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  1. Just heard it myself! Love it. I’m getting 80s power-ballad vibes for sure (Listen To Your Heart, etc.). Mike killed it. I would def pay for a lossless final mix, but I’m with Hahninator as far as respecting the band’s/label’s wishes. They never sold us short before. All will come in due time. For now, we have 18+ years worth of music, released demos, remixes, and live performances to enjoy, and I’m not tired of any of it yet... .... also RELEASE THE DJ SHADOW TEAM SLEEP MY DECEMBER REMIX... okay I’m done
  2. Since I remember such fun/spirited debate in the Live in Texas thread: I wanted to see where ppl’s heads were at when in came to Road to Revolution! What’s RTR’s “official single”? The options and the reasons: Given Up One of two performances from the concert on the official YouTube page (the other is Bleed it Out) The only one with an official video release on Apple What I’ve Done This performance specifically was nominated for a Grammy Leave Out All The Rest A “single edit” was created for this performance, the audio of which appears on LOATR’s promo single CD, and the video of which appears on both the LOATR Japanese EP and the Twilight DVD No More Sorrow This performance was actually released as a “promo single,” but could it also be considered the album’s official single as well? Other What am I forgetting? What am I missing? Should tracks that appeared on the UK Sampler also be factored in? Remember, this isn’t your “favorite” performance, or which one you think is “the best one,” or even the most popular, per se. It’s which one would be considered an “official single,” based on evidence! Vote and comment!
  3. Im honored! Those are switchouts I’d prolly make too, great choices. Also I had no idea you could upload Spotify playlists here that’s awesome
  4. I was inspired by the Apple Music/Spotify playlists Mike shared with us today. No one needs to place the same constraints I placed on myself, but I wanted mine to include at least one thing from as many officially released projects he's been a part of as possible, and I wanted it to also fit on an audio CD. Feel free to make yours longer (or shorter) than 73 minutes, and to include or exclude whatever your hearts desire. Here's Mine: A Place For My Head H! Vltg3 (Album Vocal) It's Goin Down Numb Enjoy The Silence (Reinterpreted) Big Pimpin/Papercut Spraypaint & Ink Pens Mike Shinoda Interlude (Track 14 of Rock Phenomenon by DJ Vlad) High Road Bleed It Out Second To None We Made It Carry Me Away Waiting For The End Jaka Caught (Track 17 of The Raid Soundtrack) Skin To Bone A Light That Never Comes Rebellion Devil's Drop Welcome Good Goodbye Place To Start Waiting For Tomorrow Prove You Wrong Fine The transitions happen to work out amazingly throughout the whole thing. On top of the turntable/mixtape stuff, there's similar synths at the end of Numb and beginning of ETS, as well as similar tambourines at the end of High Road and beginning of BIO. Stuff like that happens all over it. Share yours and let us know how it sounds!
  5. Thank you kindly. Yeah it’s mine too. I was in hs when it came out and distinctly remember the first time I heard it. I flipped out when those Faint strings came in over the JW beat halfway through Jay’s first verse and then again halfway through Mike’s.
  6. Maybe I’m alone in this but I make clear distinctions in my mind between Mashups, Medleys, and DJ sets, even if there is some overlap between them at times. To me, Medleys, as one cohesive piece, move from one song to the next like the Hip-Hop and Ballad Medleys do respectively. DJ sets are what Mike and Joe’s “solos” were during the Carnivore tour blending and interweaving several studio tracks together live. Mashups are when you layer a core element of one clear song over a core element of another clear song, like when Mike raps a FM or HT verse over the intro or bridge of another distinct song. What made RTN/WFTE stand out to me among anything else they’ve done was that not only where they putting one song’s lyrics over another song’s music, they also blended the music, syncing the RTN strings with the WFTE synth and drums, which iirc was a new trick and then something Mike started doing a lot more of it during PTT EDIT e.g. It’s the same thing that makes Jigga What/Faint stand out from the rest of CC because it’s the only one that actually blends musical elements of both songs
  7. They also were def getting more creative with the mashups. My favorite part of OML Europe was RTN/WFTE because they had actually mashed up the music and beats of both songs, rather than just having Mike rap a verse from one song over another. All of a sudden the Post-Traumatic tour had a lot of that going on like Papercut/About You etc.
  8. Hell yeah the time sig on Powerless alone makes it a standout in their whole catalogue. What is it 7/4 on the verses? But COG stoodout like folk to me right away soon as I heard it. That main synth could have easily just been played on the E-string of a guitar, then Mike comes in with that “Take me down to the riverbeddd” folksy af! I loved Victimized too. It was sorta the precursor to THP which is one of my personal favorites.
