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  1. I just want to say how much I appreciate this forum for multiple reasons. Not just cuz of how cathartic talking about my favorite band is when none of my loved ones "get it," but in my limited experience, this forum in particular knows exactly what I mean when I pose a question like this. I made the same post in the LinkinPark.com forums and all they could talk about was how much they loved APFMH. Yeah it was great, but I wasn't asking what the "best" or "your favorite" was, which is also a fine, just way less interesting a question to me lol. Anyway. Thanks.
  2. Very good find on this! I never even saw this. Going to add this to OP. Do you have a personal opinion as to which stands out more based on how the band/lable have treated each vid?
  3. Wow I never heard/read this! Fun to fill in the blanks on the Linkin Park genesis!
  4. Great choice! I def agree in a lot of ways. You were so fast I didn't even have the poll up yet, so if you haven't already, please vote for your choice! Very much appreciated :-) EDIT: I 100% agree w what your edit as well. It's actually my favorite "live" non-Mash-Up version of Numb for that very reason. (I put "live" in quotes because, well you know... LIT... the perfect marriage of live and studio lol)
  5. If there was an "official single" from Live in Texas (LIT), what would it be? Here are the choices listed with their rationale: One Step Closer Included on the LIT 2-Track Sampler/Street Team Promo CD along with "Faint" Numb Included on two different LIT CD Singles, one on it's own, one 2-track one with "Faint." A 2nd music video for Numb was created to promote LIT ( Here's the only version of it I could find online if you haven't seen it; a fan added an endearing clip of Phoenix & Mike messing around with a trance/house remix in the beginning) Most popular individual LIT purchase on iTunes Faint Included on LIT 2-Track Sampler/Street Team Promo CD with "One Step Closer" Included on LIT Australian CD single with "Numb" From The Inside LIT performance is included on all "From The Inside" CD Singles. Its official Music Video was considered to be included as bonus content on Live Texas DVD. Lying From You Its music video was created out of its Live In Texas performance due to the song's popularity. It's the only LIT performance to be uploaded to Linkin Park's YouTube channel besides the full show Included as part of official release Meteroa Digital Video Collection Points of Authority The only LIT performance to be uploaded to Warner Music Germany's YouTube channel. The only LIT video available separately from the whole performance on both iTunes AND Tidal Included as part of official release HT Digital Video Collection Other If there's anything I'm not considering that I should be vote Other but explain why!
  6. That said, while the one-disc version has taken me over a year to narrow down, the two-disc version literally took me two minutes and doesn't leave out a single non-promo-only single, and every song is the full album-version: Disc 1 Disc 2 AND there's about 3-4 minutes to spare in case I'm missing something glaring
  7. I finally acquired the last missing piece I needed to make a revised version of this (The Catalyst CD Single) and this is what I now have: This way HT & Meteora each get 4, M2M, ATS, & LT each get 3, and THP & OML each get 2. I know it's technically incorrect having Papercut before OSC, but by God it's the greatest intro track ever and leads into OSC beautifully (also it's the perfect pick-me-up after OML ends and the CD starts over). The one unfortunate thing is that everything is pretty much locked in. I went against some of my own original logic using the original Numb and the Radio Edit of GATS for the sake of being able to include as many songs as possible. UIG would technically fit in place of GATS, but I know the band themselves even like GATS better (even if the version on the mix now is unfortunately Rakim-less), as they fended off the label's insistence that the lead single of THP be UIG or Final Masquerade, the latter of which ended up the biggest song off the album. Even though I love UIG especially for how it messes with time signatures and the video ended up being awesome, I feel the two I chose both represent THP better than any other two that would fit on the disc!
  8. This looks pretty perfect to me as far as a 2-discer would go
  9. Interesting how you put all the rap-heavy songs (besides ITE) at the end of HT While your at it why don't you add High Voltage (Mike Shinoda Remix) and My December to HT. I always put HV after CFTI and cut the outro short so it blends right
  10. That sounds like good call. You can include Reanimation, CC, live stuff, demos, and underground tracks in that too!
  11. I pretty much agree w everything in your first two paragraphs and I'm once again coming to the conclusion that by allowing a GH to include more than just what sold six-figure numbers, but is also still limited to only a few more songs than that, makes it so it may never FEEL totally right because it will likely always leave you going "well what about that one? If you included this one why not this one?" I see now my biggest dilemma is loving THP so much and it not being anywhere near where it should with regard to the gen pub. (Even though Reanimation is my FAOT and i seem to have no problem snubbing it here lol) To piggy back off your last point about impact now vs impact at time of release... the most difficult thing for me right now is just why. Given Up and LOATR both increased their numbers by 10x within 30 days of 7/20/17. The other 2 singles that made that kind of jump were Papercut, which Chester was known to say was his favorite, and Iridescent, which has sort of become Mike and the guys' go-to anthem for coping. (Also acknowledging that LOATR was already Gold in 09, likely because of fans of the Twilight movie, but then it jumped to Platinum in the same timeframe the other three went Gold). On a personal level, considering those four songs greatest hits because of how much their numbers jumped last summer weirdly reiterates to me what happened really happened, while the meanings behind two of these songs have changed drastically and morbidly, and I guess I'm not yet accepting of the fact that this is a real part of the Linkin Park story. That said, it's probably only a matter of time before The Messenger permeates outside LP-fan circles, where we already regard it as legendary. I mean that might be one of the greatest vocal performances of all time period.... I also just wanna tell yall it means a lot to be able come up in here and talk about this stuff. I gotta gf, friends and fam who are all great, but none of them can talk LP like this so thanks. Ok I'm done bein sappy.
