah we will likely never reach the level of the OML backlash again lol. That was wild. People HATED that album.
  6. Is there even a known recording of that show? We don’t even have a 100% accurate setlist for that show. The encore is just based on LPU reviews. I pieced together what I could find. Astat and I sat down ages ago, like 2007-2008, and ran through that info and decided on the set that is currently up. It could be off by a song or something, I’m not sure.
  7. Some of the vocals according to Sean are from alternate takes / demos of the songs from the 90s. Perhaps they used something like that in this song.
  8. Why is the quality so bad? The production sound of it. Am I the only one that notices that? The vocals sound incredibly tinny and mixed low, the mix overall is pretty weak. What’s going on here?
  9. Why is the quality so bad? The production sound of it. Am I the only one that notices that? The vocals sound incredibly tinny and mixed low, the mix overall is pretty weak. What’s going on here?
  10. This could be a pre-release song, who knows. I have no idea.
  11. Grey Daze has posted on social media that they will be releasing 'What's In The Eye' from their still-untitled album that is being released April this year. Over the past two and a half years~, the band has reworked their songs with Chester, taking his original acapellas of the songs from the 1990s and forming new instrumentals, with guests. Check out the teaser here. Update (01/16): 'Sickness' will be released as the first official single from the album on February 5th. The first track, 'What's In The Eye', is out now and a CD single is available for pre-order on the band's official website here. Listen to the song below: During the premiere of the video, Sean took the time to answer a few questions from fans in the YouTube chat. Here's a summary: Grey Daze have no plans to release Wake Me and No Sun Today on digital stores or streaming services at the moment. They want to focus on releasing the new album. All of Chester's vocals on the album were recorded in the 90s but for some songs they used alternate takes no one has ever heard. What's In The Eye physical single will be available for pre-order tonight. Fans who pre-order it will receive a "surprise." Head and Munky from Korn are in the album. He can't confirm if the album will be called Amends. They have no intention of doing Grey Daze without Chester, so they aren't getting a new vocalist and no shows are planned. If they ever do a show, it will be just as a tribute to Chester. Chester was 20-21 when his vocals on this song were recorded, not 17.
  12. I guess it’s just not worth me trying to get a quote from Mike, working with him etc to release something old. Meh. I tried.
  13. The Metallica cover was for the LP encore, with MGK joining them. It was something MGK and Chester wanted to do, they came up with the idea is what it sounded like. I think SFN and Halfway Right were rehearsed for sure, I mean Mike debuted SFN *immediately* solo, and he thought they played Halfway Right at the Hollywood Bowl. Not sure if they'd have added them for the USA but definitely by Australia 2018. There weren't many more deep cuts they NEEDED to play, I mean the rotation of SIB, POA, FTI, APFMH is literally perfect as those are four of their best live tracks. We all love WTCFM but I don't see them playing that. I thought the OML sets in Europe were tremendous. For the USA I would expect them to keep it generally the same but of course with 2-3 tweaks like they usually do. The cover song, maybe debut another OML track, etc. Sharp Edges to open the encore I thought was a great move. Wow it has really been a long time since they played.
  14. Man, those demos from that era must be really good. It Goes Through/Luna is a good song. LP was going to have a solid collection of music from that genre if they didn't make THP. And it sounds like a much more natural continuation of the sound after Living Things (which definitely had some experimental sounding stuff) instead of the hard turn to THP. Maybe they revisit that sound in the future... it suits Mike's singing capabilities for sure. We're lucky they can make music in so many genres which helps them continue in the future. It Goes Through and something like Promises I Can't Keep go together pretty well.
  15. https://twitter.com/LPLive/status/1064344774658805765 Here are the photos from that Edit: Amir says no it wasn't for the song. https://twitter.com/AmirSaysNothing/status/1213177393168441344
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