  9. This makes so much sense. When I first heard all three of those songs my first thought was "holy shit this is folk music, LP-style." They've always been strong lyrically, but the particularly simple depth of the lyrics here along with the melodies of the vocals immediately gives off a folksy vibe.
  10. I’m definitely in a similar place right now. Obviously we wouldn’t love this band so much if there wasn’t a really strong case for every single one of their albums. Each one represents so much about where they were at as a band and can easily function as a “favorite” in its own right. For the longest time I probably considered M2M in the bottom 3 in my personal ranking of their work, and maybe it’s just because my personal taste has just evolved, but looking back, it’s the album the kept LP from disappearing after Collision Course, and pushed them into the juggernauts of longevity and experimentation we ended up loving all the more. Also how many albums have FOUR Platinum (and one Gold) singles?
  11. So my major hobby/coping skill/thing I do is make mix CDs for others and myself, but sometime's I will also give myself a personal "assignment." Recently I tasked myself with making a mix based on my personal top 10 favorite albums of all time. Each album had to be from a different artist, and the mix had to have 2 songs from each album (one single and one deep cut). Tracks 1-10 are the first selected songs from each album, counting up from the #1 album to the #10 album. Track 11 is a "bonus/honorable mention" acting as an "intermission." Then the final 10 tracks count those same albums back down, just with their second selected songs, from #10 to #1, for symmetry. This way, the 2 songs I choose to represent my all-time favorite album both begin and end the mix. As you can tell I put a LOT of thought into this little hobby, but it's extremely gratifying and highly recommended because it's therapy every time i get in my car now. The most thought came down to what would be the #1 album, and what 2 songs from that album could represent it. Obviously my #1 artist is LP, but deciding on which album from them was difficult. There are very strong arguments for all of them, particularly the first 4. I ended up choosing Minutes to Midnight, even though it was FAR from my favorite when it first came out. I have a diverse taste in music so this "Top 10 Albums Mix" also had music from many other genres and generations including Sly & The Family Stone, Phish, T.I., Bastille, Run-DMC, and more. So the two songs chosen to rep M2M not only had to appropriately represent both M2M and Linkin Park as artists, they also had to be fitting bookends to the most epic and eclectic mix I ever made. "What I've Done" was the obvious first choice to kick off a mix of iconic classics. It's not only one of their all-time most popular hits, it's a tried and true symbol of their period of transition, and not just because of its lyrics or that Mr. Hahn origin story. It simultaneously offers little tastes of both where the band had been (hard Chester vocals, heavy guitar riffs, turntable scratches), and where the was going (Mike singing instead of rapping, guitar solos...Transformer soundtracks...). But the way an album/mix ends is just as important as how it begins. What is the yin to WID's yang? HHH could not have been a better fit to close out an assemblage of what I personally consider to be simply the greatest music of all time, for both the "special" reasons I listed in the OP as well as what you describe here. HHH is simply timeless. What song on M2M more clearly depicts that this was a project coming off the heels of both Mike & Chester's experimenting with solo projects? Where can you more clearly hear that all 6 bandmates are being pushed by legendary producer Rick Rubin to expand their creative horizons? Where else have all their vocals ever been layered as a 12-piece choir? Not to mention the contributions of David and his 14-piece string orchestra. Everything about this song's structure is unique for both Linkin Park and popular music in general, from the marching drum beat, to the slow, cross-picking guitar, to the use of organ and piano together, to the coupling of live strings with electric bass. Mike's hard-hitting lyrics and delivery continue to move and haunt us in its tragically current relevance. Then Mike starts singing that unexpected, perfect two-bar phrase over and over. Then Chester comes in harmonizing over him. Nothing can beat that. There is only one band who could have ever pulled this off and they only could have done it on M2M. So, like you both said, underrated and under-appreciated. Also i like the live versions too. I attached the tracklist in case you're interested in the format. All purchased 16-bit lossless files or better (the M2M tracks are 24-bit). Again, highly recommended activity if you're into it and have the time.
  12. Speaking of legendary remember when Mike & Chester performed with Camp Freddy and they did Walk This Way
  13. That's good to know and I'm still gonna update the list at some point, but Busta joining LP on stage those few times during his short Projekt Revolution stint for the live version of We Made It was pretty exciting, and in that dynamic, one could argue it's "LP featuring Busta" cuz it's him joining their set, but I digress. BRB gonna listen to the Jones Beach 07/22/08 performance cuz it gets me pumped!!
  14. Woah this is freakin awesome! I never realized Phoenix played the cello on anything other My December or Crawling (live or otherwise). That Pushing Me Away was amazing. Thanks for sharing
  15. Yeah I’ve always thought about that too. The only performances I can think of with live strings are when Phoenix would play the cello at the end of My December, Numb/Encore/Yesterday at the 06 Grammy’s, and the celebration of Chester’s life show
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