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  1. maybe he was playing a façade all along, or maybe he started recently, i mean, pretty much every musician will do that eventually unfortunately.
  2. I've literally been saying the same thing, I think that there is a contradiction in the story.
  3. I swear, i feel like the HT20 boxset was rushed.
  4. After reading all of these comments, i have a feeling the boxset was unfortunately rushed.
  5. I just want to say, thank you LPLive, i created my LPLive account way back in 2019, and I've never really used it until the announcement of Hybrid Theory 20th Anniversary some months ago, and in that time, you've guys have kept me updated, I've learned a lot about the Linkin Park community in my time here, and other things that i would have never figured out on my own. It sucks that since Hybrid Theory 20th anniversary has finally been released, that this website is going to probably fall back into obscurity. Anyway, thanks for everything guys. I will still be periodically checking this forum from time to time.
  6. I personally think Mark's voice actually sounded a little bit higher in Dialate than in most of his songs.
  7. Yes i did record Dialate and Could Have Been.
  8. I'm not sure if Esaul even got played on the radio. If i remember correctly, the Stick N Move instrumental played, but no Chester. Unless im remembering wrong.
  9. I found Dialate guys. Mark sounds amazing.
  10. Could it have been a mistake? Because i heard the Zomba version play on the radio last night, i even recorded it when it played last night. I can send the recording to you that i recorded last night if you want
  11. Then why did the Zomba! New Music Sampler version with Mark Wakefield on vocals get played on the Linkin Park radio last night?
  12. Okay, so it is confirmed that the song Rhinestone DOES infact have Mark Wakefield on vocals, and it IS the 1998 Zomba version as well.
  13. Okay, so the song Rhinestone DOES infact have Mark Wakefield on vocals, and it IS the 1998 Zomba version as well.
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