  12. That is a great list. And right! That's just another reason why I can't part with GATS on the final cut. Even though, as you said, it wasn't promoted right (although it is the only track from THP we got a making-of vid of), it's just too important and too representative of their actual sound that year. Also it's arguably their greatest collaboration. And yeah another point of local biases is that you have Lost in the Echo over ALTNC. I don't remember hearing LITE on the radio at all, but ALTNC was everywhere, at least in LA. Definitely agree that a 2-Disc would be easier, and allow for more remix/live type stuff, but that's the point! There's a brutal art to trying to keep it to that arbitrary limit. Also the point of this mix is to limit to the straight-up iconic, and I'm still somewhat hesitant to go just based of sales/status because a lot that changed just a few months ago... but maybe that's irrelevant. Finally someone appreciates the MikeBot! Does anyone else remember the Reanimation website? This was my AIM icon.
  13. A list similar to mine or lpliveusername's? Also did you guys vote?? I'm guessing yours would be for UIG? Yeah see ALTNC is where my bias comes in because I just remember seeing and hearing that song everywhere in non-LP circles (mainstream radio, etc)
  14. What four songs from the list would you eliminate to include those 5 from the poll? Wow you giving me a lot to think about to think about. Rearranging the list now and you're spot on with the song times. I guess I do have my own biases. I want the albums to be a equally represented as possible, but that's not necessarily how GH's work. I am hesitant to go by straight Gold/Platinum statuses because so many just hit those marks last August, but that also doesn't necessarily matter either. And I'm basing a lot on my memory of what was playing a lot on LA radio, which is a skewed view in and of itself, as someone once pointed out to me that LP is an LA band so it will sort of pick its own favorites. For example, I definitely remember Final Masquerade on the radio way more than Guilty All the Same or Until It's Gone. I'm definitely going to keep tinkering and getting more input, but this response absolutely satisfies even if no one else replies! Thank you!
  15. I have almost completed a Greatest Hits Mix, but the caveat is that it has to all fit on ONE 80-minute CD. Currently the tracklist is: 1. One Step Closer 2. Crawling 3. In The End 4. Somewhere I Belong 5. Faint 6. Breaking the Habit (Single Edit) 7. Numb/Encore 8. What I've Done 9. Bleed It Out 10. Shadow of the Day (Single Edit) 11. New Divide 12. The Catalyst 13. Waiting for the End 14. Burn it Down 15 Castle of Glass 16 A Light that Never Comes 17. Guilty All the Same 18. Final Masquerade 19. Heavy 20. One More Light These (untouchable) 20 songs come in at 74 minutes and 44 seconds (1:14:44) only leaving a little over 5 minutes of space, which basically amounts to ONE MORE GREATEST HIT!! There are only 7 Singles left to battle it out for their place on this iconic list (and will be inserted in their rightful spot chronologically): Papercut Given Up Leave Out All The Rest Iridescent Lost In The Echo Until It's Gone Talking to Myself Which out of those 7 belongs up there with the Iconic 20 tracks listed above?? Things to Consider: Every song should make the non-LP listener go "Oh shit they made that one too!" Try to take emotion and bias out of your choice HT & M2M are already represented by 3 songs each, and picking a HT or M2M song would make the first 11 of 21 songs from only the first 7 of 17 pro years/3 of 7 albums. LOATR is the only song in the poll to reach Platinum status as a single, but that happened last August. It is also the only song in the poll to reach Gold within a year of its release as a single. Iridescent, Papercut, and Given Up all reached Gold status last August. Lost in the Echo blasts all other songs in the poll out of the water with YouTube views at a staggering 120 Million! Until It's Gone is the only song in the poll to reach #1 on any official weekly chart in the US at the time of its release (Billboard US Mainstream Rock) Talking To Myself is the newest in the poll and is the least likely to have already reached its potential I recognize how Numb/Encore vs. Numb may be controversial but it's only 17 seconds longer and the difference is inconsequential (I tried) so it stays I recognize Guilty All the Same may be less known than some songs in the poll, but it might just be the greatest song of all time so it stays I recognize I definitely overthought this Sorry if this is a repost What is the most obvious choice?? Why?? Am I missing something?? VOTE AND COMMENT! LP4LIFE!!
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