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  1. It’s possible. That was probably an earlier demo though if it was a track. Mike talks about early scribbled lyrics on the art wall that didn’t make the cut in the Art of Meteora short documentary. I don’t think Cuidado is the same track as Thoughts that take away my pride but you never know.
  2. Yea I think we will get a big set for Meteora too. It was such a huge album.
  3. I think the audio in the video released on YouTube by Rublesdfdf is the highest quality. You can find the better version on dailymotion but the Audio is the same. The song is playing quite quietly in the background so even if it was isolated it would still be hard to hear.
  4. Yeah I mean the verse of hit the floor is similarly quiet with only like 3 or 4 sounds and the drums
  5. Yeah that’s what I thought. I think it’s the verse after the chorus intro (Short heavy part) thing we hear in summer sanitarium episode (2:20). It’s hard to tell whether the key of the song is D Minor or A Minor
  6. @hahninator listen closely in the summer sanitarium lptv after the heavy guitar stops. You can faintly hear some of the same notes as well as the exact same beat. I think it’s It’s 100% the same song
  7. Yep Thoughts That Take Away My Pride is hiding in another LPTV. I can tell it’s the instrumental because it’s the same exact song in the Summer Sanitarium LPTV at around 2:12 - 2:41. So more proof that this song probably was very close to making it on meteora as we now know it was used at least twice during LPTV. If you find this beat in any other LPUTV let me know because I am almost positive that this is Thoughts That Take Away My Pride. The clip used here is probably right after what we heard in the Summer Sanitarium episode because after the heavy part you hear the same drum beat, and if you put on headphones you can faintly hear the EXACT same notes. Heres both (LANGUAGE WARNING):
  8. Hey I’m new here on LPlive I’m a long time fan and I think I found a new source of Thoughts that take away my pride song. It sounds like the instrumental used in LPTV summer sanitarium the verse part and I thought I’d share: it’s in the background of this LPUTV:
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