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  1. i spoke with the taper, he said he's not gonna release it until you read the main post. what do you mean with "reading the main post"?
  2. can anybody pm me for Rapology 11 and/or 16? and tell me where did the Soldier who PM'd me get them? (e.g: if the Soldier who PM'd me ripped it or downloaded it on any site).
  3. MrS

    Custom Setlists

    My 2000-themed setlist Cure for the Itch With You Runaway Stick and Move Papercut By Myself Points of Authority Carousel Step Up Dedicated High Voltage (1999 Demo Version) Crawling Pushing Me Away Pictureboard And One In The End Slip A Place For My Head Forgotten One Step Closer
  4. Hi! How are you doing? Here's my holy grails Xero Reborn Grecian Thoughts That Take Away My Pride My Horizon Friendly Fire Fire in the City F--king Awesome LeftRight Meteora Remixes Until it Breaks (Demo IV)
  6. Mike spelled wrong "Dilate" lol
  7. yo hahninator check your pm

  8. the download links doesn't work anymore, can you reupload it? EDIT: NVMD
  9. there was a zip that said "rapology 13 lpl" or something like that, which included some other songs where can i find it? it has flac files
  10. I bet one of these two might be "Now I See (With You)", "Untitled (In The End)" or "Fuse"
  11. Anyone worked/met a member of the band before? (i'm just asking if someone has unreleased demos)
  12. MrS

    Custom Setlists

    and if you don't like it, here's one for a better tribute to Chester First Stage (13:15-13:35) [Intro: Mix of LPU & LPTV videos (Including "LPU 7: Glorious Excess Born" and "LPU 12: Perth Jam 1, Xero Reborn")] Forgotten Reading My Eyes Fuse Stick And Move A Place for My Head Coal Second Stage (14:00-15:20) [Intro: Track 7 from Hybrid Theory EP] Carousel She Couldn't (before the song Brad says "This song is called "She Couldn't", legally we can't say much about this song") Step Up And One (w/Rap Outro) High Voltage (1999 Version) Part Of Me Dedicated Blue (w/"Crawling" chorus at Outro) Slip Papercut One Step Closer With You (w/"Come On!" scream) Points of Authority Crawling Runaway By Myself In The End Pushing Me Away My December Third Stage (15:30-16:15) [Intro: Reanimation Opening] PTS.OF.ATHRTY Enth E Nd Frgt/10 Plc.4 Mie Haed H!Vltg3 Rnw@y 1stp Klosr Krwlng Don't Stay (w/2004 Gacela intro) Somewhere I Belong Lying From You Hit The Floor Easier to Run Faint Figure.09 From the Inside Nobody's Listening Numb (Instrumental) Fourth Stage (16:30-17:45) [Intro: Wake 2.0] Given Up Leave Out All The Rest Bleed It Out Shadow Of The Day What I've Done No More Sorrow The Little Things Give You Away Empty Spaces/When They Come For Me Robot Boy Blackout Iridescent/The Messenger The Catalyst Lost In The Echo Burn it Down Lies Greed Misery Castle Of Glass Roads Untraveled Powerless Fifth Stage (18:00-18:45) [Intro: Mike Shinoda Speech; Outro: Bleed It Out (Live 2017.07.06; Birmingham, ENG)] Guilty All The Same (feat. Rakim) War Wastelands Until It's Gone Rebellion Final Masquerade Nobody Can Save Me Good Goodbye Talking to Myself Battle Symphony Heavy (feat. Kiiara) One More Light (Songs that are very good but weren't intended for Setlist: "Cure for the Itch", "Session", "QWERTY", "A Light That Never Comes")
  13. If the fund is now available, can we have a counter with the amount of money we already raised?
  14. do you have anything prepared for Xero Hunting Volume 3 (e.g.: Esaul with Mark Wakefield Vocals [I'm sure the bridge might not have that high vocal range] or anything else)?

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