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  1. This is a great find, for sure! And Jeff says that the song is for a soundtrack. What about if is the "BGCues NBA Inside" song that had a BMI entry years ago? It's just a assumption, but is a possibility, isn't?
  2. If Jeff already knew about some songs from HT era that aren't mentioned in the book (So Far Away, Dedicated) and didn't mention it for the sake that weren't good enough to be included in some compilation or he wasn't envolved in the process; If there's some info about the Xero tape which contains "Dreamer" and "Weight" or at least about those songs (song notes as he did with the other unreleased tracks); And if he has some thing to say / remember about Carousel and Step Up versions with Mark.
  3. Yeah, I can see songs as Dialate, Fuse and Fiends being examples of it
  4. I would love to know about Rock and Roll. Chester's part sounds as was from some demo / LP descarted song and then worked on the track, it would be awesome if true.
  5. Shifter and Nocturnal (If they are actually B-Sides confirmed from Meteora) The 17th MtM song (if we don't have It yet) ATS scrapped songs, like Primo Some THP B-Side, if it has one Friendly Fire / Out of Reach My personal choices would be "Thoughts" from Meteora sessions and "Can We Go Back", both parts (it would be nice to see a 2-part song from LP)
  6. Probably a silly thought, but if we have to change the username? It has "admin" on it, but could be another name or word.
  7. Warrior actually was in a fake tracklist for THP. As I remember, we never had a confirmation about this been the demo name of War.
  8. I found weird the story behind "Debris". I mean, the song has gang vocals on it. The way as Mike said, gave me the impression that we wroted the whole demo by himself.
  9. I thought in Friendly Fire as number one since we have more info about the track than "Thoughts" (although we have like a "snippet" of the latter, we even don't know the real name of it (I still have my guess that is "Nocturnal", but even those and Shifter names IDK if are real demo names or not lol). But yes, I would be more excited for "Thoughts" or any Meteora demo with vocals / complete than FF or other OML track (a song / track I would love to hear more about in those sessions are "Can We Go Back", since seems like a two-part song and LP never did something like this intentionally).
  10. If Pictureboard will really be released on HT 20-Year CD Edition, I can see "Friendly Fire" being the new "holy grail" of unreleased LP songs, at least for the hardcore fans lol
  11. I don't think is the true tracklist, since the Unmastered Studio Finals CD of Hybrid Theory dates from 5/7, and A Place for My Head and Forgotten already have their names in the CD, while in this tracklist, supposed from a show after the date, still have their demo names.
  12. From the tracks on Xero Tape, we know the band worked on Rhinestone; they "rescued" Reading My Eyes for 2006 live shows and Stick N Move were described by Mike as a fan favorite in Xero shows. But what about Fuse? Is the only track of the tape that doesn't have any mention besides the tape itself. To simplify, we could just ask about the song (if Mike remember about it in first place)
  13. Maybe it's the case of Closing, but Mark does backing vocals in Fiends and Joe is mentioned in both Drop and Closing tracks (in the last, as Artofficial). Yes, probably all of them are leftovers or at least weren't taken in consideration to be worked with Chester, but Fiends is a legitimate Xero song, not only labeled as it (Drop wasn't labeled as Xero afterall).
  14. This can summarize about the guy Astat talked about (the post was removed, but the commentaries are still there). So... what's the point of came here and claim you have 27 (!) demos of Meteora if you can't even give a single info about any of them? As Astat said, wouldn't be that hard if you post the names of those demos, if you have those in first place.
  15. Of course we find all those things interesting, your work reuniting all of these is amazing. Thank you very much to put your effort into this.
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