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  1. "Echo" at this tempo is a cool idea. Plus, I haven't listened to any glitch-hop in a minute
  2. Just what I can pick out straight away: One of the songs right after ALTNC is a mash-up of The Prodigy's "Need Some1" and Jay-Z's "Public Service Announcement (Interlude)", and, then, over that same beat, there's another vocal which I don't know, and, after that, there's a snippet of Beastie Boys' "Intergalactic" The vocal playing over the "Faint" intro is from Travis Scott's "NO BYSTANDERS"
  3. The rhythm is similar but it's not an unusual one or anything - beyond that, I personally don't hear anything from "In Stereo"
  4. "Bleed It Out", "What I've Done", "Given Up", "Burning", "Blackout", "Wretches", "The Catalyst" and "The Messenger" are the ones I've seen
  5. Shinoda talked about the "Enth E ND" video in one of those 2002 LPU chat sessions as well, IIRC Also, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KcAf3exJx8A
  6. Are you guys sure that "Fire In The City" had vox?
  7. Definitely for the best, at the very least because Shinoda is now working on the next Linkin Park album.
  8. Oh, crap - sorry, then! Similarly, "Enth E ND" appeared on a 2004 KutMasta Kurt mixtape called "Redneck Games"
  9. Yeah, I spent a long time trying to answer this one because basically none of my other favourite artists would really fit the bill playing before or after Linkin Park in my opinion
  10. There are also these versions of "Waiting For The End" which are officially-commissioned remixes done by Dave Dresden and DJ Lynnwood for a single release which was I guess was scrapped
  11. I just registered to give a mention that Holly Brook came out and sang on the hook for "Believe Me", in addition to "Where'd You Go", at Fort Minor's show in Sydney, Australia; I thought that should be added to the notes.