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  1. I knew I was being threatened. Do you think it's worth holding out? I mean I've heard some pretty ugly things about those guys. Ugly stories. WATCH THEM FLEE. Lmao. I like that version a lot. Didn't hear the album version until MUCH later as well, same as you. Like 2008. I had this demo one since like 2004.
  2. After relistening to the versions I have of the song, I like the demo from PushMeAway's website the most. The one without the "put it out for the world to see". Man Jose, there are a lot of versions of this. You SERIOUSLY only need: album version, the demo from PMA, and the promo (all the promo is is the album version without the guitar feedback intro). http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=It's_Goin'_Down
  3. Sounds similar to what happened with Waiting For Tomorrow. The end result says featuring Mike Shinoda, when the rest of the band worked on it (as seen in the LP "making of" video for the song). The live one Garrix played in 2016 (version 1 of the 3 versions of the song) has Chester on vocals as well.
  4. Couldn't agree more. Best post I've seen in a while. Really looking forward to it.
  5. He only wanted "LP" stuff aka I guess he refers to that as Linkin Park being Chester-only.
  6. Looks like that's it. I thought the song was performed in Buenos Aires but I guess not.
  7. 01. Introduction 02. Petrified 03. When They Come For Me 04. Robot Boy 05. World's On Fire 06. Castle Of Glass 07. In Stereo 08. Crossing A Line 09. Waiting For The End/Where'd You Go 10. Numb 11. In The End 12. About You 13. Over Again 14. Papercut 15. Iridescent 16. Hold It Together 17. It's Goin' Down/Step Up 18. Make It Up As I Go 19. Good Goodbye/Bleed It Out 20. Remember The Name 21. Running From My Shadow Wow what a show.
  8. The Asia Tours are extremely difficult to cover because they occur at such an early time in the morning for us. To add to that, there were no live tweets from local fans or fansites at two of the four shows on this tour. We still don't have the Japan setlist yet.
  9. The music video will be released on September 5th!
  10. Good set. Nobody's Listening - how often has that even been done on the PT tour? Once? Watching As I Fall is a fantastic track. And ending the set with Papercut into APFMH? Ha, that's epic. Encore is solid too. That's a nice show.
  11. Looks like one of those situations where another artist samples an LP song or something and posts it. It isn't an LP track IMO. Re: Old CB stuff. They want to do that, they just emotionally aren't in a spot to go through CB stuff yet. Still really destroyed emotionally as a band.
  12. We can do stuff with like, song names and lyrics, album abbreviations, stuff like that. There are some really cool ideas so far.
  13. The new edition of Kerrang features an in-depth look at Linkin Park's story. The magazine says, "Twenty years ago, Chester Bennington joined the ranks of a then-little-known LA quintet going by the name Xero. The name might soon change, but what Linkin Park would go on to achieve together during the next two decades would change not only their lives, but those of millions around the world. Over 28 pages, we celebrate the story, album by album, of a band like no other…" The issue can be ordered here, and it ships globally: https://kerrang.newsstand.co.uk/ Since Kerrang obviously had to work with Linkin Park on this issue, we are expecting some good information to come from it!
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