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  1. I just found a song "FUCKIN OR WHAT?" in the BMI catalogue. The whole band + Mark is credited as writers and performers are LP and Xero. Any idea about that song?
  2. Good, I was afraid that it was Hole. I like that song a lot
  3. This is so cool! Can't wait to hear more of this!
  4. Why is this even a thing? Damn... what are you even doing Mike?
  5. I bet he has like a 1000 of songs like that. Good point
  6. that's cool from Mike, working even from vacation
  7. Well, cool, but why and what is that? I dont get it and don’t know why I should care. Not the target audience I suppose. But good for both artists. Hope they are satisfied with the release.
  8. To be completely honest, I wouldn’t mind something different from OML. That album was wierd, but I get it. I dont expect ATS, which would be awesome, but I think it might be an album full of songs they would pull off live. That would be playable and wouldnt be like a milion backing tracks and some live instruments
  9. Yeah, some songs might be skippable, that applies to rest of bands catalogue. Its cool seeing the band evolve. Hope to see some kind of evolution on their next release whenever it may be released
  10. Who the hell cringes at HT or Meteora?