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  1. I wouldn't be too surprised if they don't do a big boxset like this again, but I could definitely see them doing a "Forgotten Demos" type thing for each album. Plus the obvious vinyl reissue, merch etc.
  2. The way Mike talks about it, I'd be VERY surprised if it was Xero Reborn. He specifically says Pictureboard isn't that bad and says it had Chester on vocals, and then immediately after says Deftest was just him and Mark messing around with a 4-track sampler. Very much implies that the song was never really anything more than that and Chester never sang on it.
  3. Well the obvious answer here is Mike made up the sample thing so they could get out of releasing Pictureboard on LPU 9, but now that lie caught up with them since they'd HAVE to acknowledge it if they wanted to put it on HT20. So Warner just passed my man Jimmy Smith a few bucks to cover it up
  4. The longer version of Technique leaked with the Hybrid Party stuff
  5. This is so easily the best one. It's not even close. These feel a lot more realized than volumes 1 and 2 where you can definitely tell they were written in two hours or so.
  6. Why? All four singles from HT were absolutely massive. I'm more surprised that it got 5th and beat POA since I always assumed that was the most popular "non-single" from the album
  7. https://music.apple.com/au/album/hybrid-theory-20th-anniversary-edition/1526170276
  8. The EP is on iTunes at the very least, so I'd assume it's on everything
  9. Copped it for ~$140 on Amazon UK. I'll take getting it a week later for a $60 discount
  10. There's a good chance the Stick N Move demo is from Chester's audition tape
  11. There's no way there's not multiple tiers. Bare minimum there'll be a vinyl reissue. From there I'm sure they'll have a version with just the CDs, one with the album + some merch etc. I'll be shocked if the top version isn't upwards of $300 though
  12. I feel about the same about volume 2 as I did volume 1. They're both fine. The context of knowing that he did these on stream and being able to watch his process elevates them a bit, but there's nothing here I'm probably gonna go back to
  13. We never got OFFICIAL confirmation that Warrior was War, but we do know that Warrior was a working title the band used during THP. It was on a songboard with KTTK, AFN, Wastelands, MTG etc., so it's pretty likely that it became War
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