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  1. No problem and me too. How do people do like the big professional scans of stuff? I took these on my iPhone. That pic of Chester is cool.
  2. Yes I have. I will try sendspace I guess.
  3. I was able to send you them through PM.
  4. Used to be easy to post photos but for some reason there is no longer an option for it. I guess later I can just type the whole article but then you won't get the photos of it, etc.
  5. I wanted to post scans of one of my favorite interviews/articles on the band, ever. It’s from Blender Magazine, a now defunct magazine, for a long time now it’s been defunct, actually. Anyways, it’s from the MTM era, right around the time of it’s release. I’ve never seen this particular one posted anywhere before. It has some cool photos of Mike and Chester and some great info. IMO the coolest info is how Chester said he wrote the lyrics for WID, saying he realized he made some bad choices in the past and was kind of a jerk at times, so it’s about that. This is now the 5th or 6th song he claim
  6. Some do IMO, and some don’t. For example, I think Technique, Step Up and the original High Voltage don’t really fit because they’re very hip hop driven, more so than any of the stuff on Hybrid Theory. You could argue that CFTI is too but it’s a bit different. Now, the reworked version of High Voltage that was cut from the album with the CFTI transition would have worked because it fit the sound better. It’s more the beat of the old one and the style of it that wouldn’t have fit IMO. Carousel, And One and Part Of Me are the big rock songs of the release. And One I think would fit th
  7. I agree And One would fit. If they recorded a studio version of the one they played live in 2000-2002 it would fit very well. It’s such a great song.
  8. They will fade into the demo graveyard if Ryan and Amir never put it out. That’s why I think we should ask them as a community.
  9. Wow, interesting. I don't think he features on the album then. Maybe they just sound like him sometimes because he was teaching Ryan, so Ryan naturally sounded like him in some stuff, and Brandon doing the scream on TD. Maybe he just did the live appearances.
  10. Never even knew about it until someone pointed it out a few months back. If anyone has it in the original quality, please share.
  11. Didn’t know. Never paid attention to that type of stuff though. Anyways, the music sounds cool. Hopefully we’ll see more of this type of stuff.
  12. A lot of people say it's probably nothing special, including Mike. But idk. I think every single thing from the HT era is amazing. And the short sample we heard on Joe's vinyl was cool sounding. It's probably a great track. I love She Couldn't and that had a sample. I think we have VERY slim chances of ever hearing it, like I said in my previous posts in this thread, but it would be cool.
  13. He has a security guard now wtf lol.