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  1. Before selling Rapology 11 and 16! I'm looking for a RIP OF THEM BOTH!!! PM me, if you like...
  2. It’s taken down! It was on soundcloud
  3. What if we ask Tj Demonte? y’know, the guy who uploaded Rhinestone (now Forgotten) from the audition tape. The only thing is, we don’t know if he responds or has been asked about the Audition Tape a LOT!
  4. First Pictureboard and now this...
  5. Any Xero Hunt with a possible lead? I can participate on Xero Hunting III!
  6. Can someone tell me who taped Xero’s first show?
  7. Hello guys, what's up? Let me ask you guys something, does anyone know where does the "Mic" vocals on "Hybrid Party of a Thousand Things" come from? My guess is from a Mac Text-To-Speech voice called "Trinoids", let me know if i'm right or mistaken. Thanks! (P.S.: The lyrics for Mic are "Give me the microphone, give me the mic")
  8. Does anyone know who's the taper for the 1997.11.14 Whisky A Go-Go Proshot? I only heard that someone videotaped it on the uncirclulateds thread by Skipees (who's not online since 2017)
  9. i spoke with the taper, he said he's not gonna release it until you read the main post. what do you mean with "reading the main post"?
  10. can anybody pm me for Rapology 11 and/or 16? and tell me where did the Soldier who PM'd me get them? (e.g: if the Soldier who PM'd me ripped it or downloaded it on any site).
  11. MrS

    Custom Setlists

    My 2000-themed setlist Cure for the Itch With You Runaway Stick and Move Papercut By Myself Points of Authority Carousel Step Up Dedicated High Voltage (1999 Demo Version) Crawling Pushing Me Away Pictureboard And One In The End Slip A Place For My Head Forgotten One Step Closer
  12. Hi! How are you doing? Here's my holy grails Xero Reborn WISH GRANTED Grecian Thoughts That Take Away My Pride My Horizon Friendly Fire Fire in the City F--king Awesome LeftRight Meteora Remixes Until it Breaks (Demo IV) Patience (No Roads Left w/Chester) My December (Team Sleep) PTS.OF.ATHRTY (Crystal Method ft. Ryu) Deftest
  14. Mike spelled wrong "Dilate" lol
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