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    Sadly none but I was going to buy tickets to the show to Chicago but due to the tragic death of Chester that dream wash crushed.

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    Xero fanatic

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  1. What about Mike Elizondo? Was he the other kid?
  2. X3RO

    Are these legit ?


    1. Astat


      It's just stuff from Hybrid Party of A Thousand Things that's been around for a while.

  3. Shucks, well I guess I'm out 400 Shinodabucks, but the question was more towards Wakefield
  4. I spent all my ShinodaBucks to ask him about the Xero Demos and if he plans to release more Xero content, i just hope it answers it soon
  5. I asked Mike about the chance of a Xero reunion during one of his life streams and he said no.
  6. so is closing a xero track or not?
  7. Wish I was, But now with the tragic death of Chester will Lp continue making music but take some time off or will they stop making music...... or bring back Wakefield?
  8. I heard that the Whiskey has recordings of many shows from over the years that they are putting online, I wonder if they have some shows Of Xero.
  9. So is it better if we just wait? Also is there any more pictures of Xero and or live footage, i recall someone telling me that there was when they opened for system back in 97 at The Whisky.
  10. I was reading the Linkinpedia and stumbled across a show on the date of 2/24/00 and say the setlist was made of some older songs like Rhinestone, slip, and Esaul (My Favorite), and that's all they know since the owner of the tapes Marc Ostrick wants 10k for the tape. So I'm wondering if some can open a go fund me or something to raise the money to get the full tape and see if there's and unheard demos, like picturboard, etc. -X3RO Filmed by Marc Ostrick for his "Lockout" documentary series that was first uploaded to YouTube in 2006 ( , ). For the full raw footage, over $10,000 is wanted.
  11. Just look for some demos

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