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  1. I like the APFMH lyrics more than Esaul. And Stick N Move demo is really great with Chester, but the vibe of that chorus is not really doing it for me. It never did even when I heard the original demo with Mark back in the day. But I love listening to the earlier versions of songs, it's awesome to see the evolution of everything.
  2. Such a great interview! Pure gold, gonna listen to it again! Awesome
  3. I believe we would not get more these old demos in near future, officially. The band gave us what they thought was good enough for the HT20 release, so I wouldn't expect anything more now.
  4. Good for Mike. I hope we would see some LP news in 2022.
  5. Haha, that's right. Weren't they even like "I wanna make only guitar driven music from now on!"?
  6. Exactly, I’m not a fan of HE, but I get some fans enjoy it. Why not, everyone has a different taste.
  7. I agree with you. The amount of hate towards the pop direction at the time was absurd.
  8. Oh ok cool, I misunderstood that
  9. Yeah, they are in a really rough place regarding the situation, I love the band and I will support their decision regarding their future, but I would like to know where we’re at tbh
  10. Right? I thought some time ago that LP moving on with a female vocalist would be really cool. But I dont know if that would be good for the band dynamics.
  11. If Mike would do an album with a female singer/songwriter, that would be really interesting. Especially if it would go in an experimental route. Anyone a fan of You&Me by Pink and Dallas Green? That was unexpected of Pink and it was great
  12. Its not like fans or people who are positive towards the music should be the only people that do interviews with artists.
  13. We've got something we could really expect. Overall the song is meh. PT is mostly great, I really enjoyed "fine".
  14. Why should he re-evaluate? It was his opinion, he didn't mind other LP albums, he didn't like OML. It's not like OML is the greatest LP album tbh. There are some good songs (NCSM, TTM, SE or BS) but overall it felt a bit underwhelming at the time and still feels like it to me regarding the circumstances which happened later on. I still skip Invisible, Good Goodbye or Sorry For Now. The interview's gonna be interesting nevertheless. I do not think there should be any apologies. LP did an album they strongly believed is good, a reviewer didn't. It's not like that OML is the only album ever with negative reviews. There's ton of them. I know positive reviews make the artist feel good and the negative just tear them down, I lived through that myself as my band's album received both very positive and some negative reviews. And the negative always tend to hurt. But I wouldn't want anyone to apologize for a bad review of my album.
  15. I guess that an EP would be fine. Let’s wait and see what’s gonna happen
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