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    2004 Meteora World Tour @ The Forum, Inglewood, CA 2005 Music for Relief Tsunami Benefit @ Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, CA 2005 Fort Minor Opening for Mos Def @ Gibson Amphitheater, Universal, City CA 2007 Jimmy Kimmel Live @ House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA (I caught Rob's drumstick!) 2017 Linkin Park & Friends Celebrate Life in Honor of Chester Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA (I had tickets to the OML show scheduled 5 days earlier)

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  1. My Perfect 2009 Set 1. Wake 2.0 2. Given Up (Extended Outro) 3. Somewhere I Belong (Winter 2008 Intro) 4. Hip-Hop Medley (Step Up/Nobody's Listening/It's Goin' Down) 5. New Divide (Synth Intro w/ Keyboard) 6. P5hng Me A*wy (Guitar Intro) 7. In The End (Short Ambient Intro; Piano Outro Transition) 8. My December (Piano Intro; Cello Outro Transition) 9. Crawling ("Krwlng" Intro w/ "Hands Held High" Verse 1) 10. QWERTY (2007 Version) 11. Numb (Guitar Intro; Numb/Encore Outro) 12. The Little Things Give You Away (Keyboard Intro w/ Vocals) 13. Points of Authority (Intro w/ "Petrified" Verse 1; Outro w/ "There They Go" Verse 1) 14. Faint (Extended Outro) 15. Bleed It Out (2008 Drum Solo Intro + "Reading My Eyes" Verse 1) Encore 16. Session (2003 Version; AMBO Transition Outro) 17. What I've Done (AMBO Intro; Ext Bridge; Singalong Outro) 18. One Step Closer (Reanimated Intro; Reanimated Bridge; Ext. Outro feat. Every Guest Ever)
  2. Yo! Thanks for these responses! Sorry for just seeing them. I personally love the live versions of it because it's one of the only (if not the only) where all six members of the band can shine in their respective roles. The instrumental opening, when done in the classic way, has the drums, bass, turntables, and guitar all in sync and building towards one of the best opening stanzas of any rap verse ever (and i mean by anyone). The lyrics, rapping, singing, Chester's ad-libbed screaming, and instrumentation all remain topical, technical, and on point throughout the first two verses and choruses, and, then, Chester gets to lose his f**n mind with one of their best screaming sections! It's basically the song they were always meant to play IMHO
  3. Woah that Detroit one is amazing! Just wish the turntables were turned up a little bit, but besides that it's perfect. They all killed it! Thanks for the response Geki
  4. Yo! This is my first post! I was in LPU from like 2002-2009 and even LPST for some of that. I was on those boards a lot, but only just now discovered the magic of going down the LPLive rabbit hole! My question: What is the best pro-shot performance of APFMH ever? Something with good video and sound quality, but also something that has good shots of Joe scratching and Brad picking during the intro. Your inputs and opinions are much appreciated!
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