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  1. Did they do something for LPU18? I know LPU17 had a package just with no CD (and some recycled items from OML) but as far as I know LPU18 just had like a couple of shirts. I think I bought a long sleeve one but I don’t even know where it is. Lol. I hope they do one for LPU19, would be cool, and maybe some new music. I didn’t even think LPU was still a thing honestly so that’s cool. Since Lorenzo left a long time ago who runs it? As far as music if they did give us something, I agree it won’t probably be new music like Hahninator said. Maybe some cool live tracks? PT demos don’t seem likely since LPU never really gave us side project stuff before except for a few small exceptions like Morning After acoustic 2009. I’d be ok with live stuff honestly. Probably won’t happen either way but yeah.
  2. My own personal track list of Album 1. It is leagues above the one JZLP posted. 😎 1. Papercut (Phoenix 08.01.07) 2. One Step Closer (Tel Aviv 11.15.10) 3. With You (Warsaw 06.09.12) 4. Points Of Authority (Auburn 07.25.07) 5. Crawling (Holmdel 08.29.07) 6. Runaway (Odesa 06.12.12) 7. In The End (Sacramento 03.10.08) 8. A Place For My Head (Camden 08.17.12) 9. Cure For The Itch (Burswood 10.18.07) 10. Pushing Me Away (Camden 07.19.08) 11. Don’t Stay (Auburn 07.25.07) 12. Somewhere I Belong (Greenwood Village 09.03.07) 13. Lying From You (Mountain View 06.05.11) 14. Faint (Auburn 07.25.07) 15. Breaking The Habit (Mansfield 08.24.07) 16. From The Inside (Mansfield 08.24.07) 17. Session (Athens 07.21.09) 18. Numb (Marysville 07.27.07) 19. Wake (Montreal 02.22.08) 20. Given Up (Montreal 02.22.08) 21. Leave Out All The Rest (Frankfurt 01.20.08) 22. Bleed It Out (Auburn 07.25.07) 23. Shadow Of The Day (New York 02.21.08) 24. What I’ve Done (Manchester 02.18.08) 25. Hands Held High (Toronto 08.21.07) 26. No More Sorrow (Arendal 06.28.11) 27. Valentine’s Day (Manchester 02.18.08) 28. In Between (Detroit 02.16.08) 29. In Pieces (Detroit 02.16.08) 30. The Little Things Give You Away (Atlanta 08.07.07) 31. The Requiem (New York 02.04.11) 32. Burning In The Skies (Stockholm 06.14.11) 33. When They Come For Me (St. Gallen 07.02.11) 34. Jornada Del Muerto (Mountain View 06.05.11) 35. Waiting For The End (Mountain View 06.05.11) 36. Blackout (San Jose 02.22.11) 37. Wretches And Kings (Canberra 12.16.10) 38. Wisdom, Justice, And Love (Tel Aviv 11.15.10) 39. Iridescent (Tel Aviv 11.15.10) 40. Fallout (Munchen 06.25.11) 41. The Catalyst (Arendal 06.28.11) 42. The Messenger (Los Angeles 02.23.11) 43. Lost In The Echo (Mexico City 09.14.12) 44. In My Remains (Chula Vista 09.10.12) 45. Burn It Down (Bristow 08.11.12) 46. Lies Greed Misery (Nickelsdorf 06.08.12) 47. Victimized (Mansfield 08.14.12) 48. Tinfoil (Camden 08.17.12)
  3. I will probably get hate for this thread but it’s something that I have wanted to discuss for some time now. I’ve felt for a while now that Living Things was LP’s ultimate form, if you will. Mike said that the album wouldn’t have been possible to make if they hadn’t done the first 4 albums before it. He also said that the album is essentially a mix of everything they have done and that the band finally felt comfortable where they were as a band. Now, with MTM and ATS, the band kind of stayed away from writing songs like LITE for example, because they felt like it would sound too much like their first 2 albums. However, with LT, they embraced their ‘’old’’ sound, mixed with everything they had learned with MTM and ATS, and mixed it all together. LT also had some folk sound mixed into it, which to me, is the band’s last evolution, something they had never done before. It was minimal in the final product but it was there. With albums after LT, THP and OML, they were albums that the band could have easily made from 2000-2012 if they had wanted. The heavy rock sound of THP was something the band could have easily done back in the late Meteora days, MTM days, with songs like NMS, GU, Qwerty, Malathion and more providing examples. The band could have made OML during the ATS and LT eras if they had wanted as well, with that sound, etc. LT to me was like the last great touring cycle, too. They did a few mash ups like Victimized and Qwerty and Lying From You and Papercut but they still played mostly full songs. Starting in 2014 after the LT cycle ended in 2013, the band started doing many shortened songs, not a lot of banter, etc. The live show went downhill for me personally in a big way in 2014. Chester also joined STP towards the end of the LT cycle in 2013 and toured with them and released High Rise too so it kind of makes me wonder if he kind of wanted LT to be the last album he did with LP. Something in my gut tells me so. He was loving playing with STP and many fans in 2014/2015 who saw LP at the shows for THP said he looked very bored and the STP shows they went to were much better. The band played barely half of THP and seems very uninterested with the album too shortly after it came out. Many fans noticed this if you look back at old threads, etc. And also for me personally, THP has very bland and uninspired lyrics, something