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  1. ‘First in a series’? This was a month and a half ago now. Wonder when the next will drop.
  2. The fact that it says 'Special thanks to Linkin Park' suggests that the remix was provided to them I'd suppose? Or it might just be a permissions thing
  3. I’d agree it’s flipped in a way no one expected... doesn’t make it good though. IMO it doesn’t meet the quality of Reanimation. Sorry, not a fan of this one!
  4. Maybe Deftest will just surface one day. Never say never and all that.
  5. Looking on Amazon UK listing of deluxe package... Disc 14 lists the following: 24. Beat 23 (Joe Hahn) 31. Beat 10 (Mike Shinoda) 39. Beat 4 (Mike Shinoda) also 45. One Step Closer (Live from London, 9/16/2001)) doesn’t appear anywhere else. any ideas? not sure which disc this is, as there’s a lot of mixed up tracks from all the other discs.
  6. Would be a nice move to allow for single ‘cd’ purchases for download rather than £50 for all... realistically the only track list there that most likely require is the Forgotten Demos, I imagine most ‘hardcore’ fans already have mp3s of the rest. I’d more than happily pay £10 for just that.
  7. I don’t mind a studio version not being released. LFAA will remain a moment in time that way, and I believe that a studio release could quite easily disappoint. Look at Let Down for example.
  8. Thanks very much, sounds good. I've used this to mix the demo verse onto the end of the album track. Now my OML playlist features an mega 4:33 version of Good Goodbye. Awesome.
  9. Thanks for this Stranger, good stuff. While I'm here... rather than start a new thread for this... I've created a version with reduced crowd noise for myself - such as whooping at the start and end; a guy shouts over Mike's final line; etc. There's still a couple whistles, but it's pretty clean for the most part as the crowd was deadly silent. I copied/replaced parts to remove this noise, there's no messy noise reduction. Thought it'd be nice to share: MEGA link
  10. I could see them continuing as a 5 piece. If the band were to write an album after a hiatus first, upon touring they'd have new material to play and as already pointed out by Hahninator, there's plenty of songs Mike could take lead with - LOATR, Iridescent, SOTD, maybe Final Masquerade. I realise I'm stating ballads but that's likely where Mike's range sits. The sets wouldn't need to be so long either - play shorter shows in smaller venues. I saw Evanescence in June, in London - they played 18/19 songs, and that didn't feel overly short for arguably such a big band. Whatever they choos
  11. Quick thing for the show page - Habit: no acapella outro, the synth played but Chester didn't sing. In The End: crowd rapped the first verse, after chorus Mike rapped first verse again I think Chester flubbed the lyrics at the end of Nobody Can Save Me, since he stuttered a bit - that may need someone to confirm with me though.
  12. Tickets are the same as the O2 Arena - £62.50 + £8.85 booking fee, so pretty pricey for a club show. I'll probably still go though.
  13. In case anyone going was concerned - the proposed Tube strike for 8th September has been postponed.