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  1. Yes one of a few I mean. It could be 2 or 3 or 4 it could even be just that one. Around 15 were recorded. But I’m pretty certain it will be released at the 20th anniversary of Meteora like how Pictureboard was released at HT 20
  2. Unfortunately no information has come up about the track yet. I’m still hopeful that at some point we will know more about it. I really wanna know the reason it was cut. We’re the lyrics bad? Did the producer not like it? It couldn’t be the instrumental because firstly it made it all the way to vocals, the last step in recording Meteora. And it’s also just a really cool instrumental. I think the reason why nobody has asked about it yet is because it just isn’t quite as memorable as a lot of other unreleased songs. I think it should be though because we know that about 15 tracks were recorded f
  3. Sorry about that guys. I didn’t know I was double and triple posting 😬 Just so I don’t double post again I’m gonna just say more here. Ok so I think it’s interesting that this track isn’t in a minor key unlike most every song on Meteora. At least to me it’s sounds like it’s in C major. Just thought I’d say that because I think every song on Meteora is in a minor key correct me if I’m wrong.
  4. Well I think the song probably made it to the mixing session in NYC because it sounds really well mixed just like the other Meteora tracks in all those LPTV videos. But they cut it probably sometime right after for a reason we don’t know.
  5. Yeah it’s funny. I was scrolling through LPTV videos and I had never seen “Mikes Shirt” So I watched it and said to myself “something about this background music seems really familiar. And it clicked right there. I went back to hear the Clip from the Summer Sanitarium video and right after the heavy part was the exact same song. I never thought the song was played during multiple LPTVs but I think it’s strong evidence that the band did like the track. I think it just had issues with the lyrics maybe they didn’t think they were good enough, as I’ve said before, They talked about this in the Mak
  6. Also if you’re familiar with this video at the part where Chester sings “The only way you can talk to me!” You can hear a measure of the same exact song playing on repeat right after he sings. It’s gotta be the same song as Thoughts that take away my pride: So I guess the song does play several times during Lptv but because nobody knew the full song at all, no one recognized it I guess. I’ll keep looking for more videos and lptvs where the song might be secretly playing in the background.
  7. Well it’s obviously the same song. That’s like an interesting lead they used for it. Kinda sounds like a distorted ukulele. I recently found a third source of the song instrumental the verse part is in “Mikes Shirt” LPUTV. It has to be the same song because it’s the same exact beat. The notes also sound the same if you listen carefully through headphones after the heavy part in that download clip above.
  8. It’s possible. That was probably an earlier demo though if it was a track. Mike talks about early scribbled lyrics on the art wall that didn’t make the cut in the Art of Meteora short documentary. I don’t think Cuidado is the same track as Thoughts that take away my pride but you never know.
  9. Yea I think we will get a big set for Meteora too. It was such a huge album.
  10. I think the audio in the video released on YouTube by Rublesdfdf is the highest quality. You can find the better version on dailymotion but the Audio is the same. The song is playing quite quietly in the background so even if it was isolated it would still be hard to hear.
  11. Yeah I mean the verse of hit the floor is similarly quiet with only like 3 or 4 sounds and the drums
  12. Yeah that’s what I thought. I think it’s the verse after the chorus intro (Short heavy part) thing we hear in summer sanitarium episode (2:20). It’s hard to tell whether the key of the song is D Minor or A Minor
  13. @hahninator listen closely in the summer sanitarium lptv after the heavy guitar stops. You can faintly hear some of the same notes as well as the exact same beat. I think it’s It’s 100% the same song
  14. Yep Thoughts That Take Away My Pride is hiding in another LPTV. I can tell it’s the instrumental because it’s the same exact song in the Summer Sanitarium LPTV at around 2:12 - 2:41. So more proof that this song probably was very close to making it on meteora as we now know it was used at least twice during LPTV. If you find this beat in any other LPUTV let me know because I am almost positive that this is Thoughts That Take Away My Pride. The clip used here is probably right after what we heard in the Summer Sanitarium episode because after the heavy part you hear the same drum beat, and if y
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