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  1. yo hahninator check your pm

  2. the download links doesn't work anymore, can you reupload it?
  3. there was a zip that said "rapology 13 lpl" or something like that, which included some other songs where can i find it? it has flac files
  4. I bet one of these two might be "Now I See (With You)", "Untitled (In The End)" or "Fuse"
  5. Anyone worked/met a member of the band before? (i'm just asking if someone has unreleased demos)
  6. MrS

    Custom Setlists

    and if you don't like it, here's one for a better tribute to Chester First Stage (13:15-13:35) [Intro: Mix of LPU & LPTV videos (Including "LPU 7: Glorious Excess Born" and "LPU 12: Perth Jam 1, Xero Reborn")] Forgotten Reading My Eyes Fuse Stick And Move A Place for My Head Coal Second Stage (14:00-15:20) [Intro: Track 7 from Hybrid Theory EP] Carousel She Couldn't (before the song Brad says "This song is called "She Couldn't", legally we can't say much about this song") Step Up And One (w/Rap Outro) High Voltage (1999 Version) Part Of Me Dedicated Blue (w/"Crawling" chorus at Outro) Slip Papercut One Step Closer With You (w/"Come On!" scream) Points of Authority Crawling Runaway By Myself In The End Pushing Me Away My December Third Stage (15:30-16:15) [Intro: Reanimation Opening] PTS.OF.ATHRTY Enth E Nd Frgt/10 Plc.4 Mie Haed H!Vltg3 Rnw@y 1stp Klosr Krwlng Don't Stay (w/2004 Gacela intro) Somewhere I Belong Lying From You Hit The Floor Easier to Run Faint Figure.09 From the Inside Nobody's Listening Numb (Instrumental) Fourth Stage (16:30-17:45) [Intro: Wake 2.0] Given Up Leave Out All The Rest Bleed It Out Shadow Of The Day What I've Done No More Sorrow The Little Things Give You Away Empty Spaces/When They Come For Me Robot Boy Blackout Iridescent/The Messenger The Catalyst Lost In The Echo Burn it Down Lies Greed Misery Castle Of Glass Roads Untraveled Powerless Fifth Stage (18:00-18:45) [Intro: Mike Shinoda Speech; Outro: Bleed It Out (Live 2017.07.06; Birmingham, ENG)] Guilty All The Same (feat. Rakim) War Wastelands Until It's Gone Rebellion Final Masquerade Nobody Can Save Me Good Goodbye Talking to Myself Battle Symphony Heavy (feat. Kiiara) One More Light (Songs that are very good but weren't intended for Setlist: "Cure for the Itch", "Session", "QWERTY", "A Light That Never Comes")
  7. If the fund is now available, can we have a counter with the amount of money we already raised?
  8. do you have anything prepared for Xero Hunting Volume 3 (e.g.: Esaul with Mark Wakefield Vocals [I'm sure the bridge might not have that high vocal range] or anything else)?

  9. MrS

    Custom Setlists

    i think it's a surprise for lp fans ...but... i can do another one more realistic 4 u! DEMO SONGS ONLY PARTIAL REUNION (Private VIP-Only Show) (Brad Delson on Vocals except Tracks 1-6 and 10 sung by Phoenix) Forgotten (Listed as Rhinestone) Reading My Eyes Fuse Stick'n'Move (Listed as Stick) A Place for My Head (Listed as Esaul) In The End (Listed as Untitled) Papercut (Listed as Paper Cut) Points of Authority (Listed as Oh No) One Step Closer (Listed as Plaster) With You (2012 Intro, Wth/You Scream, Dust Brothers Chorus) (Listed as Now I See) By Myself (Listed as Super Zero) Blue (Listed as Blame Song) She Couldn't (Listed as Emo) Carousel (Listed as The Team) And One Part Of Me (Listed as Explode) Encore: Don't Stay (Listed as Sick) Breaking the Habit (Listed as Drawing) Somewhere I Belong (Listed as Pretty Birdy, Instrumental) Hit The Floor (Not Really a Demo, but they miss the song played live) Faint (2002 Demo Version)
  10. MrS

    Custom Setlists

    what? ain't nobody gonna react how cool is this? Dave SBeat from LPU XIV! Full Xero Tape (...not in order, ikr), So Far Away From LPU 12! I Thought of either "Mic" or "Qua" from the Hybrid Party of a Thousand Things (...but it didn't appear), now this would be cool!
  11. MrS

    Custom Setlists

    Here's what i expect for a Linkin Park comeback (Brad Delson's vocals replace Chester Bennington, no offense) A.06 Nobody Can Save Me Good Goodbye (w/Stormzy) What I've Done Crawling Numb Demo Medley (Mike saying "we're gonna sing some songs from even before the "One Step Closer" single came out, i think, i'd rather call this the "Demo Medley", OK?" before "Forgotten") Forgotten (w/Rhinestone lyrics) Carousel (Debut as Linkin Park) Slip (Debut as Linkin Park) Part of Me (Debut as Linkin Park) Dedicated (Debut since 2002) Step Up (Debut since 2002; 2004 as part of a medley) Fuse (Debut as Linkin Park) Blue (Debut as Linkin Park) (Bridge has Crawling chorus lyrics) By Myself (w/Super Xero lyrics) A Place for My Head (w/Esaul lyrics; Bridge has 2000 Album Version lyrics) Reading my Eyes (Debut since 2008) So Far Away (Mike on Vocals) (Brad on Backing Vocals) Stick'N'Move (Debut as Linkin Park) Encore: Faint Dave SBeat (Joe Hahn on Vocals) / Runaway Bleed It Out Robot Boy With You Battle Symphony A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES BURN IT DOWN LIES GREED MISERY CASTLE OF GLASS PTS.OF.ATHRTY FRGT>10 (ft. Chali 2na) In The End (Crowd sings the first line "It starts with One!") (w/ Untitled vocals on Verse 1) (Phoenix sings Chester Part) One More Light (Phoenix on vocals) Sharp Edges No More Sorrow (Debut since 2011) Valentine's Day (Debut since 2008) One Step Closer Track 7 from the Hybrid Theory EP
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