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  1. I would love to see Mike release the pooch pound tape or even some relative degree tracks
  2. Do you happen to know what songs were on the audition tapes?
  3. Maybe I'll hit up Andrew Lanoie if he has it, also he's got some pretty good financial advice on his podcasts
  4. Same here, I always loved the raw and unpolished sound of Mike and Mark
  5. What is the chance Xero reborn is actually Deftest?
  6. Was dialate recorded with the same equipment as the Xero Tapes (IE. Crate G20, Shure SM58 etc.)
  7. Great to see Mark on a few of these tracks 😀
  8. What about Mike Elizondo? Was he the other kid?
  9. X3RO

    Are these legit ?


    1. Astat


      It's just stuff from Hybrid Party of A Thousand Things that's been around for a while.

  10. Shucks, well I guess I'm out 400 Shinodabucks, but the question was more towards Wakefield
  11. I spent all my ShinodaBucks to ask him about the Xero Demos and if he plans to release more Xero content, i just hope it answers it soon
  12. I asked Mike about the chance of a Xero reunion during one of his life streams and he said no.
  13. so is closing a xero track or not?
  14. Wish I was, But now with the tragic death of Chester will Lp continue making music but take some time off or will they stop making music...... or bring back Wakefield?
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