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  1. Who is Matt? Matt Cortez - MCR Guitarist for The Black Parade Tour Matt Heafy - Trivium or Matt Bellamy - Muse (i REALLY doubt you mean THIS matt)
  2. A guy who uploaded Rhinestone Instrumental and deleted it months ago
  3. Thats Andrew Lanoie, This is TJ Demonte
  4. Xero Hunting Volume 3: 17.11.1998 Xero CD... (probably Andrew Lanoie has it)
  5. How can we just look for it? Who shall we contact?
  6. When i first saw this post, it was MINDBLOWING! the day after, i uploaded ‘Pictureboard’ to YouTube
  7. Hybrid Theory 25th Anniversary... Here We Go!
  8. (Example: The 3-Track DAT Tape with the names "Rhinestone", "Dreamer" and "Weight")
  9. Before selling Rapology 11 and 16! I'm looking for a RIP OF THEM BOTH!!! PM me, if you like...
  10. It’s taken down! It was on soundcloud
  11. What if we ask Tj Demonte? y’know, the guy who uploaded Rhinestone (now Forgotten) from the audition tape. The only thing is, we don’t know if he responds or has been asked about the Audition Tape a LOT!