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  1. I know this is mostly just her making up the accompaniment on the spot and she flubs the lyrics quite a bit, but if she polished this up it'd have a hell of a lot of potential as a properly recorded cover. Also, I've seen her use them plenty of times by now, but the Mimu Gloves are by far the coolest piece of music technology I've seen invented in my lifetime.
  2. The second one is fake for sure. I wouldn't necessarily write the other one off based on slight jewel case variations, just because those things break so often people are bound to have replaced them (I think about one out of every 10 CDs in my collection has at least had the front half of the jewel case replaced, easy to break the hinges). It's also not unheard of for LPU merch to swap manufacturers in the middle of a run either, so they may have had a different jewel case supplier at some point.
  3. I HIGHLY doubt that instrumental was made "for the lols," because that would mean the instrumental would have been written with the vocal in mind. That's not how their songwriting process worked back then. That instrumental was probably made months before Chester ever sang over it.
  4. I mean, he just spent about six comments going off about me in a Facebook group I'm not even in today, so...
  5. This is basically me, with the added wrinkle that I went to college with their drummer and he's a really good guy, so I can't say anything TOO bad about them publicly, lmao.
  6. If it's not functioning as a vocal part in the mix, it should be in the instrumental. The opening line to Nobody Can Save Me is "I'm dancing with my demons," not "WEHH YA HEE EEE EH THE EHH," for instance.
  7. Please just have a consistent production team for the entire album this time. Preferably Esjay and Lucas.
  8. I thought I pointed this out years ago, but this isn't a typo. The text in question is "Additional Pro Tools by Joe Hand" in reference to My December, which was recorded in Nashville. Joe Hand is a Nashville-area producer. https://joehand.com/producer
  9. Really love the mix on the Family Values 2001 CD.
  10. Mike's rap verse incorporates parts of Vivaldi's Four Seasons just like the majority of the rest of the track does, so that was almost definitely recorded specifically for the song. Chester's section (which Mike plays guitar and does the "breathe, breathe" backing vocals on) certainly sounds like it's basically an unfinished Linkin Park demo. It's the only part of the song that doesn't use anything from Four Seasons.
  11. Absolutely doesn't predate the demo tape. This was after they signed their publishing deal. The demo tape was literally just Mike and Mark on everything except Rhinestone, there wasn't even a "band" yet. We don't know a lot about the timeline between the demo tape and when Chester joined, but Dave was either in and out of the band at different points due to his involvement with the Snax, or he didn't join until after the rest of the band had been put together. It's entirely possible he wasn't even their first bass player.
  12. Released June 6th, 2007 on sectorseven.org as part of the ARG promotion leading up to the release of the first Transformers film. No idea who actually performs on it, it was released under the name "Deceptibot" which was a band that "existed" within the ARG itself, the backstory was that it was some of Sector Seven's IT department that also played in a band. In reality it's probably just a collection of some of the people who worked on the score for the movie. https://www.joblo.com/movie-news/transformers-theme&order=asc
  13. You're consistently taking the phrase "full shows" WAY too literally here. Live in Texas was "full," it was edited together from two shows and missing the intro on the DVD, and 5 songs on the CD. Road to Revolution was "full" and it was missing 3 songs from the main in-order portion of the DVD, and had several songs cut from the CD. If it's long enough to substantially fill a disc as if it was a full show, they're going to call it a full show. The numbers just don't add up. We have the setlists for both Las Vegas and San Diego, and they played the same headlining set as they typically did all tour. That set was between 65-70 minutes long. Unless the advertised runtime for the DVD is wrong, something HAS to be cut. Probably My Own Summer (cover song)/Joe's "blow your mind" solo (samples other music), and one other song.
  14. I doubt they'll do another pre-release audio track. I bet they post a song or two from the live DVDs on YouTube though.
  15. All of the music video footage in the trailer is widescreen, except One Step Closer. I think some of them are upgraded.
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