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  1. The new edition of Kerrang features an in-depth look at Linkin Park's story. The magazine says, "Twenty years ago, Chester Bennington joined the ranks of a then-little-known LA quintet going by the name Xero. The name might soon change, but what Linkin Park would go on to achieve together during the next two decades would change not only their lives, but those of millions around the world. Over 28 pages, we celebrate the story, album by album, of a band like no other…" The issue can be ordered here, and it ships globally: https://kerrang.newsstand.co.uk/ Since Kerrang obviously had to work with Linkin Park on this issue, we are expecting some good information to come from it!
  2. Good find. We can always rip these to throw on our YouTube channel but we'd like the original files if anyone can find them.
  3. Had no idea those were even posted. Now we need to track down the files.
  4. Guilty All The Same, Given Up, Waiting For The End, Final Masquerade Chideo 2014 from Carnivores Tour 5+ years has passed, I doubt you can get these videos at all anymore from Chideo and we need to archive them properly (YouTube + downloads here). Does anyone have the video files for the tracks?
  5. Forgot all about the missing 2017 summary. Can do that ASAP, thanks for the reminder. Brad is an underrated guitarist for what he does, IMO. Matt could never get Brad's Iridescent parts right live.
  6. OML hit number one. THP is the only album that didn't.
  7. He means not every show is recorded and if you take the number of shows ever and look at the amount of recordings it isn't as large of a percent as you'd think. What, it's probably less than 50% or so.
  8. Literally every single show PR07-now, at least 1-5 shows per tour before that 2001-mid 2007. Every LPU 2003 show or close to it. Lots of shows, some from every tour. Pooch talked about that when we did our interview with him, he says the live vault is substantial but not absolutely massive. We will get some stuff someday.
  9. Will get this fixed. The reason you see this across the site is because when we upgraded, all the links with the capital J, etc like only work if they are lowercase. So we have to change all of them. Sometimes, like with this one, we miss them.
  10. Your English is perfect. Great points here, you are right. It looks like they are both mixed from multiple shows. Or maybe FTI is just a separate show entirely.
  11. We didn't remove them. Look at it like this. When upgrading the site, we had to rebuild everything. Rebuild and redesign year pages and show pages from scratch. Hours and hours spent working on the template for the show pages, etc. Galleries have proven to be one of the hardest things to add back in, we are working on it though. None of us on the staff are experts in this lol
  12. Hahninator

    Site Updates

    Hi guys, A quick update on the site... we have added some new things and some things back to the site since the upgrade, with more on the way. We have added logos to the background of the show pages from the era. For example, Mike's shows will show a Post Traumatic MS logo. 2010-2011 shows will show an A Thousand Suns logo. This gives more visuals on the show pages. Galleries are on their way back on the show pages, we'll keep you updated. And finally, we've added the "last updated" date/time back to the show pages, with a bonus, now you can see who edited the page last.
  13. Great stuff about Salton Sea. Frank basically says WBR didn't want LP to go there because they are such a huge band and they'd stand out so much immediately. But Frank really pushed them and LP did too... and it turned out great. Cool comments by Frank on it too... "I think the fans wanted to SEE the band, but the silhouettes capture that so perfectly." Saying the label didn't "get" ATS and its imagery... classic haha. I don't mean any of this as a criticism of WBR or anything, they are great.
  14. lol why does Mike say “let’s go Draven, kill it” on Don’t Stay? Chester took his kid on tour? Says he would have been 2.5 years old after a quick Google search.
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