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  1. It's an image of a Xero playing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O0ZLS5mbsjoUXV80SFqei_qoT49k2EUd/view?usp=sharing
  2. Nope. Andrew Lanoie = Pictureboard with Mark TJ Demonte = Audition Tape
  3. Who is Matt? Matt Cortez - MCR Guitarist for The Black Parade Tour Matt Heafy - Trivium or Matt Bellamy - Muse (i REALLY doubt you mean THIS matt)
  4. A guy who uploaded Rhinestone Instrumental and deleted it months ago
  5. Thats Andrew Lanoie, This is TJ Demonte
  6. Xero Hunting Volume 3: 17.11.1998 Xero CD... (probably Andrew Lanoie has it)
  7. How can we just look for it? Who shall we contact? I doubt it
  8. When i first saw this post, it was MINDBLOWING! the day after, i uploaded ‘Pictureboard’ to YouTube
  9. Hybrid Theory 25th Anniversary... Here We Go!
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