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  1. Website was LPConcerts.com. It was a browser-based mashup thing sponsored by Verizon that had clips from several of the mainstage Projekt Revolution 2007 bands (but primarily LP). The mashup list was as follows: Bleed It Out vs. Makedamnsure Bleed It Out vs. Papercut Bleed It Out vs. Passion's Killing Floor Bleed It Out vs. What I've Done Faint vs. Killing Loneliness Given Up vs. Crawling Given Up vs. In the End In the End vs. Crawling In the End vs. Mama Leave Out All the Rest vs. Given Up What I've Done vs. Numb You'd basically just pick whatever sounds you wanted to mash together from Song A and Song B in each group and that combination would play back in your browser. Each mashup had the song pair's key and BPM adjusted accordingly to make them fit together (so even when a song was featured multiple times, the corresponding clips for each mashup would be different). If you were a U.S. college student, you could submit your mashups to a contest where the winner would get a private LP concert for their school. A girl from the University of Las Vegas won and this was supposed to be the show, but it was cancelled: https://lplive.net/shows/2008/20081006
  2. Nope. Not sure who actually made it but it's been around since 2005 or 2006.
  3. It was definitely added to BMI very recently, BMI work numbers are chronological based on when they were added to the database. Songwriters/their representatives can submit material to ASCAP/BMI at any time though, doesn't have to be when the song is released. I have stuff from years ago that I've just submitted to BMI within the last few months. Some of the non-album LP stuff on BMI was added years after it was released too.
  4. Mystery solved, it's a song that samples In the End: A bunch of Charles Anthony Neal II's other songwriting credits on BMI correspond to other Redbird Rip songs. He's also apparently written a bunch of stuff for the band Eaglesnake.
  5. https://lplive.net/shows/2008/20080529 Lots of pictures were posted of LPU members with the band at this performance, many with signed copies of setlists. Most were setlists from the actual performance but one was a full PR08 rehearsal setlist that had No Roads Left in it. Also, relating to this topic as a whole...holy hell does Newswire need the option to add a cut line to posts on the main page of the site. I think I could tape down my mouse, go make dinner, come back and still not have reached the bottom of the page.
  6. I'd expect another 2-3 shows in Asia to be announced yet. Malaysia, Hong Kong, probably another Japan show (Tokyo). Maybe mainland China too but I wouldn't be so sure there. Can't imagine he won't do an Australia leg after this either.
  7. It's not just a mastering issue, check out all the weird stuff with the drum sound on Given Up for example - it's like they added reverb but somehow caused phasing issues in the process or something. Why on earth is it so hard to get people to just release this stuff without fucking with it first?
  8. Drinking game: Take a shot every time Geki baselessly blames Warner for something.
  9. I almost guarantee that all of those examples you listed are indeed lossless. Songs that have minimal instrumentation, lack percussion instruments, etc. are incredibly prone to confusing algorithm-based lossy vs. lossless detection software. An example I know of is Song of the Century from Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown - you can literally rip a .wav of that track directly from the CD and any detection software you run it through will insist that it's lossy even though it isn't.
  10. LPU5 mix tried waaaaaay too hard to emphasize how big the crowd was. It comes off like there's just a constant drone of background noise during the entire thing and it totally blurs the separation of the instruments in a really unpleasant way.
  11. This show page in the Julien-K section is broken: https://lplive.net/shows/julienk0809/20080116J
  12. I've been under the impression for 15 years that the audio is just from Worcester. It matches up as far as I can tell. The video is from multiple shows. Clothes change from shot to shot, etc.
  13. I had two different HT instrumental copies, the only difference I remember is that the first one had the version of OSC with the kick and snare panned to opposite sides and the second one didn't. I don't really remember getting them unusually early compared to anybody else, maybe by a few days or something. I never had them in lossless before now but they may have been out there.
  14. Funny how you keep talking about stuff being deleted that wasn't actually deleted to further your bullshit conspiracy theories. https://lplive.net/forums/topic/132-all-instrumentals-acapellas-list/?do=findComment&comment=292000 *[LINK REMOVED]*
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