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    2004 Meteora World Tour @ The Forum, Inglewood, CA 2005 Music for Relief Tsunami Benefit @ Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, CA 2005 Fort Minor Opening for Mos Def @ Gibson Amphitheater, Universal, City CA 2007 Jimmy Kimmel Live @ House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA (I caught Rob's drumstick!) 2017 Linkin Park & Friends Celebrate Life in Honor of Chester Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA (I had tickets to the OML show scheduled 5 days earlier)

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  1. I had tickets to the show at the Hollywood Bowl w Snoop :’-( Mixed blessing is it allowed me first dibs to the Celebration of Life show
  2. A shirt for every lyric from A Line In The Sand cuz that was the 10th anniversary drop!
  3. When LIT came out, I was definitely most excited for this performance out of the whole DVD. Reanimation was and still is my favorite album, and having Mike sing the bridge was extra exciting at the time. It's probably my personal favorite on the CD as well, but again, my question isn't "What's the best?" or "Your favorite." Those are great topics too. My question is, what would be considered the Official Single of the album. It's still a matter of opinion, but there are more factors at play than "how good" the performance was. I'm definitely leaning towards this. Crawling is the official single of life in general. Always.
  4. I’m listening to it now it sounds awesome!! The energy on this mash-up is so bittersweet cuz they were still so cleary finding new life in old music, in addition to creating totally new pieces
  5. I can honestly say I don’t think I would have found this third Hurricane/Southside Fest one if you hadn’t pointed me in the right direction and I just wanna thank you again. Out of the three, I think it has the best Mike/Chester harmonies and the best shots of Rob soloing in the outro, and it means so much just to hear and see it. Chester looks like he’s having so much fun. If anyone else hasn’t seen it, it’s a gem:
  6. I’m gonna check that out soon as I get off work! Thank you Garret
  7. Oh yes I definitely don't mean to sound like I take it for granted when I said "only 2." I was actually feeling the weight of how special they are.
  8. I tried finding the answers on my own and this is what I've found, but if anyone has any corrections please let me know. This particular version was only performed a handful of times as it debuted May 9th 2017 (2 months before Chester's passing). The only 2 pro-shot versions I can find are the June 17th in Italy, and then July 1st in Belgium. Are there any others?
  9. Not sure which one is LAST but I'm pretty sure that this happened after the one shared above
  10. I just want to say how much I appreciate this forum for multiple reasons. Not just cuz of how cathartic talking about my favorite band is when none of my loved ones "get it," but in my limited experience, this forum in particular knows exactly what I mean when I pose a question like this. I made the same post in the LinkinPark.com forums and all they could talk about was how much they loved APFMH. Yeah it was great, but I wasn't asking what the "best" or "your favorite" was, which is also a fine, just way less interesting a question to me lol. Anyway. Thanks.
  11. Very good find on this! I never even saw this. Going to add this to OP. Do you have a personal opinion as to which stands out more based on how the band/lable have treated each vid?
  12. Wow I never heard/read this! Fun to fill in the blanks on the Linkin Park genesis!
  13. Great choice! I def agree in a lot of ways. You were so fast I didn't even have the poll up yet, so if you haven't already, please vote for your choice! Very much appreciated :-) EDIT: I 100% agree w what your edit as well. It's actually my favorite "live" non-Mash-Up version of Numb for that very reason. (I put "live" in quotes because, well you know... LIT... the perfect marriage of live and studio lol)
  14. If there was an "official single" from Live in Texas (LIT), what would it be? Here are the choices listed with their rationale: One Step Closer Included on the LIT 2-Track Sampler/Street Team Promo CD along with "Faint" Numb Included on two different LIT CD Singles, one on it's own, one 2-track one with "Faint." A 2nd music video for Numb was created to promote LIT ( Here's the only version of it I could find online if you haven't seen it; a fan added an endearing clip of Phoenix & Mike messing around with a trance/house remix in the beginning) Most popular individual LIT purchase on iTunes Faint Included on LIT 2-Track Sampler/Street Team Promo CD with "One Step Closer" Included on LIT Australian CD single with "Numb" From The Inside LIT performance is included on all "From The Inside" CD Singles. Its official Music Video was considered to be included as bonus content on Live Texas DVD. Lying From You Its music video was created out of its Live In Texas performance due to the song's popularity. It's the only LIT performance to be uploaded to Linkin Park's YouTube channel besides the full show Included as part of official release Meteroa Digital Video Collection Points of Authority The only LIT performance to be uploaded to Warner Music Germany's YouTube channel. The only LIT video available separately from the whole performance on both iTunes AND Tidal Included as part of official release HT Digital Video Collection Other If there's anything I'm not considering that I should be vote Other but explain why!
  15. That said, while the one-disc version has taken me over a year to narrow down, the two-disc version literally took me two minutes and doesn't leave out a single non-promo-only single, and every song is the full album-version: Disc 1 Disc 2 AND there's about 3-4 minutes to spare in case I'm missing something glaring
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