the band never had in albums before it. And onto OML, yeah, the band loved making the album and put heart into the lyrics. But I feel like the overall sound was something that they could have made in the ATS and LT eras, with the electronic stuff, the guitar that is present but done in a different way, etc. And if you take a song like Sharp Edges for example, it has a very folky pop sound to it. Folk being something that the band experimented with on LT. The tour for OML was cut short too soon to accurately judge the tour cycle for me but the shows did improved from the THP era for sure, however they still weren’t up to the par of the LT era and prior tours to me. I know that most people in the hardcore fanbase think that ATS is the band’s magnum opus, and for good reason. It is. But LT to me was an extension of that, with a new sound also throw in. I’m not saying LT is better than ATS. What I’m saying is that it expanded on it in some ways because it took everything that they learned with MTM and ATS and combined it the style of HT and Meteora in a way, and also adding in that folk element, although subtle. A song like Devil’s Drop for example is something that comes to mind when trying to convey this. Don’t forget that there are tons of unreleased songs that we have never heard from all these albums as well. Ultimately for me, the end of the LT cycle just felt like the end of an era to me. Even at the time, without knowing the future, it felt like that to me in the back of my mind. I even remember saying I wanted to make sure I went to the SSMF 2013 show because I needed to see the band one last time on the LT cycle, which was crazy for me as it’s so far from me and it was expensive, etc. I also know a lot of people here hate LT but to me all of the first 5 LP albums are on the same level of epicness. I’m also not trying to bash everything after LT cycle, as I know a lot of fans love that stuff too. I also include Recharged and the Aoki stuff to be the last of the end of the LT cycle. The band seemed very happy to work with Steve Aoki and Joe was saying that Mike was on an EDM kick and was excited about Recharged, etc. So yeah that’s just an extension of that. I’m specifically talking about THP and onwards.
  4. I second this. We both contributed a lot to this (JZLP did basically all of it but I did tell him some really good performances here). He is really the King of this release but it is a team effort for sure. Would mean a lot to me as well.
  5. The BOW show page as of right now definitely needs to be updated. That Grand Rapids show shouldn't be listed unless they post all stops on the Camel tour as well since they were all canceled for BOW, including that Grand Rapids show. As far as shows that they actually played, I think this is a full list. 2005.05.xx - Phoenix, AZ - Fortitude Studios (Lestat posted info about this above. Rehearsal for their first show in Tempe on 5/21.) 2005.05.21 - Tempe, AZ - Club Tattoo Anniversary Party (This was 100% the band's first show since it's been confirmed by Chester, Sean, Ryan, etc.) 2005.10.17 - Albuquerque, NM - Camel Cigarettes Tour (The band played about 6 or 7 songs before being kicked off the stage. They were also kicked off the tour after this.) 2005.10.22 - Lake Forest, CA - Etnies GvR Event (Was a show for Etnies, had nothing to do with Club Tattoo or the Camel tour.) 2005.10.25 - Los Angeles, CA - House Of Blues (There was a flyer for this show, it was just a one off show for the band. No reason to believe they didn't play it. MTV mentioned the band performing a few songs back in 2005 so it's pretty much 100% confirmed.) 2006.04.22 - Tempe, AZ - Club Tattoo Anniversary Party (Chester mentioned breaking up the band once he got sober, which he did in around June of 2006. So last show.) The Taste The Music Festival on 11.01.2005 was found out to be a DBS show (Amir confirmed it), but was cancelled anyways. The Grand Rapids show as we know was canceled since it was part of the Camel tour, like I said before. And Albuquerque was the first show of the Camel Tour and the band got kicked off mid set. I guess we could list all the canceled shows, but why? There also MAY be more shows, such as a rumored Best Buy parking lot show in December of 2006. BOW actually had a website where people could book the band for privates shows and private events and parties, etc. It's possible that the band was booked for shows that the general fanbase would have never known about, so I guess it's worth mentioning.
  6. Yeah I mean you can tell that it's just Mike's vocals layered. But yeah f or sure if people are saying it because he was with Joe recently, that could have meant for LP for sure.
  7. Yeah, you couldn't really tell from the webcast video why he kicked him out, but it makes sense if he was fighting people in the crowd and what not. And that video you posted is awesome. Chester had so much fun with STP and the shows were really cool.
  8. I’m sure even the biggest n00b on this site could pick better DSP stuff than me. I don’t even care anymore. It’s so draining being a fan of this band.
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