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  1. The picture of Mike on video chat with Kai is photoshopped from this Instagram live video (it's literally just a mirror-flipped version of the video thumbnail): Kai's as big of a troll as I've ever seen. I wouldn't be surprised if this isn't the only fake feature he's used to promote himself.
  2. Astat

    Bug Report 6.0

    I'm sure someone's already noticed but the last couple Newswire topics haven't been sharing to the front page of the site.
  3. Astat

    CB Demos Info

    First of all, you're taking the term "half" WAY too literally. Second, I wish the original news thread was still around, because I definitely never said that, lmao. The CD runs the gamut of stuff that's clearly very early on in the process with Chester still in his Meteora-period voice (Fadeaway, Fire, Walking in Circles), stuff that sounds a lot more polished but we know was worked on early in the process (Morning After, 20 Eyes), stuff that's consistent with the arrangements we heard at early performances (My Suffering, Let Down), and stuff that's very close to the final recording (Give Me Your Name) I personally think the tracklisting of the 8-track CD is more or less in chronological order.
  4. Astat

    Some 2008 Tracks

    Lockjaw was to Pro Tools 8 what Complimentary was to Stagelight. It was strictly a software tech demo song that was written from scratch. I'm sure Mike probably got an advance copy of Pro Tools and worked on it sometime before the public release in December of 2008. MMM...Cookies was generally referred to as songs they worked on for comic relief to de-stress while writing other material. I'd lean towards pre-Minutes to Midnight but some of it could be from the misc. 2008 sessions they did too (probably the earlier 2008 sessions since the ATS ones starting in September would have necessitated a VERY quick turnaround time for the LPU CD in November - they usually plan those several months in advance). Definitely all sounds to be roughly from the same time period. I'd imagine Pretend to Be was finished during the earlier 2008 sessions. It has a much more raw, demo-ish quality to it than the stuff that came out of the proper ATS sessions. That's just a guess though since it didn't come out for a couple years either way.
  5. Astat

    "Cross Off" Music Video

    TIL that three shots of an empty mic lasting roughly a second each during a nearly five-minute video is "constant" and "clickbait" lmfao. Fuck off.
  6. Astat

    2019.03.02 - Berlin, Germany

    If you think the backlash from getting a new singer in general would be bad, you don't even want to imagine what it would be like if it was a woman. The incels, Trump stans, and 4chan lowlifes would come crawling out of the woodwork and have a field day with it.
  7. Astat

    Minutes to Midnight (Instrumentals)?

    The clips were legit. I don't think the guy ever actually had the full thing though.
  8. Astat

    2019.03.02 - Berlin, Germany

    I'd assume it's the guitarist from Don Broco since they were there and have played the song with Mike before, but yeah I can't tell for sure either. *Edit* It's not the guy from Don Broco. Upon further examination I think it's Mike's guitar tech Marc VanGool. Same guy who played guitar on ALTNC at the Hollywood Bowl show.
  9. Astat

    ATS vs OML Backlash

    I think ATS seemed a lot worse at the time because that was literally when LP's online fanbase was at its absolute peak size. Just a lot more people around to complain in general. Backlash against OML was a lot more uncivil though...also OML got a lot more hate from the media than ATS did.
  10. Sennheiser e865 since 2010. Audio Technica AEW-T6100 for several years prior to that.
  11. Astat

    Introducing the LPLive Archive

    No no no u snedned me blootlegs, MSN only NO FTP 😡 (There are approximately three people left on LPLive who will remember this reference)
  12. It was never really even advertised as having a CD release. When you bought the DVD you got a digital copy of the soundtrack, but that was all that was ever offered via the official site. The standalone CD was just quietly released in some international markets without any promotion. At this point resellers are probably your only bet.
  13. Astat

    Technical Difficulties?

    I've always thought the "we are" scream in Technical Difficulties sounds about as much like Chester as the "break" scream in Poem by Taproot (which people consistently seem to think is Chester too). *shrug*
  14. Astat

    2019 Post Traumatic European Tour Announced

    Did it actually say Palavobis for the Milan show on the original announcement? I'm guessing that's why they emailed a corrected one shortly afterwards...Palavobis closed in 2011 and was torn down in 2013. 😂
  15. Astat

    Post Traumatic Color Vinyl + 2 New Songs

    I would assume the vinyl comes with a digital download code anyway.