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  1. If the Recharged box set was $500, they need to absolutely destroy that release (like, beat it) in the best way possible, so I'm totally down with a $500 set if there is enough content. Imagine if they just blow this thing up to epic proportions, with stuff we could never guess. Good quality, exclusive merch, unreleased songs, live stuff, like Metallica does. Totally down for a big price point for that. They only have one shot to do this right - do it as big as possible. There are VERY FEW bands and VERY FEW things from those actual bands I'd pay that much for - Hybrid Theory 20 is one of them. There are a couple of things off the top of my head that if they potentially include in this.... you could just name a price and I'd pay it. Let's see what they do.
  2. Well they don't like Jeff currently so they aren't going to have a positive opinion on him releasing a tell-all book of the 1998-2000 time period from his perspective when LP is trying to celebrate the album's anniversary lol
  3. Interesting. Jeff is probably not involved in the band's HT20 celebration because they don't have a good relationship with him (see: "Get Me Gone" by Fort Minor, & Mike's stream where he mentioned the "In the End" demo). So this is his opportunity to cash in on the album anniversary and blowout. No doubt there will be good info here, and great photos especially. Check the photos of Chester on the cover without flames, and also of Mike's Xero tape. He saw Xero at the Whisky, so he probably has awesome info and photos. Jeff was very instrumental to LP getting signed and getting them to Warner but it's a shame he made the band so mad after they started recording the album.
  4. For some reason, DF2 does not do it for me. I really enjoyed Dropped Frames 1. The second volume seems noticeably shorter to me, time-wise. I do like Transitions and King Paprika, but the album is missing something. It's almost like a lot of these were outtakes from the better collection of DF1, but I know that's not the case. DF1 is pretty damn good. Super Galaxtica starts it off well and Cupcake Cake is my favorite track on the album. The real highlights are where Doodle Buzz goes into Channeling pt1, and then the back-to-back of Session McSessionface and Neon Crickets. Both of those are awesome songs - Mike on the bass on McSessionface with a sick beat at the end, and on guitar on Neon Crickets. Anyway, I liked the composition of the DF1 songs much more. DF2 only has one transition, from Sunset Drive to Channeling pt2. Overall, the songs seem like they had less work put into them and I also don't enjoy the two 8-bit-style songs, especially coming after Super Galaxtica on DF1 which is pretty close to a masterpiece if you're using samples like that. I just have a hard time finding the quality music that I found on DF1.
  5. Sounds like this is going to be much more than merch and a remaster.
  6. Wasn't very impressed with this song, but that's because I am not a grandson fan I guess. Doesn't do anything for me. I liked Mike's collaborations earlier in his career much more than his recent collaborations.
  7. No I don’t think that will be the case. They’ve never done any sort of release for any anniversary. If HT has a release for HT20, then that sets the standards for all of the 20 year celebrations. Meteora 20 will be next, then MTM 20, then ATS 20, etc. Whatever LP does for HT20 is going to be the move going forward. They’ve never had a blow out celebration for something for 10 years. ATS won’t get much of anything this year, maybe just a shirt and a tweet. It’s the Hybrid Theory year. ATS will get its turn and it’ll be epic. Every album will have their own big bash whenever they get to 20, is my guess. HT 30, for example, won’t be anything but a tweet and shirt lol. 20 is where it’s at.
  8. Linkin Park is once again trending on Twitter, but this time for something else. American President Trump used a clip of an “In the End” cover in a social media video. The band responded by taking the video down from his tweet and issued a statement saying, “Linkin Park did not and does not endorse Trump, nor authorize his organization to use any of our music. A cease and desist has been issued.” Both Joe and Mike posted about the situation on their Instagram feed and story, respectively.
  9. What exactly is that a comment in regards to? Did you see somewhere that he is mixing stuff? He very well could mix something for it. However what is more likely is that he edits the demos to how he likes them and how he wants them presented/released. Plenty of LPU demos are edited by Mike before release. Just how it goes.
  10. No chance Mike mentions LP is making music on these streams. Have you seen the rock press after what Phoenix said? Mike is going to keep quiet and deny stuff until it happens. He literally hates the press taking something he says and running with it like they did with Friendly Fire.
  11. yo hahninator check your pm

  12. I wonder why the LP YouTube was created in 2006 and In the End wasn't uploaded until 2009. It could have reached 1 billion years ago.
  13. They said a few times that they kept a few of their best tracks held back from Amends in order to put them on the second album. They are going to for sure do a second one but they mentioned they have enough for a third album. This pop-style remix of Hole I thought was pretty good/cool, so maybe that will be on their second album. One advantage they have in remixing these songs is Chester's voice works with a LOT of different genres of music and he has sung in so many genres over time that no genre/style they try for a remix will come as a surprise for fans. I mean, Chester sang Cross Off, Heavy, Pushing Me Away (Piano), We Made It, Slow Ya Roll, covered all the iconic rock songs, etc... he can do it all.
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