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  1. Bruh PLEASE don't apologize! That post was amazing! I can't wait for Symphonies of Light now. I'm almost through LPU 15 myself. Yes the ones you listed for sure have scratches. I'm so grateful you took the time to make the more comprehensive list because I was originally just interested in songs made 2006 and beyond for reasons similar to what you're talking about, and ignored the HT/Meteora Demos on the later LPU disks. The band "grew out" of using turntable scratches on studio tracks, so whenever it happened after Meteora era, it was more of a treat. (I also totally agree about QWERTY)
  2. I agree the mixing could have been better. For me, the performance itself was so good the mixing isn’t a distraction. I feel like all 6 of them were pretty much nailing everything. Like maybe one awkward LITE/GGB transition or something. But Chester killed the vocals better than the other 2 shows, and i also prefer the APFMH verse on the COG remix over It’s Goin Down lol
  3. My favorite 2017 was actually Rock Werchter. It used to play clean on YouTube but something happened to it so now it glitches. I’m lucky I bought a DVD off one of those concert DVD websites. I think it’s the best vocal performance from Chester out of the 3 full OML pro-shot shows. Also Madrid has to be the best from 2010 right?
  4. 💯 🔥 not to veer off into another topic discussion, but that’s actually probably one of Joe’s contributions to the album. It’s a very Joe-sounding percussion sample
  5. Wow! Perfect 👌 I didn’t even know there were scratches on WTCFM. Yes of course Hahn does other things besides scratch, and even incorporates the use of turntables without scratching (like the sounds on Valentines Day), but the point of this thread is scratching. I actually haven’t had a chance to listen through all LPU CDs (and my intent wasn’t even to look before LPU 6 because I originally wanted to just do post-Meteora), but HT EP def has scratches as do others in the 1st 5 LPU CDs). I’m in the middle of LPU15 now and so far the only post-Meteora scratches from LPU CDs I recogniz
  6. Powerless and I’ll Be Gone would both be epic. Also why have they never performed with live strings? (Besides the Grammys or whenever Dave busted out a cello in the HT days)
  7. My guess it was a typo by Dave when creating the file and they kept it lol
  8. Yeah that’s why his review of OML was particularly annoying, because everything he said he wanted out of OML, was what THP was, which he refused to listen to lol
  9. I appreciate you unpacking everything there cuz there was a lot and I didn’t know where to start lol I think we’re all on the same page. We know instrumentals aren’t all Joe. We know Brad loves to produce (at some points even more than guitar). We know different contributions can look and sound different than what a bandmate’s conventional role is. But all of that doesn’t mean that it’s wrong to have wanted more Joe on THP, and that his presence wasn’t extremely limited in terms of actual sounds made on the album lol
  10. 💯 yeah in another thread someone reminded us Mike’s weird out-of-character messaging around the promo time which most definitely rubbed some folks the wrong way. One thing I also always thought was a mistake was the Radio Edit of GATS excluding Rakim. I love the song in it’s entirety, but 6 minutes is obv too long for radio, and if you were to cut anything for KROQ, I would have started with the extended intro/outro, not one of the greatest rap verses in rock history. 💯💯 i think Joe did some very minimal drum machine samples like at the end of KTTK and end of UIG, and i think th