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  1. Of course we find all those things interesting, your work reuniting all of these is amazing. Thank you very much to put your effort into this.
  2. But But this demo of Part of Me were made after the EP version, right? Maybe it was one of the songs from the "bunch" which Chester started to scream in HT process.
  3. I didn't saw "The Messenger" multi, they are out there too?
  4. No, it wasn't. If you search in russian, you can found it (Don't know how can I say where it is without receive a warning or something)
  5. There's some list of intros / outros the band used in live shows just as these ones? Maybe there's a lot of unreleased tracks that gave origin of those.
  6. Scott Koziol? The one who appears in OSC music video? That's great find! Sad that he gave wrong / fake info in the past, but he could be someone to start and a source at least.
  7. The song credits also don't have Dave on it. If I had to guess, could be a song by a independent artist which uses sample(s) from some HT track (which would "explain" the lack of Dave and presence of Chester in credits), and also the two other guys and Baby CD thing.
  8. Sorry if I was rude or just with a vague idea of how BMI works. I just remember how LPU demos started to show in their DB before the release of the CD itself and how it stopped to do it so (yeah, apples and oranges here, but just give some example, besides the "I'm Not the One" thing and some little title mistakes). I'm glad to see both titles are real and hope to hear it someday, somehow
  9. Actually, I don't remember any "official" source with the name "What Are You Worth" as an LP song / demo. It was one of the names which was found in BMI database under Linkin Park name, along with "Ricochet", but we know that BMI isn't a reliable source since some mistakes that occured before. http://repertoire.bmi.com/DetailView.aspx?detail=titleid&keyid=21240260&ShowNbr=0&ShowSeqNbr=0&blnWriter=True&blnPublisher=True&blnArtist=True
  10. LOL Amazing, each detail of it is very nice. Thanks for posting
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