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  1. Correct. Which is a laughably unacceptable display of incompetence from a band attempting to market themselves at this level.
  2. Grey Daze screwing something else up. Imagine that.
  3. It changes a lot, especially during the synth solo/outro. The leak is of the version from after I fixed the swapped file names and deleted the "Backing Tracks R" and mislabeled "Pitched Countdown" stems. I tried isolating the proper "Pitched Countdown" like I did with the piano from Robot Boy, with no success.
  4. Huh. Actually admitting Mike has talent is a pretty progressive opinion coming from you, considering I can think of maybe two cases of you liking anything the man's done in the last decade.
  5. Oh, yep, there they are lol.
  6. No luck. Even if you isolate which tracks are in the "Backing Tracks" files and pan them accordingly, then invert that and combine it with the "Backing Tracks" files (which should cancel out everything but the piano), there's still a lot of stuff that doesn't drop out. Seems like the instrumental/main mix/backing tracks were done after mixing while the individual tracks weren't. I'm not seeing the other ones leaked anywhere, might have gotten taken down already.
  7. I have a feeling they had more plans for filming promo material over the next couple weeks that got put on hold with everybody quarantined. Or maybe one of their distribution warehouses is closed at the moment.
  8. You can hear it way down in the mix on the final version once you know it's there. I think they just left it in because that was the take they wanted to keep for all of Chester's improvised stuff on the outro. Maybe they couldn't get it to fade in the way they wanted if they completely muted the line.
  9. The fact that we let idiots who claim LPU demos are fake get banned every few months, register multiple accounts, and keep coming back is a fucking joke. Zach Geranios should be nothing more than a name that serves as a punchline to in-community jokes (on par with Haguem Merak or manson666rules) because we collectively decided that he wasn't welcome and ran him off for good. And it should've happened a fucking decade ago.
  10. Your memory's getting quite fuzzy there, Not-Geki. My conversation with Sean regarding "no studio time" was in reference to potential studio overdubs being done on Live in Texas. The band didn't spend any time in the studio between August and November of 2003. It's a well-established fact that Meteora was wrapped in January. Sean wasn't even working for the band yet at the time you're referring to.
  11. He doesn't have them, nor is he claiming to. This is just a dumb rumor started by one or two cancerous inhabitants of the LP subreddit who started getting pissy after posting "DOES ANY1 HAVE POA/APFMH/WITH YOU MULTIS" every few weeks for the better part of the last year and not getting the answer they wanted. Considering the guy you're talking to IS one of the owners of LPCatalog, I think he might know what he's talking about better than you do. Brennan's been around the community for 15+ years. He also happens to be currently selling his ENTIRE collection. If he had those multitracks, he would be advertising his intent to sell them just like he is with the numerous other, often more valuable, pieces of his collection (which happens to include the multitrack CDs for Runaway and By Myself). And that only assumes that he has them on CD, because his area of expertise is physical media, not buying/selling audio files. There are plenty of other people in that field who are responsible for things like What Are You Worth and the various A Thousand Suns/One More Light multitracks that have surfaced - Brennan isn't a name that comes up often in that circle, if ever. The eight tracks from Hybrid Theory that currently circulate in multitrack form have been floating around in private circles for over a decade. I could name at least half a dozen people who had the Pushing Me Away multitracks back in like 2009, for example. People have been aware of their existence for ages, it's just been within the past couple years that they've finally leaked publicly. The ones that are available now are the same ones that have been known to exist for 10+ years. They all originally came from an engineer who did the multitrack transfers for the stems that were used to make Reanimation, he was strapped for cash at one point and sold a bunch of stuff to private collectors in the late 2000's. With You, Points of Authority, A Place for My Head, and Cure for the Itch were not among the songs he sold. They're just not out there, period.
  12. 110% guarantee that if you took a bunch of Post Traumatic songs and changed nothing about them other than having Chester sing on them, this guy would have thought they were the greatest thing ever. Also 110% guarantee that "demos we want to hear" applies to like, 3 or 4 specific songs/versions of songs, and that if literally any other demos were released from the archives, this guy would bitch about them not being the right ones.
  13. Three main reasons: 1. Mike started collecting guitars (beyond the ones he typically used on stage up to that point) towards the end of the Meteora cycle. This was when he first acquired a couple Strats, a Telecaster, and a Les Paul. He ended up using Strats for some of the Fort Minor guitar work, and that carried over into some of the early Minutes to Midnight demos (Basquiat, Homecoming, Clarity, Debris, etc.). This happened to coincide with a period where Brad went a few months writing demos on piano and rarely picking up a guitar, so lots of Mike guitar work on demos = lots of Mike's guitar collection used for guitar parts. That sort of established the general tone of a lot of songs that ended up on the album, so they stuck with those kinds of guitars on some of the stuff that made the album too. 2. Ethan Mates, and to a lesser extent, Rick Rubin's involvement with the band starting with Minutes to Midnight. Ethan is a HUGE vintage guitar collector, and stuff from his collection has been used extensively on all of the LP records he's worked on. The orange Strat Brad started using on The Hunting Party was originally Ethan's, for example. Rick also had a bunch of gear that he either owned or rented at the mansion where they recorded Minutes to Midnight, so it put them in a situation where they didn't really need to bring a lot of their touring gear out of storage at Third Encore to use in the studio. If you look at studio photos from more recent years, you might see one of Brad's red soldier PRS's or one of the Rory Gallagher Strats hanging around, but the majority of the guitars they use on albums aren't actually theirs. 3. Strats have a much more upper mid-focused tone to them compared to guitars with humbuckers (particularly more modern-voiced stuff like PRS's). By the time the band got to A Thousand Suns, they were using a LOT more sub bass/808/low end synth-type stuff than they used on their earlier material. With so much more going on in the low end, it made sense to use guitars that naturally occupied a different frequency range.
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