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  1. I don’t think those vocals of “the wizard song” exist is what Chester meant. They were just fooling around in Mike’s studio they probably never even recorded it. The instrumental would be interesting as it’s from the same era of demos as cumulus, soundtrack, etc.
  2. Right I forgot about Pretty Birdie. Well in that case who knows maybe Shifter is actually TTTAMP or a demo for it. Or maybe a demo for a song that we've heard.
  3. Well apparently, 'Shifter' is said to be a demo for Somewhere I Belong. Do we have proof though that this was in fact a demo for Somewhere I Belong? Also, unrelated to that, it's worth noting that "Thoughts That Take Away My Pride" may not have been the final lyrics for the song. This could very well be the reason Mike does not remember those lyrics. When recording, Chester mentions (Making of Meteora) that they had to rewrite a song 97 times. They probably were talking about TTTAMP since that was the song they were recording. Mike might not remember that song having those lyrics because they might not have been the final ones. Just maybe.
  4. That's really cool that Cuidado was actually a demo! And it's Lying From You! I'd love to hear it eventually!
  5. It seems like it could be possible that the band took something from TTTAMP to make Burn It Down. I know they're literally like a decade apart but the chords are a bit similar, same key, and the hi hats are somewhat similar and the tempo is about the same. Idk maybe that song had some inspiration from TTTAMP. This could just be a coincidence though and they just happen to sound similar. The wizard song is also strangely similar. As i've said before, the instrumental of wizard song maybe could have been a demo of TTTAMP.
  6. Well now it's confirmed that beat in "Mike's Shirt" LPUTV is actually Take Away My Pride. I discovered that several months back. You can also hear it play after chester sings "Talk To Me" in LPTV - The Studio II.
  7. Yeah I know they were just joking around. I’m only talking about the instrumental of the wizard song sounds similar the verse of TTTAMP.
  8. Do you guys think the wizard song instrumental whatever that instrumental was may have been a demo for TTTAMP? The chords are pretty similar and the tempo/key is the same. Also in Mike’s Shirt LPUTV during the second part of the verse part we hear of TTTAMP there is a sound that’s a double beep and it’s the same keys as the guitar in the chorus of The Wizard Song. Basically what I’m saying is they both have some sort of connection and I think that instrumental might actually be a demo for TTTAMP. Of course only like 20% sure though.
  9. Found the stream where he talks about that other (more mellow) song. Time stamp is 2:06:18. He talks a little bit about the other unreleased song we know about. (Not TTTAMP)
  10. I think it’s almost confirmed now that the title of the song isn’t anything like Thoughts That Take Away My Pride because Mike said he doesn’t remember those lyrics. It’s something different maybe a different lyric or It’s got a title that’s not in the lyrics (ex: Faint, Figure.09) just a random title that has nothing to do with the lyrics. Those lyrics that we’ve seen for the song may also have been an earlier version of the lyrics and not the final ones. That may also be why he doesn’t remember it.
  11. That’s also possible. He didn’t share much about Pictureboard at all until the actual release of it. He just kinda said “oh it’s nothing that great guys”. He might not want to go into depth about certain songs that fans really want released because he doesn’t want to spoil too much about the song. I still hope we get some information about the track though because we literally have no info about it. He also said that chances are it’s likely a demo of a track that made it to the album but I really don’t think it is. It’s kind of similar to numb in the beat but hearing it you can definitely tell that it doesn’t sound like any of the other tracks at all. It sounds like it had a lot of electronic sounds used especially in the verse part (can be heard in LPUTV - Mike’s Shirt) which may be why it was cut. I know that they didn’t want to drag too far away from the Hybrid Theory sound and that’s what that song may have been doing. But anyways yeah he might not be sharing anything because he doesn’t wanna spoil anything or something because I know I definitely could see it being released at some point as it has been a mystery and a holy grail for literally like ever since Meteora.
  12. Thanks the verse part is my favorite! The guitar isn’t the best I agree. The drums are ok but not great. Also I think that was the first time Mike has said anything to the public about Thoughts That Take Away My Pride. Surprisingly, it has never been talked about. It hasn’t been asked about much either only very few times in the old linkin park chats from the mid-2000s and later. Also I cannot find the stream link or the clip of him talking about it at the moment but I’ll comment it with a link when I do. Basically he said he remembered it but didn’t remember the title, and said that it goes into a heavier part after the clip played.
  13. That could be but it is possible that he genuinely doesn’t know. You have to remember how many songs Linkin park has wrote. And since “Thoughts That Take Away My Pride” isn’t the most memorable he very well probably won’t remember it until hearing it. Once he hears it though he’ll probably say “Oh that’s that song!” We showed him that one Meteora demo once (the beautiful piano one that soaring man made a cover to) and he remembered it. We just gotta show him and he’ll probably remember it. I also made my own custom demo/cover of the song. I had to redo it once and it took pretty long. It’s not fantastic but it’s ok:
  14. Thank you! I don't use Twitch so if someone could do that it would be great! Hopefully we can get to know a little more about the song that way.
  15. Thanks for putting that up! I only knew the chorus part of the song now I know at least some of the verse. Also, Mike probably doesn't know right now what "Thoughts That Take Away My Pride" is right now as lpliveusername said. But I'm sure if could we show him the clip he'd remember it and possibly even the title. I think it would be awesome to have this song released on Meteora20 if that happens.
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