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  1. 1. Valentine's Day (MTM) 2. Bunker (From LPU 12)
  2. Hello. This is my first post. First, I'd like to thank the LPLive staff and community. The strength of this family is to keep our passion for LPs alive. So, thank you. Minutes To Midnight would have been my favorite album if, after No More Sorrow, there hadn't been Valentine's Day and In Beetween. In my opinion, they are among the weakest songs in the entire LP discography and, in addition, they kill the second part of MTM. For fun and for passion, I decided to imagine an alternative version of MTM, with 13 tracks. Listening to this "version" 5 times, it seemed really good. I have thought about introducing other MTM demos and b-sides that we all know as well, but I think this is the best version. If the third LP had come out like this, it would have been my favorite. Minutes To Midnight (Alternative Version) 01. Wake 02. Given Up 03. Across The Line 04. Leave Out All The Rest 05. Bleed It Out 06. What We Don't Know 07. Shadow Of The Day 08. What I've Done 09. Blackbirds 10. No More Sorrow 11. Hands Held High 12. In Pieces 13. The Little Things Give You Away Obviously they are personal opinions. I'd love to hear your feedback on "my" tracklist and hear your other versions of MTM. If you have them! A hug, Chazy987
  3. So, you listen the song..😠😂 The three song are listenable maybe aftet the livestream of Mike?
  4. The 3 singles song is on youtube but private it seems
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